12 Quick Tips For The Home: Tipnut’s Mailbag

Here is the latest batch of helpful quick tips sent in by Tipnut readers:

  1. Keep bread fresh by sticking a piece of celery in the bread bag before closing. (Tracey)
  2. Use wooden pants hangers to hang rugs on the clothesline, regular clothespins don’t work because they can’t hold the weight. (Dale)
  3. Having done the flowers and foods for many weddings. My favorite trick to keep my flowers looking fresh is: instead of using the packets that come with the flowers to preserve them use clear soda, like a ginger-ale, 7 up type soda, without any water added. This will keep rose buds closed for a week or more here in Florida’s heat. Mums last about 3 weeks. Just give them a fresh cut and drop them in. (Tina). Also see these Old-Timer’s tips for flowers & plants.
  4. Clean out the gunk in a can opener by feeding a sheet of paper towel through it. (Laurel)
  5. Rub Vaseline along the hairline before dying your hair to protect skin from getting stained by the dye. (Shelley)
  6. I installed a small towel bar on the inside of the cabinet door underneath the kitchen sink. I use this to hang spray bottles by their handles as I find it frees up the space and I can find what bottle I need with no trouble. I also installed a towel bar in the spare closet to hang scarves and belts (Eva).
  7. I’m in the throes of menopause and one problem I have is waking up in the middle of the night in a full sweat. I found a trick that’s helped me: I spray vinegar all over my arms, across the top of my chest and the top of my back and around my neck and rub it in. I let this air dry before putting on my nightgown. For some reason this makes a difference and I don’t have that many night sweats now. (Lorna).
  8. If you sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on icy patches on walkways, it’s much easier on the cement than salt and makes a slip free zone. (Rhea).
  9. My kitchen blender has a glass jar with measurements that are hard to read so I marked off every 1/2 cup with a bright red nail polish on the outside, works like a charm! (Alice)
  10. I just wanted to send you a tip that I found extremely helpful late last night. My dog got sprayed in the face around 11 pm last night – no tomato juice in the house. I had heard a long time ago that the Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario use toothpaste to rid their dogs of skunk smell. Used a whole tube of toothpaste, but it worked like a charm. Only an “essence” of skunk today. (Carmen). Also see Rid Your Pet of Skunk Spray Smell.
  11. Replace paper towels with cheap facecloths. I often find them in packages of a dozen white cloths. As facecloths, they are terrible, rough and thin, but those qualities make them great for paper towel replacements. They are easily washed, and you can stash the clean ones in a little container under the sink. When you think they are finally too grubby to use anymore, you can throw them out without guilt ~~~ they’ll have paid for themselves over and over again. (Mary)
  12. Removing skin from garlic: If you have one of those rubber gripper squares or circles for opening jars, you can use them to peel garlic cloves too. Put the clove of garlic at one edge, roll it into a tube, and then with a bit of pressure, roll the tube back and forth a few times. When you open it, the clove will be peeled, without being crushed! (Mary)

Thanks so much to everyone for sharing these with Tipnut readers! If you’d like to share your favorite tips, please send it in by using the contact form.

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    • Beth

    I would like to mention this little tidbit about tomato juice. Along with tomato juice helping our pets when they meet with a smelly spray, it can also be used on us. If you perm your hair, take a small can of tomato juice with you the next time you have a perm and ask the hair dresser to use it when she does the finally rinse on your hair. Just pour on and work it through, then rinse it out. No more smelly perm smell. It will not effect your perm. Your husband will appreciate this tip.

    • sherry

    Keep brillo pads from rusting between uses by putting the used pad into a zip bag and storing in the freezer until you are ready to use it again.

    • Elaine

    I keep a small open container of Baking Soda [=bicarbonate] under my kitchen sink with my SOS [Brillo] Pad in it – the baking soda absorbs the moisture and voilà, they don’t rust!

    • Jaygee

    Don’t put celery in your bag of bread! Celery is a high-moisture veggie and will contribute to mold on the bread as it gives up its moisture.

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