25 Slice ‘n Bake Refrigerator Cookies: {Recipes}

These are a real hit since the dough can be prepared when you have a few minutes then rolled into logs and wrapped in wax paper. Chill until needed (most freeze well too) and once firm, simply slice and bake when there’s time. How convenient!

SwirlToday’s Hit List features a nice assortment to try that I’ve handpicked from around the ‘net. There are traditional favorites such as the pinwheel, checkerboard and swirl cookies along with some tasty twists like lemon, lime, cherry, peppermint and lots more (a purple penguin version too, lol). Enjoy!

  1. Pinwheel: Chill the logs until firm enough, about 3 hours, or freeze for up to three months. [Fine Cooking].
  2. Brown Sugar Icebox: Can be frozen for up to 3 months (unfrosted); thaw and drizzle with melted chocolate. [Better Homes And Gardens].
  3. Cardamom Butter: Cardamom adds a special touch to the spice blend in these. They can be made two ways, rolled out and cut in shapes or sliced and popped in the oven. [McCormick].
  4. Peppermint Swirl: The dough for these lovely pink and white swirl treats will keep up to one week stored in the refrigerator. [Pillsbury].
  5. Cherry Almond: Ideal for the holidays. Can be kept chilled for up to 2 weeks. Or double-wrap them and freeze up to 1 month. [Betty Crocker].
  6. WWII Caramel: Easy and store quite well until needed, uses brown sugar instead of precious rationed granulated. They were also straightforward and not too sweet. [The Cooking Photographer].
  7. Checkerboard: Yields about 8 dozen. This sort is a good choice for a holiday gift. The formed logs can be wrapped tightly, frozen for up to a month. [Baking Obsession].
  8. Coconut Apricot: Wrap in plastic, chill until firm (at least 1 hour) or up to 1 week. [Chatelaine].
  9. Lemon: Freeze for up to one month then just thaw for fresh-baked treats anytime. [Country Living].
  10. Penguin: So creative! Some clever rolling and food coloring is used to make these cute characters. [Diamonds for Dessert].
  11. Simple: The dough is kept chilled until needed then have hot sugar cookies in 9 minutes. [Sippity Sup].
  12. Washboard: Easy! Cut and lay them on pan, press a fork into them (to give them that great washboard look) and then pop in the oven. In no time at all you are rewarded with a scrummy treat, crisp and full of buttery flavour. [The English Kitchen].
  13. Crispy Coconut-Lime: Scroll down page for directions. [Jane’s Sweets & Baking Journal].
  14. Chocolate Sparkler: Pretty and delicious, an unbeatable combination that’s at the ready when a last-minute treat is needed. [Serious Eats].
  15. Cinnamon Swirl: Cinnamon pinwheel swirls in a cinnamon dough and a vanilla icing. [The Baking Pan].
  16. Fruit & Nut: Can be made ahead and frozen for up to 3 months. [Martha Stewart].
  17. Butterscotch: Extra-special with the addition of butterscotch and pecans. Can be stored up to 1 month. [Land O’Lakes].
  18. Cherry Pecan: Can be stored in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks. Raw dough can also be wrapped airtight and then frozen. Yields about 48 dozen. [Food Network Canada].
  19. Pistachio Cranberry: All-purpose flour, cinnamon, salt, softened butter, fresh orange zest, shelled pistachios, dried cranberries and more. [Gourmet].
  20. Lemon Lime: It’s practical to cut the rolls short enough that a tiny batch can be done in a toaster oven. [Canadian Living].
  21. Ginger Almond: Chopped almonds, fresh or dried ground ginger, almond extract and more. [White Lily].
  22. Hazelnut Shortbread: Includes a variation for Cherry Pecan Shortbread. [Simply Homemade].
  23. Old-Fashioned Oatmeal: The perfect after-school comfort food on a cold winter’s day. Shortening, vanilla, minute oats and more. [Simply Homemade].
  24. Chocolate Chunk: You’ll need natural cane sugar (and light muscovado), vanilla extract, both brown rice and amaranth flour, tapioca starch. [A Cup of Jo].
  25. Chocolate Peppermint Sable: Crisp and crumbly with just a hint of peppermint. [la Fuji Mama].

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