Sewing Machine Accessory Tutorials: Covers, Mats & More

As crafters we’re always on the lookout for ways to personalize our homes with pretty fabrics, trims and other decorative items. Our sewing rooms are no different and it’s such a fun space to get creative with! But we’re also practical so when we see a need, we often find a way to “get crafty with it”.

Sewing Machine With Thread & Pattern Designs

Some examples:

  • For best performance and to prolong their lifespan, sewing machines need to be kept clean and protected from dust. This is easy enough to achieve by draping a towel over top, but why not stitch something lovely that is properly fitted?
  • We have a lot of little tools and notions to make specific jobs easier (such as a seam ripper, seam gauge, point turner, etc.). We can stack them up in a desktop box or store them in a drawer, but why not keep them organized and handy right above our laps while we’re working (ie. a hanging mat with pockets).
  • And the days of dragging thread strands and fluffs throughout the house are long gone when we keep scrap catchers at our fingertips to collect all the bits while we’re working. I can’t be the only one who often missed a spot on the floor when cleaning up after a session 😉

So yes, when it comes to our crafting spaces, there are a lot of different ways we can not only make things more efficient but also more lovely.

Below you’ll find a large list of free tutorials featuring different accessories, I’ve separated them into the following sections for easier browsing:

  • Sewing Machine Covers
  • Mats & Caddies
  • Thread Catchers
  • Assorted (Miscellaneous)

Most are well suited for the Beginner skill level though there are a few that are more geared to Intermediate/Advanced seamstresses. Many are also pretty low budget as supplies tend to be fairly minimal and oftentimes fat quarters, remnants and fabric scraps can be put to good use here.

New Collection Update: September, 2022

Quick Tip: If you see a decorative element on one project (ie. ruffles or pockets), it shouldn’t be too difficult to add to whatever pattern you decide to go with so feel free to mix things up and get creative!

Free Patterns & Tutorials For Sewing Machine Accessories

As always here on Tipnut, each of the projects and tutorials listed below are 100% hassle-free. This means there are no fees charged to access instructions and no email addresses to submit or memberships to signup for to receive any required pattern pieces and templates. If that has changed since being added to this page, please let me know in the comments area below so I can remove it.

I focus only on text tutorials (offered either on a web page or a pdf download), but some will also provide additional video support.

Directions: Click on images to view project page, a new browser tab will open & save your spot here


Keep machines protected from dust when not in use by covering them with something pretty. They’re easy to whip up and you can go as simple and basic as you like or try something a little more decorative and detailed. Here’s a variety of different designs that I’ve gathered from around the ‘net, some quite similar but they all inspire.

Rick Rack Trimmed w/Pockets

Features jumbo pockets on each end (in contrasting material) & jumbo rick rack around the edges. There’s a link at the bottom of the page to download a template for the side panels but it’s not working for me…this is simple enough to freehand yourself though (remember to include seam allowance).


Quilted Charm Pack

Supplies needed: a charm pack, yard of coordinating material (for sides & lining), bias binding & cotton quilt batting. Includes a diagram for laying it all out.



Here’s a creative twist on making a patchwork piece, straps are made with ribbon or fabric & edges are finished with binding.



This couldn’t be easier to whip up, two complimentary pieces of material are stitched together (right sides), flipped out then topstitched with ribbon ties on the sides. Includes directions for making a cute bunting motif with felt squares.


Bright & Cheery Pinwheels

A basic tutorial showing how to make a reversible cover with complimentary fabrics. She also generously provides details for the charming pinwheel block if you’re interested (found on this page)…includes a free template download (pdf).


Knitting Pattern

Knitted in wool then felted. Recommends blocking directly on the equipment (first wrapped in plastic). Embellish with decorative buttons, beads, scrapbooking brads, etc.


Chevron Crochet

This is so charming! The main body is crocheted with fabric panels sewn on each end. Easy to adjust size.


Pinafore Style

Simply lovely! This drapes over the equipment & has pockets on both sides to stash assorted tools & notions. Incorporates beautiful jacquard ribbons for a lovely decorative effect.


Mats & Caddies

These are great for keeping tools organized and at your fingertips while working. They rest underneath a sewing/serger machine so there’s enough weight to hold the piece in place but note that some designs also work nicely as a cover.

If you’d like to secure things a bit better so the mat doesn’t slide around too easily, try adding a sheet of non-slip shelf liner between the table surface and the mat.

Load pockets with frequently used notions such as seam rippers, scissors, rulers, marking pens, measuring tapes, magnifying glasses, etc…whatever you like!

Thread Catchers

Spend any amount of time sewing and you know how quickly loose bits of thread and fluffs of fabric scraps start piling up. One efficient way to keep things tidy is to keep handy a scrap catcher that is used to collect all the waste while you’re working and then gets emptied after each session. Once you start faithfully using them, the floor around the station won’t be such a disaster to deal with.

I’ve put a nice group together that showcases a variety of styles, some are single cup design that you can rest on the table beside you, others are attached to pincushions or mats that fit underneath the machine. A good bunch to choose from here!


I only have a few projects organized in this gallery so far but I plan on adding more over time. This is where I’ll tuck all the extra DIY accessories that don’t fit in the above sections.

Note the Threads Magazine pouch below, that’s designed to store a foot pedal & power cord, especially useful if planning on transporting equipment to classes.

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    • Darlene Isley

    I have so enjoyed your site. I have been in here for hours! What a great collection of creative art…ones that you can just pick up your supplies and start! Love it! Thank you for all of your hard work for my (our) benefit. So sorry to leave you now but I am off to my sewing room to get busy! Thanks for the inspiration. I am looking for a pattern for a chicken/rooster that stands up on dowel legs. Ever seen one? That was my original mission before I got waylayed :} in your site.

    • Carmen Russell

    I must make one of these,i have seen other machine covers but i love most of your.Maying one soon. THANKS

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