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15+ Things To Make With Old T-Shirts: {Crafty Repurposing}

Pretty much everyone has a stack of worn, comfy t-shirts tucked away in the closet and since they are pretty cheap, the stack grows fast. We wear these oldies when doing work around the yard, cleaning our homes and other dirty chores but you can also use them to make all kinds of clever and crafty things…some useful, some fun.

Here are a dozen different ways you can repurpose these old friends, most of the ideas are sewing projects but there are a few other techniques used too (and I’ll be adding more to this list as I come across new ideas). A few of these have been featured in other collections here on Tipnut and have been included here to make one handy project sheet, enjoy!


Clutch [1]: Made with an old tee and heavier fabric (such as denim), lined with cotton fabric and has a button & elastic loop closure.

Fabric Flowers [2]: Make into crafty bouquets or use to embellish totes, cardigans, whatever you like. Easy project!



Grocery Bag [3]: Vented so produce can breathe. Also see this bag [4]. More reusable grocery bags are found on this page [5].

Hat [6]: Cute! Includes a template download for the bill of the hat (which is stiffened with interfacing) and features rosettes for embellishment.



Pom-Poms [7]: Fun & crafty project, you can use these to add a bit of color to a room.

Latch Hook Rug [8]: You’ll need a piece of latch hook canvas and a bunch of old shirts to make this soft mat that your tootsies will love.



Recycled Tee Scarf [9]: A t-shirt is cut into rings then wrapped and tied into a scarf. If you prefer something more ruffly, see this easy project [10].

Crocheted Rug [11]: Crocheted in the round, you’ll need at least two for this project…more for a larger size rug.



Headband [12]: Strips are stretched until they naturally curl then tied together to make a headband.

Upcycled Embellished Mittens [13]: Lined with fleece (or upcycled sweatpants) and feature sweet rosettes sewn on top of the mitts.



Pillow Chair [14]: Pieces are sewn together then stuffed with cubes of upholstery foam.

Quilt [15]: Make a cuddly quilt made from about 20 shirts and backed with plain cotton woven fabric or a flat sheet.



Macrame Throw [16]: Tutorial includes video demonstrations and you can make this any size you like.

Hand-Stitched Baby Hat [17]: Made with 2 tees in contrasting colors and embroidery floss, includes free pattern download (jpg file).



Sling Bag [18]: Cut, reassembled and sewn together, ties closed with heavy string or ribbon and has a fabric strap for easy toting.

Ruffle Scarf [19]: Super easy to make, you’ll need a size M adult sized tee and uses the bottom 8 to 10″ of the tee.



Tie-Dye Swimsuit Cover Up [20]: Easy project using a Tie Dye kit, needle and thread and a plain white tee.

Handbag [21]: 5 or 6 tees are cut into strips to make yarn then knitted on circulars.



Plant Hanger [22]: A single tee is all that’s needed for this project (L or XL).

Maxi-Skirt [23]: Cute project for a young girl that will use up a handful of tees in assorted colors.