Free Printable Lunch Box Notes

Tuck little notes of encouragement, love and cheer into lunch bags and boxes to help brighten any child’s day while they’re away at school with these fun freebies. Lots of different designs, characters and messages to choose from in this collection, have fun!
Two Sets: Two different sets to download, each loaded with freebies to print (via pdf).

A Dozen Designs: Designs include Good Job!; Happy Tuesday; Good Luck On Your Spelling Test; You’re A Rock Star! and more. Free pdf download.
Assorted: Six designs per sheet (pdf) with a school theme (chalkboard, books, lunch bag and apple, etc.).

Sweet: A dozen designs per sheet (pdf) in soft colors with assorted fruits and characters.
Assorted: Two sets available (pdf), one in color and one in black and white. Messages include Be A Friend, I Love You, Praying For You and many more.

Cards: Eight different cards per sheet (jpg), messages include You Make Me Smile, Hope you are having a great day and more.
Fun: Cartoons and characters with messages such as Here’s the scoop, A message for you while you choo choo..; Knock Knock and more.

Lunchables Cards: Three different sets to download (pdf), Space monsters; Cute & funny animals; Funky flowers and patterns.
Assorted TV show characters from Nickelodeon, freebies: Little Bill, Oswald, Dora’s Explorer and Blue’s Clues.

Love: Four designs per sheet, tuck little love notes in your child’s lunch box.
Boy & Girl Designs: Two sets of each (for boys and girls), one set is blank and the other has a pre-printed message.

6 Different Cards: Each design prints 4 per page and has blank lines to fill in and personalize.
Back To School Labels: These are labels rather than notes but they’re still a great fit in this collection. Five different designs, each on a single pdf download.

Colorful & Lined: Six different cards per sheet with assorted characters and border colors.
Menus: Prints 4 per sheet (pdf), one for girls and one for boys.

Tags: Prints 4 different designs per page (pdf download), choose from a fairy, transformer, bicycle and motorbike.
Spring Jokes: A set of 10 different jokes in bright & cheery yellow, turn slip upside down to read the answer.

Phrases For Praises: Slip little positive notes in lunch bags, such as I am so proud of you; Great job; Amazing effort; Way to go! and more.
Assorted: Lots to choose from, many have pre-printed messages but there are some blank ones too.

Disney Characters: Four cards per sheet with one set for girls and one for boys (mickey mouse, goofy, tinkerbell and more).
Knock Knock Jokes: Features four full pages, half are filled with jokes already, others are blanks so you can write what you like.

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    • shell

    thanks for all the ideas and suggestions. i’ll enjoy it more than the kids i reckon. thanks to all the clever people who set-up the site and who contribute cool ideas and share their wisdom.

    • Summer Jo Brooks

    Thanks for featuring my blog!

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