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Homemade Reed Diffusers: How-To & Tips

Reed diffusers are decorative air fresheners for the home that work with scented oils and reeds. The oil travels up the reeds to release their fragrance into the air around them. No need to use aerosol sprays, light candles or plugin air fresheners, the process handles itself naturally.

They’re very popular since you can choose from an endless amount of fragrances, have no open flames (candles) to worry about and they don’t plugin so no dangling cords to hide or fuss with. If you’d like to try making your own (a perfect way to customize your favorite scents), here are some tips and recipes showing you how to do that.

Make Your Own Reed Diffusers And Oils With A Few Simple Ingredients

That’s all it takes to make your own!

Making Your Own Oils

You can make a homemade version of reed diffuser oil with just a few simple ingredients that you can easily find locally.