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Projects & Tips For Traveling: {Cases, Organizers & More}

Here’s a bunch of assorted accessories and organizers you can whip up for traveling, I’ve also included a handful of Good-To-Know tips at the bottom.


Leather Passport Holder [1]: Made with a square foot of tanned leather and waxed linen thread, free pdf template available.

Pocket Rollup [2]: Features 10 different pocket sizes to hold assorted goodies, rolls up with ends held in place by snaps.



Toiletries Pouch [3]: Roomy bag is zipped, lined with laminated fabric for easy cleaning and has a handle on one end for easy toting.

Quickie Tag [4]: A unique fabric tag to help spot your luggage easily, features a clear vinyl pocket to hold I.D. slip.



Mickey Tags [5]: Fun and colorful, you’ll need iron-on interfacing, clear vinyl, bias tape and bits of fabric.

Lingerie Caddy [6]: Pocket organizer than can hang in the closet from a pants hanger or roll up (with ties to close).



Jewelry Wrap [7]: Made with cotton fabric, canvas, zippers (2), velcro, heavy-weight interfacing (fusible), elastic and a button.

Gadget Tote [8]: Convert a dish towel into a multi-pouched case to keep chargers and cords neat when you’re on the go.



Contact Lens Stash [9]: Handy bag that holds two bottles of solution, a contact lens case, a mirror, package of tissues and a pair of glasses.

Easy Passport Cover [10]: Made to fit the size of your passport, use assorted pieces of felt in contrasting colors and handstitch together using the blanket stitch.



Accessory Sachet (Roll) [11]: A roll with pockets to hold jewelry and accessories. Tutorial available via free pdf download.

Travel Wallet [12]: Made from a tea towel and hangs around your neck.



Printable Luggage Tags [13]: Prints 6 per page (pdf) and has two different designs (a stack of luggage and the Eiffel tower).

Fabric & Vinyl Zipped Bags [14]: Great for packing small items, made with fabric, a zipper and clear vinyl.


Weekend Kit: {Vintage}

First published October 1, 2008 and moved to this page for better organization

This pattern is from a 1920’s or 1930’s booklet by Columbus Blenback Oil Cloth entitled “How to Make good looking-inexpensive Things For The Home with Blenback Oil Cloth“.

It’s quite a handy design that is a fold-over pouch with inside slots to store items for travel (one wide bottom pocket plus 5 across the middle).

The pattern recommends using oil cloth but you can use whatever type of fabric you like. If you use something like a poly/cotton print, I’d line it.

Pattern is available below (along with larger images to view if you click) or a pdf download.


1 yard Oil Cloth
4 yards tape


Pattern PDF Download: Weekend Kit [15]

More Ideas:

DIY Hand Wipes Made With Vodka, Water & Lemon Juice

Materials Needed:

1/4 cup vodka
1/4 cup water
Juice from 1/2 lemon
Paper Towels (use a thick, sturdy towel)
Large Ziploc Bag


Note: You can use strips of flannelette if you prefer (then launder and reuse), as well as paper towels cut in half.

I just make amounts that I would use during a road trip, I haven’t made big batches of wipes at a time so I’m not sure how long they would last. These are very nice to keep your hands clean–think: public washroom sink taps and door handles, yuck!

You could use this technique:

Place paper towel rolls in the liquid and seal containers. Wait 5 minutes then flip the containers over to evenly distribute the solution on the paper towels. Choose containers that are airtight.

Tipnut Mailbag

Here’s another hot tip from the Tipnut Mailbag, it was sent in by Jennifer:

I started doing this when my daughter was about 1. When traveling I always take a blow up beach ball. During rest stops or while waiting for a flight I blow up the beach ball and let her have some fun. We’ve made lots of friends this way, and it gives her some “run around” time instead of “run away from mommy” time. When it’s time to go, just deflate the ball and tuck it into your purse or bag!

Happy Traveling!

What a simple, yet great idea! The ball deflates and packs away nicely so it doesn’t get in the way. Plus it gives the little one a chance to run off some steam and have some fun after being cooped up and strapped in.

Thanks for sharing that Jennifer :).

Quick Tip: Stinky Luggage
Originally published March 30, 2007 and moved here for better organization

Musty trunks and funky smelling pieces can be freshened up by sprinkling baking soda inside, closing the case and then let sit a day or two. Remove the baking soda with a vacuum.

If you don’t use your suitcases that much and have it stored away for long periods of time, make little sachets filled with your favorite potpourri (light scents are best) or even just filled with baking soda and keep them stored in the luggage until you travel. You could also use small, lightly scented bars of soap as well.

One more tip: If you are short on storage space, you can store off season clothing or extra blankets and bedding in the unused suitcases.