Famous Mocktail Delights: The Shirley Temple & Roy Rogers

Looking for a fun, refreshing drink to offer youngsters at an upcoming special event? These two classic recipes are just the ticket, one version that the lil cowboys will rally around…and another pretty, fizzy pink one for the starlets.

These two famous, non-alcoholic beverages have stood the test of time and have been enjoyed by children for nearly a hundred years.

They’re named after two Hollywood stars that were loved worldwide during a more simpler, innocent time and are a hit to serve at weddings, holiday festivities and other fun celebrations.

One cocktail (or mocktail since there’s no alcohol) for the boys and one for the girls, ingredients are very simple: ginger ale (or 7-up), cola, orange juice, grenadine syrup, maraschino cherries and slices of lime, lemon or orange.

Pour over a glass full of ice, top with fruit slices and the youngsters will feel very grown-up indeed.

Here’s How To Make Them

Shirley Temple Recipe:

1 cup (8 oz) Ginger Ale, or 7-up or Sprite
1 1/2 TBS grenadine syrup
1 TBS orange juice
lemon, lime or orange slice (for garnish)
1 maraschino cherry on top

Directions: Fill glass with ice, add grenadine syrup, orange juice, then top with ginger ale, 7-up or Sprite. Garnish with a slice of orange (or lemon, lime) and top with a maraschino cherry.

Optional: Some versions have one cherry at bottom of glass, fill with ingredients then top with another.

Roy Rogers:

Named after the singing cowboy, this is very similar to the recipe above but this time you swap the ginger ale with cola, skip the orange juice and citrus slice.

1 cup (8 oz) cola
1 1/2 TBS grenadine syrup
1 maraschino cherry

Directions: Fill glass with ice, add grenadine syrup then top with cola. Add a maraschino cherry on top and voila! it’s ready to put into the hands of your favorite ‘lil buckaroo.

“Dirty ’em Up” Tip: These are quite sweet but adults can enjoy them too! Just add vodka or light rum to taste to make them “dirty”.

Note: There are no hard and fast rules for making these cocktails, use the above as a guideline and increase or decrease the ingredient amounts as the child prefers. Some may want it with no juice or with a slice of lemon for garnish. These are a treat for youngsters so why not make them just as they like :).

Neat To Know:

The actress the famous mocktail was named after, Shirley Temple, wasn’t a fan of the drink. She reportedly found it too sweet for her tastes.

Unfortunately for her, restaurants around the world clamored to make her one whenever she dined with them, thinking they were giving her a special honor.

Theories on who invented the original cocktail vary from Hollywood restaurants the Brown Derby or Chasen’s…or to a resort in Hawaii who pampered the celebrity when she visited.

Whoever created it, their intention was to delight young Shirley and serve her a fancy non-alcoholic beverage that would match her parents drinks. Now we all get to enjoy it!

Not only are they popular with the kiddos, but as you can see from the instructions above, they’re a blast to mix & serve…no need to be an experienced mixologist or fuss around shopping for a bunch of exotic ingredients.

Next time you’re out on the town with your favorite little gal on her birthday, check with the restaurant bartender and they’re sure to know how to mix one up for your darling date on her special day.

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    • deejay

    I make mine with 1oz pineapple juice, 1/2oz orange juice, tbsp grenadine, Sprite, 3 or 4 maraschino cherries.. The cherries come in a jar i like to add 1tsp juice from that jar for some extra flavor! I’ve been searching through recipes and most are just Sprite with grenadine, how boring!

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