Sunburn Relief Remedies – Over 50 Soothing Treatments

This is a large collection of home remedies I’ve compiled to help with sunburn relief, there are over 50 treatments to review so there should be something in this list that you have on hand to help.

IngredientsThere are no quick & easy cures when it comes to healing damaged skin and the time it takes your body to recover is relative to how bad the burn is. For an average low to medium grade sunburn, a couple days of regular, soothing treatment should see pain dissipate to a tolerable level (meaning not painful unless touched with some pressure).

What To Watch For: At the bottom of this post you’ll find some information about determining if and when medical attention is needed as well as blister care and signs of infection (yes, this can happen).

Master List of Remedies

Vinegar: Can use white household vinegar or apple cider vinegar

  • Spritz vinegar all over or soak small towels in vinegar
  • Bathe in a cool bath with 2 – 3 cups of vinegar
  • Rose Petal Vinegar (skip the cloves in the recipe when using for this)
  • Lavender Vinegar

Tea: The tannic acid from tea is soothing for burns

  • Steep a large pot of very strong tea using 4 – 6 tea bags. Refrigerate until it’s cold then soak small towels in the tea and apply gently to skin. Can also spray the cold tea directly on body. The tea could stain the towels, you may not want to use your best.
  • Save used tea bags and apply (make sure to have bags at room temperature first).
  • Bathe in a cool bath with several tea bags in the water.


  • Soak small towels in milk then carefully apply the cool compresses to burned area.
  • Soak in a bath with cool water and a gallon of milk.
  • Plain Yogurt.

Aloe Vera:

  • Aloe Vera Gel is very soothing, either purchased or taken fresh from an aloe leaf.
  • Lotions that include Aloe Vera.


  • Fill a bath with cool water and add 2 cups oatmeal. Soak in bath for about 30 minutes.
  • Mix oatmeal with raw egg whites and carefully slather over red and pink areas.

Baking Soda:

  • Fill bath with cool water and add 1 – 2 cups baking soda, dissolve. Soak in tub for 30 minutes.
  • Fill a spray bottle with cool water and dissolve 1/4 cup baking soda. Spritz on skin.

Essential Oils: Caution when using on children. Keep out of eyes and mouth.

  • Fill a spray bottle with cool water and add a few drops of choice, or add 10 to 12 drops essential oils to a bath full of cool water and soak. Lavender Oil or Chamomile Oil.


  • Make a paste of cornstarch and water, apply to skin and allow to dry.
  • Fill a spray bottle with cool water and add some cornstarch, mix to dissolve thoroughly before spritzing body.
  • Fill a bath with cool water and add 1 cup cornstarch, dissolve. Soak in tub for 30 minutes.
  • Soak in tub or shower with cool water. Pat dry. Lightly dust all over skin with cornstarch.
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch + 1/2 cup baking soda added to bath of cool water, dissolve. Soak for 30 minutes.


  • Slices can be added directly to body or mashed first.
  • Grate cucumbers and mix with milk then apply.


  • Grate potatoes and apply–include as much of the potato juice as possible.

Egg Whites:

  • Raw egg whites.
  • Mix 2 egg whites, 1 TBS honey, 1 TBS witch hazel.

Witch Hazel:

  • Spritz directly on skin.


  • Smooth honey over burned area or slather honey on a strip of gauze first.
  • Mix honey with lime or lemon juice (80/20).
  • Mix honey 50/50 with milk, stir well.


  • 1/4 cup tomato juice or tomato paste mixed with 1 1/2 cups buttermilk.
  • Sliced or mashed tomatoes.
  • Mash tomatoes and mix with an equal amount of buttermilk.
  • Add 2 cups tomato juice to bath of cool water, soak.

More Pantry Fixins:

  • Smear mustard over damaged skin (cool or room temperature is best).
  • Soak cloth in pickle juice or spritz pickle juice directly on burn.
  • Pureed strawberries.

For Comfort/Ease Pain

Water & Ice:

  • Spritz chilled water.
  • Soak in a cool bath or take a cool shower.
  • Wrap ice packs, ice cubes or bags of frozen vegetables in a towel and then apply.
  • Drink lots of water to keep hydrated and help the healing process.
  • Mix 1/4 cup lemon or lime juice in a spray bottle filled with cool water. Shake and spritz body as needed.


  • Cocoa Butter
  • Shaving Cream
  • Vitamin E Cream or Oil (open capsules & apply oil)
  • Diaper Rash Ointment

More Bath Soaks:

  • 2 cups oatmeal, 2 cups milk, 1/4 cup honey
  • Epsom salt bath
  • 1 cup Epsom salts, 1 cup Baking soda

Cooling Spray Infusions – Sunburn Teas

Lettuce: Quarter the head of lettuce and boil (moderate) in a pot of water for 10 minutes. Turn off heat, cover pot and allow to steep. Strain water and chill. Spritz lettuce water directly on area. Can also chill cooked leaves and apply directly.

Cabbage: Same procedure as Lettuce.

Mint: Handful of fresh mint and proceed as above.

Plantain: Handful of fresh mint and proceed as above.

Strawberry Leaves: Save strawberry leaves and trimmings until you have a generous handful. Boil in 2 cups of water and proceed as above.

Commercial Products

  • Noxema
  • Maalox (Milk of Magnesia)
  • Gold Bond Medicated Lotion
  • Lanacane Anti-Bacterial First Aid Spray Anesthetic
  • Pepto-Bismol
  • Preparation H
  • Calamine Lotion

Medical Issues

Blisters: If blisters are present, don’t open or burst them. This will help avoid infection as well as speed the healing process, a blister is the body’s way of protecting and healing the damaged skin. Keep the blisters uncovered if possible.

The vinegar & honey remedies as well as antibacterial products are preferable when blisters are involved since they are antibacterial, helps prevent infection.

Some Signs of Infection: Swelling, painful, fever, swollen glands

For Pain: Aspirin or ibuprofen or acetaminophen as directed.

When To See A Doctor:

  • Sunburn is severe
  • Purple patches, discolored blotches, or a rash appears
  • Eyelids are burned or sore eyes
  • Nauseous or vomiting
  • Fever
  • Faint or dizzy
  • Excessive pain
  • Chills
  • Large amount of blisters
  • Headaches
  • Swelling

During this time of healing, keep yourself well hydrated by drinking lots of water and don’t be shy about taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help dull the pain if required (only as directed on the box). This will be a welcome relief if the pain is preventing you from sleep or resting well.

Keep yourself rested and cool and if you must be out in the sun, keep skin covered with light, loose clothing until you are fully healed (cotton garments and scarves are ideal since they are lightweight and the natural fibers allow your body to breathe without trapping in sweat and heat). Avoid rough fibers/weaves that will irritate the skin.

These are simply suggestions and a collection of home remedies and treatments I’ve organized from my notes and not professional medical advice. Please seek a doctor’s opinion when unsure or to confirm appropriate care.

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What Readers Are Saying: 301 Comments
  1. Teresa Jarman says:

    Just an added note to the tea thing for sunburn. When I and my sisters were little many many years ago, we were all severely sunburned the community pool (before sun screen was invented). My dad used all of his white t-shirts and soaked them in ice tea and laid them on our little burnt backs and shoulders…how soothing that was!!!!

    • Brenna says:

      Advil PM helps if you want to get some sleep and need pain relief.

    • Izzy says:

      No matter what you do.. Do NOT put foundation on your burn ! I did because I looked like a lobster and I didn’t want my bf to laugh at me. It just makes it redder and more painful ! It makes the burn hurt more too. I have very fair skin so I always burn. I use aloe and take cool baths. Sometimes hot baths work too !

    • amber says:

      It really worked ???..I got a burn now n it hurts so much I cant move

      • angel says:

        I would try honey. Just plain honey, softly rub that on your skin, then wait about fifteen minutes then take a luke warm shower. It really releives the pain. I tried that and it worked tremendously!! And you might want to cut up a raw potatoe to lightly rub afterwards.

    • Heidi says:

      My 15 yr old son is in agony. He is 5 days into a bad sunburn on his back that gave him blisters on his shoulders. He has been suffering, but now the pain is worsening as it is peeling. My husband made some iced tea-plain, & put a thick towel in it & laid it on my son’s back. The first application was on too thin a towel, & it dried out. He was hurting so bad that he hurt to breathe. He is now on the 4th rewetting of the towel & is feeling so much better. At bedtime, will put some 1% hydrocortisone cream on it for the night. Tea really does help.

      • JennJennPA says:

        if you have blisters and extreme pain touched with fatigue you need to give water and gatorade and see a doc blisters are a sign of SECOND DEGREE BURNS and POSSIBLE SUN POISONING. do not let them go back into the sun for 1-2 weeks and find an after gel that contains aloe, vitamin e, and LIDOCAINE, aloe is soothing but lidocaine is a pain reliever. and will help most. if you get burned and literally wanna curl up in bed and not move and sleep and not have an appetite and are having bad chills you need to see a doc asap.

        • Jenna says:

          GET THAT CHILD TO THE ER NOW! Please!
          ~from a retired registered nurse

        • Shelly says:

          I am feeling this pain with you right now. My 13 y/o, even though he was told about his sunscreen several time-“forgot” to use it. He spent the weekend with a friend in their salt water pool and he came home burnt. Each day it seems to get worse and now, 4 days in he can’t straighten out his arms, he has blisters on his shoulders, and he screamed as I literally forced him to be still while I applied Noxema. We have also done Lanacain and oral pain meds. Tonight, he couldn’t lay down-his entire back, shoulders, and the top part of his chest are SO red. I had to wake my husband up and we had to work as a team to get him in a position where he could just fall forward onto the pillows and get laid down. He is resting now-I have stayed awake just staring at him the last hour. I’m heart-broken because I NEVER realized a sunburn could get SO severe. I had to go into the bathroom and get my tears out after he went to sleep. I feel like such a horrific mother-in the past 2 months he has gotten poison ivy-TWICE, once in his eyes and now this sunburn. He said he can’t understand why he is the one that always gets hurt. *sigh* I feel the same. For one thing-he is blonde hair, blue eyes, and VERY pale-that’s his primary downfall.Well, will probably try a doc tomorrow, the weekend is tough and I’m not sure what they can do if I’m doing almost everything that’s been recommended. Also, not trying to undermine his pain AT ALL, but he is very spoiled and he tends to be a little dramatic so I hope and pray all this severe screaming isn’t the true level of his pain. i feel like a terrible parent. Welcome to summer, guys and gals!

          • Lisa says:

            Shelly-you could be describing my son. I was up half the night with him and he slept sitting up, leaned forward on the couch what little he did sleep. He said the exact same thing about being the one always ‘hurt’. I we used vinegar on brown paper bags 4 times last night to get him some relief to sleep. It really seemed to help at least for a little while.

      • Linda says:

        I am a R.N. I hope you have taken your son to see a Dr. don’t hesitate.

    • Kat says:

      My son took his shirt off during a sail boat race and did not put on sunscreen and burnt his shoulders and arms. The ibeprophan, vinager and strong tea applied directly to the sunburn took away the pain. We have a fan blowing on him as he falls a sleep.

      • Cbaby says:

        Yesterday I was out in the sun trying to get a base tan so I wouldn’t burn as easily when I went camping that weekend, My plan back fired and I was lobster red! First i took some vitamin e and d and drank as much water as i could then I had a cold bath for 40min with 8 tea bags in the water and used a soaked cloth to rest on places that were not submerged. (it was pretty cold, i was shivering) After I got out and air dried, applied some aloe Vera pretty thick, then used my blender to mix up cucumber, a little water and a little aloe, mixed it very very well, put it in a spray bottle and sprayed it on me. I sprayed it all over most of my burnt areas and re-applied when it dried. (i did that for about an hour)and layed in front of a fan with the worst burns facing it… I woke up this morning and the areas I used the spray on are almost a tan! You can still see a good amount of redness in some areas that were harder to spray or that I was laying on while I slept. Worked great for me, hopes this helps

    • Paul says:

      I was out motorcycle riding today in a short sleeve shirt and burned my arms pretty bad. I put some skin creme before I went to bed. It didn’t help the pain much but I figured if I could get to sleep it would probably feel better in the morning. Well, I woke up about 2am in alot of pain and my arms were so red they were almost purple.
      As I sat here trying to find some relief, I remembered an email that I had recieved last year sometime. It recommended using egg whites on the burn so here is what I tried: crack one egg or more if needed into a small bowl and remove the yolk. I then used a small paint brush an painted my arms with the egg whites. Since I had gotten the eggs out of the refer it cooled it off right away. It felt soooo good.
      As I sit here writing this post the egg has completley dried and the pain has gone away.
      If I remmember correctly, It has something to do with the natural enzymes in the egg but whatever it is it really works.
      Good luck.

      • angel says:

        Im wondering why my little sisters eyes are a little puffy. We tried a bunch of things.

      • kinks says:

        i would just like to advise anyone out on motorcycles, safety gear does not allow sunburn to happen as its coverage to protect yourself from injury nicely stops sunburn too as im sure sliding down a road removing your skin hurts twice as much as sunburn and cant be cured by egg white

  2. Jessica says:


    • Amanda says:

      What kind of tea packs do you use?

    • Brandie says:

      aloe vera will not help if you don’t first draw the heat out of a burn. Aloe will trap in the heat and the burn will heal slowly.

      • suni says:

        how do you get the heat out?

        • kevin says:

          in order to get the burn out you can try and soak in a hot bath for 15-20 min as hot as you can stand it will open your pours and release the heat vapor then use the aloe vera to heal

          • Laura says:

            Never use heat to untrap heat! That’s the worst thing you can do!!!!!!! Using solarcaine or tea to cool down is way better. Best reccomendation is to use burn cream or gel to remove heat

          • sherrie says:

            my father was in the ambulance service, when i was a child i got badly sunburnt, he put hot towels on my sunburn then rub unvita (wrong spelling)- it is a fish oil cream and it stinks, but it worked well and i have never been burnt as bad since,i now go brown, if i am silly enough to get caught out in the sun without protection.

          • Bree Gillespie says:

            I got severely burned outside in the sun, and am very fair skinned to start. i TOOK A SUPER HOT shower trying to fight fire with fire and ended up at the ER with 2nd degree burns and blistering! The dr said that was the dumbest thing i could have done! DO NOT DO THIS EVER!!!! If it’ that bad go to the ER to start with

        • Michelle says:

          I burn every summer I know it’s bad, I am VERY fair skinned. the best relief of the pain and burn is to take a bath with Luke warm water and 2 cups of baking soda! Then air dry ur body no towel, you dint want to wipe the baking soda off it soothes the skin and takes the burn out!

      • Jess says:

        I’m from Australia! Born & raised on Queenslands Sunshine Coast :-). So because we spend our lives on the beach & surfing almost everyday we have a few sunburn remedies we use when we forget the sunscreen!.. Firstly you need to stop the burning, usually for us that means cold showers as soon as you realise you’re burnt! If you don’t stop the heat straight away you will continue to burn! Then the after sun spray, usually with green tea & aloe vera, just keep applying it as soon as its dried add another layer. Have a hot shower before bed it will hurt like a mother to begin with but once the burn start to stop hurting begin turning the cold water up until you have it at cold! The heat will open the pores and the cold will soothe the burns, once out the shower air dry (sit on ya bed naked for 20mins with a fan or air con on) once dry start with the after sun spray again, continue the spray until you go to sleep, when you wake up the sunburns will either have turned to a tan or it will almost be gone. Never takes longer than 2days for the sunburn to be gone! 😀

    • Hanna says:

      I know i need to wear it more! My mom got very mad at me when i did not wear it when i went tanning with my friends!!!! tea is so soothing!!! I RECOMMEND

      • Sandstorm says:

        I went swimming at a big party from like 9 AM to like 2 pM and i got sunburned really red but no blisters and its so red and it hurts bad too and i cant move the top halef of my body perfectly, etc. and i need a very effective way to get rid of it-FAST. pls anything i will try!

  3. Mary says:

    My 16 yr old is very fair complected. Yet insists being tan is healthy. I explained to her that her skin is prone to burns. Yet, today she can’t get out of bed as a result of no sunblock worn at an amusement park in the hot sun of Kansas. I used the aloe, tea bags and it is helping. I wish the media would promote fair skin as beautiful, and not skin cancer! My sister worshipped the sun as a teen and as a adult. She is now 55 and looks like a prune. A pretty prune, but alas, still a prune.

    • vicky says:

      All of the remedies work to an extent but I have worn sun block and reapplied hourly to be sure to not burn, yet i still do! I’ve been biopsies several times now for skin cancer! the itch that goes with the most recent sunburn is the killer for me! I have applied lotion and aloe and it’s not stopping the itch…..

      • Lacey says:

        I feel your pain on nothing helps. This is not the first time that I have gotten a severe sunburn. When I was younger, butter was the only thing that helped. Now with this one, nothing did. I tried: sunburn regenerating lotion (helped for 15 mins), then went to aloe vera, to smashed Cheerio’s in lukewarm bath (helped for 10 mins) to shaving cream, burn cream, instant spray on pain releif, cold milk on wash cloth, poison cream. Finally when my hubby was ready to take me to ER, at this point I had been shaking for 2 hours from pain, he poured warm water on my back to clean me up. Instant helper! I ended up taking a very warm shower & some benadryl. Now I am fine! (This was half hour ago) That sucked!

        • Constance says:

          When itching is involved with a sunburn my mom always used an old family remedy meat tenderizer. I know it sounds funny but mix it with some water and apply to your skin and the itch will go away. It works for rashes as well.

          • April Marie says:

            I am very fair complected as well. I don’t care if I apply sunscreen every half hour, I still burn… I usually do the aloe with mint and take tylenol and lots of luke warm baths.. the baths seem to the best for me. Granted I shake like crazy afterwards but it is well worth the pain going away for a little bit..

          • Cheryl says:

            Meat tenderizer contains papaya enzyme that also works for jellyfish stings.

      • Nicole says:

        i also use sunblock and since i am so fair skinned i always get sunburn.. i cant even go out side for more than 2 hours without gettin sunburned…so for the itch i use cortizone 10 and after that i use baby oil with vitemin E and aloe!! it works wonders!! try it

      • Brittany says:

        The best thing I’ve found is to use a cold wet washcloth (wrung out) and lay it on the affected areas. If you leave it on for long enough, your sunburn will stop hurting. It will literally draw the heat out of the burn. I use it all the time.

        • ashley says:

          i am in the middle of being sunburnt from a beach day with my dad. By time the sun block got passed from my kids to our friends kids then to me it was empty. So i suffered the consequences of not having back up. At the beggining the pain was unberrible and come to fine out, from the purpule blotches all over my back i had sun poisoning. I put aloe vera on in the beggining although the pain of it rubbin on my back made me cry i kne something had to be done and didnt know and remedies. So now im blisstering up pretty badly. Here it is thursday and a wedding to be in saturday; boy what cute maid of honor i will be lol. However i keep a spray bottle full of cool water and spray it on me to keep moist and its so relaxing. The pain goes away with the water on me almost every 5 seconds lol. And i stay near a fan bc the air also feels great. I learnt (after i got the blisters) that you do not want to sweat because the sweat causes blisters and it has no where to escape. So try to not sweat. Hopefully there will b no next time but if there ever is i will no to stay indoors and to try keeping the sweating down.

      • angel says:

        Honey and a luke warm shower or bath.

    • Shelby says:

      I agree with you. I am the same way. the only way i tan is to go buy a spray tan of sorts but I love my pale skin. Granted i don’t have the blond hair and blue eyes associated with it, I have dark hair and brown eyes and pale as can be. I pink in 15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure. I’m almost twenty and have to be careful with the sun and my pale skin. They really should advertise fair skin being just as beautiful as a tan.

      • kelly says:

        I am a redhead with a very fair complexion and sunscreen does nothing for me I still burn unfortunately I even burn through regular clothing and tinted windows but I have found that sports and outdoor stores have clothing with spf already in them that combined with sun screen helps greatly. I would love for the media to portray fair skin as beautiful. I have a little girl that can tan and I still make her wear sun screen please don’t think just because you can TAN means you won’t develop skin cancer. Also florida isn’t kind to fair skinned people. I use to do a lukewarm bath with tea then air dry and split an aloe leaf and put it on. Now I take a shower as I can stand it use tea compresses and then use aloe with lidocaine (not sure if I spelt that right) there is a great gel called ocean potion it’s made by banana boat and is more comfortable than the green one also store in fridge for more relief

  4. Mary says:

    Tea bags work. As does the aleo and baking soda spray bottle. What a freat site with great money saving ideas. thanks

  5. Jason says:

    I went out to the lake this weekend, and with all my medication I take, the sun affects me just a little more then others. I put on sunscreen, but it must of wore off within the hours I was out there. Now, my back is covered in Blisters that are extreamly painful. I tried the aloe, and nothing seems to work, so I tried a few of the remeedys here, including the oatmeal bath, and the tea bag bath. It works great. I feel so much better.

    • Victoria says:

      You need to reapply sun block at least every 1 hour to 1 & 1/2 hour. Also may need a stronger block, 15 spf does nothing compared to 75 spf.

    • Ashley says:

      I’ve actually been told that I’m allergic to the sun…so I feel ya on how the sun affects you differently! At Walmart or Wallgreens, they have the Neutrogena (if that’s spelled SPF 100 and SPF 110! They at the only two places that I have found that has SPF that high. I just got back from a week at the beach and I didn’t burn as badly as I usually do, but I did still have to reapply. Unfortunately, I still have blisters, but not nearly as bad as previous occurrences. It is a little more expensive than other SPF lotions, but worth the big spending!

      • Becky Ampuero says:

        I am allergic to the sun too but it isn’t as bad as when I was younger. I got sun poisoning once. I cannot stand anything very cold on a sunburn and I believe if you are getting cold enough to shiver you will cause “goose bumps” which is the skin’s way of CONSERVING HEAT – not the answer to a sunburn. I have been trying vinegar and water – I bought some aloe with lidocain and I swear it made it hurt more! I am just red, no blisters, so I am hydrating and lying in front of a fan and every so often I apply water/vinegar by dipping a washcloth in it and wringing it out, then laying it gently on the burns, the repeat on another area – it seems to be helping some. I just bought some Noxema, so I will be trying that. SO STUPID to go to the beach – 75 spf might as well have been water. 🙁

  6. Mia says:

    This tip sound crazy, but it really works! I’m very fair, so if I burn, I hurt and then peel (but never tan). That is, until someone told me to do this…

    Take a hot shower. Start with the water cool (if you can’t handle jumping straight into the hot water) and slowly bring the temperature up until it’s at least as hot as you would have it on unburnt skin.

    It hurts like $%^& when you do it, but the burn heals fast, without peeling. Not only does this stop it hurting, but it makes the skin tan.

    But the best treatment of course, is prevention…45+spf at all times.

    • Melanie says:

      My dad also told me about taking a hot shower and your right it does hurt but only once then no more pain and itching

      • lawrence says:

        I tried this……didn’t work for me…also tried the tea and also didnt make much difference.

        • jay kay says:

          My aunt told me about this trick and i tried it recently, but unfortunately didn’t work for me either. the sunburn still hurt after the shower and now i am going crazy with the itching.

          • Tina says:

            The Shower will only work if you stay in it til the sting is totally gone. They weren’t kidding when they said it hurts like @#!! it does but it works better than anything I have ever tried…depending on the burn you maybe in the shower for up to 45 minutes ….Start at cool and work your way as hot as you can stand it….then step away from water in shower and then back in til sting is all gone long process but benefits are soooo relieving!!!

          • Nurse72 says:

            Try cortizone cream to the itchy skin and take 2 benadryl and 4 ibuprofen. Have someone apply cortizone and keep rubbing, may take about 10-15 min to get relief but it helped my son.

        • Jennifer says:

          @ Lawerence,,
          You have to stand in the HOT as you can possibly stand. for this to really work and What I do is.. I stand in the shower until the sting is out of the sun burn on one shoulder and then I put the hot water to the other shoulder. and I repeat this for about 20 mins. When I am ready to get out of the shower then I feel 75 percent better and I can do things with out it hurting so bad. The sun burn will last about 4 days of you do this everyday. It really does work..

      • katie says:

        a few years back i got an awful burn from no sunscreen and swimming for 5 hours on a day where the temperature was in the 100’s and the hot shower worked wonders. i was so tan and pain free. but this year i was out for maybe 2 hours and the burn isnt nearly as bad but the hot shower didn’t work and its ITCHING like crazy. the aloe isn’t helping and baths hot or cold are just making it worse! and i cant sleep because it hurts to much to lay down. i think i’m dying!

        • Heidi says:

          I am with you there! I just got out of the shower, and it hurt like !@#$. Didn’t help and here it is almost 3 a.m and I can’t sleep for the pain is to bad! Does the vinegar really work?

          • Cheyenne says:

            The vinegar only works if you use it on the same day you recieved the burn. It works wonders, but again only during the day you recieved the burn. I have an extremely terrible sunburn and it hurts like $#!+. Unfortunately, I found that the burns on my chest are third degree, and will possibly leave scars.. Yet the best remedy so far is a frozen gel pack. It immediatley relieves the pain (thank goodness) and removes the heat from the burn, letting the burn heal. It works on the most terrible sunburns, so I’m guessing it should work on mild ones as well.

          • makenzi Ries says:

            So i got really burned this weekend cause i was boating with family and, stayed outside for 6 hours and, now i am red ike a cherry and, have blisters and, they hurt so bad so i called ASK-A-NURSE and, i did and, she said Vinegar is the worst thing you can use cause it cause blisters to pop and, get infected and, hurt and, NOXZEMA if you ever heard of that is another bad thin g cause it traps in the heat and, she suggested. USE COLD!!! Alo and, put a cold towel or shirt that is wet and, cold over the burned and, blistered spot and, if your blisters do pop then youj would want put anti-bacterial on it and, clip off the dead skin But, DONT USE VINEGAR..

        • Jennifer says:

          i so understand. about 4 years ago i was out for 6 hours at the beach with nothing on, it was cloudy, and we didn’t think about it. the hot shower was amazing. Now i’m sunburned not as bad, and i’m in so much pain, the shower isn’t working this time. So i’m here looking for other stuff to try.

          • makenzi Ries says:

            USE COLD!!! Alo and, put a cold towel or shirt that is wet and, cold over the burned and, blistered spot and, if your blisters do pop then youj would want put anti-bacterial on it and, clip off the dead skin But, DONT USE VINEGAR..

          • Jeff says:

            I was out working yesterday and got burnt bad I ussualy get burnt but not as bad as I did this time I’ve got bubbles on my shoulders and hurts like a b”@&$ I went and got some mint tea and took a 15 min bath with 6 tea bags and hot water it helps a lot !!!!!!!!!

    • Shayna says:

      I got a full body sunburn from being at the ocean all day. That night I went into a hot tub, and it hurt so bad! but once I was in and the jets were on, I was seriously pain free. I was able to sleep very well that night.

      • Lil says:

        I swear by the hot tub thing It draws the heat out and you dont peel. also the tea bags soak them and then rub them all over your sunburn.

    • Tim says:

      Thank you for posting the hot shower comment for sunburn, I thought I was the only one who did this. It isn’t very pleasant at first but it’s better than sunburn, and I get used to the heat and can turn the water up hotter than I normally use it when showering. Everybody thinks I’m crazy when I tell them to do this. What I think happens it the hot water forces some moisture into the affected skin by making the pores open. Cold water makes the pores close (goosebumps)also tightening the affected area. I think the secret is just getting moisture into the burned skin.

    • angel says:

      Is this supposed to help burns heal faster or is it to help prevent?

      • Amy says:

        it helps take the sting out after you have already burned. may not help it heal faster, but makes it a bit more comfortable. for some people that is…

        • Kieth says:

          I burned myself after being out in the sun. I am taking medication that increases my sensitivity to light. Tried the hot shower method and you were right it stung to put it lightly. It worked for a little while but the itch came back. any suggestions? Maybe my water wasnt hot enough?

    • Michelle Conti says:

      I do this every single time that I am stupid and don’t put enough sunscreen on. I seems to draw the heat to the surface of your skin and it relieves the pain. It always seems to help me out!

    • Jessie says:

      I used to be a tanning junkie, but never burnt. Well I just had a baby boy a month ago and thought it would be safe to start tanning a little; I was very wrong, I now know how painful a burn can be and was very lost on what to do to help the pain. I found your hot shower tip to be a god send!!! I can move with ease now thank you!!!!

      • Michelle says:

        I have always tanned without burning…I have recently started going to a tanning bed(after 5 years of no tanning…) and am in so much pain… gonna give the hot bath a try…

    • Amy says:

      in my experience, this has worked very well when i am only slightly burned. right now, i am suffering a pretty severe burn (no blisters but close). tortured myself through this, and well, it didn’t work. but as i said, when i am only slightly red, this works great. burns like fire but after that, the sting is gone and i am able to function normally.

    • Jessi says:

      is this supposed to be affective right away? cause my skin is way more tighter than before my hot shower and i am in much more pain than before

    • W.W., RN, EMT-B, FF1 says:

      The reason why this works is that your body produces “histamine” in response to the burn(or many other insults to your skin/body). The histamine is what causes it to itch. When you keep under the hot water(usually as hot as you can stand without burning yourself) then the body releases the histamine and it is sweat out of the body. It takes your body 6-8 hours to make new histamine, therefore, you have hours of itch relief. The trick is staying in the hot water long enough to do this! If you don’t it can often make it worse. By far, the best cure is prevention! Stay safe!

    • Nicole says:

      i also am VERY fair skinned and only tan in tannin beds but this one did work for me but only if u always apply baby oil after the hot shower to keep the moisture in!

    • Lexie says:

      I laid out by the beach for 5 hours with no sunblock, stupid i know, and got a bright pink burn all over my stomach and back. this was two days ago.This morning i woke up and it felt like the heat was gone but it still hurt really bad anytime i moved.

      I tried the hot shower and got the water temp up as high as it would go for 40 minutes, now my skin feels tight and even itchier then before and its radiating heat again.
      Oh wells i hope it works for some of you but it didn’t work for me

    • Jenn says:

      THANK YOU! I don’t know how many different things I tried (that didn’t work) before I stumbled on your tip on the internet. It definitely hurt as much as you said that it would, but it was 100% worth it! I can still feel the warmth/tingling of the sunburn, but I can move without crying and there is virtually NO pain. I wish I had tried this first! Thank you again! I really cannot thank you enough!

    • Faith says:

      Do not do this!!! Ever ever ever!! Yes it’s true that a hot shower will take the pain away, but this is because it is literally killing your nerve endings! This is so bad for you! It’s like boiling something that has already been baked! Never take hot showers after a bad burn! I almost made that mistake, but a friends who is a nurse warned me.. Tea bath works wonders!! Takes the pain, and the redness away!

    • Kim says:

      Do not ever do this no matter if you want to be tanned or not you are just cooking the skin even more and increasing the pain to about triple of what you would normally get!!

  7. Roxy says:

    A doctor told me to use conditioner on sunburn….yes yes the same you use on your hair and believe it or not…it WORKS!!! It soothes the burn and you wont peel but tan – but remember the secret to staying young is sunscreen (some advice from my beautician)

  8. vickie says:


  9. kelsey says:

    so i was at the beach and applying spray sunscreen (that apparently wore off quickly) and we were there for about 3 hours. i re-applyed this about 2 more times. when i got home and took a shower i realized i was REALLY burnt!! so i would recomend using the old fashioned sunscreen!!

    • Tracie says:

      Thank you, went to six flags, kept putting this spray sunscreen with spf 30. I am burned really, really bad. You can smell the rubbing alcohol in it, that is surely what makes you burn. I know they are trying to make a spray but adding too much rubbing alcohol is worse than having no sunscreen at all. They need to pull that stuff from the shelf before someone trusts it too much the first time and gets seriously injured.

      • Polly says:

        I have 3 fair children and have to agree, the spray sunscreen in junk. The oldfashion sunscreen is best. Also avoid direct sun during the burning hours,10a-2p. Of course you can burn at other times, but those are the worse.

        • Michelle says:

          I always use the spray on both myself and my kids, we have never had a problem. as long as you watch when you apply it and make sure that it covers the skin and the wind doesn’t just redirect it, it does work

        • Lori says:

          I have 2 fair skinned children we always put the oldfashioned sunscreen then put spray sunscreen. We have had nearly any problems.

      • Jessica says:

        I’m glad to know it’s not just me. I had the pharmacist help me pick out a sunscreen. Water Babies SPF 50,but I got the spray. All of my kids are fine, I am the one with the bad sunburn. Of course, I am the most fair skinned. I will NEVER by the spray again!!!

        • Riliy says:

          i alwase put on sun screen when i go to the lake or to the pool. i still burn! do you know anything that will help take away the burn

  10. Jordan says:

    peanut butter…

    smooth it on to the worst areas.

    It seems rather gross, but it works, for me atleast

  11. Holly says:

    Use Florida water. Dab on skin or for severe burns poor on area. You can buy Florida water at you pharmacy.

  12. Whitney says:

    Use potatoes. Peel the Skin off then take peels of the inside and lay on the burn. Let it sit for 20 min. then peel off. put a cool towel on for 3 min. then add aloe. don’t use anything with Lidocane in it.

  13. Billie C says:

    I’ve used tea before.. it really works. If you know your going to be out in the sun. take an asprin. It helps reduce how badly you will burn.

  14. Ashley says:


    Mix 3 cups of Dr.Pepper with 1 cup of milk in a cool bath.

  15. Brittney says:

    well im only 12 and i went to the lake with my friend this past weekend and got super sun burnt i have no clue how i got so burnt i mean we were there for 3 hours yea but i applied sun screen twice i dont know what to do to get rid of it asap i want to still be tan but get the lobster look gone the sad thing is i was the one in the group who got the least burnt my friends mom stared turning bright red as soon as we got home i didnt start showing until this morning i need help i think im going to try milk ive heard that works the best and alot of my friends use it so ill see if it works

  16. sheila says:

    I know you will think I’m crazy, but I got burnt really bad on my chest. It was soooo painful. We tried everything, and finally my Mom said hey there is Vagesil in my bag lets try it. It is supposed to stop itching and pain! Guess what it did!Try it!

  17. GlennD says:

    stay out of the sun 🙂

  18. Ashley says:

    i use the aloe and take luke-warm baths and sit in front of a fan. all i have worn is speghatti stap tshirts and tank tops b/c it’s only on my face and shoulders. i got burnt at the river on sunday then on tuesday i got burnt at the pool so i have 2 burns on top of each other.

    i use the spray aloe and shake it up and spray it on my hand then rub it on my burn…don’t rub it in…let it sit there!

    then on my face i use hte aloe plant. especially on my nose and forehead.

    i blistered and then it peeled off now my skin is like scabing over and on my nose it is peeled and…..DONT PUT MAKE-UP ON…b/c you can see every crease and bump from the blisters….

    but just keep aloe on it and take luke-warm baths and sit in front of a fan.

    i also sleep with a fan in front of me and if i get cold i cover up all the way up until my burn and i try not to lay on my side and everything so do waht helps you….


  19. Chris says:

    You should be really careful not to use products that will trap the heat in while the burn is still hot… Oils, in particular, and lotions aren’t going to help. Also, cooling aloe has alcohol in it which dries out the skin and will increase peeling. Believe me.

    I wear sunblock daily but today I spent 6 hours at the pool and apparently my every day sunscreen isn’t waterproof. I look like a Maine lobster — cucumbers and tea baths, though, are amazing.

    • Anthony says:

      Actually Chris lotions will help alot because a large part of keeping the sting out of a sunburn is keeping the affected areas hydrated. A good way to do so is drink a lot of water(at least 4-8 litres a day) and use plenty of lotion that has moisturizing qualities… (baby lotion works well) Although i do not recommend going out in the sun with it on.

    • April says:

      Oils will make it worse for the first week or so. Moisture is important though!! Cool compresses (tea, potatoes, cucumbers, old fashioned wet washcloths/cotton shirts) will cool the skin (important) and make you feel better. When you take them off, though, apply a good oil-free lotion to lock in the moisture. Just mixing a little glycerin (ask the pharmacy where they keep it–tiny brown bottle) and water to make your own will work just fine. To bathe, skip soaps, etc. Use a non-lathering cleanser like Cetaphil liquid or just use a tub full of cool water and baking soda and rub GENTLY! You will get clean enough. Then use the oil free lotion WITHOUT drying off with a towel. Just stand and drip dry while you apply the lotion.

    • Diane says:

      It has been years since I have had a sunburn. I either cover up, stay pout of the sun, or use sunscreen. Well today I wanted to mow the lawn while the dogs were at the groomer…thought it is pretty cool out…not real sunny. Stayed way to long. My arms are burned somewhat. Everyone has their ideas. Chris you are right about any oil based whatever…until the heat is gone from the skin. It would be like heating up a skillet and adding butter…the heat will sort of cook your skin. Now I have big issues with the sun. I will start itching and blister if I scratch any at all. I am alergic to Antihistamines…and the sun. If you are trying to get the heat off your skin keep squirting it with cool water let it evaporate and do it again. It will help the heat leave your body. This is the same thing that sweat does…Which I do very little of. The main thing is to get the heat off so you stop cooking. Then moisturize…the “Cucumber” Zucchini is what I had helped. Oh yeah I also have psoriasis…WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! Well thank you for all the ideas…stay safe all.

  20. Kyle says:

    I have been burned very bad once while snow boarding. I had blisters all over my face and it was very painful, i could hardly move my face! The only thing that healed me fast and soothed my skin at the same time was the juicy center of an aloe plant. The reason being is that they have many of the proteins and minerals that you lose when you burn. The plant helps regenerate your skin when damaged, even though it is not a pleasant scent it will get the job done! Also, hot or warm showers open pores in your skin to help release some of the heat. Have you ever felt hot skin when burt? You should most of the time. Taking a shower as hot as you can stand it helps prevent the next day pain. After the shower when your pores are still open cool air will get trapped in your pores. When all dried up and cooled down put a moisturizer on skin to start the healing process of the burn.

  21. jm says:

    a word to those young people who think tan is good,,, my friend just had three suspect “moles” removed and two were pre-cancerous. burning is NOT cool,,,
    stay protected and live longer,,

  22. Connie says:

    Aloe Feels Great On Burns But Its Cool Feeling Doesnt Last Very Long. I Keep My Aloe In The Fridge… It Makes It 54684 Times Better. Also Tea Feels Great Too. Get A Bowl Of Chilled Tea And Soak A Towel In It. Putting The Towel On The Burn Is Sooo Refreshing… Trust Me I Have Two Small Washcloths On My Shoulders As We Speak.

  23. Ben says:

    I’ve tried the vinigar … doesn’t work any better than cool water. it feel great when wet, but after it dries there is no difference. also just a note for those who have recently moved to the south from the north – cut your normal time exposed in the sun in half and double the number of times you apply sunscreen or you may become a lobster like me.

    • april says:

      i had a bad experience the day before yesturday spent 4 hours at the beach with my boyfriend and we forgot to put on the sunblock that we took with us now we look like lobsters i grew up in ohio and he in georgia and i have never had a burn like this its so painful i can only describe it as my skin feel slike it shrank and i cant move it its hurt to high heaven and i have tried vinegar, tea compresses, and hot showers/baths and none have worked i am extremely fair skinned (red head) and i have no idea what to do next except to try a cool bath with milk and tea bags. Can someone tell me what to do?

      • Lori says:

        I’m a red head too and i dance btw I am 12 and get burnt very easy. Put Solarcaine on it. It really help!(: Hope it helps!!

      • kelly says:

        Find someone that has an actual aloe plant. When I was a little girl my grandparents had one and when I burnt they would sli9ce open the leaf and rub it on. Note it will be slightly sticky and will be smelly but works.

  24. Ben says:

    You should also drink more water than usual to help replenish the water that was lost when you got burned. It will help speed up the healing process, especially if you have blisters. That is what my Dr. told me when I had upper 2nd degree burns a few years ago from being stupid. I didn’t cover my head so my balding spot got really badly burned. she prescribed silver sulfadiazine cream also. that worked wonders, but ruined a few shirts. that is only available by prescription.

    • Melissa says:

      I also had silvadine (sp?) prescribed to me after being in a fire. It works wonders. Wish I had some now. I was on the water for 6 hours, I used SPF 50 and I’m still fried.

  25. Brooke says:

    IT HURTS!!! I applied sunscreen 3 times in 4 hours and I am burned so bad, the only thing that hurts is my shoulders!! Nothing is working

  26. Sharon & Nick says:

    I know it hurts!! When nothing else worked, not even a trip to the emergency room, aloe vera, oatmeal, Tylenol, Motrin and Hydrocortison spray were no help for my 10 yr old son. I found Benadryl (Grape) and Desenex athlet’s foot powder. sprinkel the powder all over the area and within minutes it relieves the painful itch and liquid benodryl to clam the itch and relax, even sleep.

  27. john says:

    i hsve blisters all over my shoulders right now and im going down this list to see what makes it feel better. so far tea bags work somewhat. vinegar is okay. im going to take some advil and drink massive amounts of water in a minute and see if that helps. and that peanut butter idea is getting to me.

    • tara says:

      if you tray the peanut butter let me know. I thought about it but decided it was to messy lol. the cornstarch seem to be helping my legs a little.

  28. Jessica says:

    I’m very fair skinned with dark brown hair. I take antibiotics that make me super sensitive to the sun. I wear spf 55 and re-apply like crazy, and my parents insist on me staying out of the sun, but I’m 16 and its summer!
    I tried the hot shower remedy and it worked really well! I’m also going to try putting milk on towels.

    Also to Mary with the 16 year old,
    I also thought being tan was beautiful but there are celebrities who have gorgeous fair skin. Like Nicole Kidman! Her skin is amazing! And it’s all because her mom made her wear sunscreen! 🙂

  29. yrs says:

    I am 39 and I still think a tan is gorgeous but a little goes a long way. I recently got a tanning bed and you know, 5 minutes is all it takes to get crispy. About 25 years ago my brother and I spent an “open to close” at a new water park and we both burned so bad we had blisters, well apparently 25 years ago, the home remedy for burns was bleach, I don’t think mom had any idea what she was doing, I have scars on the tops of my shoulders (not big ones but you can see them if you look) because of the burns and the rhome remedy that she had. Think twice about home remedies and call your doctor for advice and nothing works as well as NO SUN for burns … no sun equals no burns.
    As for my tanning bed experience, I have slight pinkness and a bit of tinkle on my back from tanning, nothing major but it does say something – 5 minutes is too much!
    Good Luck everyone

  30. Jessica says:

    I had a garage sale yesterday and got the worst sunburn of my LIFE sitting outside. Ive tried soo much to get rid of the pain. I was digging through my cupboards and found some Bactine.
    It hurt so much when I sprayed it on but within a couple minutes, I felt relief from my burn. I reapply every 30 minutes for continuous relief.

  31. Jennifer says:

    My mom says that when I was little my dad sat out all day on my grandma’s porch and got really burnt and that my aunt poured vinegar on the burn and that it hurt really bad. Maybe they don’t make vinegar as strong as they used to but I just put vinegar on my burn from being at the fair all day and once it dries it doesn’t feel any better than before. Tried the aloe vera lotion to, that didn’t really help either. Burn still hurts and it is still warm even though I’ve been out of the sun for about 8 hours.

  32. Jen says:

    I got sunburned Monday, Sept 1 while out fishing with my hubby. My chest, shoulders, arms and upper back got burned pretty good. By the time I got home and got in the house, I was already red. I did use sunscreen and applied it twice, using SPF 30, but being out on the water and having very fair skin, I should of applied it more often. Anyway, it is now 2 days later and I’m more than willing to try anything to help it. I’ve been using an aloe lotion that is 100% aloe. It hadn’t really been helping so I came looking for something else to try. Today I decided to try the cool Epson Salt bath which I guess was not a good idea as I noticed there were large chunks of skin floating in the water. It was just the thin top layer so it might not be too bad. I thought it was just one arm, but now that I’ve dried off and sit here and look closer, I see it’s everywhere. I know my skin wasn’t blistered before I got in, so I don’t know how I managed to do that.

    A friend of mine had suggested trying a mixture of equal parts of Liquid Benadryl and Maalox. I haven’t tried it yet and am still a little hesitant to as I know that would be one sticky combination! Has anyone else heard about that one maybe?

  33. z cherry says:

    use Potatoes thay work good

  34. jo says:

    i decided to take the kids to the pool, they were swimming i was sitting in the sun with a friend with a singlet on i hadnt put sun block on now i am paying the price for that i am red as a lobster and have blisters all over my shoulders and arm can not find anything that will relive the pain and tips

  35. J.F. Kirk says:

    PLEASE stay out of the sun! I am very fair skinned and would always blister and in 2003 had to have a spot removed from my left cheek bone. The report came back for more to be removed and had to go to a specialist that removed more that left a hole and I had to wait for report again. Then 6 days later had to have a plastic surgeon fix the side of my face. He had to cut from below my nose up and around my eye and down the side of face to the bottom of my ear. It was 40+ stitches and I will always be able to see the scar and know the pain. We live on the lake and I have to wear hats, sleeves, use sun screen, stay in shade, etc and no one can believe how WHITE I am living where we do LOL!
    So PLEASE be very careful from someone that knows in Alabama.

  36. Shannyn says:

    Noxzema…A good friend told me about this a couple of years ago. Apply Noxzema liberally to the burned area. Let it dry, it should start to turn clear when it is dry, then wipe it off gently with a wet washcloth. It is so cool and soothing, it feels great. I normally follow that with some Eucerin lotion and some ibuprophen(i.e.advil) Hope this helps.

    I would not use this remedy on burns with blisters present.

    • Jess says:

      FYI ibprofin is motrin not advil

      • Joe says:

        Check your facts before replying….Both are Ibuprofen

        • Michelle Conti says:

          true. any anti-inflammatory will work wonders…and lots and lots and lots of water!

          • jake p says:

            Umm guys any basic pain killer/anti-inflammatory is acidamediphine (spelt wrong I know) motrin, asprin, ibprofin, advil; all basically have the same main active drug. Its extracted from willow tree bark, its called all those different names so pharmacutical Co can sell more kinds of painkillers and make more money…. there’s not much of a difference

  37. Shannyn says:

    Previous posting should have read…***Wipe it off with a COLD wet washcloth.

  38. Van says:

    I got my first sun burn while going to an airshow yesterday. The day was unexpected sunny and I did not reapply enough sunscreem. My nect, arm and feet are red and itchy (good thing I wear hat, my face is saved but still get a red nose), and sometimes it feel like burning; also got really bad headache this morning. I spray Evian on the area to cool it down today while searching for remedies, I will try the cool tea tonight.

  39. David says:

    Vinegar, mustard, aloe.
    Oatmeal bath, tea bags.

    I have tried a lot of stuff in the past two days.
    Keeping clothes off and anything cool on the burn helps the most. Stay inside and keep the house cool. Stay by a fan or an air conditioner vent.
    I just sprayed solarcaine on my neck and it worked pretty well except its not cold like everything else.

  40. LindaB says:

    I got in our pool Sunday to help my pain from a back injury on Saturday. I seemed the pool water was helping. When I got out of the pool and showered, my upper back was a little tender. Now, two days later, my back, shoulders, neck, and chest have become increasingly painful and reddened. I haven’t slept well for 3 nights. I have been taking Motrin for the back pain anyway. I have literally slept with wet towels on my back. I have literally used 1/2 of a large bottle of aloe vera gel in 2 days. I found a burn spray in my first aid kit and have tried that too. Even spaghetti straps hurt and the pain seems to have intensified over the last two days. Now it even hurts to lift my arm a little or to even gently apply aloe to my neck and shoulders. My husband said it looks like I JUST got burned. It feels like I am continuing to burn from inside instead of healing. I had to go out yesterday and just the heat on top of my shirt made me feel like I was on fire. I need relief…and sleep. I can’t sleep in any position without pain. Please help…

    • Rachel says:

      Hey, I am the same way. I got sunburnt on Monday June, 22nd & it hurt so bad. i took a nice warm shower & it helped. I put aloe on it the next day & it felt amazing. Well than that hurt up until Saturday June, 27th & i slept amazing. Than the next day i went fishing with my neighbors & it started hurting again. I came home & my blisters popped & its been a day since that happened & its so painful. Nothing is helping me. So I just stay inside my cool place & drink LOTS of water & put aloe on it. It stings but as they say “the burns means its working”. It hurts to even lift my arms. So, does ANYONE know what to do with the pain?! i mean i cant even wash my hair :[ i hate it.

      • Taylor says:

        im the same as u guys,i went to a water park with my school and i put the spray sunscreen(which i will never use again)my skin feels very tight and if i lift them they start to burn with happened 4 days ago and i have to say home from school because it is so bad,i dont get much sleep at night but when i put aloe on it had some relive but once it dried it just hurt more. i dont know what to do.:(



  42. Christine says:

    Let me first start by saying, We just moved to Florida from the north… Sunscreen doesn’t work the same here as it does back home…
    It is Mothers Day and I insisted that my four children accompany me to a local beach. (My kids hate the sun) My younger two children were soaked in sunscreen three times and still got a mild burn. The older two and I applied it only once in 3 hours, we are baked.
    I found this site and we tried a few things.. The milk helped for about 10 minutes then began to burn more as it dried. Aloe did the same.. Creamy baby oil had my 16 yr old in tears after 5 minutes.
    So far three things have helped a little more.. The cold tea spray is awesome for temporary relief and mustard (the odd choice) really took away most of the pain. For a short time. Also a neighbor told us to have the kids remove most clothing and drape a light weight bed sheet around them and have them sit around the house. (this really helped as well)
    I guess the only true relief will come in 5 to 7 days when the worse part is over. Good Luck

  43. Christine says:

    Okay.. next day and most everything we have tried has failed..
    So I stopped by our local store and grabbed a can of cheap shave cream.. Barbasol sells for bout a dollar..
    OMG! Thank you for this tip.. IT REALLY WORKED!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! My 16 year old is pain free and amazed by this. Not only did it stop the burn for both of us… The redness has lightened dramatically. Awesome advice!

  44. Katie says:

    My ears are burned, so bad. I think I’ll try the cucumber one and strap slices on with a headband.
    Any advice for preventing burning on the scalp? The part in my hair is so red and burning right now, but I don’t want to put sunscreen in my hair…

  45. Brittney says:

    I got sunburnt yesterday and it was all fine until I took a nap. I woke up and my shoulders hurt…i woke up to realize i looked like a lobster. then i woke up this morning and started developing blisters. at about 7 i checked on them and they had trippled in size. so my friend vinegared me up, that drew out the heat a lot…then we put aloe on it…then i was reading these things on another website that suggested to use palmers stretch mark lotion and it works! it makes the itching go away and the pain is going away too….so is the red!

    • pat says:

      That is the one thing which i thought of when my son got badly burned arms while he wss in a friends garden today, i have some in the house and he can use it tomorrow, i hope it works as well for him and others try it too. I use it to stop my skin drying out and it stops the itching when i have a temperature, it is great for easing that prickly heat feeling.

  46. Riley says:

    Sunday my friend and I were at the pool, two different pools actually, for about 7 hours. Didnt use sunsceen, I know, stupid. We stayed home from school today because it hurts and itches soo bad. I almost went insane today it hurt so bad. That cooling aloe stuff doesnt not work for me. Lotion does not work for me. Milk doesnt work for me either. All that really worked was a cool shower. I sat in the shower for about three hours just letting the cool water run over me. And I made it warmer every few minutes. I had soap with those exfoiliating beads in it, that helped. And I used my face cleanser on it. It also has those exfoliating beads in it. I wouldnt reccomend sitting in front of a fan. That made me hurt worse. When you get out the shower, (you dont have to be in as long as I was. I just chose to do that, and I fell asleep.), dont use a towel, just sit and air dry. And my sunburn is horrible. I look like a lobster. And I have purple squiglys all over my shoulders and chest. So does my friend. We thinks its sun poisining. And I have blisters. So if you’re going insane because of itchiness, do what I did.

  47. Cam says:

    I was working on a roof today and I am quite a vampire you could say, and needless to say I fried. I am in constant pain, aloe vera doesn’t relieve anything, and I don’t really know what to do. Anyone have any ideas or tips that may help? Thanks.

  48. Tabbie says:

    Ok, so I went to an air show today and forgot to get sunblock first. Needless to say after 4 hours of exposure to the sun, both me and my 3 old are cherry red. I don’t have the patience to try milk, tea, etc. That and she’s kinda crabby. Which is expected. But here’s what I did just try and so far it’s working…

    I have a jar of Blue Star ointment. I got this a couple years ago for my daughter’s bad diaper rashes. I figured, what the heck, may as well try it. Well, I applied it to myself first. Didn’t want to hurt her with it. It’s been on for about 20 minutes now and in the small spots I’ve applied it, it’s working great! I can still feel a slight warmth coming from it, but I can now move my arms around without the pain.

    Only bad thing is the smell reminds me of IcyHot. But it’s worth it when you’re badly burned. So if you have any of this stuff laying around (usually used for itch relief), I’d suggest giving it a try if nothing else works.

  49. Mike says:

    I am very fair skinned and have red hair. I tan very little even a farmers tan takes awhile. When i was younger, I burned 2 times very severely with large blisters on my back. My mother tried Aloe Vera-did not help, Tea-nothing, Milk-nothing, The only thing that REALLY DID HELP–CALAMINE LOTION. Slather it on thick and put a fan on it to dry, as soon as it is dry the pain will go away. The only bad thing is if you sweat or move too much it will crack the soothing crust and the pain will return. I am now a Paramedic and recommend it to all the parents I speak too, and only because I have used it and it really works.


  50. Toni says:

    I have found that if you sunburn the very best thing is the Mary Kay after sun replenishing gel. I love this stuff! My sons and I are very fair and use sunscreen. The Mary Kay is also the best I’ve found, but if we forget or overexpose, the after sun gel takes the fire right out and we don’t burn and peel. I found a lady going to the Mary Kay website and putting in my zipcode and found somebody local!

    • logan says:

      I second that. I received 2 tubes in care packages in Afghanistan and that stuff is AMAZING! I have yet to find anything close to it plus when I use it, I get tanned instead of peeling.

  51. Leann says:

    the pepto bismol dont work hurts worse and hard to get off…

  52. ruby says:

    I got my second sunburn within 3 days yesterday, i also have a nasty heat rash, what works for me is keeping a damp towel on my back as much as possible. I take it off and let it dry, then when the heat of the burn begins again, I put it back on and let it absorb the heat, then let the damp towel cool off and put it on again. At night I keep it on as much as possible and have the fan on to keep it cool. Its so simple but it works great.

    The other thing that worked for me is milk but only ORGANIC WHOLE MILK or organic buttermilk. I would not want to put regular milk on it as there are too many hormones and antibiotics in it. I wont drink regular milk (especially in the USA) either. If you can find organic, try it, its definitely worth the extra dollar or 2 two that it costs…just apply lightly with a facecloth, let it dry, wipe it off with a wet clean cloth and do it again later on as needed.

    Today, my skin is still slightly itchy but no blisters and no redness just tanned. When it dries out i just put the wet towel on again for a bit. Works wonders!

    • debbie says:

      I had 3rd degree burns from the sun. The emergency room at the hospital told me to use skim milk from the refrigerator. put a small amount in 2 bowls, use a pillow case or cotton dish towel . soak it in the milk them lay on skin. keep doing this until the milk gets warm, then use the cold milk in the other bowl and put the warm milk in refrigerator. I did this every 5 minutes to begin with and continued on though the night. switching the 2 bowls of milk. with in 12 hrs i was pain free, no scars from the 3 inch popped blisters and had a great tan. the emergency room told me use only skim milk as any other milk has fat in it and will burn the skin worse. they told me use no lotions as they have oil in them, and to stay out of the sun and to dress in light clothing light in color when i was able. it was an experience i will never forget……….my biggest blister was 6 inches…..alot of the blisters clustered together………people think if you use sun screen you will not tan, that is false, the sun screen keeps you from burning………..fact. I know it works, you stink like sour milk, but it so soothing to the skin you do not care. remember there is always the shower to get the sour milk off you, but for me the pain was so intent that i did not care if it stunk, i just wanted relief, and that gives relief. maybe you need to put milk on every 2 mintues, who cares, it worked for me. the proof of it being the right choice was that there was no scares from the 3rd degee burns. good luck to all who get a burn.

  53. Nicole says:

    I took the kids to the pool got burned bad.I have dark skin but the first time out this year. I tried the milk bath, then vinger let it air dry. Then put Milk of magnesha. (Malox) take a cotton ball dab it all over let it dry. I am better the next day Whooooooo. Nasty but works

  54. alan says:

    vicks vapor rub works awesome also. some old guy told me about it and it takes the pain away and actually makes it feel good

  55. Brido says:

    Unfortunately at the moment 12.45am, we don’t have any cider vinegar, oatmeal, aloe vera, whole milk and a few other remedies for sunburn mentioned here,(we have no 24hr shops locally) but we have seen numerous posts on a number of sites which mentioned applying Vicks Vapor Rub to the sunburned areas.
    After checking the official site of Vicks with no mention of sunburn anywhere, but with directions for use on muscle and joint pain, we decided to apply some to a little area, after my 12 year old daughter felt some relief, we applied more to the affected areas, arms, neck back etc, and within seconds she has had enormous releif. We were scepticle at first, but since it’s now gone 1am and she has great releif, we really do reccomend it.
    Thanks to whoever discovered this remedy 🙂

  56. syd. says:

    i am soooooooooooooooooooooooo sunburned and it hurts so bad nothing is working i have been reading the comments and i will try them thx

  57. Sheryl says:

    My sun was burned pretty bad, blisters on the shoulders and almost purple. We tried everything nothing worked. I remembered my grandmother, I took cucumbers and ran them throught the juicer, soaked hand towels in the juice and applied it to his skin. The pain stopped!! Then I filled a squirt bottle up and when the skin would squirt it on him every few hours. Hope this works as well for you as it has us.

  58. Michelle says:

    I am very fair skinned. The cucumber stuff works great on me!!

  59. Heather-Lee says:

    I don’t know if this is available in the states or it’s just in Canada but I highly recomment Solarcaine First Aid Spray. For 4 hours I was using Banana Boat After Sun Aloe Spray and it did nothing. I was crying and shivering because I was so badly burnt. Nothing was working. Mom to the rescue…she brought me Solarcaine! Within half an hour I could put a blanket on and stop shivering. I felt 120x better. It’s not expensive, just give it a try! I know it’s not a home remedy but if nothing else is working it’s worth a shot. Goodluck and remember next time to put some sunscreen on! I know I will!

  60. Trish says:

    Try toothpaste for your sun burns. I burned my finger on the stove once as a child and my grandmother put toothpaste on it. It worked immediately!!
    Gently apply a thick layer of the toothpaste (Crest or Colgate regular toothpaste is what I use) onto the burn and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wash off in a cool shower, and pat dry. Reapply as needed. Hope this helps some of you guys!

  61. CAROLYN says:


  62. Kristy says:

    Our family has been using Listerine for years for sunburns. My mother insists that it must be the brown kind but I don’t think it makes a difference. We typically put it in a spray bottle & spray away. It instantly cools & numbs the sensitivity.

    I also burned my hand on an iron when I was in high school & a school nurse told me to put triple antibiotic cream & A&D Ointment on the burn. She had been told to treat a boy with a burn on his foot from being struck by lightening that way. It seemed to help. I should have seen a doctor for the burn since it was at least a 2nd degree & quite large but I didn’t. I had a purple looking scar for years but it seemed to fade after about 5yr or so.

  63. Linda says:

    This past weekend I went to the shore with friends… when i got home I didn’t really notice how burnt i got till a few hrs after being home. I tried aloe and it did not work at all. Went to work the next day and from beiing on my feet all day they got swollen and became purple. A co-worker suggessted Solar caine. It comes in an aerosol can and worked!! I used the solar caine and then aloe vera gel on top and took 2 advil. Pain was gone, took a little but I can finally move around comfortably.

  64. Tiffany says:

    omg i got sunburned at my moms yesterday swimming and i didn’t get any relief from the aloe or the cold shower. I slept with the fan on and managed to get sleep. this morning it is still burning so i did like an above person said and took a really warm shower like the ones i would normally take and globbed on some oatmeal body wash and left it sit for a minute or two then i got out of the shower and put on “Gerbers grins and giggles milk and honey body lotion” it takes away the itching but still leaves you feeling hot.

  65. Charley Fox says:

    I have found that when I am burnt, especially when lying awake at night, rubbing the burnt area gently helps. I just drag my fingertips along the burnt area very lightly and it helps sooth the burn. This is very nice because you can do it instantly when you begin to feel the pain. I usually cannot get to sleep unless I use this method.

  66. connie says:

    Really good advice…I spent a month and a half avoiding the sun. Then, for some reason I decided to lay in a tanning bed for 15 minutes and then hang out in a pool for an afternoon. I am completely miserable. Did I mention, Im red head and very fair skinned. How bright am I! I am going to try some of the remedies I just read. Thanx…

  67. Jaime Larsen says:

    I’m a 17 year old fair-skinned redhead and I know how frustrating it can be when at home remedies don’t work. I do recommend aloe of any sort. Cool washclothes will estract the heat from the burn and offer some relief. I have had major sunburns and ended up going to the doctor. I know it may be embarassing but in the end it is worth it. Trust me! My doctor perscribed my Silvadene, which is a cream that helps with pain, prevents infection (good for if you have a blistered sunburn) and speeds up the healing process. I do recommend it to anyone that is suffering with a severe sunburn.

  68. Byron says:

    i seem to have burnt quite badly at the beach the other day… though i was actually only out for 1/2 an hour. i have blisters, and the whole shizang… i tried showering and… it definately hurt. the itch is making it imposible to sleep… thats the annoying part, to me.

  69. kary says:

    Thanks for all the great info. My bf and I both got sunburned in cancun. I have darker skin so not as bad but my bf is bright red. I’ve tried using the vinegar aloe and the tea on him. None have worked. For me the vinegar worked. My poor bf I still in pain.. Gonna try milk next. I wishi could switch places with him,poor guy.

    • SGT Thomas says:

      I just woke up about 3 hrs ago and took we showers all of them different temps trying to control the itch. I was sun burned moderately over I’d say about 50% of my body chest, back and shoulder seem to weather the worst. the shower didn’t work! My mom a RN at Baptist Memorial at Memphis TN said to take Benadryl PO (capsules basically. They give it to patients who suffer from meds that make them itch and it works for me, also walking helps alot to while you wait for it to kick in because it keeps you busy and kinda. I hope this helps someone.

  70. Parnian says:

    i had a sunburn on my nose today because i had too little sunscreen on it, but i read the cucumber soothing one and tried it, it works pretty well

  71. Vickieee says:

    Im a pretty white girl and the sun affects me pretty bad, yet i never learn. I dont think the suns going to afect me much because i live in canada,i kinda put a stereotype on myself. Anyway im really burnt right now and im waiting for my own remedy to work. What happend last time was i used that baby rash ointment (Zinc oxide) that you can find in any pharmacudical outlet. It works amazingly!!
    I love how you skip the whole peeling step of a sunburn and your burn should be gone within days. Hope this helps! 🙂
    P.S. taking a luke warm bath before during and after applying speeds up the process!

  72. Kristy says:

    For sunburns, we have always used Listerine. An older lady told my mom to do it when we were younger. My mom swears it has to be the brown Listerine but the blue has worked fine with me, you just smell really minty. You can dab it on with a wash cloth or, better yet, put it in a small spray bottle & spray away the pain (just remember that bottle will always smell like Listerine from now on). We rarely burned until we got much older but now it is always brought along on vacations.

    I badly burned my hand when I was in high school & a nurse told us to put triple anti-biotic cream & A&D ointment (diaper rash ointment) on it.

  73. Mitchell says:

    i was at the beach from 10am-2pm which apparently is the times which you get burnt more easily and 1 of my legs burnt and nothing else did! must of been thicker applied everywhere else anyways what i find helps healing and pain is to get a small bowl and fill half with cold water and half with full cream milk get some cotton buds and apply to the burn areas this will cool and the fats in the milk help replenish the skin this works best after a hot shower or a stint in the sauna after the pores have opened up also after applied the milk and water i usually sit under either the fan or air con and let the milk and water dry then apply moisturising cream apply the milk and water twice a day but only add the moisturising cream on the second application and you can have healed sunburn alot quicker! believe me the sun at the gold coast,QLD australia is painful humidity always + 80%

  74. Shelley says:

    Well i am sitting here with ground oatmeal and whole milk that was mixed into a paste on my face, neck and arms… Well it is working a treat, my skin is not itching!

  75. Joy says:

    Fried the back of my legs at the beach yesterday. (Won’t be doing that again!) After reading ALL of these tips and comments, I went with what was easily available to me and ready to use.. the vapor rub (not even Vicks, a generic brand). I am VERY pleased with the results! The pain is nearly gone, I’m able to sit and stand with little discomfort. I plan on sleeping much better tonight! Thanks for all these ideas!

  76. Alex says:

    I went to North Carolina today to drop my mom’s car off to get worked on and my parents or i should say dad dragged us to a swap meet at the Charlotte Racetrack. We were there for 2 hours and i got burnt but not the bad. A person above said vick’s vapor rub. I looked for some and found it and applied it. It works but dont apply is on your face unless you want to hold a washcloth ~a cold one perferable~ to your eyes or every other minute have to wipe your eyes becuase they are watering. I got pretty lucky cuz i wasnt wearing any sunscreen. Mistake i know but i didnt know we would be going.

  77. Sierra says:

    I’m 16 and I went to Santa Barbara for the last three days. Usually I only tan and have never had a burn in my life (I have an olive skin tone) but during that trip I got a really painful burn on my shoulders and on my chest. I didn’t notice how red the burn was until I took off my swimsuit. I’m going to try the hot bath. Thank you for this site!

  78. leslie says:

    my uncle told me about the hot shower when i was younger, and its always worked for me. and after drying off i would coat myself with aloe. and always felt better..

    i got burnt yesterday (4/19/10) and kept putting on baby lotion (johnsons) and it didnt seem to help relieve any pain, but did add some moisture to the burn..but at 2am i had to crawl out of bed and take a shower, i used babysoap on my hands to wash off the lotion, and put on some aloe, waited for that to soak in, and then sprayed on dermoplast (which is the hospital version of solaircaine- which i was given 2 cans before i left the hospital when i had my son!) and went to sleep, woke up a while later and added more aloe, and im still sore. usually im fine by now, so i think maybe the baby lotion was a bad idea for me.
    right now im pondering the tea/vinegar remedies. they sound interesting to me.
    i need to find something to take the heat out the burn so i can get some relief soon, i have a 1yr old who likes to cling when i pick him up and he has dug his nails into my burn several times already. 🙁

    i put some vicks on one shoulder and it didnt seem to make a difference.

    i also see at the top where they recommend epsom salt, word of advice- IT BURNS!,so avoid it if u can. i had a doctor recommend it to me once, and i believed her. it hurt more then the burn itself, and i peeled all over. and was left with my skin all different colors from peeling.

  79. Crystal says:

    i haven’t been to the tanning bed in 4 years. i went the other day like an IDIOT for 20 minutes. i got sun poisoning( hot,freezing,ready to pass out,vomiting)im burnt sooo bad.i tried aloe vera, all my clothes stuck to me making it alot worse. i did the ice cold bath with baking soda, nightmare. i have been pouring vinager all over and putting the towels on me, its not working very well. to the other commit, i’ve had 2 kids, love dermoplast, but the pharmacy said to ONLY use on small spots not to spay on a large area it could be very severe once it soaks in. i guess ill try the hot shower. thanks

  80. Terri says:

    I am a nurse at a nursing home, I went and tanned today and stayed in way too long. But what is helping my burn is a skin barrier that we use on our residents. We use it daily on them to protect their skin from breakdown and to replenish the skin with moisture. It is equivilant to a diaper rash cream. I put it on thick and just smear it on, don’t rub it in. All natural and smells good. I even put it on my eyelids and they feel about 90% better. Plus takes the itch away. No oils or alcohol in it.

  81. michaela says:

    At first i put plan yogurt on the burned areas. Then after it dried i pealed the dry yogurt off! then I applied baby oil. Then i took a bath with cool water! Then I got two teabags and let them soak after the water turns to a yellow brownish color but the teabags and sit for about 15 min. Then drain and dry! for good results! love michaela

  82. Cassie says:

    A home remedy that has been passed down in my family for sunburns is a paste of pet milk and baking soda- the pet milk nourishes ans soothes the skin while the baking soda draws out the heat- leave the paste on until it completely dries. Then just rinse it off, my whole family uses it. A twist I’ve added is to rinse it off in a lukewarm bath that has a gallon of whole milk combined with the water. I follow that up by spraying on an aloe and water mixture so it’s not sticky.

  83. liz says:

    this may sound really weird or it did to me when i heard about it from my grandpa. but he got a free bottle of the new diet Pepsi Max Cease Fire 2 liter and he read on the bottle cool the burn so when he went up to his cabin for the weekend and come back with a sunburn on his arm, he took a wash cloth and got it wet with the pepis and put it on his arms for an hour well the burning feeling went away i had to check it out meself i took some home and when i went to the beach with my girls i got burnt on my shoulders ( they didn’t thank god for sun lotion) i tryed it and by joe it worked sounds wierd but hey who know. (as a medical adviser please do not try this on major burns just lite burns see your dr. for major burns )

  84. Carrie says:

    I used the spray sunscreen 30 and 50 for me and my daughter the other day. Reapplied it 3x but didn’t do good at all. It seems the areas I sprayed the sunscreen on got MORE BURNT than the skin that was untreated! Now I’m in severe pain, it has been 2 days and it’s itching and painful. The warm/hot shower helped more than vinegar and baking soda baths. Now what do I do for the itching? I”M GOING CRAZY!! HELP!!!!!

  85. Robbyn says:

    Sunscreen has an expiration date ….. never try to use past that date. Also make sure you apply a heavy coat and rub in well. You get what you pay for …. cheap isn’t always the way to go.

  86. crystal says:

    Try a duraplast spray for the pain, it has aloe and vitamin e, and it’s antibacterial also. My 3 year old got sunburned on his shoulders with some blisters to boo, need less to say a lot of pain for a little guy. We just used that and aloe vera and with in an hour of using the spray he was feeling a lot better about the pain. I did try the milk , tea bag compression, cocobutter, and nothing had helped until the spray. I hope it works for some of you all trying everything else. I was recommended using it by a pediatric nurse we have in the family. Good luck everyone. We got it at Walgreens in the pharmacy area just ask them to help find it.

  87. El says:

    As an alternative to mint, use toothpaste. Not the cinnamon flavored kind though. When it dries, it’s stubborn to wash off but works like a charm 🙂 Just reapply when the minty feeling wears off. I don’t recommend sleeping with it on O_o
    I burn my hands a lot with hot water and stuff when cooking so only use it on small, first degree burns. I’ve never tried it on sunburns or any area larger than my hands, just those minor cooking ones when the skin didn’t develop any blisters.

    hope this helps!

  88. Luke says:

    Put shaving cream/foam on it

    • emily says:

      ladies (or men) DO NOT TRY SHAVING ANY BURNT AREAS!!!
      ex:legs, face, neck….extremely painful!i have learned the hard way… florida was a very un-fun vaca…. \:o

  89. Kaylynn says:

    What I have found to work for myself as well as other members of my family, take a cool shower, slowly turn up the heat until the water is the same temperature as you would normally take, than place a wet, cool towel on the burned area, after most of the heat is gone, Usualy about an hour to an hour and a half of keeping the cool tool on, apply preparation H, it stops the itching burning and takes the redness away. it alos leaves a decent tan.

  90. Taelor says:

    Okay I went out fishing for Fathers Day (sweet huh),well there was no shade at all! I am burned sooo bad! This is my second day of work that I have missed and I think I am dying! So I get on the internet for some relief. I have now tried baking soda, vinegar, milk, preperation H, triple antibotic ointment,and aloe gel. Nothing worked so my mother-in-law said lets try some ketchup! Works great! Can’t believe it but it worked. Pain free!

  91. Chrystyna Marye says:

    I was outside all day and I am very fair skinned + i am a red head… and I am baddly burnt I also have some blisters… I would like some help figuring out what to do by the way i like just plain ALOE and E…. thank u i love this website

  92. TrayLee says:

    Ijust tryed a warm water and ebson salt bath.It felt good while I was in the water.I don’t have any supples at home so I decied to try what was around my house.After the bath I covered the burn in Yeast Infection medicine. I know that sounds yucky, but it really feels better.

  93. sadie says:

    omg ok i was in the alexandrea parade and my face is like a tomato i can hardly move my face

  94. Ted Robinson says:

    Take a long swim in cool swimming pool (22-26 Oc)

  95. Tina says:

    Just got burned pretty bad today. Didn’t realize I was out in the full sun for two hours with no sunscreen or anything. I took a luke warm shower, some tylenol and had my husband apply cold cider vinegar until the sting was gone. It took about 5 or 6 times, but i feel 1,000 percent better.

  96. joey says:

    I got burned at the beach yesterday and couldn’t get to sleep all night. Sick of the burns i looked on this website, it really helped in releaving it. My first steps were to poor the milk and while I waited I went to take a shower. Most shaving cream has aloe in it so i took some shaving cream and put it on my burns. The best way is to turn your shower really hot. Then you wait until your really hot (your poors will start to open) then turn on really cold water so it will get into your poors. You will start getting goosebumps which will trap water into your poors and will start soothing it.

  97. c. marsha says:

    Got severe burn on my chest, had welts all over. Put witch hazel on paper towels, placed on my chest… INSTANT RELIEF! Had to keep rewetting them, since the heat of my skin was drying them out. By the morning all that was left was the itching. For this I used gold bond with helped alot.

  98. pgp says:

    For those who say always use sun block or stay young don’t bake, great advice but get real! Like it or not sometimes burning happens. I was out on the lake this weekend and got a bad burn the vinegar didn’t work. Aloe does temporarily. I’m going to try the tea thing and aspirin now and continue using aloe. FYI, I didn’t ask to get burned it just happened. Wasn’t doing it to get tanned cause I could care less about that.

  99. Jonny says:

    Who ever started the idea that a long hot shower would help I think started a sick joke. I tried it about 45 min ago and all it did was hurt like hell while I was showering. After about 40 min of burning alive in the show and feeling no change I gave up. Now my skin feels like a piece of bacon. So to the person that said this was a good idea, I owe you.

  100. Brian says:

    went tubing on a river with a friend on Sunday all day- like an idiot, I did not re-apply sunscreen every 30 mins as I should have. I got burned mostly on my chest and stomach -it is now Wednesday night & I did not wear a shirt from Sun night at 8pm until 6pm this evening (3 days at home, in pain, wearing only shorts!) I too look like a lobster! LOL So I tried a distilled white Vinegar-soaked towel yesterday & it definitely helped ease the pain- a distinct difference! It does dry your skin out a little after you’ve done this several times, but keep applying lotion to combat that. I tried some milk and apple cider vinegar in a cool/mild bath, but that only helped a little & only temporarily (i.e. I probably won’t try that again next time). The warm/hot shower idea sounds interesting but scary & painful. Ibuprofen is a must & it has helped (I believe). The Vicks Vapo-rub idea sounds promising as does the Benadryl/antihistamine suggestion. Obviously stay out/away from ANY heat, especially the sun (duh!), stay indoors in the dark A/C like a hermit in a cave (LOL), try the vinegar-soaked towel (vinegar is awesome for some many things, btw), keep lotion on constantly, & I sympathize with all of you suffering this little taste of hell on earth- God bless you & may He heal your body quickly!

    • brantleyp23 says:

      thanks for the vinegar tip…i’m going through the same hell. the vinegar did reduce the pain though. thanks a lot!

  101. tiffany says:

    I got really sunburned on sunday tubing down the river. I started noticing how bad it was on the drive home when i would get the shakes and it was feeling like a fire was right on my legs. Yesterday i tried baby diaper rash which helped with the pain & everything while it was on (a pain to get off) then i tried the hot bath/shower and have had zero pain since & the redness has gone away! I would recommend the hot bath/shower to someone even though it may hurt @ the time but it will be worth it in the end! 🙂 good luck to everyone!

  102. Emma says:

    Wow! The dairy one really works! Wow i like this website my dad is using the dairy remedy and it is working for him! I’m impressed!

  103. SharkMan says:

    I recently came back from new york after being there for 2 years and i went fishing all day and came home with sunburn all over and i had blisters all over my back after reading some of this i tryed the hot bath and yes it hurts a TON but it seems to work u may still have a slight ich that isent to bad but mine … on a scale from 1-10 id give it an 8 so …. i recomend at least the hot bath if u can sit in there for a least 10 mins at a time if not more and be prepared for some pain it really dose hurt the hoter u go but its worth it good luck every one

    • SharkMan says:

      Take that back it worked some what but i still have some ichy feeling and i am starting to see more and more blisters

  104. Kacey says:

    Ahh! I had the worst sunburn just TODAY! I took a cottonball and put on some rubbing alcohol. BOOM! I could actually see it going away!

  105. Kestra says:

    Although this was probably posted quite a while ago … but if you are sunburned and in pain be sure to take an antihistamine. They help with the itching and swelling from the inside. The doc that I worked for for 20 yrs always told his patients that. In lots of cases … the antihistamine puts some to sleep and that helps too!

  106. Sydney says:

    I went to the the beach and used spray sunscreen. Apparently it didn’t cover well because I got a mild sunburn. It didn’t hurt much but I wanted the red to go away. I took a warm shower, applied a lotion with aloe, and took aspirin. Later I put raw aloe on my skin. In about an hour the redness went away. This morning I woke up and had a burning pain everywhere where I was burned. There is no trace of the sunburn, yet it still hurts. I guess I’ll try one of the relieving treatments?

  107. Amy says:

    is it normal (i have dark skin) if there are light kind of really really light pink patches on some parts of your face when you are sunburnt?

  108. chelsea says:

    the best remedy is PROTECTION!!!! this cannot be emphasized enough. always always always wear a hat and sunscreen. aloe Vera works very well on sunburn, but its got to be the good stuff, 100% pure aloe vera gel.for instant relief, even though it is kind of gross, is cool ready made jelly. natural types would probably work the best, but the cheap synthetic stuff works as well. the wet cloth treatment also works and is very soothing. i just made the mistake of sitting outside in the harsh 12pm African sun for half an hour, and my face is PINK! i am very fair skinned, but do tan gradually. i temporarily forgot that i am on treatment that makes me even more sensitive to the sun. clever-not.

  109. hannah says:

    Okay so this weekend me and my friends decided we would try to get tan since it was one of the first warm weekends. we were outside from anout 11am-3pm and we all got sunburns. We completely lost track of time and i got the worst of it. So far i have complateley abused the bottle of aloe vera, tried a hot shower, a cold bath, tea bags,and alot others. ive been wearing tube tops for the rest of the weekend but tomorrow i have school and we have stupid dresscode and i have to wear a shirt with sleeves. i can barely keep myself from screaming if one little thing barely touches my skin, so as you can see i have a problem. Im gonna go try the majority of these remedies. hope they work!

  110. Clayton says:

    Lysol will take pain away unless the burn is veryyyy bad.

  111. manessah says:

    milk in a hot bath works amazing

  112. Devin says:

    Got really bad sunburn on my face and back of neck yesterday, thinly applied aloe vera gel last night and woke up today and my face was swollen with a thin blister layer like my whole face was a blister. About 20 minutes ago I caked aloe gel on my face and in my hair (scalp got burnt as well) and the swelling and blisters are gone, for now.

  113. samantha says:

    i went to the water park on saturday then on monday weent to the beach and i was horribly sun burned with blisters all over my face and back im gonna try the tea bag and hope it helps I CAN BARLY MOVE OUCHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  114. Kim says:

    I was out on my boat all weekend and even used spf30, and still burnt to a crisp! I have been taking hot showers to draw out the heat, and then applying aloe lotion and gel whenever I get a chance to. My biggest concern now is the fact that I am starting to blister… everywhere from my back to my chest and a little on my nose and forehead. What should I do about the blistering, or is there anything I can do?! I hurt so bad and working 13 hour days with people all day, trying to forget about the fact that I have sun poising is not helping this at all!

  115. Tracy says:

    I just tried the Vicks Vapo Rub (but mine is a generic formula) & it is a God-send! I IMMEDIATELY felt the heat drawing out of my burns. I am sunburned down the back of my legs (with the worst behind the knees) plus I have a “farmers tan” on my arms and the tops of my feet are burned, too. I was barely able to walk all day and was despearte for anything to help. There is still an ache behind my knees, but at leat now I can actually bend my legs and walk. THANK YOU!!!

  116. Martyn says:

    Got sunburned today while holding a garage sale. So glad I found this site. The only one of the remedies I had at home was witch hazel and it worked like a charm.
    Thanks for all the great tips. I will stock up on some of the others, better yet, apply sunscreen to the spots I missed today (chest and shoulders) Thanks again for all the great info!

  117. Sally says:

    I got a really bad sunburn two summers ago. My arms, shoulders and chest got hit pretty bad, but the front of my legs were the worst, I actually had second degree burns and could barely walk for a week.
    One of the best things I found was cool baths with lavender and chamomile. Get a lot of these from a health food store and steep them in a stockpot for 30-45 minutes and then add the tea to a cool bath and soak. Burt’s Bees after sun soother is really good too.
    I also learned (after the fact) that it helps to reapply sunscreen after you’re out of the sun. I don’t remember why this is, but I learned it from a fair skinned librarian, so it must be true.

  118. lg46 says:

    never use shaving cream it burns like crazy

  119. Andrea says:

    My sisters and I were out in the sun for 5 hours yesterday with our Aunt, no sunscreen whatsoever (yes I know, totally stupid). We all are sunburned but I got the worst of it, my nose, shoulders, and possibly upper part of my back all have blisters. I tried the luke warm bath and it helped while I was in it, but is almost unbearable afterwards. My mom put some tea tree and lavander oil on the blistered areas, and still nothing. I have yet to find anything,and I’ve been looking since yesterday. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any tips for me, if not then I’m heading to the ER.

  120. Mallory says:

    Today i was out in the sun at the pool from 12am to 7pm and forgot my sunscreen and Im am white as anything. I have had major sunburn before so this one isnt hurting as bad but I used vinger and it didnt help. then i cam across this website and was think if they all work why not mix them so i used room-temp milk with honey and cut open tea bags and left it till it was dry then i got in the shower and have a mint body wash and lighty rubbed it in. after i got out i used pure aloe and am using a fan and im feeling so much better!

  121. Payton says:

    Does anybody know which is the best to do? I don’t wanna try all of them because it’s a waste of time, I just want to stop the hurting/redness. Thank you.

    • PhoebeMM says:

      Redness will leave with refrigerated aloe gel. Pain can be reilived with a long hot shower until you cant feel the sting then rinse off for a good while in cool water to take heat from burn. this also reduces peeling, wich can cause more pain. This always works for me and I have very pale akin (about the color of parchment). I recommend all things banana boat.

  122. Danielle says:

    Put vinegar on a towel and then rub or dab all over your sunburned skin and then apply hydrocortisone cream. It works! Takes the burn away immediately. Also make sure you drink plenty of water.

  123. jason says:

    ok so where i am from we have a hike and bike trail just a few blocks a way and most of it has trees but some areas do not and i got a littl burnt on my shoulders but it was nothing to sevier i could lay down and sleep and it didnt really hurt but the next day without even thinking about it i put another sleevless shirt on and we whent and wer helping our niebors do some stuff out side well it got sunburn ontop of sunburn and a couple of my friends sied it was so bad i should have gone tho the docs and they sied it looked like sun poison witch if you dont know is pretty mutch just saying its really sevier burn so i let it go and i put lots and lots of vinigar on it well that was 2 days ago and i hav not been able to sleep since yesterday i tried to put a shirt on and i got it on then i had to cut it off of myself i could not move my arms like at all and sinc then i have taken a couple showers and it is getting better now this morning i told my gf to look around and get something like and the clear kind but that was before the blisters cam what i need to know is if it is ok to use the clear and when there are blisters in the picture

  124. linda c says:


    • Shay says:

      You can either make really strong tea using 8-10 tea bags and place that in the cool water.
      Or you can drop the tea bags in the water, and mix them a little bit.

      Both options are soothing, although you shouldn’t use the towel to dry. Drip dry is so much better 🙂

  125. Jacob says:

    ok it might sound crazy but puting icy hot on it helps the heat will burn really bad but it still kinda opens your pores then it gets cold and helps the pain

  126. Liz says:

    To whoever posted the CALAMINE LOTION tip: THANK YOU!!!

    I’m a fair-skinned redhead, and I spent four hours on the beach in and out of the Caribbean sun. I was really vigilant about reapplying sunscreen every hour to my face, shoulders, and back — no burns there. I completely forgot to apply any to my legs, at all, because I was either in the shade of the umbrella or in the water. Well, I paid the price and got a bright red, HOT burn. You CAN burn in the shade, thanks to a reflection from water, sand, etc. Always wear your suncreen, even in the shade or on cloudy days!

    I tried regular lotion, refrigerated aloe, and cold cloths on my own before consulting this site. I don’t have access to any other products and thought I was in for a miserable night until I saw the calamine lotion tip. Just so happens I have some with me, because bugs are crazy here. Tried it, and within five minutes the heat was mostly gone, the redness is fading, and my skin is SO soft and smooth.

    I used this brand: Caladryl Clear (Topical Analgesic, Skin Protectant, Lotion) but I would assume that the old-fashioned pink calamine lotion would work as well — this is just less messy! Hope everyone can find some relief!

  127. haha says:

    i just tried honey for the first time. I was severely burnt when I mistook conditioner for sunscreen, and then went out on a pontoon for the whole morning. I was in the sticks, and had no aloe. I used honey for 3 days and it prevented the blisters from rupturing for more than 7 days. It was very soothing and the redness abated with each application. The weirdest part? The honey was absorbed into my skin and wasn’t sticky in the morning. I’ve never had such a good experience, and I’ve had innumerable sun-burns, so I’ve tried a lot of remedies. Alleluia Honey!

  128. loni says:

    I lived in Mexico for six months while attending college a few years ago. While I was down there I ended up with a pretty bad burn as I am fair skinned and was young and slightly stupid and didn’t reapply as much as I should. I was staying with a host family at the time and my latina mama went down to the super market and brought back multiple cans of unsweetened condensed milk. She had me take a shower with three open cans, basically dumping the condensed milk into my hand and smearing it all over the burn. Then rinsing it off. It worked like a charm! Took the burn out and helped in preventing it from getting worse. So my routine, when I get burnt, is to shower with the condensed milk. Then, once out of the shower, apply a HIGH QUALITY scent free lotion all over the burn. Apply lotion as much s possible. Basically, once it is soaked in apply the lotion again. It is tedious but well worth it. If you can follow this the day you get burned it will help immensely the following days. Also, the one time I got super itchy, I took an anti-histamine pill and it worked really well.

    If and when I am dumb enough to get burned again though I plan on taking a hot shower and seeing if it helps! You all are great, thanks for the new advice.

  129. Jewel says:

    I always sunburn, this last time was close to blistering…
    I soak in as warm of water as possible to stave of the chills..and to open pours I had vinegar and baking soda in the water.

    Aloe soothes only for a moment..then it drys then when you feels like someone is tearing your skin….I used this Cocoa Butter Body Gel..very thick..its very the skin stayed moist so moving around wasn’t so painful and ibuprofen…lots of ibuprofen..

    I had 4 days of severe pain and sleeping on my stomach…
    finally was able to put on some clothes on fifth day.

  130. Brenda says:

    Just got back from the beach, and all of us are extremely fair skinned, so we burned. My mother said she’d learned years ago of a bizarre home remedy that most people have in their homes which I have yet to find online: Lysol. Sounded really strange, and my brother-in-law said he was NOT going to spray Lysol onto himself. We’ve been using an aloe-Lidocaine gel, and while that has worked, the burning & stinging was still present. I then decided to give it a try. I had someone spray Lysol onto my lower back and I did my belly, and *voila* almost immediate relief. Now I’m going to have someone spray my shoulders.

    Vinegar also works, as I’ve used it years ago also.

  131. Allen says:

    I have a redhead VERy fair skinned wife and daughter. I make them a concotion that almost always makes the burn and pain go away in one night.

    1. crush about 10 aspirins to a fine powder (goodys works REALLY well too)
    2. strip 5 or 6 good size aloe leaves of the inner pulp
    3. buy a BIG tube of KY jelly (do not put anything that has a petroleum base, oil or cream base as this will make the heat stay in your skin)
    4. Mix it all togather in a bowl and refrigerate until it congeals again. During the mixing the KY will breakdown and become more watery so you need to refrigerate before using.
    5. Liberally apply it to the affected area and then put a shirt or something over it. You can reapply but clean the first application off first.

    My wife burns in less than 15 minutes in the Vegas sun and blisters very badly. Every time she has burned and applied this quickly, no water blisters. You can make it ahead of time and put it in a clean shampoo bottle. Works great….. ugly but works great.
    I hope this helps somebody! 🙂

  132. Aimee says:

    I find that strong black tea in a spray bottle really helps. I also like aloe Vera mist and after sun sprays work so well.

  133. Shay says:

    I was recently on holiday in Fiji and got burnt so badly, it ended up being 3rd degree burns. Because none of the doctors over there had anything for it, the only thing I could do was stay cool baths, and place cool tea washers on my shoulders, which were the most burnt areas.
    The aloe vera plant is absolutely amazing, but not everyone has access to it, so the mist or aloe after sun sprays work just as well 🙂
    I loved the cool tea washers because they provided instant relief, and allowed me to move around more, after moving them.
    All of these comments are wonderful suggestions though!! 🙂

  134. Lina says:

    With the tea bags, is that black tea bags or can I use green tea?

  135. Kat says:

    So, I went to the beach on Wednesday, it is now Saturday. Well, when I went to the beach, I was very adamant about reapplying my lotions and such. Yes, I was trying to tan, like most people do at the beach. I am pretty fair-skinned, with dark hair, and light eyes. Last summer I ended up pretty tan, so I started using a tanning spray. Well, silly me, I thought that I would be okay with using it again for this beach trip, and I did. That was a mistake. I didn’t check my bottle to see if there was any spf in it at all, and to my despair there wasn’t. So, I was out in the sun for a good four hours completely unprotected, if not intensifying the suns rays on my skin. This was at a beach in Florida too, so you know it’s pretty intense. Anyways, I come home to see that my entire body, minus my face and where my bikini laid was entirely lobster red. I was told by my boyfriend to take a hot shower, and I was trying to, but the pain was so severe, I couldn’t keep myself in for more that 20-30 minutes. I was unaware that you were supposed to stay until the sting went away. He also told me to drink plenty of water, which I have been. Anyways, I found this site yesterday (Friday), and I also saw on another site that many people were swearing by the tea treatment. So, I figured I would give it a try. I brewed four tea bags, they were what I had on hand too. So, lipton ice tea works. I let it cool, and then I took the soaked tea bags and I rubbed the tea all over my body. I kept repeating this for at least an hour and a half, then I rinsed off with warm-slightly cool water. I also did this again for another hour that night. My burn definitely stung less as the night continued, and I was actually able to lay down with some kind of comfort! It was a miracle. I just woke up a little while ago, so it’s now Saturday morning, and my burn is almost completely faded away. It’s still faintly pink in areas where I burned the worst, and I do have some slight pain in a few places, but overall I am much better off then I was before. My skin is even beginning to look tanner. The tea treatment really does work wonders. I’m now going to try something else to help completely alleviate my burn and the itching. I’m so happy I found this website.

  136. Sarah says:

    I just went to Disney world in Florida. I have an olive complexion and I never burn. After spending two whole days in the 90 degree Florida sun without sunscreen, my face is covered in blisters. I’m shocked and confused. I honestly want to curl up in a corner and cry. I look horrible. I need something that will get rid of these blisters ASAP!
    I tried using ice to cool my face down and using various lotions. Does anyone have any suggestions for the blisters in particular?

    • Kim says:

      Only time, I am afraid. You can’t fix that skin, it has been steamed free of water and is essentially dead, it must come off and preferably, naturally. I am very fair and have spent a lot of time with a peeling face, I feel your pain.

  137. Ellory says:

    I tried soaking towels in vinegar and then applying it to the burn. While the vinegar smell makes you think twice about actually doing it, IT WORKS! My sunburn doesn’t itch and it really doesn’t sting either. It’s a great, relieving feeling. The vinegar smell goes away after about thirty minutes, so no worries there. I really recommend the vinegar for some instant relief!

  138. Tatum says:

    I’m so fair I burn when I go outside no matter what I do. Stupidly, I went out today with nothing on because it looked overcast and Im paying for it. I used the aftersun gel but it burnt massively the first time – definitley remember to rinse off your face and skin gently with cool water first. Itll remove the sweat, chlorine, and salt and should sting less when you apply the gel. I think just some straight vitamin E oil works the best, it doesnt soak in as fast as gel or aloe does and keeps your skin from feeling tight. Also, take a tylenol or a pain reliever to keep the pain and swelling down. That should help it heal faster. If you get fifths rashes like I do (slapped cheek syndrome) really make sure you get all the dirt off before you do these and you might want to hold off on any treatment other than a cold compress for a few hours. Especially remeber to hold off on any makeup products. Good luck with your burns :).

  139. Marie says:

    I have really bad sunburn. I don’t even want to wear clothes at all I am in pain. I was tanning for 4 hours I know it was stupid. I felled asleep.. Anyways Im in high school so I have to carry my back pack. I literally have sunburn everywhere! HELP!!!

    • Cal says:

      my grandmother said that fresh lemons work because she fell asleep at the beach and got a really bad sunburn and her friends pup lemon juice on her.

  140. Laura says:

    As a medical professional within the burn community, I disagree with your advice about using ice.

    Regardless of the seriousness of the burn, you should NEVER, EVER put ice on it. Extreme cold acts the same way extreme heat does, which means you will actually make the burn WORSE if you put ice on it. Cool water is fine. Ice is not.

  141. Dan says:

    I have a really bad sunburn on my back. I got some stuff from the store today but only seemed to work for a few minutes. I took a shower Not a hot one or a very cold one. Hurt like a mother! I then dried off and put some solarcaine on it but That wasn’t enough. What has worked for me is IBUPROFEN that stuff is awesome! I took 800mg and have been fine for a few hours now. I still can’t move a ton but I can at least sit here and not be in a ton of pain! ha ha we will see how it works tonight when Im trying to sleep! ha ha

  142. Mimi says:

    I have had horrible sunburns repeatedly while growing up….went out on the river every weekend…back then no one knew how to fix anything. Well I got burned 3 days ago and I’ve been using Aloe…with NO relief. Just crying when my daughter applies it for me. Thank god for this site. After reading everyone’s advice, I used a “homemade” paste of Aquaphor and Maalox mixed together and blessed relief..I may be able to sleep soon. This is what I used for my grandson’s horrible diaper rash years back. Poor tyke had diarrhea and was screaming but the paste worked wonders!

    I’ll report back if it helps with avoiding the peeling and other suffering. Lots of luck to EVERYONE!!!

  143. Carrie-Pediatric Nurse says:

    A sunburn itches because the sun has sucked all the moisture out of your skin. Your skin tries to draw moisture back in and that’s what makes it itchy. To help with this….take a bath/shower/hot tub for a MINIMUM of 45 minutes……hour would be best. Start with warm and work your way up in temp if you can. Take ibuprofen to help with pain and swelling.

  144. kadi says:

    I have lots of freckles and what goes along with that? Lots of sunburns! I’ve tried everything, you name it I’ve done it! Some work okay. others, I believe, don’t work at all! What I have found to be the most soothing (and trust me I thought the person who told me was crazy) but you slather you’re self up with noxzema and let it sit! I do it for.a good 20 min. It kinda stings at first, like anything else with a burn, but it gives so much relief and really really helps with the redness!

  145. Jon says:

    Whatever you do (despite it being soothing at the time), never soak in a cold bath. Cool, maybe, but not cold. I done that five years ago when I was severely sunburnt and when I eventually ended up in hospital, the doc told me cold baths just make the effects worse.

  146. kirstin says:

    The pepto is doing wonders for me!! So glad I found this site I’m pink now but I don’t feel the sting of the burn as bad now. Maybe I can get some sleep now!!! Thank you so much to who made this page!!

  147. Jessica says:

    What a great list of recommendations. However:

    Aloe Vera lotion may -feel- nice and soothing, but the actual healing properties only come from a fresh cut of the plant. I have seen incredible, miracle-style results when a burn is covered with slices of aloe leaf.

  148. Tori says:

    I got burnt really bad on Wednesday. I laid out for more than 5 hours and got super burnt. Nothing has helped and I have blisters everywhere and I’m like dehydrated. I’m also super pink/red. I got burnt on my chest, shoulders, back, and legs. Any ideas that will help me get relief fast?

  149. Lauren says:

    After putting on sunscreen, I still burned.. Funny thing is, I only burned where I put the sun screen, and tanned everywhere else. the tops of my shoulders, chest and back blistered slightly, and I felt like my skin was going to rip open it hurt so bad. This was Saturday, and it’s Tuesday now. Last night, I tried tea, vinegar,coconut oil, and I’ve been trying aloe with lidocaine for the last few days. (which didn’t really help at all, I was just hoping it would) With the vinegar, I sat in a cool bath and soaked in it for 20 minutes, then sat up and poured it directly on my burns ( I had a huge jug of white vinegar anyway) then I got up and dripped dry. Once that was dry, I sprayed more one then covered with a cold tea-soaked towel and prayed to pass out before it started hurting again. I woke up this morning and scowled the internet again for more remedies because while it wasn’t AS bad, I still felt like my skin was going to rip open. Now I’m sitting here with cucumber strips all over my shoulders and a cold wet tea towel covering them. Words cannot describe how great this feels. This has been the ONLY thing that has helped. Next time, I’ll be using this first.

  150. CB says:

    I searched home remedies when 3 of us got sunburns from swimming. My 7 yr old had a bad burn on his back. I mashed up cucumbers until juicy and applied to his back. I also made a paste with it using cucumber mash/juice and baking soda. It really took the heat out of the burn. He was able to sleep without problems that night. It’s a little messy but it really absorbs the heat and minimizes the pain.

  151. rw says:

    i strongly recommend a long cool bath of tea, then smoother the burnt area with sudocrem (nappy rash cream), pain killer for the fever, drink loads of water and get to bed. By morning the redness has halfed and my skin isnt so tender. Hope you try and feel better soon x

  152. PhoebeMM says:

    So this weekend I went to the lake. Although I applied SPF 50 every hour, and wore a hat and sunglasses even while I was swimming, My Sunburn spanned across my nose and cheeks and along my shoulders and back. Its not like this is abnormal, as my skin is Paper White. First thing I did is take a warm shower to reduce pain and peeling. this works great, but only if its as hot as you can possibly stand it and you do it till the pain goes away, then rinse with cool water to draw heat out and reduce redness. After that I drank lots of water, and took refrigerated aloe gel(Banana Boat Soothing After Sun Aloe Gel works wonders and has a lot product in it so its a real bang for your buck), and washed my face with Dickinsons witch hazel based Face wash and my back with St.Ives Oatmeal and Shea butter body wash, wich were both very soothing. then I sat under the fan and discovered the cold aloe gel had faded it alot.

  153. Sarah says:

    I made a mask of 1 package aveeno bath, equal parts powdered bovine colostrum which contains immune factors (can be found at local farm stores and is very cheap), and enough cooled brewed tea to get the right texture. Apply, let dry, rinse with lukewarm to cool water. Took my face from fried and extremely red to slightly pink overnight.

  154. sarah says:

    i got badly sunburnt the other day, have weeping blisters on my shoulders(looks disgusting). im not able to move my arms.. puss from the blisters has dryed onto my shoulders and cracks everytime i move my arms. ive been putting after sun on with aloe vera in it.. not sure if thats the right thing to do? the pain is very bad. has this happend to anyone else? whats the best cure for it?? please help!!

  155. jenn says:

    My son got a really bad sunburn while out at the lake. His face arms and back of his neck were really bad. 1st i used pickle juice to help with the sting. The next thing i used is going to sound extremely crazy but… I used Oil of Olay. I lightly put some on him and after it had absorbed i reapplied it. 12 hrs later…. No sting and the redness is gone.
    Hope this is helpful to someone else too.

  156. Laura says:

    Tee tree oil and lavender oil with water. A few drops of each in a small spray bottle with water. Tee tree oil gives a wonderful cooling sensation.

  157. Allie says:

    i was at a pop warner football game and was a dummy and didnt bring sun block… now i have sun blisters on my lips…ive been putting an ice pack on it. are there any ideas to help it heal a little faster?? ive also been using blistex beings i cant use chapstick or carmex im allergic PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. TERRI says:


  159. Melanie says:

    People, hot baths/showers will NOT work! All you’re doing is killing nerve endings and damaging your skin even more.

    Also, it’s spelled “pores”.

  160. Jess Erin says:

    As a redhead I burn SUPER easily, even with sunscreen. Best thing I’ve ever used is the vinegar. Stinks and burns but always makes my burn go away faster. I usually follow up with aloe after as well. I also agree with some of the others, Cold water is a bad idea! Makes the skin tighten up and hurt worse. Cool water is your best bet. I am curious about trying some of the other tips though.

  161. Jenna says:

    Chamomile and/or Tulsi tea work well too. Calendula gel works great as well – it is just marigolds and water, (easy recipes all over the net) store some in the refrigerator and it serves well for all sorts of summer problems such as rashes (a wet chamomile teabag works great too)
    Ice is good. DO NOT use hot anything or the skin will continue to “cook”. Remember the word “cook”, this is what you are essentially doing to your skin, just as you brown a food item to improve the color to make it more palatable when you suntan or burn you are browning your skin in EXACTLY the same manner.
    I lived on Long Island growing up and I was an avid swimmer -the beach and outdoor pools – I could not stand the chemicals in indoor pools. The sunscreens of the time was harsh and I could not use it on my sensitive skin. inc Oxide is great but not very attractive:) We carried beach umbrellas even on the bus (1960/70’s)and would stick our legs out of the shade. We also moisturized well and often. My friends who didn’t look like shar peis today, I am 60 and my skin is smooth and beautiful and I have never had any work or botox – just good skin care and exfoliation routine. As a teen/young woman I always had good color in the summertime even though I am very fair – you do not have to have direct sunlight to get good color and simply walking around in shorts and shorts sleeves will gradually give you a nice natural tan. Use sunscreen religiously and wear a sunhat or visor (as has always been my choice) If you want to get a dark tan go to a spray tan place with skilled technicians. The skin is one’s largest organ and will serve you well if you take care of it.

  162. Katherine says:

    I am burned on my chest,front of my legs and a little on my arms I know it was silly to sit in the garden but was talking on the phone and only when came back into the house looked at my reflection in the mirror and realised that the sun had burnt me,it is very sore and can Hardley stand on my legs without it hurting any ideas on how to control the pain and help reduce the burning.

  163. stephanie says:

    my friend just got a tanning bed so i went over to tan for my first time in about a year. i layed for 20 minutes and now im super burnt and hurting. Aloe is not helping neither did the hot bath. My eyes are burnt and so are my eyelids. Please help i cant move bc its hurts so bad…

    • denise says:

      Been there…done that. I was so used to getting burnt by the sun that I thought I had to begin a tan by getting burned. But the best way to start tanning in a bed is by starting at 12 mins. Then 15, then 20. Besides, if its your friends bed, if you feel you didnt get a good enough exposure, you could always lay for a few more minutes later. I recommend waiting 5 or 6 hours before you try to lay a few more minutes, because thats about how long it takes for you to see/feel the effects of artificial tanning. I have been tanning since I was 17 (Im 44 now) and also own my own bed. If it wasnt for tanning beds Id never get to enjoy the sun because no matter what, I got burnt. Got sun sickness from riding in a car with only my arm exposed to the sun once as a child even. It was horrible and basically ruined our vacation lol.

  164. maggie says:

    Can I use chai tea? or caffeine free tea? is it the caffeine that matters or the tea? I know caffeine reduces swelling.
    (I never get burnt- but I went out for the first time this summer to work on my truck. I sat on a crate for a few hours with no sun screen on… now one of my legs is burnt. only one. its not that bad, but its red and it hurts.)
    Also, a Tip- do not use sunscreen that is hard to get off if you go out in the sun when you are already burnt. I put a bunch of spray on sunscreen… get in the shower a few hours later and cant get it off despite scrubbing as hard as I could stand…and of course you cant use rubbing alcohol on a sun burn- so just use sunscreen that comes off very easily (if you must go in the sun) and just reapply!

  165. Tracey says:

    I read over all of these comments over about 2-3 hours. I decided to go with the cool tea bath. It felt awesome until I got out, I could feel my skin tighten and the pain was unreal. I had my bf apply A&D ointment, and it is working great.
    I think all of these remedies are great, but each person is different, and each burn can be at different levels. Please don’t try ANYTHING until doing a small spot check first. I went with A&D because with my daughter and working in a pre-k, I have seen the wonders it can do for rash.

  166. destiny says:

    I have been sunburnt so bad to were I have blisters on my back chest face and shoulders and I can’t even lay down to sleep because of the agonizing pain what is the quickest relief

  167. Veronica says:

    I went to the lakes today and before I got into the water I put sunscreen on and for some reason, it did not help at all!!! I got so sun burned and I am in pain so bad. I have seen what I can use for the pain, but I was wondering what I can use to relieve the redness because my face is also red and in pain. What can I use for that? I would really appreciate it if anyone can help with this.

  168. Anthony says:

    I just tried the hot shower. It was murder while I was in the shower, but when I got out, I could feel the heat drawing out of my skin. Again…the hot shower SUCKS while you are in there, but it feels great when you get out!

  169. PJ says:

    I swear by this. After a morning and early afternoon in the sun at the beach, I obviously got sunburned. Tried Aloe Vera with lidocaine with no relief. Well since we were going to dinner bayside with the sun still very strong, we put our sunblock on. Instant relief!!!!!! I have had told so many people and they were surprised at how well this works.

  170. leslie says:

    i went to my cousins to swim for only two hours and a hour and half later i was hurting to went to sleep woke up and bam! omg i love like a strawberry i mean hot red so i but a semi cold wet towel on my back some relief but as soon as a took it of boom it hurt more than before so took a cold bath not real cold but cold i stayed in there for 30 min and some relief and some redness on my arms came off but my grandmother just washed some clothes and i but a warm shirt on omg it hurt so much but now it feels better not all relief but better tomorrow i think i am going to get some of that Mary Kay sun stuff and see how that works.

    by the way i was burned on my arms, face, shoulders, upper back, and lower back.

  171. Kathleen says:

    I was only in the sun for 2 1/2 hours and the whole front end of me is lobster red. My legs don’t hurt but my stomach hurts the worst. I’ve been applying aloe vera overtime it dries and still hurts any suggestions?

  172. Joan says:

    I take a cold shower, slather on refrigerated aloe. I’m also a fan of using essential oils. Lavender or tea tree are good for use on burns. Add and mix several drops to anything you are topically applying or with only these 2 oils, you can apply them neat (without mixing them with anything). The oils seem to speed up the healing.

  173. Alison Dilaurentiis says:

    Me and my BFF went swimming in my pool and time got away from us for 5-6 hours. wen we got out, a while later i couldnt move my shoulders. clothes hurt sooooo bad!! Nothing helps, and my arms hurt t0 move!!! HEEELLPP

  174. michela says:

    my lil brother has the blisters and its a large amount of tiny blisters. I AM SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. taucan62 says:

    Baking soda? Are you kidding? That will dry your skin and make the burn VERY unpleasant.

  176. Tameko says:

    I would like to add something I learned from my Grandmother… Onion juice. I was cooking and had grease pop onto my chest it burnt me through my clothes very well Lol and my hand, well she told me to clean with cold water and then cut up an onion and apply to the burn, I did and it works great! It helps with the pain, Not a miracle but helps, and it works best if you take and cut either very thin or grated apply immediately to burn or ASAP and then chill some in the refrigerator for later if you need it, But the best part is it will greatly reduce the chance of blisters and will help keep blisters if already there from being so horrible or scarring. This is wonderful for sun burns, also just do the same thing or even make a mash, I like mashed best for SUN burns but grated for injury burns, and apply to the area but allow alot of air to help soothe and prevent the smell from making your eyes water.

  177. denise says:

    I’m probably going to get yelled at for this but I am fair skinned, blonde hair, green eyes and the only way I can ever get a “tan” from the sun is by many freckles. All my life I tried to lay in the sun to get a tan and would end up burnt, then light pink, then white again. Every time I was exposed to the sun I got burnt, no matter what. I cant count how many times I got blistered and always ended up with white pigment-less spots on my shoulders. The only thing that saved me from sun burns was tanning a few times in a tanning bed. As long as I had some sort of base tan, I was able to enjoy the sun like everyone else. Before tanning beds, I was that kid whose mom was caking lotion on them every few minutes in the shade.

    I recommend artificial tanning for people who are very fair skinned such as myself right at the beginning of summer. I dont know why it helps, I just know for fact it helped me not have to deal with a major painful sunburn every year. You end up with a lot less freckles too. (I hated all my freckles).

  178. Patricia says:

    Yesterday, I was riding my bike in some short shorts and now I have a sunburn on my thighs. Every time I set something on my lap it hurts! I just don’t know which one to try; there are so many choices! HELP!I already took a lukewarm to warm bath for about a half an hour and that seamed to take the hotness of it away. Now what do I do for the soothing part without making it worst?

  179. Susan says:

    Severely burnt, definitely have Sun poisoning and can’t get to the hospital until the morning. Blisters are forming on my back…. I can’t sleep unless I am on my back….any ideas?? I’m in sooo much pain…. I don’t want to pop the blisters..I’m so tired. I’ve been through a whole bottle of spray on aloe and a tube of cortisone. Plz help!!!. :'( ty

  180. K says:

    I’ve read several inquiries online from people desperately seeking relief as they experience an unusual deep nerve penetrating itch after a sunburn.

    My family has experienced this for three generations and when we finally found this soulution we try to let others know.

    For intense-deep-i’m going crazy-sunburn itch ….get PEPPERMINT OIL. Be careful not to buy peppermint extract. You can find PEPPERMINT OIL in health food stores and natural foods stores. There are some pharmacists who know about this and carry it as well…not many though.

    Rub the oil directly on the affected area until all of the surface is covered. If you can’t reach…for back burns, have someone else apply thorougly.

    The hands of whoever applies it will feel the cooling affect of the oil even after they wash their hands. It feels fine, not painful in anyway. AVOID any contact with eyes, mouth or nose however as they will be irritated by the oil.

    This is the ONLY thing that works nearly instantly and permanently with this deep nerve sunburn itch that some people experience. One application is all that is necessary as Peppermint oil is pretty potent. Please try this. I know the insanity you are feeling if you are going through this right now.

    Again I’m talking about unusually intensedeep nerve itching, not regular peeling skin itch that most people experience post sunburn. This deeper, intense almost pinching itch begins usually one or two days following a burn and those who experience it feel as though they are going crazy as it’s intensity is nearly unbearable.

    Things to avoid that only make this itch worse…don’t apply any lotion or other oils. This includes pure aloe vera which seems to just dry it more. Standing under a cool shower spray can help as long as you are in it while you wait for someone to buy the PEPPERMINT OIL. Anyone who has gone through this knows that any relief brought by the spray of water goes away as soon as you get out of the shower and start to dry the itch returns.

    PEPPERMINT OIL WILL remove the itch.

    Just writing about this always makes me remember the insane feeling of experiencing this and makes me hopeful others will find this in time to find relief.

    Once you’ve used it IT WILL WORK. You’ll want to keep the oil on hand and avoid at all costs exposing yourself to the sun again like that in the future. We know two things about it…if you’ve experienced it once you are vulnerable to it happening again, and, it seems to be a genetic thing. About half of my family members have experienced it once, two of them twice. We don’t risk it anymore. It is sure nice to know what to do about it though.

    I research this quite a lot to see if other’s have found this solution. I did see a few posts that have indicated that gold balm medicated powder has worked for some relief too. I haven’t tried that (and don’t intend to EVER be in the position to need to), but it’s worth writing about any real relief as this is such a crazy thing to experience with no relief.

  181. Madison Holli says:

    Yesterday I was at the beach,I applied baby oil to tan but instead it burnt me up. My legs are swollen! I can’t walk at all. It feels like they are about to bust. I have tried aloe gel but nothing seems to help. Even tried a cool shower. Any advice?

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