20+ Free Seed Packet Printables & Templates

Garden Seed Supplies: Packets, Watering Can

Here is a lovely collection of free templates I’ve found online, use them to organize seeds and to give those harvested from your garden as gifts.

These packets are also popular to use as wedding and baby shower favors (just fill with treats).

The templates are pretty much of the cut & glue variety but there are some general tutorials listed too if you’d like to learn how to make your own custom creations.

Also note that a few of the sources listed below offer more than one design to choose from so make sure to browse around to find all the goodies.

*New Collection Updated: March, 2022

Graphics / Downloads

Directions: Click on images to visit website for files.

I’m linking to the label/tag page since there are a few different freebies available (each in pdf), including a sweet hot pink Valentine motif (sowing the seeds of love); one for herbs and another for vegetables.

Source: gardentherapy.ca

Two different pdf downloads provided, one a blank with fold & glue directions, the other a simple yet elegant line design with space for seed information and the year saved.

Source: saltinmycoffee.com

Four options: Herbs, Vegetables, Flowers & a potted plant. Has lots of space for notes & Date saved.

Source: feathersinthewoods.com

There are over a dozen freebies available on this page, example shown is based on a vintage graphic while the rest are cute & colorful.

Source: justsomethingimade.com

Matchbook style, suitable for bridal & baby showers. Covers are printed on cardstock, planting instructions go on the inside (provided). Really cute idea 🙂

Source: marthastewart.com

Perfect for a wildflower mix, “I’m Wild That You’re My Friend – Happy Valentines Day!” (this is optional) … the back: “Wild Flower Mixture For You!” Simple enough to edit as desired.

Source: sisterswhat.com

Nice black & white design with a place to note the plant’s name, origin (useful feature!) and date the seeds were collected.

Source: contentinacottage.blogspot.com

Three options: Vintage chrysanthemum, straw hat & garden gloves, assorted plant pots with a bird house.

Source: allotmentjunkies.wordpress.com

A zipped folder to download that has 6 different vegetable characters: broccoli, carrots, ear of corn, peas, radishes, tomato. Cute tip: glue on googly eyes.

Source: keepinglifecreative.com

This is a tutorial for repurposing brown paper bags into DIY graphic seed packets, blank template provided in both jpg and pdf formats.

Source: craftingagreenworld.com

The front is blank to either draw or use graphics program to add whatever you like. The back info: Name; Variety/Color; Sun; Height/Width; Zone; Year; From. Grid 4/page.

Source: southernmomloves.com

Two options: One for Butterfly Flowers; the other is “Save The Bees”. Both are adorable: Planting instructions are also included (on the back).

Source: feathersinthewoods.com

I’m linking to the Label/Tags archive of this site because there are numerous designs to choose from (vintage; sunflowers; antique linen; birds; floral; blanks; etc. Really quite lovely!

Source: glenda-jsworld.blogspot.com

This one’s a little different, designs are printed on Kraft paper coin envelopes (the guide is included).

Source: almostmakesperfect.com

Simple lines with a single leafy branch design element; space to add the Plant Name and Date. Two per page.

Source: azurefarmlife.com

There are five packet designs to choose from. Pick a favorite; print out & cut along the edges. Next, fold & glue edges shut with a glue stick. Easy! Includes a colorful borer (oval) label set.

Source: myfrugalhome.com

Black & white polka dot “Bloom Where You Are Planted”. The back has: Seeds From The Garden Of; Date; Sun; Instructions plus the quote “She who has flowers in her garden…surely has flowers in her heart.”

Source: houseofpixeldust.com

Super cute in bright pinks, reds and florals. Both the website and the wording on the packets are in French, but still very workable for any language (simply edit using the Draw feature in the pdf toolbar and erase w/white). Bright and pretty!

Source: dansmonbocal.com

A few different cover illustrations in simple black & white to print on brown Kraft envelopes or blank templates. “Plant with Love and Reap the Rewards” and “Grown and harvested by Me!” are a few of the cute options.

Source: aunty-lils.co.uk

A few lovely vintage style goodies to choose from. Victorian / Parisian; Orange Harvest; Roses; Floral. I’m linking to the tag/archive page since there are a several to choose from.

Source: astridsartisticefforts.blogspot.com

Download the plain black & white file for colored cardstock or you can select the full color options (green, orange, brown, red).

Source: busymommymedia.com

Plant Name; Origin; Date. The back has a “Good things come in small packages”. So charming!

Source: 104homestead.com

This is a tutorial showing you how to use a blank template (provided) with scrapbook or other paper (even plain with hand doodles). All that’s needed is a pair of scissors & a glue stick.

Source: sonotniche.com

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    • Amanda

    Thanks for finding and sharing these wonderful resources. I can’t wait to collect the seeds from my garden and give them as gifts in these wonderful envelopes. The only problem will be choosing which designs to pick:)

    • Victoria

    Sooo cute and practical! I can now put all of my seeds in these that are in pill bottles,food containers and mailing envelopes. Hurray!!

    • Elizabeth Muldowney

    It will be so exciting collecting my seeds into such wonderful packages. Thank you so much.

    • robbie @ going green mama

    These are wonderful – I especially love the veggie ones! I am doing some seed saving (and sharing) with my first grader this year so these will make cute gifts.

    • Kathleen

    Love these seed pack templates but I haven’t been able to print full size. Any idea what I can do?

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