Tend To Minor Kitchen Burns With These 6 Handy Items

No matter how cautious we are in the kitchen, there are occasions you may accidentally grab a hot pot, get splashed with bubbling sauce or take a hit of steam when pouring off boiling liquid.

Here are six common healing applications to keep in mind that can help successfully nurse minor burns, typically at least one will be at your fingertips at any given time.

Home Remedies For Minor Burns

First, run hand or affected area under a tap running cold water.

Next use a single treatment listed below for continued pain relief (a few also facilitate fighting infection or blistering).

  1. Egg White: A chilled egg white is a favored old-timers trick, but many also believe it helps prevent blisters forming. Allow to dry then reapply as needed.
  2. Tea Bags: A wet teabag will bring relief as well as healing properties from the tannin in the tea. Dunk a fresh bag a few times in a cup of cold water then use. Good to know: It’s ideal for sunburns too.
  3. Raw Potato: Either grate a raw chunk (peeled) or slice a piece…harvest the juice of the potato to cover the injured area for best results.
  4. Vinegar: Both a regular white household variety or apple cider vinegar will do the trick, just drizzle a bit over the trauma or saturate a cloth and hold in place. It also cleans the wound and prevents an infection caused by bacteria.
  5. Baking Soda Paste: Make a thick paste with cool water then cover injury, works almost instantly. Reapply as needed (gently wipe away once dry).
  6. Aloe Vera Leaf: One of the instances growing this succulent comes in handy. Once the plant is large enough, regularly snap off a leaf to keep in the refrigerator–a dab of the plant’s cool gel soothes like no other! But it isn’t strictly required to chill aloe vera first to be effective, break off a piece of the leaf and apply to skin–you’ll still be impressed how fast it works.

What Not To Use

  • Butter: When I was growing up it was a common remedy recommended by the women in my family, a dab of this creamy goodness does seem to soothe almost instantly! The problem is that butter (and margarine) can trap the heat underneath the epidermis (outer tissue)–resulting in more damage.

Important: One of the most tragic kitchen calamities is when a pot handle is sticking out from the cooktop while contents are cooking and bubbling away. A young child reaches up, pulls down the pan and all that hot, simmering brew pours down on them. Or dashing back and forth from sink to fridge to stove and you accidentally bump into the handle that’s sticking out and the pot goes flying. Terrible, life long scars and skin damage. Please be diligent and remember to cook with handles turned in. Years ago I knew a lovely young girl who had severe, permanent facial scarring caused by this exact thing happening.

Please Note: This is simply a collection of self-care treatments and not professional medical advice. For serious trauma, don’t delay in seeking professional medical attention.

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    • Tam

    One remedy that I use for a grease burn is mustard. It works amazingly well.

      • TipNut

      hmmm interesting Tam, I have that noted as a good remedy for sunburns so it makes sense it would help with minor burns too. Thanks for sharing that!

    • muriel

    For a small burn cool running water over the burn area for twenty minutes will remove some of the heat from the area so the area is not still ‘burning’. May help with blisters too.

    • diane

    The best thing I have ever heard of and used now twice, is the plain old mustard you use on your hot dogs and hamburgers! When my brother in law first told about it I thought it sounded crazy enough to work! His shift manager used it on him when he was a teenager working at a fast food restaurant. He got splashed with the hot grease on both forearms as he was emptying out the drip pans under the charbroiler cooking line. I kept thinking it sounded kind of crazy until I opened the radiator cap too soon on my old car and got sprayed by steaming coolant on my right forearm and neck. I rinsed off at the mop sink and went out into the store and got a bottle of mustard off the shelf and started spreading it on my arm and neck. I reapplied it several times during the evening and though I looked and smelled funny I was able to complete my 10 hour work shift at the gas station. Flash forward 12 years to 2 weeks before our wedding and watch as the hot oil and breading pop off the pork chops and land on my cheek, chin, neck and both arms. The breading actually slough off three nickel sized spots of skin on my cheek. It happened so fast and hurt so much I couldn’t even cuss. Cold well water didn’t really soothe it enough. The cold Kraft mustard out of the refrigerator took all the heat and pain out of the closed burns. It did sting on the open spots but the sting hurt less than the burn. I kept the mustard on for an hour or so then put on antibiotic ointment and gauze dressings and took my arthritis pain meds and carefully laid down to sleep. I found the gauze and even the non stick dressings would move around and cause irritation of the burns. One of my home health care patients gave me some of his thin hydrocolloid dressings and some soft cloth tape. I kept them on for two days then would change them. After 10 days or so all that was left of the burns on my 55 year old face and neck was tender pink skin. I credit the cold mustard with drawing out the heat and stopping the skin from continuing to burn after all the oil and breading was rinsed off. I may have smelled like a hot dog for an evening but I had beautifully healed skin for our outdoor wedding on Memorial Day weekend.

    • On the Glam

    Cool skim milk & water compresses also really help

    • Rhonda

    I keep lavendar oil (an essential oil) on hand. Apply it immediately and often if necessary. You will be amazed at how the burn is stopped and how effectively it heals. I recently burned my fingers (2nd degree burn). Soaked my fingers in the lavendar oil since it was so bad and the next day was able to wash dishes in hot water! My husband used to tease me about it until he had 3rd degree burns on his legs. He used the lavendar oil and was amazed at how they healed. I sometimes mix it with aloe from a plant too. Both work great.

    • Miles Swain

    Toothpaste is the best for minor burns to the skin. Plain, non-flavored white toothpaste. It helps with the pain, prevent blistering, redness.

    • Jan Farrell

    I just burned my finger on the toaster and put soy sauce on it. Worked great, except I did get a blister…. however, my finger didn’t hurt at all and I didn’t even notice the blister until it broke. Soy sauce. Yep.

    • Cayce Edgar

    Red Onion! other kinds are strong enough. I was seering meat and my son was picking it out of the skillet when we bumped! He said he knew it was gonna be bad when it took a coupla seconds to start hurting. I’d just heard the onion tip so i cut a piece and handed it to him. Instant cure. No pain. No blister.

    When my other son and friend came in sunburned, i cut thin slices and put them on a paper towels to hold on their skin a minute. Again. Instant cure.

    But i can’t stress enough it has to be strong onion!

    • SueZ

    OK, this sounds super wierd, but I burned my thumb on my hair straightener and as it was blistering, a friend that used to work in a sheet metal plant, (where burns happen ofter) took a table knife, heated on the stove top, (till it glowed) and held it about 1/3 of an inch from my burn for about 20 seconds. He claimed the heat would draw the heat out of my thumb and blister. I really thought he was wacko, but about 10 minutes later, all the pain was gone, and the blister was drying up, within 45 minutes the blister was gone and it was replaced with a light callus. I would not have believed it if I wouldn’t have experienced it myself. Does anyone know the “science” behind this??

    • Prairie

    I have heard that flour works as well. I haven’t tried it, as I tend to use aloe which is growing on my kitchen windowsill, or lavender oil if it is bad.

    • delabree

    we keep a ziplock bag of flour in the freezer. Just dunk your hand in, and soon you’re good to go.

    • debbie

    Tea bag remedy has worked for me for about 35 yrs now but I do it slightly different must be a reg tea bag which has been seeped(used) I Keep one handy then run under cold water n apply. If I don’t have one handy I take a new one run under hot tap water til I see Carmel color then I squeeze n run under cold water n apply 9 of 10 times no blister.10 of 10 times pain stops immediately

    • Sharon Boehm

    I heard about mustard on The Doctors . It really does work! I tell everyone I They all seem surprised !

    • Charlie

    I was told many years ago that if I burnt my hand during cooking to hold it under hot running water to take the sting away and amazingly it works!

    • Lucy

    I tried the egg whites and i now love you. I left my curling iron on, it fell on the floor my burn was about the size of my middle finger. The burn was on my palm of my hand. A couple minutes in egg white it made my pain go away quick. At first my pain was so bad i cried for about hours and woke and saw this and now i have no pain. Thank you 🙂

    • Karen

    For small kitchen burns you can also hold a nickel on top the burn area for several minutes to absorb the heat from the burn. You can literally feel the heat being pulled into the nickel.

    • Ashley

    I had acne on my two cheeks and i put some toothpaste on it for about 9 hours or more i left it on.. i washed it off and then the next day i woke up my face was dry and burned… Please help me, are there any home remedies i can use to remove the scar! It hurt when i move my face! help please ASAP!!!

    PS, I can’t stand going back to school with my cheeks burned an red! on Monday..

    • mary

    Crest toothpaste regular Flavor paste worked for me years ago when I burned my calf muscle on the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle while getting off of the bike. It took the pain away. I have a scar about the size of an egg but that helped.

    • sally

    I find that when I have a burn on my thumb that after you have put it in cold water to put it in your mouth. It stings at first but after a few minutes it feels fine.

    • lauren

    got a finger burn from the oven. tried water, ice, vaseline for 3 hours. none worked. did the mustard thing. instant relief. thanks

    • sumana

    Is alovera good for healing the burning area quickly?

    • Beccy

    I have burnt myself twice in the last month on my oven. On both occasions I didn’t realise I had burned myself until the following morning. The first time I had a red mark on the knuckle of my right thumb. It blistered an hour or so after I got up and then scabbed over and took weeks to heal – it was very sore to the touch for the duration of the healing time and it left a scar. The second time I had a much larger area of burnt skin on my left wrist and it looked in the morning like it was going to blister in 4 places. Somehow my instinct on this occasion was to wet a strong piece of kitchen towel which I had folded into a smaller rectangle and then I tied it to my wrist with a fabric belt. I kept this on my wrist pretty much all day and every time I looked at the burn the area of redness was getting smaller and smaller and no blisters formed at all – it was amazing! It was like I somehow reversed/stopped the body from responding to the burn at all and what little redness was left by the end of the day faded completely within 2 days so no scars, no creams or cooking sauces/oils required – just water and something to soak to keep against the skin for as a long as possible rather than wasting water by running your tap for 10 minutes or wasting cooking ingredients that would be better used elsewhere : )

    • Tavia

    I just burned my forearm on a hot cast iron skillet that I took out of the oven. So much pain, so much pain!!! I came across this site, tried the baking soda and water paste, 15 mins later, pain is subsiding.

    • Christin

    Years ago I was introduced to the “cold flour” remedy. I’ve used it ever since. Keep a bag of flour in the fridge where you can get to it right away and put your hand in (or be able to pull some out). Works every time and better than anything else I’ve tried. Less blistering, too.

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