16 Mouth-Watering Ways To Expertly Cook A Beef Roast

One of my favorite, go-to meals to prepare is a great roast beef. You don’t have to get all fancy or fussy with it and it will still turn out oh-so-delicious! I’ve put together few different recipes for you to try…most are easy-peasy to assemble then just toss in the oven and leave to cook all afternoon.

Does your pot roast never turn out right? Chances are you’re using the wrong cut of meat. What you’re looking for in the meat department is a “Chuck” or “Top Round” or “Bottom Round”, these give great flavor and results. Don’t be put off by the fat/marbling in a chuck roast, this makes it extra tasty!

Flavor Tip: You want to give a good sear on the meat before putting it in the oven. Take your time with this and sear it well on all sides to lock in that flavor and get a nice crispy edge. Season the meat well before searing! Lots of salt and pepper, don’t be shy with seasonings!

Budget Helper: If you want to take advantage of cheap cuts (especially when they go on sale), grab a bunch and throw them in the freezer. They can be frozen up to a year before there’s any loss of quality.

When you’re ready to prepare one of these bargain goodies, take it out the night before to thaw in the refrigerator then let it braise all day long in a low oven (a few ideas listed below).

This will give you a juicy, fall-apart dish that your family will surely love. When cooking the tougher cuts, select recipes that use a good amount of liquid or moist heat.

Tough Beef Cuts: Chuck, Brisket, Round. Don’t be hesitant about using them, they turn out AMAZING and full of flavor when prepared properly.

Dry Heat Roasting: For non-liquid braising methods and a true oven roasting, use a rib cut or a sirloin tip. These are more expensive and better quality cuts that don’t need liquid to break down the meat…it turns out moist & delicious all on its own.

Ready to get started? Here’s a collection of recipes to try. Some are Sunday Supper Worthy while others are simply to enjoy Beefy Comfort Food. All promise to please. Enjoy!


*Ingredients listed are just a sample and not complete

  1. Slow Braised Sirloin Tip: Tried it & loved it! Very easy way to make the toughest cuts fork tender! Incorporates red wine or a good dark beer. Cooks low and slow for at least 6 hours in the oven (250°F). Kecia’s Flavor Breakthrough.
  2. Slow Cooker Po’ Boys: Tried it & loved it! If using a cheap cut, I like to slice the meat after it’s “just done” and let the pieces cook in the juices for a couple more hours. Makes them extra flavorful & fall apart. Topping with Provolone cheese, mayonnaise and shredded lettuce is a must-do! Kitchn.
  3. Instant Pot French Dip Sandwiches: Tried it & loved it! Easy peasy to put together and requires just basic ingredients. Pile the meat on a toasted garlic bun and smother with provolone cheese if you wish. A yummy rich broth is served alongside. A Mind Full Mom.
  4. With Rosemary: Slices up nicely without falling apart, well seasoned and braised in stock with rosemary and garlic. Cooks in the oven for about 1 1/2 hours. Includes instructions for making gravy from the pan juices. Never Enough Thyme.
  5. Unbelievably Easy: This is rich and flavorful, while still very buttery and tender without actually using any butter! Rubbed with salt and wrapped tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerated overnight. The next day it’s covered with a mixture of oil, oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, pepper and seared in a hot pan before popping in the oven. I tried it and love it. From Crepes Of Wrath.
  6. With Caraway and Green Apples: Ingredients include thinly sliced onions, cider vinegar, bay leaves, caraway seeds, packed brown sugar, fresh marjoram, stock, Granny Smith apples (quartered, cored and peeled). Amateur Gourmet.
  7. Braised Chuck: By wrapping it in a foil packet you create a true braise: slowly (for 4 hours), completely surrounded by a small amount of liquid, turning this dish into a delicious, tender dream. The Bakeoff-Flunkie.
  8. Country-Style With Tomato and Red Wine Gravy: With onions, celery, carrots and the beginnings of a tomato and red wine gravy. Ezra Pound Cake.
  9. Horseradish-Crusted: You can use any number of cuts, including rib loin (prime rib), top round or a tied sirloin tip. Deliciously crusted with horseradish and black peppercorns and is perfect hot out of the oven, but it’s also amazing cold on a sandwich: Thinly slice and serve it on white bread with horseradish mayonnaise and juicy tomatoes. Food And Wine.
  10. Mustard & Horseradish Gravy: Can be made in a crockpot but if you don’t have one, just follow the modifications at the end. Serve over egg noodles or mashed potatoes, along with root vegetables or sauteed greens. Fine Cooking.
  11. Sunday Dinner Eye Of Round: You’ll be surprised how simple this is! From Southern Plate.
  12. Boneless Chuck: Carrot, celery, sugar, canned low sodium broth and chicken stock, fresh thyme and dry red wine. Serve with boiled new potatoes and glazed carrots. The Way The Cookie Crumbles.
  13. Parasol’s Style Po Boy: This isn’t fancy but most authentic in it’s preparation to what you will find in a lot of neighborhood restaurants in New Orleans. Nola Cuisine.
  14. Jack-Pot: (boneless chuck) Low-sodium soy sauce, broth, sliced cremini mushrooms, tomato paste, quartered onions, carrots, small potatoes. Elizabeth’s Edible Experience.
  15. So Amazing! Rub Recipe: Paprika, Kosher salt, minced garlic or powder, black pepper, onion powder, Frank’s hot sauce, oregano, basil. Joyful Abode.
  16. Mustard: (boneless rib eye) Sea salt flakes, thyme, olive oil, mustard seeds, Dijon, butter. From Nosh.

I also put together a handy reference page here: Cooking Chart with Temperatures & Times.

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