Free Printable Lunch Box Notes For School

Tuck little notes of encouragement, love and cheer into packed lunches to help brighten any child’s day while they’re away at school with these fun freebies.

There is so much here to choose from with a nice mix for both boys and girls (suitable for a wide range of age groups), that you could bookmark this page and be covered through a child’s entire elementary/primary career!

Themes include:

  • Motivational / Positive / Encouraging
  • Silly jokes / kids puns
  • Princess / Disney / Super heroes/ Cartoons
  • Dinosaurs
  • Star Wars
  • Animals (farm, zoo, flamingos, elephants, kangaroos, monkeys & more)
  • Pirates
  • Christian
  • Food: fruit, vegetables
  • School / Homework motif

Some are blank templates with minimal design elements so there’s room to handwrite little custom messages or reminders (ie. “Remember to wash your hands”).

New Collection Update: March, 2022

Printing & Usage Suggestions:

  • Print onto plain white computer paper or sheets of sticker paper (colored is nice for simple black & white layouts).
  • Cardstock can be used but not necessary–however–if you’d like to make them reusable, cardstock weight is a good choice and then laminate. When they’re returned each day, wipe clean and stash away so they can be used again and again.
  • Whip up a bunch, store them in a container to keep at your fingertips while making lunches.
  • Washi tape can be incorporated to add extra sparkle and color: Use to attach the notes to the outside of a bag, container or inside of a lunch box lid.
  • Once printed, consider cutting them out as tags. Hole punch the top then string with twine to wrap packages closed, tie utensils together, etc.
  • Quick Teacher’s Tip: These would be great little “rewards” to give to students when they do well.

P.S. Many of the sites below have more than one design/set to choose from so take some time to surf around and you’ll be well rewarded–lots of goodies to be found!

Lunch Box Notes – Cards – Stickers: Free Downloads


  • Browse through the preview gallery below & click the image you are interested in to visit the source website (links will open in a new tab).
  • Most files are in pdf or jpg format.
  • If final result is wonky, try downloading the cards to your computer desktop first then open the file & print from there.
  • All files should be free without even an email or membership required…sometimes things on the internet change though so let me know & I can remove the resource from this page.

Lots of different designs, characters and messages to choose from in this collection, have fun!

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    • shell

    thanks for all the ideas and suggestions. i’ll enjoy it more than the kids i reckon. thanks to all the clever people who set-up the site and who contribute cool ideas and share their wisdom.

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