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Make A Delightful Moon Garden Haven

Did you know that with a clever arrangement of certain flowers and plants, you can have a beautiful display that will provide a visual feast and delight your senses–even during the middle of the night? Creating a moon garden does exactly that!

What is it? It’s a section of your yard, patio or deck that features an arrangement of assorted plant life featuring white blooms and/or silver frosted or variegated leaves. When the sun goes down and the moon shines bright, they will reflect the light giving you an evening display that’s just as pretty during the day! But don’t worry, this clever oasis isn’t dependent on moonlit nights–it will still display impressively in low light conditions or with artificial light (for example: patio lights, hanging lanterns, streetlights and light from the house).

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you get started…

If you can’t afford the extra room to make a little nook for yourself, consider covering a gate with a selection of flowering vines and hanging bags…or make a small, creative container display somewhere in the yard that you can enjoy while sitting outside on your deck. An old wheelbarrow in the corner of the yard bursting with white blossoms or a few hanging boxes along the fence spilling with loads of blooms can still offer a pretty display. See this page [3] for some DIY container ideas.

You’ll find many flowers and plants that work well in a moon garden are very fragrant, not only giving your eyes a delightful feast, but your nose too :).

Take advantage of flowering vines, shrubs & trees that you already have around your home (like blooming jasmine and gardenias), you can position your arrangement near them (remembering to choose a not-too sheltered location so that the light will still reach it). Some that work well:

Sweet Williams Are A Pretty Option

For an extensive list that offers suggestions, see this page on GardenWeb [4]. Plenty of inspiration to get you started!

Creating a nighttime nook doesn’t replace a regular flower garden that spoils us with its gorgeous display of color, it’s in addition to it so you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of the growing season all day and night!