Free Sewing Caddy & Thread Catcher Patterns

Sewing caddies are great for keeping tools organized and at your fingertips, they can rest underneath a sewing/serger machine or sit within easy reach on an armrest while you’re doing some handiwork in the sitting room.

Here are several different projects that I’ve researched and found to be the best available online, with an assortment of different sizes & uses.

I’ve also tucked in a few thread catcher tutorials at the bottom since I find them so useful. You’ll likely want a couple: one for the craft room & one for armchair work..all are free of course!

Some of these projects have been previously featured on Tipnut and moved here for better organization.

Note: Some of the designs are very similar to each other but I hope you’ll still find them worthwhile to check out. I’ve included them to give you a choice for directions to follow plus they may also have slightly different feature tweaks that aren’t noticeable at first glance.

I hope you find what you’re looking for in this bunch of goodies!
Machine Mat w/Pockets: It’s hard to tell from this picture, but there are three pockets hanging underneath the machine to store tools & supplies…plus a loop in the corner to hold a pair of scissors, so handy!

Quilted w/Binding: This one starts off with a yard of quilted fabric (that you quilt or buy) then finished off with binding.
Quick & Easy Quilted: Here’s a great way to use two contrasting fabrics, quilted in a cross-hatch pattern and pocket sizes customized to your preference.

Multi-Mini Pouches: This one includes pockets of all sizes, including wee ones at the front that would hold a machine footer or accessory perfectly!
For The Ironing Board: A handy caddy to hold scissors and craft gadgets and lies flat across your ironing board.

For Armchair: Drapes over the side of a chair or couch holding all the small tools you need plus a big open catcher to stash the assorted bits & fabric.
With Scissors Slot: Includes a little pocket for scissors. Free pdf tutorial available to download.

With Detachable Pincushion: Neat feature is a thick bobby pin on the back of the pincushion so it can be clipped on your shirt, pants waist, wherever works best!
Weighted Pincushion Organizer: Because the pincushion is weighted with uncooked rice, it can perch just as easily on the edge of a table or the arm of a chair or sofa!

Simple & Functional: Features lots of space to hold sewing tools.
Scrappy Armrest: This pincushion hangs over the armrest of your couch or armchair while you sew. The side storage holds scissors, measuring tapes and bobbins.

Bluebirds: Nicely done with some embroidery work (bluebirds pattern available for free).
Overlocker (or Serger) Mat & Bag: Made with charm squares, a backing & lining pieces, iron-on pellon, a length of plastic tubing and general supplies.

Non-Slip Organizing Pad: The pocket sizes are customizable and the catcher is detachable which makes it easy to pull off and empty.
With Vinyl/See-Through Pouches: Pretty clever! Features rounded corners finished off with bias tape, quilted fabric & clear vinyl so you can see what’s stashed where.

Canvas or Painter’s Drop Cloth: A sturdier material that’s backed with shelf gripper paper to keep the machine from moving around when in use. Finished off with scrap binding.

Catchers For Threads & Bits
Wee Basket: 10 square from a charm pack, medium weight fusible interfacing and 1/2″ bias tape in complementary color.

Twist & Tidy: Really, this is clever. It is designed to twist closed to keep the tails & bits trapped. Made with a recycled Pringles container.
Pretty Little Cup: Lovely design, made with 8 strips of 2 contrasting fabrics (4 strips each).

Pouch-Style: Hanging pouch style with eyelets in place to hang from hooks under the sewing table or to screw in the top.
Weighted with Bag: Simple design featuring a weighted pincushion and small bag.

Hexagon: Made with fabric and shapemaker (or sturdy cardboard), features a hexagon base and scalloped sides.
With Pincushion: Features a weighted pincushion and lined bag.

Quilted: Make a little triangular shaped pouch with foldover flaps secured in place with buttons.

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    • JUDITH

    The weighted pincushion with the bag hanging from two straps, makes a great TV remote holder. I make the staps a little longer so it fits over the arm of the favorite TV chair. My husband loves his. It holds more than one remote, which of course is necessary for all his tech toys!

    • Christy

    A friend of made one of these for me and needless to say, I looooooooove it!!! Now, I’m going to make one for my daughter for the occasion of getting her first sewing machine! Everyone should have a “Thread Catcher”!!!

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