Knitting For Beginners: {Free Patterns & Projects}

YarnOnce you’ve learned how to knit and have the basics down, the best projects to start with are those that use simple stitches and have lots of repetition without too much fuss involved. This helps you gain experience with reading patterns, speed up your work, practise tension and develop better coordination using needles.

For beginners, it’s a good idea to start with things like Baby Blankets, Scarves, Afghans & Throws and Dishcloths since they are worked in one piece, pretty repetitive and can help you develop your skills without being too overwhelming for newbies.

Once you’re ready to move on but aren’t quite experienced enough for Intermediate or Advanced projects, you can try this nice selection of quick and easy ideas that will hold your interest and keep those skills improving…
Bath Puff: Made with nylon cord and straight needles, basically a tube is made to tie & shape into a puff.

Candle Holder String: A long rectangle is tied off in sections and when felted, it makes little pouches to hold tea lights.
Lacey Headband: Made with worsted weight wool, this couldn’t be easier to whip up. Finished size is 2 to 3 inches wide and however long you need.

Spiral Rib Leg Warmers: Finished size is 8″ in circumference unstretched / 16 inches in circumference stretched and 30 inches long (easy to make larger if required).
Coffee Sleeve: So simple, made with 2×2 ribbing (k2, p2) until you have the desired size. You’ll find more on this page.

Wrist Warmers: Can be made in a rib version or a rib & stockinette version…both very easy to make.
Wool Pan Handle Cover: Made with two strands of worsted weight wool worked in stockinette stitch and then felted.

Eyeglass Case: Made with multi-color yarn, the whole case is worked as one piece.
Winter Hat: This hat can be made in different sizes, depending whether you want it tight-fitting or long and baggy.

Baby Ankle Bells: Cute for little ones to jump and dance while making jingley-bell music.
Zipped Pouches: An 8 x 11″ rectangle is worked in stockinette (knit one row, purl next, repeat), then folded in half and sewn together. Zipper hand-sewn in place.

Mittens: Worked on DPNs, cuffs are made with repurposed ribbing (from sweatshirts, t-shirts or socks).
Bow Pouch: A nifty way to stash a USB stick, an mp3 player or whatever else you like.

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    • Kathleen

    Wanted to try the wristwarmer pattern but when I clicked on it got a sweater pattern instead. Also looking for a wristwarmer/fingerless glove pattern that is knitted on a short circular needle, not 2 or magic loop. Thank you.

    • brenda

    Love your patterns must try them

    • Barbara Marsh

    I have a bad time trying to find sweater patterns to my liking in a woman’s size. Regular woman’s size not oversized. I like to have a cardigan v-necked,
    and a plain cardigan. A pullover with a v-neck and a pullover with regular neck. I do like my sweaters a little longer than those that stop at the waist line. I used to could find and knitted 7 sweaters in one winter, but styles are changing and all is so darn short. In knitting in making the sweaters, you con make them long as you wish. I am no good making patterns, and my hot goes off to those that can. Thanks

    • Lisa

    Good choices Tipnut I for sure will be making a few things here, thank you for making this list!

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