Gifts From The Kitchen Guide: Tags, Labels, Tips & Ideas

You’ll find plenty of freebies and tips on this page for giving gifts of baking and food (along with other handmade goodies): Free tags & labels to print (many suitable for year round occasions, others are specific to Christmas), tips for packaging baked goods along with a Gift-Worthy Recipes & Mixes section (for both food and spa/beauty gifts). Much of the information below was published previously on Tipnut and moved here to a single page for better organization. I’ll be adding more to this page over time, have fun!
Kitchen Stickers: You’ll find 5 different designs in this collection labeled as “Made with love by” and “From the kitchen of”. Free pdf download.

Assorted Holiday Labels: Lots of goodies in this bunch, includes: “handmade with love”, “from the kitchen of” and assorted blank labels (both rectangular and circles). Each design offers an autofill template (pdf).
Cookie Dough Wrap: Not a printable but a great packaging idea, print recipe instructions on paper or vellum then wrap around a frozen log of dough.

Cookie Exchange Freebies: You’ll find an editable cookie recipe card, assorted blank labels and fun tags such as “mucho thanks for your delicious cookies” and “yum! this cookie gets my vote”. Free pdf downloads.
Sweets to the Sweet Tags: Tiny cupcake tags to print on cardstock, punch a hole at the top and hang with colorful strands of yarn or baker’s twine.

Gingerbread Labels: Fun & festive gingerbread on two different designs, one reads “baked with lots of love just for you” and the other “home baked with love for the holidays”.
Baking Tags: Four different blue-bordered tags that read “Baked By”, “From The Kitchen Of”, “To: and From:”, and “for you!”. Prints 8 per sheet (pdf).

Baking Gift Tags: Editable tags, four different designs labeled as “Mixing it up with”, “From the kitchen of” and “Baked with Love from”.
Meal Care-Package Labels: Attach these to food gifts you bring to new parents, three cards to choose from (single pdf download).

Cookie Box Template: Made to fit 4 standard sized sandwich cookies, two versions available: one says “Sweet Treats”, the other is blank so you can personalize as you like.
Cookie Exchange Freebies: Fun set in blue and white, pack includes recipe cards, logos and labels.

Made With Love Topper: Labels for the tops of canning lids that read “Made With Love” around the circle, prints assorted colors per sheet.
Dessert Tags: Six different designs in the set, most are Christmas theme but there are a couple that are suitable for year-round gift-giving too.

Apron Holder: If you’re including recipe cards with your food gift, tuck it into one of these charming aprons.
Baked Pretty For You: Two cute little chefs are featured on these labels, prints 6 per page (pdf download).

Chef’s Hat with Holly: A simple design that is suitable for all kinds of food gifts, features a chef’s hat with a sprig of holly and reads “From the kitchen of”.
Pretty Kitchen Tags: Two different sets available (scroll to bottom of page), the first design features a handful of kitchen gadgets and the other is a retro design with apron, oven mitt and chef’s hat.

Farm Fresh: Ideal for giving gifts of preserves and fresh produce.
Mini Muffins Box: Cover an empty box (from foil, parchment paper or saran wrap) with wrapping paper and string to hold a batch of mini-muffins.

Bread Loaf Wraps: Use the downloadable template to make your own with heavy weight patterned paper, tie with twine or ribbon.
For Mason Jars: Here’s an assortment of labels for jar lids (a dozen/page).

You’ll also find some nice freebies on these pages, many will work well for gift-giving: Canning Jar Labels and Recipe Cards.

Creative Container & Filler Ideas

*First published December 11, 2008 and moved here for better organization

Baking Gifts Can Be Made Nice & Festive With A Few Simple Materials
Baking Gifts Can Be Made Nice & Festive With A Few Simple Materials

Container Ideas

  • Decorative Holiday Cookie Jar
  • Baskets: Wicker, Wire or Plastic
  • Biscuit Tins
  • Cannisters: Glass or Tin
  • Wide Mouth Jars
  • Small Bucket
  • Decorative Holiday Plate or Platter
  • Decorative Holiday Bowl: Ceramic, Glass or Plastic
  • Large Mug or Tea Cup
  • Styrofoam Trays
  • Chip Tubes (like Pringles–good for cookies)
  • Milk Carton: Wash clean and cover with wrapping paper
  • Repurposed Boxes (chocolates, tea, crackers, etc.): Wrap boxes in holiday paper
  • Cellophane Bags

DIY Gift Boxes

Liners & Wraps

  • Cellophane
  • Wax Paper
  • Paper or Fabric Napkins (Holiday Themed)
  • Paper Cupcake Holders
  • Paper Doilies
  • Tissue Paper

Gift Box Fillers

A container brimming with homemade baking is usually more than enough, but if you want to tuck in a few more goodies, here are a few ideas that will compliment baked goods:

  • Candy Canes
  • Packets of Hot Chocolate
  • Hard Candies
  • Wrapped Chocolates
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Specialty Teas
  • Nuts
  • Small Christmas Oranges

30+ Gift-Worthy Recipes & Mixes: Tipnut Roundup

*First published December 12, 2008 and moved to this page for better organization

Infused Vinegars

Package Gifts With A Bit Of Decorative Paper & Ribbon
Package Gifts With A Bit Of Decorative Paper & Ribbon

Homemade Liqueurs & Alcohol

Mixes & Blends

Homemade Extracts & Oils

Flavored Sugars

Spa Gifts

  1. Sugar, Sea Salt & Oatmeal Scrub Recipes
  2. 5 Homemade Bath Salts & Soaks
  3. Make Bath Bombs & Fizzies: {Free Recipes}

Baking & Food Gifts


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