20 Recipes For Chicken Thighs: {Sweet | Tangy | Crispy }

I’m really not a fan of chicken thighs but my guys are…and since they’re happy lickin’ the bones clean, I’m happy to make it for them (bonus: the meat is so budget friendly).

But I like to “cheat” with easy dishes so I’m always on the lookout for more ways to cook them. One recipe that I keep going back to is this one from Bon Appetit, the skin gets good and crispy and the juices make the vegetables extra-succulent.

Crispy Chicken Thighs (Oven Roast)


3 TBS olive oil (divided)
6 large chicken thighs with skin and bones
1 TBS Kosher salt
2 tsp dried thyme
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1/4 tsp freshly grated or ground nutmeg
Assorted vegetables (potatoes, carrots, etc.)


Preheat oven to 450°F. Coat large rimmed baking sheet with 1 TBS of the olive oil, arrange chicken pieces on top. Turn to coat and set skin side up.

Mix salt, thyme, 1 1/2 tsp pepper, nutmeg then sprinkle half over the meat. Roast until the pieces begin to brown (about 30 minutes). There should be some rendered fat in the pan at this point.

Combine veggies with remaining oil and salt-thyme mixture. Remove poultry pieces from pan and set aside. Spread vegetables on the same baking sheet and turn to cover them with the drippings.

Roast until they soften (about 30 minutes). Return poultry to the pan (on top of veggies), baste the juices over top. Cook for another 15 minutes or until meat is done. Top with chopped fresh chives if you like.

Looking for more ideas? Here’s a collection I’ve handpicked from around the ‘net, some sweet, some tangy, lots of flavor choices to choose from. Enjoy!


  1. Maple: Baked and flavored with maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, fresh garlic, parsley and a touch of sesame oil. Slightly sweet, slightly sour and so delicious. Craving Tasty.
  2. Spicy Roasted: Here, the bright and zesty flavors of lemon, tomato, ginger, jalapeno and garlic contrast beautifully with the rich, tender dark meat of the chicken. If you like the skin extra crispy, slip it under the broiler for a a bit after roasting. The New York Times.
  3. Paprika Blend: This is the best seasoning as it has a good kick of spiciness from the cayenne pepper and a ton of flavor. If you’re not into spicy, feel free to cut the amount of cayenne and black pepper to make this recipe YOUR own seasoning. Let The Baking Begin.
  4. Oven / Ranch: A super simple one pot recipe everyone loves – bursting with ranch flavor in only five ingredients! Low carb, mess free, a deliciously crunchy crust, in a huge family favorite that is sure to make anyone a fan of chicken thighs in under 40 minutes! Sweet C’s.
  5. Thai: A Thai-inspired sauce of lime, a little brown sugar, Sriracha, soy, fish sauce, ginger, and garlic. It may sound like a lot of ingredients, but I bet you have most of these sitting in your pantry already! The Woks Of Life.
  6. Honey Soy: It takes about 5 minutes to prepare this dish, one hour to marinade and 40 minutes to bake it, in other words it requires about 10 minutes of your time to make a finger-licking dinner! Munchkin Time.
  7. Wine Braised: Perfectly seasoned with a Mediterranean rosemary spice mixture, then cooked in a flavorful sauce with red wine, shallots, and mushrooms. Dried figs or apricots add a hint of sweetness, but not at all overwhelming. And we finish with a bright splash of lemon juice. The Mediterranean Dish.
  8. Mustard Honey Glaze: This baked dish combines simplicity and bold flavors, making it an no-brainer for those mid-week meals! The sweet element of honey paired with the spicy and savouriness of mustard and honey glaze. Jo Cooks.
  9. Barbecue: The BBQ sauce is sticky and perfectly charred with just the right amount of crispiness around the edges. My Mother’s Daughter.
  10. Sheet Pan / Roasted: It tastes as though you slaved over it. The meat juices escape adding flavor to the veggies. The veggies then brown and caramelize giving even more flavor to the meal. Using little potatoes couldn’t be easier too, no need to peel, cut or even wash, just pop them onto the tray. The meal prep. time is about 10 minutes maximum! Noshing With The Nolands.
  11. Oven Baked Honey Molasses: Sweet, savory, crispy, and delicious. The key is getting the skin nice and crispy before adding the sauce and it is irresistible. My Latina Table.
  12. Harvest / Sheet Pan: Fall vegetables, tossed on a sheet pan, drizzled with oil and fragrant herbs, topped with chicken and bacon results in a quick meal! Believe it or not, this dinner all turns out evenly cooked in 30 minutes. The trick is to bake it at a high heat and chop all the vegetables the same size. Flavour And Savour.
  13. Braised Apple Cider: Succulent & juicy with a bright, apple cider glaze/sauce with caramelized onions, golden raisins, and thyme. Miss Allie’s Kitchen.
  14. Turkish: The acidity of the yogurt helps tenderize the poultry and keep it moist. If you can’t find hot paprika, substitute 2 teaspoons sweet paprika and 1/4 teaspoon cayenne. From Eating Well.
  15. Roasted With Red Onions: This is really is a wonderful recipe and an economical dish that punches way above its weight. The thighs magically convert to white meat rather than brown and I enjoyed having it twice in the past week. From The Cottage Smallholder.
  16. BBQ Pineapple: This is sweet and tangy, a nice dish for the family or for entertaining guests. The homemade barbecue sauce especially will keep them coming back for more. From NatDecants.
  17. Slow-Baked Shoyu: This recipe’s cheap, tasty, simple. From BeanPlate.
  18. Korean: The thighs take only about 5 minutes of prep time, items needed include dark sesame oil, finely grated fresh ginger, honey, soy sauce. From Eating Richly.
  19. Easy Mediterranean: Juice and zest of one lemon, red wine vinegar, oregano and more. From For The Love Of Cooking.
  20. Spanish: This one’s a tummy rumbler, you’ll need chorizo sausages, baby potatoes, red onions, oregano, grated zest of one orange. From Life Is Great.

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    • Kim Day

    Although I used my own seasoning blend, the chicken was awesome! The skin is wonderfully crunchy. I will be cooking my thighs like this more often, Thank you

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