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6 Handy Items To Care For Minor Kitchen Burns

No matter how careful we are in the kitchen, there are times you may accidentally grab a hot pot handle, splashed with bubbling sauce or get hit with steam when pouring off boiling water.

Here are six common healing applications to keep in mind that can help treat minor burns, you’ll typically have at least one on hand at any given time…

First, run your hand or affected area under a tap running with cold water. Next use one of the below for continued relief from pain (some also help fight infection or blistering):

  1. Egg White: A chilled egg white is a favored old-timers trick, but many also believe it helps prevent blisters from forming. Allow to dry then reapply as needed.
  2. Tea Bags: A wet teabag will bring relief as well as healing properties from the tannin in the tea. Dunk a fresh bag a few times in a cup of cold water then use. Did you know it’s also ideal [1] for sunburns.
  3. Raw Potato: Either grate a bit of raw potato (peeled) or slice off a piece…you want the juice of the potato to cover the injured area for best results.
  4. Vinegar: Either white household vinegar or apple cider vinegar will do the trick, just pour a bit over the area or saturate a cloth with vinegar and hold in place. It also cleans the wound and prevents an infection caused by bacteria.
  5. Baking Soda & Water Paste: Make a thick paste with cool water then cover skin, works almost instantly. Reapply as needed (wash off once dry).
  6. Aloe Vera Leaf: This is where having an aloe vera plant [2] growing in the home comes in handy. Once your plant is large enough, you can regularly snap off a leaf to keep in the refrigerator–a dab with the cool gel from this plant soothes like no other! But aloe vera doesn’t need to be chilled first to work, break off a piece of the leaf and apply to skin–you’ll still be impressed with how fast it works.

What Not To Use

Did you know: One of the most common kitchen accidents is when a pot handle is sticking out from the stovetop while contents are cooking and bubbling away. A young child reaches up, pulls down the pot or pan and all that hot, bubbling brew pours down on them. Or running back and forth from sink to fridge to stove and you accidently bump into the handle that’s sticking out and the pot goes flying. Terrible, life long scars and skin damage. Please be diligent about this and remember to cook with handles turned in. Years ago I knew a lovely young girl who had severe facial burns from this exact thing happening.

Please Note: This is simply a collection of home remedies and not professional medical advice. For serious injuries, please don’t delay in getting professional medical attention.