6 Vintage Sunbonnet Girl Embroidery Motifs

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Here’s a charming set from my vintage pattern collection that features a sweet sunbonnet girl performing daily tasks around the home. This particular set is from the 1940s and features six different activities that are suitable for use on flour sack tea towels or other kitchen linens.

CoverHere are the details from the original envelope, you’ll find the individual files to download at the bottom of the page…

There are six motifs to be used on towels and kitchen linens. They are done in the simplest of stitches.

Materials Needed: (Use 36 inch material unless directed otherwise)

  • Use dish doweling for towels; linen, muslin, percale, flour sacking, gingham or a similar material for other articles.
  • Use six strand or perle cotton for embroidery.
  • Towel: 1 yard
  • Breakfast Set: (One scarf 12 x 36 inches, and four mats 12 x 18 inches) 1 yard
  • Cloth: (36″) 1 yard

Placement: Center one design about two inches above edge of a towel. Use one on each end of scarf and one in center or on one end of each mat. Use one in each corner of a cloth.

To Work Pattern: Work in the colors suggested under Color Schemes and embroider as follows:

  • Continuous lines: outline stitch
  • Dots: French knots or fine satin stitch
  • Single lines: single stitch
  • Loops: lazy daisy stitch
  • Broken Lines: running stitch
  • Crosses: cross stitch
  • Eyes, Noses and Small Solid Sections: satin stitch

Color Schemes: Work in a variety of colors as follows:

  • Skin: tan, flesh or black
  • Eyes: brown or blue
  • Mouths: red
  • Hair: black, brown, yellow or rust
  • Clothing: various bright or pastel colors
  • Shoes: black
  • Rugs: green, red, blue, brown or grey
  • Fireplace: tan or light brown
  • Bricks & Flower Pots: brick red
  • Broom, Teakettle, Mop Handles: red or blue
  • Broom: straw color
  • Mop and Teakettle: grey
  • Bird Cage and Light Fixtures: gold
  • Flowers: bright colors
  • Cake: golden brown with pink frosting
  • Dog: black and brown or tan
  • Finish motifs in black


Directions: Click on image to access larger size (jpg file format), right click on it then save to your desktop. Each of the files have already been flipped so you can trace directly on top of them when transferring to fabric, you’ll find tips for transferring here.



Serving Tea

Serving Tea

Serving Cake

Serving Cake

Mopping Floor

Mopping Floor





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8 Comments to “6 Vintage Sunbonnet Girl Embroidery Motifs”
  1. Tristine says:

    Thanks for sharing these. They are adorable!

  2. Corinnea Davis says:

    I’m wondering what this month’s offering will be??? You always have such wonderful patterns!!!

  3. Corinnea Davis says:

    I have been eagerly waiting for this month’s embroidery pattern and still haven’t seen a new one posted. You definitely have a wonderful collection and I enjoy all of the ones you share. Thanks so much.

  4. Nel says:

    I’m confused. It says that each image has been flipped, but when I click on them, they are not reversed. How do you reverse them so that they are right way round when you transfer them?

    • Tipnut says:

      Hi Nel, both the sample images and the pattern files have been flipped from the original copies. Normally when you have the actual/original transfer, you trace over top the original design and the ink underneath is transferred to the fabric.

      Because you are not using the originals but only copies, the copies need to be “flipped” so they are transferred in the same direction. Think of designs with words on them (such as days of the week). If I scanned a copy of a pattern with the word “Saturday” on it, the word “Saturday” would be backwards on the printed copy (like it is when reflected in a mirror). After scanning, I flip the image so that the word “Saturday” now reads properly.

  5. Ninna says:

    I Love the old patterns. I also like Vogart’s chickens and other animals.

  6. Loretta says:

    Great site. I love red work

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