Nifty Meal Planners To Make (or Print) Printable: A fun weekly planner (blank) that you can print and use as a meal planner. Each day of the week has its own pot or pan with enough white space to write in the day’s meal. Tip: frame this under glass and use a dry erase marker to write over top (so you can reuse again and again). DIY Board: Turn a cheap cork board into a lovely framed meal planner with a little bit of paint, decorative scrapbook paper, clips and pins. Nice & easy! The clips hold the day’s meal ideas and then pockets are fastened at the bottom to tuck in recipes and to store all the meal idea slips that you rotate through. DIY Magnetic: Here’s a great idea, make your own laminated “meal magnets” that you print off (make your own or download the freebies) and then stick on a laminated chart with magnetic tape. Free downloads include a blank monthly and weekly planner and a blank sheet of squares to hold the magnets. Two Blank Weekly: Here are two different weekly meal planner printables that you can download for free (via pdf). Both designs feature columns that you can keep a running grocery list (for canned goods, meat, produce, etc.). Family Recipe Card Ring: This little number was created to organize favorite recipes from a variety of cookbooks and resources. Print them on cardstock and file the week’s meals on a ring that will always be on hand when shopping and planning grocery buys. Wipe Off Board: If you’re looking for something simple and basic, this is it. Place a decorative piece of paper behind glass (any old picture frame will do) and write the week’s meals so you can see at a glance what’s planned for dinner. Use a dry erase marker so the writing can be erased each week, this can be made as simple or as detailed as you like. Blank Weekly Printable: Here’s a fun, colorful freebie from Disney that you can download (pdf). It’s a blank weekly planner page that has room under each day for: Main Course; Veggies; Dessert; Helper; Notes. Craft A Meal Organizer: Everything you could want in a meal planner/organizer is featured in this project, you’ll have pockets galore to hold recipes and coupons while the back has magnets so it can hang on the refrigerator. The picture here doesn’t do the organizer justice since it opens up to hold a pad of notepaper. DIY Kitchen Chalkboard: Here’s another project where the picture doesn’t do it justice…it’s a full length kitchen wall chalkboard that’s framed with trim…all you need is a bit of chalkboard paint, wood trim and a few nails to get the job done. It’s a real charmer! Hanging Pocket Organizer: The organizer is easy enough to whip up and what a great way to keep the week’s recipes organized and handy! Hang it on the side of your fridge or attach a hook inside the pantry wall to keep it within reach yet out of the way. Use the organizer to hold the week’s recipes. Decorative Magnets: This tutorial shows you how to turn all those “junk mail” magnets into useful (and pretty) meal planning magnets. All you need is some decorative paper, glossy packing tape and a computer/printer. Paper Clutch: Make a pretty booklet using decorative cardstock (for the book cover) and then print off the planner sheets and assemble with brass brads. Three different printable options available (free pdf downloads). Monthly: A simple monthly calendar-style grid with blank squares to mark the date and planned meals. Each day of the week is noted with colorful “tab” style headings. Free pdf download.
With Grocery List: Space on left side of sheet for each day of the week to document future meals, right side of sheet has lots of space to note which grocery items you need to buy.
Weekly With Grocery List: There are two different designs to choose from (both from a single pdf download), the first has space to document meals for each day of the week (left side) and a grocery list along the right side of the sheet. The second design has Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner along the top half of the page (for each day of the week), and organized sections along the bottom half of the page to list grocery items needed.
Owl With Matching Recipe Book: Two separate items to download, one a Weekly chart (includes grocery list along the right side) and the other is a matching owl recipe book.

Both available via free pdf downloads and each comes with covers for the front and back so you can make books out of them.

For Lunch Lunch Box Planner: Plan and organize school lunches with this handy sheet, notes “Name”, “Day”, “Pack” in each box with lots of room to write details. There are 12 sections/boxes per page. Free download via pdf.
Weekly: Three different layouts to choose from (Sun-Sat, Mon-Sun or blank). You can also choose between a shopping list along the right side of the page or columns across the page for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
What’s For Dinner Set: You’ll find 7 daily headers to cut and print then 14 assorted designs to track daily meals (each has different colors/patterned borders). Stick these on the fridge with magnets or on a bulletin board. You can also make them magnetic by attaching magnet sheeting.
With Ingredients List: The green boxes are to track the dishes you plan on making and underneath each box are lines to document the ingredients needed. Four days per page and the bottom section has room to note other items needed when out shopping.
Weekly: Each day has room to note Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (three lines per day). Blank line at top to jot down the date.

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