So Many Ways To Use Up All That Extra Ham! {25+ Recipes}

You’ve cooked a delicious ham and that means lotsa leftovers over the next few days…here’s a bunch of ideas that will help jazz things up a bit.

Before getting started with the recipes, here are quick instructions for packing and freezing all that extra cooked meat for future use…

  • Once the meat has fully cooled (I usually refrigerate overnight then tackle this), wipe down all moisture.
  • Cut into thick slices then wrap individually in aluminum foil (wrap them tight against air and moisture).
  • Stack these wrapped pieces in a large freezer bag.
  • When you are ready to use some, just take out as much as you need and let thaw in the fridge (or on the counter if you plan on using right away).

Tip: Don’t throw out that ham bone! Even if you don’t plan on using it right away (just wrap it up and freeze), this is so delicious when you add it to homemade soups. Just let it cook low and slow in the stockpot for several hours, extracting all that luscious flavor!

Now on to the recipes! This collection features dozens of ideas that I’ve handpicked from around the ‘net, making sure to cover breakfast, lunch and supper. Some even feature healthier-choice options. Enjoy! (most of the summaries below are quotes)

  1. Creamy Casserole: This was surprisingly delicious. I am normally not a ham lover, but thanks to Christmas leftovers I had to get creative. And I stumbled upon this in one of my Cooking Light cookbooks and thought it sounded great. The Novice Chef.
  2. BBQ Hawaiian Pizza: Tangy bbq sauce topped with red onions, pineapple and meat. You’ll love how easy this is to throw together PLUS it’s ready in just 25 minutes!. Nutmeg Nanny.
  3. Cheesy Casserole With Broccoli: Some items you’ll need: boxes of macaroni, frozen broccoli florets, canned chopped tomatoes, chopped green onions, milk, half & half or heavy cream, butter, fresh mozzarella, grated Parmesan, prepared yellow or Dijon mustard, panko breadcrumbs, salt and pepper. Uncle Jerry’s Kitchen.
  4. Breakfast Casserole: This healthy update of a traditionally rich breakfast strata is made lighter primarily by losing a few egg yolks and using nonfat milk. Gruyère has a delicious, nutty aroma and flavor, which means that with the relatively small amount in this recipe you still get a big impact. Eating Well.
  5. Casserole with Cabbage: Items: butter (or margarine), sweet onion, minced garlic, thinly sliced cabbage, small potatoes, white wine, dried parsley, salt and pepper. Genius Kitchen.
  6. With Redeye Gravy: To make this southern classic, you simply fry slices of the meat and then deglaze the pan with coffee to make the redeye gravy. It may not be a traditional method, but it still makes a tasty and quick breakfast or weeknight supper. Fine Cooking.
  7. Creamy Bean Soup: Puts that hambone to good use, along with 2 cups of mixed dried beans, bay leaves, heavy cream, fresh thyme and seasonings. The View From Great Island.
  8. Cheesy Potato Bake: What’s not to like about the combination of cheese, potatoes, and ham? From Never Enough Thyme.
  9. Bucati Carbonara: Ingredients include frozen peas, eggs, italian blend finely shredded cheese, bucati pasta or spaghetti. From What’s Cookin, Chicago?
  10. Pineapple Melts: How could you possibly go wrong with smothering it with some melted sharp cheddar? Lets not stop there though, when we can add some sweet and spicy honey dijon mustard and top it all off with a splash of Worcestershire sauce! These are so good! With the sweet, spicy, tangy, salty, warm, melted and gooey they have a magical combination of flavours and textures. Closet Cooking.
  11. Cheesy Pasta Bake: Ingredients include whole wheat penne pasta, extra sharp cheddar, sliced mushrooms, white wheat flour, milk and pepper. Joy In My Kitchen.
  12. Baked Omelets: You’ll need eggs, milk, seasoning salt, shredded Cheddar, shredded Mozzarella, minced onion, minced peppers. What’s Cooking.
  13. Casserole with Potatoes: Sour cream and cheese give this hearty casserole an irresistible richness. Paired with fresh fruit, it is a filling breakfast, lunch or dinner. Taste of Home.
  14. Spicy Creole Jambalaya: Here’s a fabulous Cajun favorite that will feed a crowd or freeze well in individual portions. From Cajun Delights.
  15. Split Pea Soup: It’s a quick and easy recipe that is perfect for lunch or dinner. I served this soup with fresh baked bread and butter along with a green salad. It was a delicious, filling and healthy dinner. For The Love of Cooking.
  16. Savory Spiral Stuffed Rolls: Ingredients include roll dough, softened cream cheese, softened butter, finely chopped broccoli, shredded Swiss or Cheddar, grated Parmesan, finely chopped green onions. My Kitchen Cafe.
  17. Savory Bread: Not only is this bread easy to bake during naptime, it really does make up the perfect snack or light summer meal. I love it’s dense chewy cheesiness studded with salty ham. I found that toasting it made it taste similar to a gourmet slice of grilled cheese. The Naptime Chef.
  18. Bow Ties With Peas: Made with bow-tie pasta, coarse salt and ground pepper, butter, diced onion, frozen peas, half-and-half, grated Parmesan and more. Martha Stewart.
  19. Navy Bean Soup: Add a sprinkle of freshly chopped parsley or a dash of Herbes de Provence and a few bread sticks and you’ll have a cozy and delicious dinner! Savoring Time In The Kitchen.
  20. Pineapple Pocket: Ingredients include crushed pineapple (in juice), dark brown sugar, maple or pancake syrup, Dijon mustard, green onion sliced, French bread dough. Kraft Foods.
  21. Cuban Fried Rice: Made with fresh pineapple, olive oil, long grain rice, sliced sweet peppers, sliced jalapeno pepper, black beans, lime wedges. Better Homes & Gardens.
  22. Deviled Salad Sandwiches: Items needed include mayonnaise, grainy mustard, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, cornichons or dill pickles, sliced sweet onion, sandwich bread. Sweetnicks.
  23. Easy Noodles: Ingredients include chicken broth, water, dumpling egg noodles, frozen broccoli, cauliflower, carrots & cheese flavored sauce. Pillsbury.
  24. Pasta with Gruyere: Any short pasta is suitable for this dish. Canadian Living.
  25. Crescent Breakfast Casserole: Items needed include a can of crescent rolls, fried and crumbled bacon or choice of breakfast meat, beaten eggs, shredded Jack, Cheddar or Colby, milk, salt and pepper, cooking spray. Bakin’ And Eggs.
  26. Pie (with Leeks): In theory you could make this pie with a multitude of leftovers, just don’t forget to briefly cook the veg before you add it to the pie. Butcher Baker Baby.
  27. Potato Cakes: These crispy golden potato cakes are perfect served on a bed of salad greens with a dollop of mustard pickle. From
  28. Fried Rice with Pineapple & Fried Egg: Dinner’s ready in 30 minutes with this dish, loaded with ingredients such as diced onion, minced garlic, minced ginger, peas, cooked white rice, pineapple rings, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, hot sauce and more. From Paula Deen.
  29. Egg Bake: Made with ground mustard, seasoned salt, baking powder, sour cream, milk, eggs, chopped tomato, shredded cheese, chives and more. Betty Crocker.
  30. Casserole With Asparagus: Made with Bisquick mix, condensed cream of asparagus soup, Italian-style cheese blend (shredded), milk and asparagus. Betty Crocker.

Leftovers are also great in breakfast burritos and omelets.

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    • Sunny

    Just had to add that Eternity is defines as two and a ham. We had one for Xmas and it lasted until Valentines Day. My favorite thing to make was Croque Monsieur.

      • TipNut

      “Just had to add that Eternity is defines as two and a ham.”

      LOL! I’ve never heard that before Sunny, hilarious! 😆

    • Robyn

    I am thrilled to have my Baked Omelets as your # 5 choice. Glad you like them!
    🙂 Rob

    • SnoWhite @ Finding Joy in My Kitchen

    Thanks for featuring my recipe! I’m honored 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

    • Doug Gray

    You should give consideration to publishing the nutritional data for the recipes, for those of us who are Diabetic and weight conscious.

    • Pete Parker

    Can you help? My fridge Freezer has just died & I don’t want to throw away the contents. Any idea/s on what to make for my hungry family of 3? I have these to use – 2 chicken breasts, cheese, 6 carrots, 4 medium eggs, packet of chillies, fresh pineapple, 4 jacket potatoes, punnet of cherry tomatoes.

    Thanks for your advise, suggestions…


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