Custom Furniture Slipcovers & Reupholstery: Online Help

One budget saver when redecorating your home is to keep perfectly fine furniture that may be a little tired or worn and recover them with gorgeous fabrics (many can be found in your local fabric store’s bargain bin). How to do that? It may be a little intimidating for novice DIYers, but you can find loads of help online that will walk you step-by-step through the project, teaching you how to be an expert in no time. Here’s a selection of tutorials I’ve handpicked for recovering sofas, chairs and ottomans that will help you get the job done. I’ve sorted them each into their own group below for easier browsing and if I come across anything that has something new to offer, I’ll be sure to add it to the list. Good luck!

How To Design & Sew: Nice illustrations showing you how to plan and measure a custom-fitting cover for your sofa.

Step-by-Step Sofa Slipcover: Lots of pictures and detailed instructions for making a custom fitting slipcover.
Zipped Sofa Cushion Case: Piped edges and zipped across the back (includes references to zipper and piping tutorials).

Reupholstering A Couch: Old fabric is stripped from the couch then new is stapled into place (using the old pieces as a template).
Quilt Covers: Seat cushions are covered collage-style with a stack of pretty quilts, removable with no zipper installation required.

Lounge Chair Project: It’s amazing how updating the fabric can transform an old chair! Old sheets were used to make pattern templates.

Ruffle Back: Drop cloth is used for the seat and back, layers of ruffles are attached with glue.
Queen Anne Project: A cross between a slip cover and a reupholstered piece, fabric is stapled and tacked into place (no-sew).

Drop Cloth: Two-part tutorial for covering the chair backs, seat cushions and making a skirt with dropcloth.
Recliner: Can be removed for washing (pieces held with velcro). Even the footrest gets a makeover!

Drafting: Example piece is a wing chair but the tutorial shows how to measure and make pattern pieces (from kraft paper) for any type of chair.

Ottomans & Accessories
DIY Upholstered Ottoman: A wooden table is painted then covered with a piece of foam and decorative fabric (tufted).

Ottoman: Have a perfectly functional but ratty old ottoman on your hands? Here’s how to sew a lovely cover for it.
Skirted Table: Nice accessory for the bedroom, can be made to cover a small table or bookshelf.

Round Stool How-To: (Video tutorial) Shows how to work the fabric smoothly and evenly with no bumps, lumps or puckers.

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    • Debbie Vazirali

    Found your site this morning.
    Tips for replacing the dining chair seat cushion/fabric would be good as that is a fairly easy and very inexpensive DIY job

    • carmen

    Love this so much will be trying it soon

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    love this site!!

    • Rena Abraham

    This is probably my favorite website ever. I think you should send the tips everyday even though I could go through and look at what’s on your site, I just like the fun of having it all put together where it makes sense and is diverse in ideas. Great job!!! Please don’t ever stop sending these emails.


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