Pork Chops Aplenty! Stuffed – Baked/Broiled – Skillet

Well all kinds of goodies in this collection, I’ve put together quite the list of inspiration for making pork chops…some for the skillet, some for the oven, some stuffed with all sorts of delicious ingredients. There’s sure to be something here that ticks all the boxes for your next meal.

First, here are a few tips when dealing with pork:

  • Pay attention to what the recipe specifies for thickness. If you want to use thicker/thinner chops than directed, watch & adjust the cooking times.
  • Safe temperature for cuts of pork: 145°F according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service. Ground is higher at 160°F. Invest in a good digital food thermometer if you don’t already have one, they’re worth their weight in gold! Measure at the thickest part, away from the bone and in the center of the meat (not touching the pan).
  • Bring the meat out of the refrigerator about 15 minutes before cooking to bring it to room temperature first. This will ensure an evenly cooked chop.
  • Once you’ve removed it from heat, let the meat rest for about 5 minutes before serving, this will help keep it tender (not tough!) and retain flavor and juices.
  • Hey…why so tough and dry? It’s because they’re overcooked. When cooking to 145°F, the meat will still show some pink and be tender & juicy.

A Few Notes

I had always considered stuffed meat a little more decadent and special but came to realize that with the right ingredients, it can actually be a sneaky budget saver too. It stretches the amount served per person so where one simple chop may not be enough, a single one stuffed can be quite filling and more than sufficient.

Depending on the dish, some ingredients may be pretty pricey but you often don’t need much. This is also a good way to use up leftover ingredients from another dish, utilizing what’s on hand up before they go bad. Regardless of the potential money savings, these are delicious, impressive and there are so many different ways you can prepare them.

How to make a pocket for stuffing:

  • Use a sharp (shorter/paring) knife along the fat edge and make a 1″ slit then cut close to the bone (though not all the way through).
  • Next make room for the pocket by wiggling & cutting the width you need (horizontally). You may want to flip the knife so the sharp edge can work in the other direction as well.
  • Depending on size of the chops, aim for about 3″ to 4″ wide and 2″ deep.
  • After filling the pocket, use wooden toothpicks to secure the opening.

A Few Recipes To Try:

  1. Savory: Dried currents, toasted fresh bread crumbs, oregano, toasted pine nuts fill the pocket before going into a 400 ° oven. Williams-Sonoma.
  2. Season’s Best: Oh my! This one’s definitely harvest friendly. Apple, celery, onion, butter, seasoned with salt, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, apple juice, chicken broth. Midwest Living.
  3. Raisin & Bread: There’s really not much to these which is nice when the pantry’s running bare. Whole-wheat sandwich bread cubes, raisins, fresh parsley, melted butter, sal & pepper, light-brown sugar. Martha Stewart.
  4. Cheesy Vegetable: Simple veggies–celery, onion, carrot and bell pepper–add lots of flavor to this easy baked pork dish. Betty Crocker.
  5. Mushroom: Features a savory porcini mushroom stuffing and garlicky, spiced sauteed spinach. Redbook Magazine.
  6. Corn Bread & Bacon: These are started in a skillet then finished in the oven. Betty Crocker.
  7. Apple Thyme Pan Sauce: The combination of sweet and salty, aromas of the fresh thyme and wine, as well as the different textures of the shallots, apples and crispy rye bread creates a wonderful depth of flavor for the meat. A Sweet Pea Chef.
  8. Manchego / Roasted Red Pepper-Pepita Sauce: Manchego cheese, pepitas, sliced roasted red peppers, balsamic vinegar and seasonings. Elly Says Opa!
  9. Sun Dried Tomatoes & Spinach: It’s incredibly difficult not to love this dish. I mean, spinach, goat cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes? Stuffed into a pork chop? No longer boring. We Are Not Martha.
  10. Prosciutto, Mozzarella & Sage: These are a great, fancier-than-normal weeknight meal. Ingredients include sage leaves, mozzarella, prosciutto, olive oil, kosher salt, black pepper. Sear on both sides to develop a flavorful, brown crust, then finish in the oven. The Hungry Mouse.
  11. Blue Cheese, Red Peppers & Spinach: Brown sugar, crumbled blue cheese, frozen spinach (thawed), roasted red pepper and melted butter. What’s Cookin, Chicago?
  12. Peaches & Currants: Made with canned peaches, sage, olive oil, butter, currants, an egg, stuffing and seasonings. From The Merlin Menu.

Other Ideas

If you’re looking for some skillet options or those that finish off in the oven, I’ve got a few different recipes here below for you to check out.

Quick Tip: I picked this up from Jamie Oliver, he recommends making 2cm cuts all along the fatty side to help crisp the skin nicely and to render the fat out more easily.

One skillet recipe that I highly recommend is this one by Giada De Laurentiis. I’d say I’m pretty much obsessed with it atm, definitely don’t skimp on the herbes de Provence! So easy to make too.

If you’d like to learn how to make the perfect pan-fried pork chops, this is the article for you, it’s from The Kitchn and covers all the essentials.

Here’s a stuffing mixture that’s prepared in the pan with the meat and is a great way to use up those last two pears on the counter before they turn. It’s found here from Delish. Here’s one using canned peaches.

For tender, flavorful, pull apart chops, you’ll want to try this recipe for braising them in a glorious mix of garlic, onions, chicken broth, Dijon, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, and Worcestershire. Yum! From Valerie’s Kitchen.

In The Oven They Go…

  • Crunchy: Has a crispy coating made with breadcrumbs, a shallot, garlic, oil, salt and pepper. Smitten Kitchen.
  • With Garden Stuffing: Herb-seasoned stuffing mixed with colorful vegetables makes a savory bed for the meat and topped with a golden mushroom sauce. Campbell’s Kitchen.
  • Mustard-Coated: A crunchy crust (without frying) made with breadcrumbs and horseradish mustard. Martha Stewart.
  • Orange “Fried”: A lighter, leaner version with ingredients that include dried Italian seasoning, wheat toast (to make crumbs), orange juice & zest. Coffee & Cornbread.
  • With Roasted Potato Wedges: This healthy take on chops and chips is full of flavour – just pop everything into the oven and bake. BBC Good Food.
  • Asian Style: Serves 4, ingredients include minced garlic, rice wine vinegar, siracha, hoisin, ground ginger and soy sauce. Life’s Ambrosia.
  • Lemon & Herbs: A crumb coating keeps them tender and moist as they bake. Ingredients include dry bread crumbs, basil, rosemary and onion. Dairy Goodness.
  • Coca-Cola Style: Ingredients include a can of coke, Worcestershire and ketchup. Dawn’s Daily Life.
  • Barbecue: Uses ketchup, cider vinegar, celery seed and ground nutmeg. Taste of Home.
  • Saucy: Includes BBQ sauce, orange marmalade, ground ginger and garlic. Kraft Canada.

Hope you enjoyed this batch, I’ll be adding more goodies as I find them so you may want to bookmark this page for future reference ;).

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