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Rid Your Pet of That Musky Skunk Spray Smell

If you have a dog and a piece of remote land that he can freely roam around on, chances are there will be a day when he comes home smelling like he swam in a pond of liquid skunk, lol. As anyone who has gone through this can tell you, this “fragrance” is overwhelming and seemingly impossible to get rid of.

I do have a few home remedies you can try. The first thing to note is to keep the animal out of the house, this will prevent him from rolling around on the floor, rubbing against furniture or even shaking his fur out…trying to free himself from the nasty stench. This will only rub the chemicals off into your home and you don’t want that!

Caution: This recipe cannot be sealed or stored in a container or spray bottle as it can explode (don’t let that freak you out, just be smart about using it).

Mix in an open, plastic pail and use immediately. Wear latex gloves when applying.

Krebaum’s Formula For Animals

Items Needed:

If it’s for a larger animal, 1 quart of lukewarm water can be added.


More Remedies To Try:
*remember to wear latex gloves, keep out of dog’s eyes, nose and mouth.

Skunks can carry rabies, take to vet immediately if you find any bleeding or open wounds while washing your pet.