Household Notebook Inspiration, Resources & Ideas

With a binder or planner, some paper and a printer–you’ve got all you need to setup a complete household management hot spot: your Household Organizer (aka Household Notebook, Journal, or Planner).

These are a great tool to keep your routine chores, To Do lists, activities and notes organized. You may also find they help motivate you to keep things moving on a daily basis.

Visit the links below for examples and instructions for a few different systems and inspiration galore. You’ll also find some free printables & tools to use listed at the bottom, make them as pretty or simple as you like!

Free Printables & Tools

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    • TipNut

    I moved the helpful tip that was posted in here by Suzanne to the Random Household Tips From Tipnut Readers area, thanks Suzanne!

    • Deborah Bradford

    I’m sorry, but after 1 year of therapy, the very first test was to quit making notes, schedules and making my bed as soon as I got up. did it stick, nah! Carry on.

    • Michelle

    Hey – Thanks for adding our Home Management Downloads – glad they are helpful!

    • Vickie

    I need this! Thanks for all the printable links 🙂

    • melody yesterday

    i love printables & would like to see more useful ones !

    • Melissa

    This is some good stuff.

    Lately, I’ve been dismayed at how unintelligent I feel for the fact I simply cannot even begin to plan out some sort of organizational system for my household. I begin on a good note, but then I quickly become frustrated at the sheer size of the endeavour and the momentum is gone before it can even get going. Its a huge mental block and I hate it – because I can never stop thinking about how messy my life is. Yikes. Hopefully some of these tips take…

    • Taylor at Household Management 101

    Using a household notebook can get you on, and then keep you on a schedule. This can include a daily cleaning schedule, weekly cleaning schedule, and a more periodic maintenance and cleaning schedule for your home. It also can get the whole family involved, because everyone can see what needs to be done, and can pitch in and help. I love using my household notebook!

    • Chele

    Thanks for the link to my site! 🙂

    • Mandi @ Life Your Way

    Thanks so much for including the Life…Your Way printables!

    • Sissy Print

    Thanks for including Sissy Print in this great directory of organization tips!

    • Lindsay

    Thank you for including Artsy-Fartsy Mama in this wonderful collection! 🙂

    • Carmen Russell

    These are very good will be very handy for me.

    • Maria

    A very big THANK YOU for the list of printables . I am making a Home Management for the first time I appreciate your work so very much .

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