DIY Shoe Makeovers: {Both Casual & Glam}

If you have a favorite pair of shoes that are comfy to wear but have gotten a little scuffed and tired, here are several different ways you can bring them back to life. Try covering them with pretty fabric, re-dyeing, adding glitter and even rhinestones. Lots of ideas in this bunch! I also added several different ideas for flip flops to the bottom of the page. Have fun!
An Anthropologie knock-off, a strip of nautical stripes fabric is added to the front top of leather flats or heels and topped with a bow.

Houndstooth: A pair of pumps are covered with cotton houndstooth print fabric and Mod Podge.
Fabric Covered Wedges: A cheap pair of plastic wedges are covered with pretty fabric using PVA glue and spray glue in a can.

Custom Insoles: If the insoles of your favorite pair of shoes are a little tired and funky, here’s how to freshen them up using fabric and sticky back foam.
Organza Blossoms: Circles are cut from a light fabric, folded then glued along to the top strap of sandals.

Embroidered Keds: No step-by-step instructions but easy enough to figure out, plain white tennis shoes are dyed then hand embroidered in a pattern of choice.
Scarf Flats: Another Anthropologie knock off, a vintage scarf is cut into four strips then stitched to the top of flats.

Sparkle Toes: Add a touch of glitz to a plain pair of pumps with crystal stick-ons.
Gold Toe Flats: Make your own two-toned flats by spray painting the tips in gold (hides scuffs too).

DIY Sparkle Clips: Crystal appliques are attached to shoe clips using E6000 (or other strong glue).
DIY Jeweled Heels: Multi-shaped rhinestones (in large, medium and small) are attached to the heel with E-6000 glue (using tweezers).

Fabric Covered Sneakers: Make plain shoes fun with fabric and glue, you can also make funky laces to match using contrasting fabric and adhesive interfacing.
Glitter Ankle Boots: Easy peasy to make, permanent fabric glue is applied to area then glitter added.

Pink Flair: Learn how to make a removable strap cover for Mary Jane pumps using fabric and pink velvet ribbon.
DIY Denim Wedges: Cotton denim, trim, clothesline rope, muslin and a hot glue gun are used to cover a pair of upcycled shoes.

Dyed Canvas: Learn how to dye white canvas sneakers in the color of your choice using liquid fabric dye and salt.
Trimmed With Crochet: Give tired shoes a mini-makeover with these easy trims that work up quickly.

Ribbon Bows: Bright taffeta ribbon, thin satin ribbon and a hot-glue gun are needed for this 10 minute project.
Painted Wedge Sandals: Add pops of color to canvas sandals using acrylic paints.

Embellished Wellies: Here’s how to slit the back of rubber boots (to better fit larger calves) and lace up with ribbon (grommets required).
Painted Sneakers: An easy way to jazz up plain canvas sneakers using fabric or acrylic craft paint.

Punk-Style Flats: Studded lace trim is applied to flats using liquid stitch glue.
How To Distress Leather (into Suede): Spray with rubbing alcohol and soften with sandpaper, a wire brush and an old pumice block.

Lace Scrap Tennies: Transform boring old tennis shoes with bits of scrap lace and fabric glue.

Glitter Tutorials: Pumps, Flats, Sneakers, Heels, Bottom of Shoes.

Fun With Flip Flops

*First published April 27, 2011 and moved to this page for better organization
Altered Flip Flops Tutorial: Sew strips of colorful fabric together and then wrap around the sandal straps, hand sew in place.

Embellished: Decorate with seam binding or ribbon and desired embellishments. Wrapping and a bit of fabric glue involved.
Frayed Rosette: Includes a reference to tutorial for making the rosettes, these are then hot glued to the top of the sandal (with a felt backing).

Balloons: Wow, so much color, so much fun! Made by tying water balloons in double knots along the thong part (you’ll need 200 balloons per pair of sandals).
Colorful Ribbon: Cut ribbons in lengths of about 6″ (for small sandals), finish the edges with a bit of fray check to seal the ends then tie in knots along the thong.

Yo-Yos: Make fabric yo-yos in assorted sizes then stack & glue (using Fabri-tac) along the thong part of the sandal. Tutorial available via pdf download.
Key West: The thong part of the sandal is removed and then replaced with strips of fabric (knots will hold in place) and then embellished with fabric flowers or whatever you like. The strips of fabric tie at the back of the ankle.

Flip-Flop Refashion: The rubber thong part is covered with a strip of eyelet that is first trimmed with ribbon, held in place with a dab of hot glue and jute string.
Interchangeable: Neat! A few different ideas are presented for decorating the thong part, each applied to the thong with velcro so you can change them as the mood strikes.

Rag Tied: This is similar to the ribbon-tied sandals mentioned above except using strips of fabric that have had the edges trimmed with pinking shears.
Customized How-To: Thong-style jelly flip flops are customized with foam sheets covered with fabric (for the soles) and the thong part replaced with strips of fabric.

Ruffled Strap: Use a strong glue like Gorilla Glue to attach decorative or ruffled ribbon along the top straps.
Flip-Flop Refashion: Complete makeover of a cheap pair of thongs using floral fabric, linen, fusible batting and interfacing.

DIY Strappy Makeover: Attach 3/8″ wide elastic by wrapping and stitching in a few key places to make these fun summer shoes.
Summer Sandals: The soles from an old pair of flip flops are used in this project along with fabric from recycled t-shirts.

Fabric Wrapped: A strip of pretty fabric is wrapped around the thong and held in place with Mod Podge or glue.
With Flare: Strips of decorative ribbon are braided together then attached to the thong part with hot glue.

Beaded: The straps are first wrapped with ribbon then beads and tiny seashells are attached with hot glue.
Cheetah: The animal print design is applied with a paint pen or permanent ink marker (Sharpie).

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