90+ Ways To Make Your Own Bookmarks

If there’s one page full of creative and gift-worthy bookmarks to keep on hand, this is the one! All kinds of free printables and crafty ways to make them yourself to keep or give as a gift.

There are so many ideas here I decided to organize the projects into separate gallery collections below:

  • Assorted Craft Tutorials & DIY (sewing, scrapbook paper, watercolors, ribbons, beads, elastic wraps, fabric crafts & more)
  • Clips & Corners (paper creations, washi tape, paper clips & more)
  • Yarn & Thread (includes knitting & crochet patterns; pom poms & tassels)
  • Free Printables Collection (print, cut & ready to go)
  • Coloring Page Bookmarks (ready to come alive with markers & crayons)

Some of the crafts could fit into more than one collection but I just chose where I thought the best spot for it was.

Learning how to make a bookmark is a fun, kid-friendly activity that can help encourage youngsters to read (because they can’t wait to put that Dr. Seuss or Disney Princess printable to good use)…though much of what’s featured here may be better suited for teens & adults to work on (or at least supervise).

Most projects require basic materials (such as glue, beads, bits of ribbon/lace, cardstock, washi, fabric pieces, yarn, etc.) and don’t typically require a lot of time to make (some less than 10 minutes).

Everything is free with all step-by-step directions provided (or at least enough information to learn how to make them yourself) plus any necessary templates or printables offered.

If that has changed and an email submission or membership is now required, please let me know in the comments area below so I can remove it.

New Collection Update: March, 2022


  • Click on the image that interests you to visit the website source (a new browser tab will open).
  • Most of the files are in pdf format though there are some images (such as jpg). If trouble with printing, try saving the file to your computer desktop first & then print.

Now on to the goodies…have fun! (P.S. Don’t miss the free Bookplate Printables on this page, also perfect for book lovers!)

Assorted Craft Tutorials & DIY

There’s a little bit of everything in this batch, ideas for using: Ribbons, Fabric, Watercolors, Buttons & Beads, Magnets, Bows, Felt, Repurposed Materials and more. Some are super cute, some simple & elegant…all creative & crafty :).

Clips & Corners

I’m not a big page corner or clip bookmark person myself, but there’s some really great stuff in this bunch. Assorted materials are featured: Paper, clips, bows, buttons, washi tape, duct tape and more.

Yarn & Thread

This section features both knitting and crochet patterns plus some pom pom and tassel treats.

Free Printables Collection

These should pretty much be print, cut & ready to use though you can sweeten things by hole punching the top and adding ribbons, twine, lace, etc. Laminating them will also prolong their lifespan. Most downloads are in pdf format.


Coloring Page Bookmarks

If you’re itching to get out the markers and crayons, here’s a great bunch of printables for both young and old.

Suggestions For When To Give Bookmarks As Gifts:

  • Birthdays
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas Stocking Stuffers
  • Any book gift: just slip in a bookmark before wrapping

I’ll be updating this collection as I come across new projects that catch my eye so you may want to bookmark this page for future reference.

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    • Belinda Stamford

    I make bookmarks from prepasted wallpaper scraps by cutting strips twice as long as you want, wetting well, and folding in half and letting dry. Easy and cheap. Plus they look nice.

    • Kelly

    This is a very nice and beautiful website… I love the bookmarks.. And although I am an expert in crafts and obviously I know how to make a bookmark, sometimes I see new creations of new bookmarks.. I always try to do my best on the crafts I make, or crafts that I invent, but I try to find nicer inventions to make my bookmark nicer.. So keep up the good work in the good website and add more crafts so you add more members in this website.. I really love this website.. Goodluck on being popular… xxxxxxxxxxxxx Good work.

    • vidhya

    these bookmarks are cool and lovely, i wish i had all of them………..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • katie

    cute bookmarkes

    • selena

    omgggg i love the heart and crayone one omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Angel

    When I made it I was like this is right this is perfect now I’m doing a pretty good job at reading and not loosing pages…..

    • Carmen Russell

    Thank you for thses, i konw i am making most of these.

    • carina

    i have not made but i think it will be nice when i do.

    • Printabelle

    Thank you for including my bookmarks!

    • Sandy Ang

    Thanks for featuring my Kimono Doll Bookmarks

    • belle

    kimono dolls r really fantabulous. luv this and keep posting new bookmarks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • matthew

    I absaloutely luv the jumbo clip projects. They are simple yet effective as a gift!

    • Janet

    great bookmark I am going to make a few thank you for sharing this great idea

    • masondowdy

    these are all good

    • bhavana

    how do you get these ideas i mean really when i make them i feel so happy.thank you for the bookmark ideas.

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