30+ Fun, Sweet & Oh-So Cuddly Softies: {Free Patterns}

Call them plushies, softies, toys, whatever you like! Kiddos love them and they make great gifts or stocking stuffers. Bonus: Many times they can be quite economical to whip up by using bits and pieces you have stashed around the craft room.

As with most projects, the more elaborate you go, the trickier they are to assemble but I made sure to include a bunch in this collection that are suitable for beginner sewers too!

Each of these are sewn in fabric or felt and all are available online with free patterns and instructions.

I have plenty of Easter themed softies compiled as well but I decided to keep this list from being overrun with bunnies. You’ll find that batch of goodies on this page, check it out because boy are they super cute!

Looking for instructions for how to make a sock monkey? Or the sock elephant version? I found an old vintage copy of the original Red Heel Rockford promo in my files. I have it scanned into a pdf for you to download here: Sock Monkey & Elephant. You can pass it around/share it if you like (as is), please don’t make any changes to it.

Now on to the rest of the fun stuff! As usual here on Tipnut, I only include those projects that have hassle-free patterns available…that means no emails to submit and no membership logins. If you come across something that’s now behind a paywall or login, just let me know in the comments area below so I can remove it. The internet changes so quickly!


Donkey: Download the complete project instructions (including pattern) or follow along online.

Greta the Owl: Now these are cute! Two pieces of fabric (one for body/one contrasting for wings), 2 buttons & yarn for hair.

Owls: Approximately 5″ in size was they’re done…these have to be the cutest owls on the block!

Yo-Yo Plush Dog: So adorable and innocent-looking; can be posed in many cute postures. Notice the tongue sticking out, lol!

Swaddle Baby: These are so sweet and surprisingly easy to sew. The faces are handpainted (separate page for instructions found here).

Lucy Goosey: Fabric suggestions are canvas, heavyweight cotton, tweed, wool felt, etc. then scraps of contrasting fabric for wings, nose and feet.

Humpty Dumpty: The limbs all attach/detach with buttons, so clever & fun!

Henry & Helga the Elephants: Such great little snuggle buddies or decorations for a nursery. The design is available in two sizes, large and small – so you can make one, or a whole little family of them!

Pippa & Rascal: Of course, “Rascal” can be a “Regina” and “Pippa” could be a “Peter”, just choose a different fabric and it can be for a boy or girl!

Kangaroo: Avoid bulkier fabrics when sewing this toy, as they will be hard to turn —especially for the little joey finger puppet. For best results, baste pieces first.

Little Pup: May be small but he gives back lots of love and is the perfect size for your pocket. Finished dimensions: (4 1/2 in × 2 1/2 in).

Mr. Ted: Doesn’t this turn out so nice in linen and wool felt! Super simple design.

Charity Bear: Good huggable size, designed especially for people who want to craft bears for donations.

Purl Bee Penguin: It will be helpful to have a size 3- 7 straight knitting needle or a similar pointy object for stuffing.

Sea Turtle: Such a vibrant patchwork of colors and patterns, this is a toy that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Joyful Bear: How talented some people are! She designed this in highschool then tweaked it now to refine it & share with us. Lovely!

Sock Dragon: Drake is slightly difficult as it has more parts to sew and attach. In order to ease this a little, free templates for the arms, feet, wings, and spikes are available to download.

Polar Bear: Difficulty level: Beginner/Intermediate. Made with corduroy or fleece and a scrap of fabric for the scarf. Lots of good, detailed pictures in this tutorial.

Sailboat: I really like these toys, perfect touch in a boy’s nursery!

Ladybug: Huggable pillow that you won’t want to fly away. Rather than traditional round spots on her wings, she sports ten pretty appliqued white hearts.

Cotton Candy Kitty: Will show you how to stitch right through the paper pieces to make it simple to keep your curves and angles spot-on, even around the sharp corners and tight curves.

Molly Monkey: Adorable! Download via zip file (pdf).

Woodland Fox: These guys are so easy and are a big hit with kids. Approximately 15″ tall, made with soft fleece & are super snugly.

Rag Doll: A mixture of tips and techniques, this tutorial is in three parts. Dress instructions are found here and face here.

Pig: This petite argyle pig is so cuddly, you’ll want to produce a whole pen’s worth. Wrap up a woolly creature to give to your favorite tot, or use one as a stocking stuffer.

Patchwork Stripey Cat: Make for yourself or as gifts, designer requests that these not be sold ready-made at craft fairs, etc.

Mr. Seahorse: Two different versions available: one with a longer tail (trickier to make); the other is still a nice tail but stubbier and less complicated.

Plush Monkey: It’s amazing what the addition of a pocket does for a toy, it adds a whole new level of playability.

Carefree Cat: This fine character puts to good use all those colorful scraps from other projects which you were saving just in case.

Angel: A free eBook contains complete instructions and pattern pieces to help you craft your very own basic Little Angel. This project is suitable for people new to softie-making but does require basic sewing skills.

Studio Pup: Faux sherpa gives this a soft & furry feel, this toy is intended for decorative purposes and not intended for play by a child.

Cheery Chicken: Pattern is available via pdf download, tutorial is in video format (12+ minutes). Very cute!


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    • June Williams

    HI! Love the cat. I am going to sew the face to the body before I stuff it. Just a suggestion. Can’t wait to make these for my grandchildren (the big ones too) June Bug

    • Alice

    Hi! Just finished making the stripe-y cat for my little cousin. It worked out well-for my first softie =] Like June suggested, I stitched the face on before stuffing it.

    Thankyou for the pattern! I’m off to make another..Scotty maybe?

    • Claire

    Wow! I love, love loooove Oopsie the Octopus!! I’m going to make one tommorow!!!

    • Ellen

    How do I find this pdf pattern for oopsie the octopus. Please help ASAP.

      • TipNut

      Hi Ellen, click the link to visit the tutorial page then scroll down to the end of the tutorial. You’ll see a printer icon that says Printer Friendly Version, click that and it gives you the pdf.

    • JudiAnn

    Thank you so much for the information in your website. It’s so nice to know we can get much needed patterns. I printed the Sock Monkey pattern and I’m very excited! Thank you again!

    • Sarah

    My grandmother just gave me the same sock monkey kit from her crafting stash. I can’t wait to make them!

    • kim

    love all these cute stuffed animals as I often make gifts for young children thanks for the inspirational ideas.

    • raxita

    woww…i loved the duck n kangarooo…so beautiful

    • Cara B

    I Love them ALL. Just not sure what to make first. this is sure to keep me busy this winter. Thank you. This is my favorite site 🙂

    • g

    oooohhh they r sooooo cute!! loving them!!! hope 2 do a few of these when i have some free time!!

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