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Make Your Own Bubbles: {8 Recipes & DIY Wand Tips}

You can buy pre-made bubble solutions for cheap, but making your own homemade mix is not only just as inexpensive, you’ll never have to try and stretch a small bottle throughout the day again…make buckets of it yourself for a never ending supply!

Here are several easy recipes that require just a few basic ingredients plus you’ll find a few tips and tricks at the bottom for tinting them with color and making monster-sized blowers and wands.

Lots here, have fun!

To make them tougher/less delicate:

For those solutions that don’t require heating first, try leaving them overnight before using since the result is a stronger solution. The purpose of glycerin and corn syrup mentioned in some of the mixes above is to strengthen the solution so it won’t pop as easily. If you don’t have glycerin on hand, you can substitute with light corn syrup. Distilled water is also used for best results but you can replace with regular tap water if needed.