Pamper Yourself With These Lovely Rose Beauty Aids

Roses are appreciated for their beauty and fragrance but did you know they are luxurious aids for the skin and hair too?

HandsHere are a few different recipes to try (bath oil, dusting powder and a vinegar that is a lovely hair rinse or facial splash/skin freshener).

First some tips:

  • If possible, select the freshest flowers by picking them on the day you’ll be making these.
  • Use organic or pesticide free blooms since these will be applied to the body or consumed (the vinegar).

Homemade Bath Oil

2 oz grapeseed oil
5 drops jasmine oil
5 drops ylang-ylang oil


  • Put petals into a glass bottle and top with the oils.
  • Shake and allow to sit overnight.
  • Add 1/4 oz. to bath.

Source: Womans World Magazine Oct, 2007

Dusting Powder

4 roses (medium size)
1 cup cornstarch
3 TBS baking soda
3 dried roses


  1. In a small cardboard box, layer the petals and cornstarch. Fit the cover on but don’t seal tight, the contents should still have a bit of air. Leave for 24 to 36 hours.
  2. Sift the pieces from cornstarch then add the baking soda (may have to sift a few times). Combine well then split the mixture into two batches. *See tip below
  3. Next take the dried flowers, remove the stem and leaves and add the heads to one half of the mixture. Pour into a blender and grind until they are fine.
  4. Add the fine ground mixture to the other half of the powder mixture, and blend with a wooden spoon.
  5. Pour the scented powder into a decorative box or shaker jar, allow to sit for a day before using.


  • If a stronger scent is preferred, add another batch of fresh petals and allow to sit another 24 hours (first sift out the initial batch).
  • Can substitute with lavender or other scented flowers if desired.

Ideas For Use:

  • Dust body with a puff after showering
  • Lightly sprinkle on bedding for a nicely scented sleep
  • To scent lingerie drawers or closets
  • Great to give as homemade gifts


Ideas for using:

  • Salad dressing or vinaigrette*
  • Facial splash and skin freshener (dilute with water)
  • Headache soother (soak cloth, squeeze out, then place on forehead)
  • Shampoo rinse
  • Tub soak (approx 1 cup per full tub)

What’s needed:

2 cups white wine vinegar (heat to near boil)
1 cup petals
3 or 4 whole cloves


  • Gently wash and drain petals thoroughly then carefully remove the white/yellow part from each (just snip with scissors). Gently crush them to bruise a bit.
  • Place them in a sterilized jar with the cloves. Pour hot vinegar over top, roughly mash a bit with a wooden spoon and seal immediately.
  • Set aside for 10 days (room temperature and dark). Shake occasionally.
  • Strain and discard the bits.
  • Using small decorative jars (sterilized), pour and seal.

You’ll also find instructions for making rose water here. Make sure to check out the big bunch of recipes using lavender found here.

Toner: This is made with dried hips and distilled or filtered water. Recommends using as a makeup setter, help soothe sunburns and wounds as well as a natural way to help balance skin.

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    • Christense Andersen

    [admin edit: comment applies to Rose Dusting Powder Recipe]

    do you use all of the dried roses…stems and leaves too? Or just the petals?

    • TipNut

    [admin edit: comment applies to Rose Dusting Powder Recipe]

    Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out Christense, I’ll clarify that in the instructions. It’s just the petals, not the leaves or stem.

    • Walkingsun

    [admin edit: comment applies to Rose Petal Vinegar Recipe]

    Hello everyone: I have the cutest story to share on “rose” vinegarettes. One year I had put together a vinegarette that had flowered chives, garlic, thyme stems (dried), and because I thought it was a bit plain, for a lark I added some of my (dried) rose petals (grown in my backyard, NOTHING but sulper used as a bug repellent).

    They turned out really pretty, and soooo tasty! I decided at Christmas time that I would give away a couple of bottles, and my brother, who lived in a nearby town, got one. He is a salad lover, and savoured the vinegar for his salads, and also used it on his steaks. When he ran out, he set out to the mall to find this “product”. He didn’t find it there, so he started going to all the Health Food stores, and didn’t find it there. . . .somewhat puzzled, he decided that it must have come from the Amish, south of us in Ohio. And , still couldn’t find the vinegar. Finally, I got the call. . . he really wanted more of the vinegar, and couldn’t locate it anywhere!!! He found some similar, but none had the ROSE PETALS! I explained that I had made the vinegars myself, and had actually thrown in the rose petals for a lark. . .and the tasty tartness they had added to the flavor was completely on accident! We really had a big laugh over it all, and yep! I gladly gave him another bottle.

    Walk in Beauty! Walkingsun

      • Lark Summerfield

      That was a great story. I’d love to make the recipe if you wouldn’t mind sharing it.

      • Brenda

      Thank is a great story. I would love to try the recipe too, if you would share it.


    • Cindy

    [admin edit: comment applies to Rose Dusting Powder Recipe]

    I can’t wait to try it. Does anyone know where to purchase dusting powder boxes with a lid?

      • Christine

      [admin edit: comment applies to Rose Dusting Powder Recipe]

      I would divide the powder into the small organza bags, store in a pretty box and then just use the bag as your duster the amount that will filter thru the organza should be enough to lightly dust your skin.

    • leila

    [admin edit: comment applies to Rose Dusting Powder Recipe]

    how long can these roses last?

    • susan

    [admin edit: comment applies to Rose Dusting Powder Recipe]

    What an easy fun recipe. I tried this with my daughter, and we had alot of fun. I bought dried red organic roses and made the recipe, but the dried organic rose smell is more plant like, then beautiful rose scent. I am planning to try to add some Rose Absolute essential oil to the mix somehow. I would like to note that after blending the cornstarch & rose petals together the color is really amazingly beautiful. My husband is a little concerned with putting Baking Soda on our skin, I guess it’s ok in small quantities? The organza bag is brilliant, I ordered a bunch off of ebay. Thank you for such an easy and straightforward recipe!

      • Maggie

      [admin edit: comment applies to Rose Dusting Powder Recipe]

      Susan-there is no problem with using baking soda directly on the skin (you would just never want to ingest it dry!). I currently do that as my deodorant (first applying with water then some dried on top of it followed by rose powder). It is certainly many times better than all the chemicals we put on our skin, especially the aluminums in deodorants.

    • olivetree

    [admin edit: comment applies to Rose Petal Vinegar Recipe]

    You can also make Tincture of Rose:

    “Take the petals of the common rose (Rosa centifolia) and place, without pressing them, in a common bottle. Pour some good spirits of wine upon them, close the bottle and let it stand until required for use. This tincture will keep for years, and yield a perfume little inferior to attar of roses. A few drops of it will suffice to impregnate the atmosphere of a room with a delicious odor. Common vinegar is greatly improved by a very small quantity being added to it.”

    • Buddy

    I really want to try this, but What are “good spirits of wine”?

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