Inspiration & Help: Ultimate Sewing & Craft Rooms

I’ve moved some previously featured projects to this page as well as added a few new goodies. Many of these ideas for organizing craft & sewing supplies (and the rooms that contain them) are quite clever and make the most of the space available. Get ready to drool, the example sewing rooms (or craft studios) I’ve included for inspiration are very beautiful and well done! Bonus: Many are inexpensive or easy enough to put together.

Studio Tour: Wow! This is a *little* out of my reach, it’s nicer than my kitchen! lol! Lovely to look at though.

Craft Room Tour: Lovely room with everything tucked neatly in place.
House on Hill Road: Takes advantage of the wall space by hanging pegboards, memo boards, thread racks.

Sewing Room: I like the cube shelving unit and bought one for my home office, you would be surprised how much it can hold!
Judy’s Room: Oh my, this space is so large it even has room for a daybed! Lotsa fabric, lotsa storage methods.

Sewing Room Closet: Is a closet all you have for storing supplies? Here’s an example of what you can do with the space.
Come On In: A gorgeous room with lots of pictures, if I could have anything in the room it would be that cutting table!

Small Quilting Studio: Offers some nice suggestions for making the most of a small room, I like the wicker chest of drawers idea, they pull out easily so you can pick through your fabric.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the planning process of creating a new craft or sewing room, check out this wish list: Sewing/Work Room FAQ.

Have the workstation of your dreams without the big price tag by making your own…here are a few ideas to get you started. I’ve moved all previous features for craft tables and sewing desks to this page for one handy project sheet (with a couple new goodies added).
Repurposed Armoire: Not a fully detailed how-to, but gives you an idea how to turn an armoire into a lovely sewing cabinet with a fold out sewing table.

Ikea Cabinet Makeover: This clever project is made with Ikea cabinets and topped with glass.
Frugal Project: Made with inexpensive folding tables, rigid foam insulation and clear vinyl, Marguerita tells me the surface on the finished table is as smooth as teflon!

Studio Table Redo: The project uses modge podge and wrapping paper to finish the top table surface then fabric is stapled around the table underneath.
Shelf Cubbies Island: Here’s an easy idea, arrange 4 cubbies tight together then connect to each other with L-brackets and mending brackets. Top with a large cutting board.

Craft Work Station: Simple project that reuses an old laminated desktop secured to two wood pedestals and uses fabric baskets for storage.
For Small Spaces: Has wheels on the bottom and hinged on the top so it can be tucked away in a small space.

Cutting Table Plans: This is countertop height and can be folded down when not in use, features a center box to hold supplies.

No money in the budget for a sewing table? See Creative Little Daisy – Evolution, she uses plastic stacking storage drawers and a piece of shelving board on top.

To help keep your fabric stash organized, see these great tips:

Projects & Ideas
  • DIY Craft & Tool Station: Who would have thought you could repurpose an old crib rail into a hanging wall craft organizer! Attach a couple wooden dowels to hold spools of ribbon and a roll of paper, add decorative hooks to hang supplies and voila! a very efficient (and charming) craft tools and supplies organizer.
  • Make Your Own Thread Rack: Nice job! You’ll be able to keep your threads organized neatly in one place with this rack and see at a glance what you have on hand for thread (very convenient when you’re looking for that certain color). Made with pegboard and a few dowel rods.
  • Wrapping Paper & Ribbon Organizer: Clever wrapping paper center and it really doesn’t need a lot of room, sneak it behind a door and it works out just fine. Lots of pictures and instructions provided, supplies needed for this project aren’t too extreme and you can whip this up in a weekend (and use it for a lifetime).
  • Upcycled Craft Storage: Here is a great way to upcycle any old bookshelf hanging around (or you can find one in a thrift store for super cheap). By adding tilting bins you can keep stuff tidy and out of site, but still have quick access to all your supplies. A couple of dowels helps to keep all those pretty ribbon organized while still showcasing your collection.
  • Thread Organization, shares various products and ideas you can use to keep those spools tidy.
  • Needles and Stabilizers
  • Pattern Stash
  • Coffee Can Cubbies: Screw empty cans of coffee into the wall (covered with paper first so they look nicer) and then use them to hold your yarn stash. The nice thing about this is that you can see at a glance what color of yarn is where.
  • Thread Organizer/Caddy: Neat DIY! Made with used ball-point pens, pieces of hardwood and wood glue.
  • $5 Ribbon Organizer: Easy peasy and you can see what ribbons you have at a glance. Made with a slotted tupperware bin and wooden dowel rod.
  • Organizers & Storage Gear For The Home: Here’s a nice collection of free patterns and tutorials for making organizers and storage solutions for the home, many would work well in the craft room.
  • 34+ Gadgets & Goodies To Make For Crafters: Another bunch of goodies to browse through.
  • Sweet Twine Keeper: Here’s a clever idea, use a sugar dispenser to keep your craft twine handy.
  • Vintage-Tin Crafts Supplies Organizer: Learn how to make a tiered organizer using large round tins, great for holding crafty bits.
  • Peg Board Craft Space: Not a step-by-step tutorial, but there are enough pictures and details to work that out.
  • Ribbon Jars: Ribbon is wrapped around wooden clothespins then held in place with a glass head pin. Store in glass jars so you can see at a glance what you have on hand.
  • Pillared Jar Storage: Ideal for holding buttons and other small notions, these decorative containers are made with glass jars, old candlesticks, spray paint and a hot glue gun.
  • Magnetic Catch-all: A magnetic knife strip is covered with fabric (using spray adhesive) then mounted on a wall, will hold scissors, thimbles and other metal notions.

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