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15 Ways To Make A Dog Bed Or Pillow: {Free Tutorials}

Here are several different ideas for making a cozy dog bed (they’re nice for cats too), most are sewing patterns and tutorials but there are a couple DIY projects too. Many couldn’t be easier to make using minimal supplies (a few use repurposed items like sweaters and an old end table). Some of these have been featured previously on Tipnut and moved here for one handy project sheet.


Lucky Dog! Wrap [1]: Create a homemade pillow for your favorite four-legged friend. You can make this to cover an existing dog bed or try a worn sofa cushion.

Raised Bed [2]: Raised pet beds help with both fleas (they live on the floor, and can only jump so high) and warmth.



Scrappy [3]: Sew a pet bed and zipped slipcover from scratch using fleece, muslin, fabric scraps and stuffing.

Fleece Pet Cushion [4]: Made with fleece and polyester stuffing, features fringed edges. Soft & cuddly for your furry friend!



Poochie Pillow [5]: Made with fabric, a pillow form and poly filling. Features a pillow roll back and sides to snuggle into and rest his head on.

Recycled Sweaters [6]: Crochet pattern using old sweaters to make a cozy pet bed, uses the same technique as crocheting rag rugs.



Recycled Skirt Dog Bed [7]: Made with a floor length A-line skirt that you can pick up from the thrift store.

Oval [8]: Sew a stuffed oval bed with pillow sides that puppy can snuggle into, lots of pictures to walk you through making this.



Replacement Filler [9]: When the inner pillow gets wet or destroyed, no need to buy a new bed! Tutorial shows you how to make a replacement.

Chic [10]: Mattress has pillow sides with bows on each end, suitable for a 40 to 50 lb dog (resizable if needed). Pattern diagram can be downloaded (jpg file).



Upholstery Fabric Cushion [11]: Tutorial for a stuffed cushion made with ticking and upholstery felt and a luxurious cover made from upholstery fabric (one end is zipped for easy removal).

Cozy Quilted [12]: Free pattern for making a round, patchwork pillow with a long zipper in the bottom seam for easy washing.



Fleece Pillow [13]: Simple enough to make, made with fleece and filled with stuffing removed from pillows.

DIY Bed Project [14]: Repurpose an old wood end-table by making it into a charming cat (or dog) bed.



From Scratch [15]: Directions are for both the pillow and custom cover.