75+ Paper Flower Tutorials & Templates

Here’s a lovely assortment of paper flowers to make, I’ve organized them into several sections for easier browsing:

  • Assorted
  • Tissue
  • Crepe
  • Origami
  • Bouquets, Centerpieces, Photobooths, Wall Decor, and more.

Many of these have free templates to download (in pdf format) and most are surprisingly easy to make!

What’s included: Only those DIY projects/tutorials that are free and require no email address or membership to download templates and/or instructions. If things have changed or something included that shouldn’t be, please let me know in the comments section below so I can remove it.

First up: A general sampling of what’s to be found here, just click on the images to get the instructions. All links should open in a new browser tab so you won’t lose your spot here. Following this section you’ll find the organized galleries mentioned above.

New Collection Update: March, 2022

Lacey Doilies

Use packs of precut doilies or you can make them with a Martha Stewart doily punch and tissue paper (can cut through about 8 layers at once so won’t take that long).

Source: designimprovised.com.blogspot.com


White cardstock is painted with watercolor (to make the petals); the inside stamens are red crepe cut 2″ length x 1″ height & folded. Green velvet ribbon for the stem base.

Source: happyhappynester.com

Cellophane Poppies

This project’s interesting and it reuses some goodies from the recycle bin. Supplies include: cellophane (which is then tinted with acrylic paint); egg carton; small buttons; green chenille pipe cleaners;

Source: besttoys4toddlers.com

Paper Plates

Who knew you could transform something so cheap & ordinary into something so lovely! Customize tints with watercolors & a fan brush.

Source: muslinandmerlot.blogspot.com


A basic fold is repeated 5 times to make a whole bloom. Invisible or matte tape & wood skewers to finish off.

Source: thepinjunkie.com

Peonies: Cupcake Wrappers

Little 1″ foam balls are needed to build up the center frills. Stems: floral wire wrapped with green tissue.

Source: liagriffith.com

Cupcake Liners

Super cute & couldn’t be easier to whip up. Stems are pipe cleaners that are wrapped in floral tape.

Source: intimateweddings.com

Lovely colorful blooms that are suitable adornments for gifts, cards & packaging. A circle punch (1.5″) is used to make the job go quicker, vintage buttons for the center.

Source: whimsicalworldoflaurabird.blogspot.com

Coffee Filter Roses

It takes 8 cone filters to make a single rose, free pdf templates to download. Watercolor paints tint the filters to desired colors. Both written instructions & video tutorial provided.

Source: marthastewart.com

Spider Mums

These pastel pretties will brighten up any room! Cardstock; fringe scissors (or large cutting scissors), tape, floral wire, floral tape and glue.

Source: livelaughrowe.com

Hand Cut

Templates provided (pdf) for leaf, petal & center. A 24-sheet pad of scrapbook paper will make a bunch. Assembled with a hot glue gun.

Source: projectnursery.com

Book Page Bouquet

Large scallop punch, piercer, brads, clothespins, lollipop sticks, hot glue gun, ribbon or decorative tape to wrap around sticks.

Source: wendysmedley.typepad.com

Pretty & decorative made with a single 8″1/2 x 11″ computer sheet. Ideal as ornaments, can be hung by invisible thread.

Source: howaboutorange.blogspot.com

Recycled Magazine Popups

Supplies: 9 magazines pages, gluestick, cardstock & scissors.

Source: kindawonderful.typepad.com

Quilled Double Fringe

Also includes basic directions for making a DIY slotted tool that makes the job easier. Narrow fringe slits are made at an angle, the petals fluff up by themselves (they don’t have to be shaped).

Source: increations.blogspot.com


Each fringe strand is wrapped around a knitting needle or wooden skewer then glued & twirled around a rolled green construction paper stem. Tedious? Not once you hit your stride.

Source: onelittleproject.com

The first gallery below is a continuation of the above featuring assorted cardstock, scrapbook pad, recycled materials. Below this I’ve added organized galleries for tissue & crepe papers, one started for origami and then the last for assorted decor projects (photobooths, backdrops, etc.).

Lots here, have fun! πŸ™‚

Assorted Flower Tutorials

Directions: Click link to visit sources (new browser tab will open)

Pretty Tissue Blossoms

This gallery focuses on lovely tissue paper projects (there may be a few with mixed media). You’ll find directions for making the always popular pom poms, carnations, tulips, Mexican/Cinco De Mayo and more.

Crepe Paper Designs

I’ve scanned an old booklet from my personal library that has a lot of good information for working with crepe paper (fundamental principles).

If you’d like a copy for your own files, just click the image to the right to download (it’s free).

I hope you find it useful! If you’d like to share it with others, feel free to do so–I just ask that the file itself is kept intact with no changes.


The gallery below highlights a wide variety of crepe creations that I’ve handpicked from around the ‘net.

Pretty poppies, daffodils, peonies, tulips, irises, roses, ranunculus, marigolds, hibiscus, water lilies, magnolias and more.

Some crafty embellishments include paint, glitter edged…giant sized or small…all are beautiful!

A Few Origami Ideas

Just a handful in this gallery so far, I hope to add more in a future update.

Backdrops, Bouquets & Centerpieces

This is the section where I’ve compiled ideas for photobooths, special occasion wall decor, backdrops, bouquet alternatives, tablescapes, centerpieces, wreaths, party decorations, shower arrangements, etc. More to come!

Whew! That’s a bunch to keep you busy with ;). I’ll be adding more as I find new, original goodies to add so you may want to bookmark this page for future reference.

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