20+ Toothache Remedies For Pain Relief

If there’s one list to keep handy–this is the one. It never fails that a major toothache hits when it’s late at night and your dentist’s office is closed. Although only a doctor can definitively determine and cure the source of the problem, this list of treatments & pain relief remedies should get you through the night until you can visit a professional.

SpoonI have a lot of helpful items listed, most are everyday, common ingredients so there’s sure to be at least one or two in your home, pantry and spice cabinet that you can utilize immediately.

Important: Whether you have a dull pain or a severe ache, there is a reason for it and it’s best to have it taken care of by a dentist as soon as possible. If it’s infected (gum area is swollen and/or face feels hot), don’t delay in getting professional medical care. These tips are only intended to help you get through a day or so until you can see a dentist.

Directions For Use: Apply selected treatment directly to both the problem tooth and surrounding sore gums unless otherwise directed.

For items that you are instructed to chew or for liquids that are to be swooshed around inside mouth, do so with the sore tooth and focus on surrounding area.

Take Care: Do not swallow liquids, spit out when done.

Master List of Home Remedies

  1. Salt Water: Mix a heaping spoonful of salt in a small glass of water, swoosh around inside your mouth for as long as you can, spit out. Repeat a couple times.
  2. Cloves: This is an old timer’s remedy, rest a clove against the sore tooth until pain goes away. You can also use a drop or two of clove oil (careful, too much can be toxic) or make a thick paste of ground cloves and water or ground cloves and olive oil.
  3. Alcohol: Swoosh a bit of whiskey, scotch, brandy or vodka. A strong mouthwash that contains alcohol can do the trick too.
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide: Swoosh a bit of hydrogen peroxide. If the taste is too horrid for you, try diluting with a bit of water.
  5. Vanilla Extract: Saturate a cotton ball with vanilla and hold in place. Can also use a cotton swab dipped in extract.
  6. Almond Extract: Same method of treatment as with Vanilla (above).
  7. Peppermint Extract: Same as with Vanilla (above).
  8. Lemon Extract: Same as with Vanilla (above).
  9. Tea Tree Oil: Just a drop or two is all that’s needed. You can also add some to a cotton swab and hold in place or add a few drops of tea tree oil to a small glass of water and swoosh this around.
  10. Oil Of Oregano: Mix a few drops with a bit of olive oil, then saturate a cotton ball with mixture. Can replace the olive oil with water if preferred.
  11. Apple Cider Vinegar: Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar (ACV) and hold it in place. Can also try regular household vinegar.
  12. Ginger Root: Take a fresh piece of ginger and carefully chew it a bit (remember to chew with the problem tooth).
  13. Garlic: Take a clove of garlic, smash it and apply (settle it inside cheek). You can also mash some garlic with salt.
  14. Peppermint Leaves: Chew on fresh peppermint leaves. You can also try dried leaves, just hold them in place.
  15. Potato: Cut a fresh piece of potato (raw, skin off) and hold in place. Can also pound a piece of raw potato, mix in a bit of salt and use the mash.
  16. Lime: Cut a slice or wedge of lime and apply, bite into it if you can to release some of the juice. If you’re sensitive to cold, first bring the lime to room temperature if it was refrigerated.
  17. Onion: Slice a piece of fresh onion and hold it inside your mouth. The onion needs to be freshly cut (so it provides a bit of onion juice).
  18. Cucumber: Slice a fresh piece of cucumber and hold it over the sore area. If refrigerated, you might want to bring the cucumber to room temperature before using (if sensitive to cold) otherwise a cool piece can be soothing. You can also mash a piece with a bit of salt.
  19. Plantain: Chew up a fresh plantain leaf. If you’re too sore to chew, use the other side of your mouth. Once the leaf is macerated a bit apply it to the problem area and hold in place.
  20. Cayenne Pepper: Make a paste with cayenne pepper and water and pack the tooth and gum with the mixture.
  21. Black Pepper: You can use this full strength or make a mix of pepper and salt.
  22. Baking Soda: Take a cotton swab and moisten it with a bit of water, dip it in baking soda (coat the swab really well with baking soda) then apply. You can also make a mouth rinse by mixing a heaping spoonful of baking soda in a small glass of water, dissolve the soda then swish the mixture in your mouth.
  23. Tea: Make a fresh cup of tea then take the used tea bag and stick it in your mouth. Careful not to tear the bag. The tannins that are naturally in tea leaves can help numb things.
  24. Ice Pack: Cover an ice pack with a face cloth or towel then hold over your cheek where the problem is. This will help numb things. If that doesn’t work, try the opposite–a hot compress (not too hot that it burns your skin).


  • If the pain is unbearable and there’s no dentist available, call your local hospital’s emergency room–chances are they have a dentist on call that can treat you (for a fee).
  • Try gently brushing your teeth and flossing–this might bring some relief.
  • If the side of your face is in severe pain and it feels like you’re going to lose your mind (I’ve been there, done that)–it could be a sinus infection or an allergy that affects your sinuses rather than a problem tooth (even though it definitely feels like it). Try a Herbal Decongestant Steam to break up sinuses, this might help relieve things until you get to a doctor. Chances are a prescription for penicillin is what you’ll need to clear up the infection.

Something I found that worked in the above, very painful, severe situation the last time it happened to me (I’ve gone through this three times so far):

  • Swoosh cool or room temperature water in your mouth where the pain is. Hold the water there as long as you can.
  • Once the pain starts throbbing again, spit out and replenish with a fresh mouthful of water.
  • Spit out and repeat as often as necessary.

I had to do this for about 4 hours straight one night until the dentist’s office opened in the morning. The pain was an unbearable, unspeakable, nerve pain. This was the only thing that kept me sane and gave me immediate and fast relief, unfortunately it’s only for moments at a time. I ended up having that tooth pulled but only after a round of antibiotics and a few days taking prescription pain killers. I’m not actually clear on what the problem was in that particular case, I think it was an abscessed tooth…I was in serious distress at the time and couldn’t see my usual dentist but I’m confident in the care I received.

What’s In My Medicine Cabinet: I now keep a box each of Extra Strength Anbesol (topical Anesthetic) and Maximum Strenth Orajel in the medicine cabinet at all times. The brands aren’t what matters, both have 20% Benzocaine Gel and I found that this ingredient helps dull this type of extreme nerve pain in the beginning stages before it blows up and you have to keep water in your mouth the entire time. It would also help relieve pain from an abscessed tooth in the advanced stages. If it’s 3 AM and nothing on the home remedies list above will help you, running to a 24 HR Pharmacy is *well worth the effort* to go out driving to pick this up. They will only provide temporary relief, but there’s something about tooth & nerve pain that is so intense and causes such severe distress and discomfort that anything even minimally removes or eases the pain just a little bit is welcome.

I hope this information is useful to you and you find a quick cure that brings the pain to a halt, but please don’t ignore the problem and get yourself to a dentist as soon as you can. Home remedies can help you get through the night, but problem teeth and gums only get worse if ignored. Good luck!

Note: These are simply notes I have collected, they are not professional medical advice.

**Updated: Removed aspirin tips in case the warnings weren’t clear enough for some, better to be safe than sorry!

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What Readers Are Saying: 345 Comments
  1. CAROLYN says:


    • Deana Ellard says:

      I was told by a dentist to never ever use anything warm or hot on the cheek because it will help to breed the infection and make it worse. It is comforting, I know because I did that and my face swelled and looked like a softball was in my cheek. The dentist found out what I had done and informed me to never do that. The other methods here are great have used most of them. I am here today to refresh my memory about toothaches because I have one right now. I did not get the idea to use heat on here though,that was my own stupid idea.

      • Margaret says:

        I was told today to use a heating pad and the heat might help. I haven’t done it yet and after reading what you said I will not try the heat. I am so happy you shared that with us. I hope you are doing better now. mine hurts so very bad. it is 11:00 pm I am so tired I can’t sleep. I am trying to find something that will help me. what happened is one of my teeth broke and the tooth that hurts is the one next to the one that broke. I don’t know why but I am sure that when I can afford to get to a dentist he/she can help me. In the mean time I need something that will help me. Either that or the pain I am having will KILL me. I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN. Thank you for sharing I won’t us heat at all. YOU ARE GREAT!

    • Kimberly says:

      Over 48 hrs no sleep and this is the worst toothache Ive ever had. PURE torture, and I’ve had a lot of toothaches including abcessed. There is no swelling, it broke off at the gum line a month ago. Have appt. tomorrow if I can make it til then. I am literally crying, moaning and screaming and would rather give birth to triplets with no epidural than endure this one more sec. I tried everything, finally tried the Vanilla extract and did get some relief. I have shooting, searing pain all around it. I think the nerve is exposed?? Never have experienced such pain, this is suffering at it’s worst. God help me.

      • sandie says:

        I am having the same problem my mouth is killing me been taking pain killers all night n no relief. I have 7 broken off at the gum line so I will have to go to see the dentist hoping he will put me in hospital n do the lot I hate going to the dentist but I must go I going to try the tea bag one so hoping it will b better. hope to go n see dentist today and he can book me in for the hospital to get them all done. I hope u get help asap as well nothing worse than pain that won’t go away

  2. jan says:

    I took your advice to use fresh ginger on my toothache and it DOES help alot! Thanks for this excvellent help!!!!!

  3. Mandy says:

    I can attest to the greatness of vanilla extract on a cotton ball! Got me through an entire wisdom tooth! 🙂

    • ellie says:

      So much pain ( thanks to this)

      • cookie says:

        I am currently in a tough sittuation. My dentist performed half a root canal..thats right, half, i suppose to collect the rest of his money once the pain came back…yes he knew it would. anyway..ive tried clove powder, rubbing alcohol, minced garlic..the only and best thing that has given me relief has been garlic capsules. you can find these at family dollar cvs, etc. i pricked the capsule and dropped some garlic oil in the hole. I promise u guys, this will bring u relief as well. i didnt have any clove oil and vanilla had me crying up all night one time like a mad woman. my boyfriend looked horrified! lol. hope this helps.

        • ash says:

          didn’t have any garlic capsules did have garlic cloves though cut a nice slice and put it where tooth was hurting and bit down the pain has decreased significantly thanks cookie 😉

        • Sharon Rochelle says:

          Fresh garlic clove sliced and placed on the gums works in seconds.

        • Linda says:

          My teeth are very sensitive. What should I do so I want be in so much pain

        • richard says:

          This may sound crazy but, I had an absesed tooth and I had tried the heck out of everything. So I was lying there in bed in the middle of the night and seen vicks vapor rub beside the bed. I just gave it a shot. I took it and rubbed it on both sides of my lower and upper jaw. and on my face. (not on the inside but on the outside of my mouth) . within secounds my pain was gone. I was able to sleep the whole nite and used this until the tooth could be pulled. Just to see if I was crazy I told about 6 people about this that posted on facebokk about having tooth aches. And for all but 1 of them it worked. So give it a try.

          • Shannon says:

            I actually tried the very same thing and yes it does work although I also used a hot washcloth along with it. Unfortunately I gave my Vicks Vapor Rub to a friend and haven’t bought anymore!

          • Shannon says:

            I tried Vicks vapor rub too about a year ago and yes it worked wonders! Don’t know what gave me the idea but I also put a warm washcloth against my cheek and within minutes the pain was gone! Unfortunately I’m out of Vicks now! I’ve also had moderate success with vanilla/lemon extract and the ice cube between thumb and forefinger. I’ve also repeatedly held mouthwash with alcohol in my mouth until it killed the nerve. It hurts like a bitch,but if you can hold out it’ll eventually kill the nerve and the pain!

          • Samantha says:

            This help me alot thank you

    • valerie says:

      The vanilla extract has worked a miracle for me. I have had a toothache for a week, no insurance, so just been dealing with the pain. I took a spoon and poured the vanilla extract in it and swished it in mouth on the affected side and instantly I had relief.

    • Lisa Hartzog says:

      Thanks so much I tried nitequil throat spry orajel ambesol and didn’t have any cloves but I used your method with vanilla extract and omg it work so fast thanks alot:-)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eddie Edwards says:

      I’ve been up all day with a toothache. I’ve tried peroxide, warm salt water, cold and hot suppress. Nothing worked. Then I saw the vanilla extract and knew we had some so why not give it a try. It was so instant it gave me cold chills. Luckily I have an appt in the morning after working last night, no sleep today, and work tonight. Will be taking the vanilla and cotton balls with me to work.

    • Loreal says:

      Thank you so much, all I had was vanilla essence/extract and now I can actually talk. Feeling better, took 2 and then another pain killer (ibrufen)(sp) and eased constant pain but throbbing pain had me in tears a few times, salt water and mouth wash didn’t really work, good luck you all.

    • Kemi_dmccboxes says:

      How do I begin to thank u. Vanilla essence worked like magic. After several days of excruciating pain. God bless you!!!

  4. Paula Edwards says:

    I tried ice, I tried heat, I tried oxycodone, and Ibuprofen (not mixed of course)and got no relief..at 3am, with a broken tooth now severely throbbing, and no extra cash to go to a dentist (and no insurance-who can afford it)in the morning, I went to the kitchen and rifled through my spice cupboard looking for the vanilla extract..and found NONE!..I did however, have Orange extract, and pure lemon extract-so I chose the lemon, grabbed a q-tip and doused my aching tooth. I can assure you-I felt relief almost instantly!!! Now I can finally get some sleep! Thank you again for this great tip!

  5. Mike Hawk says:

    Chewing tobacco seems to help if you take a pinch and hold it between the affected tooth and the one opposite it. It’ll calm you down a bit too, assuming you are of age of course.

  6. Bree says:

    as as expecting mother i kept putting going off to the dentist to have this broken tooth removed.. well tonight i woke to regret it. severely.. to t the point of tears for the last hour!! i tried the warm salt water with no luck.. then gave in and tried the almond extract ( didnt want to search for the vanilla) relief almost instantly!!!

  7. Greg says:

    RE: #24 and the mention of baby aspirin.

    NEVER give aspirin to a child under 19 years of age. It can cause Ryes’s syndrome. Unless you are in a third-world country, you would not be able to find children’s aspirin alway.

    I apologize for getting off topic. However, I felt the need to get the word out.

    As for me, the cloves worked well. I imagine that any extract containing alcohol or any high proof spirit will work well. Also try cough drops if you have them. They contain a local anesthetic similar to many OTC toothache remedies.

    • mary says:

      hey,Dr. Greg, what country are you from? Because here in the good ‘ol U.S. of A., Bayer brand aspirin sells a few different doses of aspirin. Low doses are intended for children and/or heart patients. Plus, haven’t you ever heard of St Joseph’s Baby Aspirin?? Just saying….

      • Dan says:

        I am in the USA. My doctors would not allow aspirin until well into college. There are medications with low doses for children, but they are never aspirin.

        • BDoc says:

          Dan, you are absolutely correct! Aspirin is not given to children due to causing Reye’s syndrome. But there are exceptions like a child with Kawasaki disease. Unless otherwise, Aspirin is not given to those under age 16!

          • BMetz says:

            I’m 47, and many times over my childhood we were all given childrens aspirin, heck I even downed a whole bottle and had to get my stomach pumped, and never came down with anything from it when I was around 4. If the cases are rare I’ld rather have them as a child then most these other pills that are on the market now-a-days that have a lot worse side effects and later on problems, i.e. kidney, liver, heart attacks, so on.

          • Ta says:

            You can give aspirin to kids. It’s only if they have a fever, then you DO NOT treat it with aspirin.

          • Carol says:

            My cousin got reyes syndrome from his mom giving him baby asprin it happens!!

          • Kim - Pharmacist says:

            Baby aspirin should not be given to children with a fever, flu, virus or chicken pox because it can cause Reye’s Syndrome in children with those conditions (so can Pepto Bismol because it contains salicylates which are the main ingredients in aspirin).

    • lake2 says:

      I agree, I’m a nurse…baby aspirin only means low dose aspirin….not intended for children

  8. amber says:

    its 3am and i woke up crying in pain i have tried mouthwash and salt water and neither helped and i have nothing else on the list besides ice so im currently trying that. in hopes the Ibuprofen will kick in but thank you for posting this cuz im sure it would be helpful if i had anything on it!

  9. Hope says:

    Do not leave the goody powder in your mouth very long. It eats the lining of your cheeks and adds to the pain substantially! I made that mistake and am paying for it now. Good luck to you all.

  10. vaseem pasha says:

    thanks u very much for this remedies as it is 2am and i m seating and trying u r remedies which giving me relax

    • kaylee says:

      The raw potato was a fail, salt water ehh somewhat worked. im in pain & plan on attempting all

      • karen burt says:

        hey, kaylee & vaseem, try teabag next
        helped me … I put in mouth on affected tooth for approx 15 min… & DID help me.. take aspirin (regular, cheapo, generic) aspirin….Aspirin helps reduce immflamation if IS any around the tooth, it will help reduce immflammation (swelling), & pain. Going to try the clove next. (lucky enough to have bottle of cloves here for baked hams)…. Good luck girls & I just heated up a small amt. of water with tea bag in it, squezzed it out & place on tooth..helps get u to sleep anyway 🙁

        • Amber Schmidt says:

          I would try aspirin but it thins my blood. Been up all night taking ibuprofen like its candy and using oraljel but none worked I tried the warm saltwater it helped

      • mike c says:

        I cut a small wedge of raw potato dusted in salt a stuffed it into the hole it hurt like hell on nerve at first but then finally no pain… Thank you.

  11. william says:

    well the only way to cure a toothace is to go to the dentis but i have come to find out that crest or any kind of mouthwash help to numb the pain for a little while it helped me to go to sleep

  12. Luke says:

    wow! i owe you my life! i was in insane pain… i tried ibuprofen… i tried orajel(it helped a tiny bit) but i figured why not try some mouthwash that has alot of alcohal in it… left it on the hurting side for about 30-40 seconds wooshed it a little… and im feeling immediate relief!!!

    now i can get atleast 4 hours of sleep before work in the morning.

    • Josh says:

      The best solution for me was a shot of vodka.i got a shot of vodka and put it in my mouth and swirled it around like a mouth wash method for about 5 seconds.then i keep the vodka on the hurting side for about 30 seconds and instant relief…im soooo happy now!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Robert hernandez says:

        cool thing about the vodka mouth wash it that you can drink it afterwards lol

        • colleen says:

          you should NEVER drink what you swished around in your mouth if you have a toothache. if its absessed even alcohol won’t kill the entire infection and you are then taking it in to your body and that can be toxic.

        • Jenn says:

          I was stunned to find a mom say that she put liquor on her baby’s teeth for teething pain. Then I read it is much, MUCH safer than Oragel! I might try it myself now — for this excruciating pain I’m in!

          • Donna says:

            Whiskey is what my great grandma, grandma, mom and I all used for teething. Just a drop rubbed on the gums…works great! Helps with a toothache as an adult also!

  13. Dan says:

    I use Yarrow, which grows in the garden, and wild,
    to kill the pain, and heal my abcessed teeth ( heriditary )
    Mixed with euchinacea, golden seal, elderberry bark, and licorish root
    as tea

    made the pain and the abscess and the puss disappear

  14. Karen says:

    Oh my goodness, thank you SO much for this. I have tried using Orajel and it was basically doing nothing at all for the pain. I tried the suggested vanilla extract on a cotton swab and it took the pain away almost instantly!

  15. cheryl says:

    My husband use apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball got almost instant relief.

  16. Harold says:

    WOW!!!! This realley works……Vanilla Extract: Saturate a cotton ball with vanilla extract and hold in place over problem tooth. Can also use a cotton swab dipped in extract and carefully swab the painful area….thank you so much, feel alot better now, stop hurting soon as i put the vanilla on it

  17. Scotty says:

    I was up at 1 a.m. trying to find some simple and quiet way to make my sensitive toothache go away, at least for the night. I tried basic black pepper and some sea salt and it removed my ache substantially. Pressure on the tooth still hurt but after i did it about 3 times, one after the other dissolved away, even the pressure went down too.

  18. Linda says:

    Clove oil did it for me. Rinse with water and then dip a cute in clove oil and put directly on cavity for about one minute. OMG!! RELIEF!!!

  19. Jerry says:

    It’s 3.00am and I’m trying the vodka technique. It helps almost instantly, not only for the pain, but also the pressure, and it even seems the swelling is going down a bit too.

  20. Paige says:

    I can actually say that the vanilla extract did work!! Thank gosh!! I have been in pain for like an hour now!! I was in tears it hurt so bad!! I even went to the dentist two days ago!!!! I tried washing my mouth, ibprofuen, and codine. Nothing worked!!

  21. joey says:

    after using red cross (pure clove oil) for so long and ibuprofen i think i have become immune lol.so i tried the salt water and it helps a lil.then used mouthwash and kinda iffy on that one.whiskey seems to work just dont swallow lol.really main thing i found that works is goody cool orange.it kicks in quick and last a while.i know i need to go to a dentist but when u are broke and have no ins. its hard to do so if there are anyt other suggestions please i would love to hear before i wind up pulling it myself

    • Jezebel says:

      OK so here is another trick I use Ground Cloves and Vanilla Extract (it has to be pure extract not imitation) mix the two together and make a paste and OMG it works so well and lasts a GOOD while.

    • Ana says:

      Here the community college has free clinic if you let student working with dentist work on you. But takes twice as long check your local college or tech school.

  22. Rory says:

    One I found to work, but not quite long enough, is to take a pinch of salt, and grind it right into the tooth. It kills the pain almost instantly. The only problem: the salt dissolves within seconds.

  23. chelle says:

    With everything use a numbing agent. I have found a few things that worked for me but everyones different nd sone aches are worse then others. Ive found relief alternating between hot nd cold on the outside of my mouth i usually do it at my bathroom sink with just a washcloth. Another thing is saltin crackers u chew them up to a almost swalowing time nd then put on ur tooth i actually just chewed them a little on my good side then finished chewing it on the bad side. The whole idea of that is to coat the tooth or get it into the hole if u got one. Mouth wash works if its a minor toothache for a severe one i recommend taking two extra strength headache pills (the bottle says for toothaches also) but aim for one that has acetaminophen, asprin nd caffine,,caffine is terrific for pain sometimes.

    • Kristan says:

      “American red cross toothache kit” is the ultimate best thing. You can get it from any drug store. But all it is is clove oil. But let me tell it works better than anything.

  24. aileen says:

    After 2 days of antibiotic and a paste of Sensodyne around tooth as Dentist advised, my pain continued. I got instant relief from a Q-tip soaked in vanilla extract as the tip suggested and had instant relief, thank you!

    • Josee says:

      the thing that is good with the vanilla extract is that you can apply it as much as you want. Tynenol,advil stuff like that stops working before its time to take more

  25. Michelle says:

    I tried salt, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, lemon extract, vanilla extract, ibuprophen, acetomenaphen with caffeine, and mouthwash. My tooth doesnt look like it has a cavity. It looks very good actually, just throbs endlessly. Oh, and I also flossed. Nothing has helped.

    • Kimberly says:

      A friend of mine grinds her teeth in her sleep and had the same healthy looking tooth with pain as you do. A dental x ray showed that the grinding caused her tooth to break under the gums.

    • Shelby says:

      Might also be TMJ…The first time mine flared I thought it was a toothache. Finally got the dentist and my teeth were fine. For TMJ hot moist compresses are good and avoid crunchy foods…mine hurt so badly I was curled up in the fetal position crying. It can be caused from grinding/clamping teeth.

      • Jessica says:

        I also use to grind and clench my teeth at night. I would wake up with terrible headaches and sore and tender teeth and gums. Clove oil mixed with olive oil worked wonders for me. Be careful with clove oil as it is very strong and can burn sensitive skin like that on your gums and tongue. I usually mix 10-20 drops of clove oil with a tablespoon of olive oil, then rub the mixture on my gums or soak a cotton ball and apply that to the offending tooth. You can mix it stronger to get a stronger numbing affect but that will increase your risk of burns.

  26. Liz says:

    I tried what I can in this hotel room at 3 am during a hurricane watch and nothing in here works mouthwash crackers salt hot water but I did chew up ice where it hurts and it gutted like hell but took the pain away for a while just kept doing it and it is gone enough for me to sleep;)

  27. CharlieFreak_118 says:

    Great post. Helped me to get past that annoying ache. Try the extract ones. Those seem to be the best working, according to other comments.

  28. jason says:

    i have just tried the salt water then staright away applied lemon extarct and the staright after that i put a ice cube on me gum were tooth was throbbing and it was instant relief try it

    • omolola says:

      Have tried the salt water, mouth wash, alchol and it didn’t work for me. Am always having pains everynight. Plsss I need more tips. I called a friend and she advice that I should go and have the tooth removed. Guess that’s what am gonna do first thing in the morning. Cos the pains is unberable.

  29. Felicia says:

    I tried the apple cider vinegar and had instant relief but about 2 minutes it was back. =/ Tried the salt on a cotton ball applied the the area and nothing. I’m going to do the ACV again and again and again to see if that will do the trick. Pray it does b/c I just cant afford 3,000 for a root canal.

  30. Kim says:

    Thank you so much, I’ve had a severe toothache for a while now, it’s been coming and going for months and last night it finally flared and would not stop. Ive been begging God all morning to help me, to give me strength and to show me how to help myself. After trying numerous drugs (legal of course) and brushing and mouthwash, I ended up on your page and I do believe He sent me here, you’re help has been invaluable in helping me!!! The salt water and vanilla extract are sanity savers!!! Many thanks!

    • Arsha K. N-M says:

      Thank you so much. I had a severe ache in my leftside molar to midback and it was late-12pm and I was asking God and claiming healing too and I believe he guided me here too cause I had no extra cash to go to dentist next day and I felt like my face was going to explored, tried 2 painkillers-asprin, no relief, got on the cell phone search for home remedies, found tipnut, tried warm watered cloth on side of the face, took a small garlic crushed mixed with some saltwater, swoosh ground inside mouth focused on area, in less than 5 minutes, pain is gone. Thank you so much. Gonna try vanilla extract next time, if there is a next time. May God cause this site to grow:-)

  31. andy says:

    natural products are also the best ones for taking care of your mouth on a regular basis.I took your advice to use fresh ginger on my toothache and it DOES help alot! Thanks for this excvellent help!great article.

    • Edwin says:

      The pain was made WORSE when I pressed a fingerful of salt on the aching tooth.

      WHAT FINALLY WORKED for me was when I gently chewed on very thin slices of ginger with my aching tooth and leaving it there to soak for the whole night. When I walk up in the morning, everything was fine and the ginger in my mouth still had that ‘bite’ when I chewed on it. Yucky Eeew but Heavenly Peace!

  32. Cassie says:

    I recently had three teeth worked on and my whole side of my face has been throbbing from being sore. I put the vanilla extract on a Qtip and within seconds the pain went away leaving me time to study without feeling my tooth pain! Thank you soooo much!

  33. Precious says:

    I’ve had a killer toothache for three days. I tried ibuprofen, naproxen, and oxycontin. I also chewed cloves (eww). Nothing worked for long, some not at all. Vanilla extract was instant relief. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

  34. Tanya says:

    I will never have another tooth ache again as long as Garlic is readily available!
    A few years ago, I had a tooth ache that was hurting so bad that I could not sleep. I tried store bought soothers but they didn’t even give me 2 minutes of releif at the time. After searching online, I fould the vanilla trick and that worked for about 1/2 hour to an hour at best. Once again, I took to the internet to find a better remedy and that’s when I decided to go with the garlic. I applied it one time and literally within a few seconds, the pain was gone and nearly forgotten about. The pain returned once after remmoving the garlic and not even immediately after…I’d say about an hour after the garlic was gone. I was hesitant to try the garlic simply because of the smell. The taste wasn’t to much of a factor since i love garlic but still questionable since I was putting it directly in my mouth instead of in a skillet with my dinner. To be honest, the smell and taste only lasted a few minutes which was not a big deal since the pain was gone. Since them I make sure to have garlic on hand at all times. Not only for tooth aches but because there are so many different uses for it. My son has acne really, really bad. I read something online (or one of my many iphone apps) about using garlic to zap acne and to my surprise, the next morning after rubbing garlic on his face, about 50% of the acne was gone. In a few treatments it was completely cleared up! Garlic is the wonder remedy!

    • drew says:

      Its now 2:24 a m I dont have any extracts but I do have a shovel and garlic grows behind my home guess where Im going ?

      • Christian says:

        Omg, I’m in so much pain, but this just cracked me up! I’m looking around thinking what I can use and I too see a shovel, but I’m thinking about asking someone to wack the side of my face!! Please put me out of my misery!! Haha, not really funny though

    • karen burt says:

      Tanya, I take it u used a clove of fresh garlic on tooth??? I don’t always

      keep here :(….. don’t suppose garlic powder) would work, huh??…lol, lol.. I may try the powder on a dampened warm cotten ball…ty 🙂

  35. bethany says:

    i havent tried any of these yet but am in a great deal of pain and i think the best way is to make an appointment at your dentist so they can give you a filling for instant relife.

  36. Chevy says:

    Vodka….. Taaka… Thnks

  37. Tara says:

    Thank you. I tried the mint extract after taking ibuprofen and using orajel to no avail. The extract worked in about 10 seconds. I am ready to cry with relief.

  38. Cindy says:

    Garlic is great,my hubby fixed me garlic soup that in my system was a big help. 🙂

  39. kelly says:

    hey everyone, i was in pain all night, i tried everything and to no avail. i have screaming 1 year twins and no coffee this morning so i was in double pain. i just tried excedrin and it worked fast!!! after 2 painful days this is the only thing worked for me, hope it lasts until i can see the dentist! good luck everyone!

    • nyoka says:

      I have always used excedrin for my toothaches but after about 2 days it quit working for me. I tried the vanilla and it gave me some relief, hope it works till I can get to the dentist.

  40. Jim says:

    Good grief the cloves tip worked for me and I can finally get some sleep!!!! Thanks for this.

    • Linda Anderson says:

      Just wanted to say I just put a clove in by my tooth pain and it is now giving me relief. It is amazing how fast it worked. Thank u

  41. Jen says:

    Tried the vanilla extract. It did work, however not long. I also used Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, rubbed directly on the tooth with my finger and that works as well, but again not for long. I had maybe 30 min relief for each remedy. These are good short-term options in the middle of the night when the dentist office is closed!

  42. laurence hampton says:

    vanilla extract works great. Also I have used excedrin migraine tablets with great results too.

  43. Sara says:

    Thanks everyone for all tha remedies but nothing seems to work for me!!! my tooth craked an im in exscruating pain!! I cant sleep,cant talk,cant eat im jus hopeless i made a appointment to my dentist and he cant see me until next month i really need some help…

    • Jim says:

      Sara –

      Most cities have Emergency Dental offices (just like we have for our pets on weekends and evenings) and they can be a lifesaver for us.

      Good luck!

    • Kevin says:

      If you have a cracked tooth and your dentist won’t see you for a month, it is time to find a new dentist. That is completely unacceptable.

  44. HardestyMom01 says:

    I have a tooth that broke off and the gum is exposed. No ins. etc. So I tried the apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and placed it on the area (three different times) It worked. The pain is gone! It has been 30 minutes and I feel SO MUCH better. (Taste horrible, but who cares! I am pain free!)

  45. volleyball5beast says:

    Another good one that my dad had me try is if you take about half of a tylenol and chew it in the side of the mouth your toothache is on. It really does help. Relieves any swelling on the gums and relieved the pain :))

  46. abby says:

    After hours of no sleep! I tried the black pepper n salt n the pain literally disappeared. Thank you so much!!

  47. Louise says:

    Oh my God. I love you. The vanilla worked right away. I love you I love you!

  48. Dean says:

    Hi. I tried the vanilla extract on a q-tip and cotton ball and it provided some relief. I swished some extract around in my mouth for a minute and the pain went from a 10 to a 2 or 3.

    The weird part it the tooth that hurts had a root canal last year.

  49. Nancy says:

    Thank you so much. The vanilla extract worked great. What a relief !! I have a dental appt. next week.

  50. charlene says:

    thank you so much using vanilla extract..i so dislike any type of painkillers

  51. Christal says:

    Thank you so much. Vanilla Extract works for me.

  52. Lisa says:

    I had Severe (make you cry or commit murder pain) .. Oragel pm caked all over, nothing, in fact it seemed to be getting worse, felt like exposed nerve pain (this is the tooth I paid approx $3000 to have root canal and whitecap it … Anyway, been popping Advil like chicklets .. Heating pad out, then ice, nothing was working .. Started googling … Seen garlic … Well couldn’t find my fresh garlic handheld press thingie so o began slicing it on top of a gause pad hoping to collect the juice .. Prolly seconds later in agony I just grab the raw garlic and rubbed ir in in nd outside of gums … Then proceeded to chew on it .. Ouch! But I did manage to chomp up quite a few cloves on other side of mouth getting juices in between teeth and rubbed all the chewed up garlic all over my tooth and the teeth near it … Sounds gross, kinda was, tasted yucky, even burned a little but Nothing compared to the pain before … I feel human again … Like I’m not actually dying lol, yes a bit dramatic but I’m telling you the pin was Severe!! Best luck … Will also be Irving the extracts a whirl if needed … Thanks for sharing.

  53. Mylissa says:

    OMG was I in pain… and it sucked… For me 3 ibuprofen and a handful of grapes worked wonders. Love it! The grapes work like a natural numbing agent while you are waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in. Now I have to make an appt with the dentist and bare the cost of that, but anyways… at least im not in pain now!

  54. Bec says:

    Help! Nothing is working 🙁

  55. Kita says:

    It seems as if the salt water and vanilla extract isnt working… My husband is in so much pain =(((((((((( HELP!

    • janet buchholz says:

      i was in so much pain i was crying, at 5:00 am i went on the computer and looked up home remedies for tooth ache . i found one and it worked.I tried the salt water and it was a short lived remedies then i tried the vanilla extract and it worked. THANKYOU!!!!!!!

  56. conniebaby says:

    I am suffering right now and my daughter swears that lemon extract works like a charm. I think I will be trying this remedy asap and hope that it works for me. I feel like crying right now.

  57. bri617 says:

    I am no stranger to toothpain. I have a huge hole plus a crack in my tooth..omg the mind numbing pain. But a lil trick that help subside the pain temporarely is soda. Yes i said soda coke a cola to be specific .take a sip garggle abit around the affected area and presto instant pain relief for a few repeat repeat repeat,,not the best but when yu r on the go yu can allways find sida at a store or t stop,,best of luck

    • mela says:

      Water does the same thing, so don’t use Coke, it’ll probably make the problem worse. Swishing works, but doesn’t last long after you stop. I tried ground clove powder on the tooth and gum. It worked great. Hours later I still feel fine. Hurray!!

  58. Evan O'Leary says:

    Thanks to vodka seemed to die it down any way can still feel it from time to time so if it comes back ill try salt water or tea.

  59. Kyle Meikle says:

    I tried whiskey before and that does the trick as well as the cloves, but had none in my house and was coming close to smashing my head of the wall with the pain. Tried the garlic from this and about 10-15 seconds the pain was gone. Awesome tricks here 🙂

  60. Karen says:

    Hold an ice cube on your hand between your thumb and pointer finger. I don’t know why it works but it almost immediately stops the pain. Spread your thumb and finger and hold the ice in that webby part of your hand. Of course, it’s temporary relief but when you have a toothache, any relief from the pain is most welcome.

  61. jessica says:

    I have tried everything and nothing is working. I have no dental insurance so went to er. Doc was n for 5 mins prescribed tylenol 3’s with codine n an antibiotic. Been taking those around the clock with no relief. I have barely ate n the past 48 hrs n can’t barely swallow drinks. I tried the tea bag thing and orajel it doesn’t work n now its to the point I can’t even bare it. If I barely hit it with the side of my tongue I’m in even more pain. If I lay down I end up n tears from it throbbing with pain. Please help me find something!!!!

  62. Marc says:

    I haven’t much of the ingredients on the list, but I did have the apple cider and garlic. I tried the cider first and got instant relief, but only for about 5-mins. Tied it again, but didn’t get the same results as before. I then tried chewing on some garlic (on the good side, then moved the bits to the bad). It’s not the instant pain killer of the cider, but it’s lasting a lot longer and the pain is now tolerable (from a 10 to about a 2 or 3). I’m not sure which tastes worse, however, the pain isn’t keeping me awake any longer.

    Thank you – I can now get some needed shuteye.

  63. heather says:

    let me tell you. i have been up all night long with the worst toothache EVER. so i google how to get rid of it. and it brout up this sight. i tried the paroxide and omg it worked!!! i cant tell you how thankful i am thank a bunch!!!

  64. michelle says:

    Thanks so much!!! Havent been able to sleep for going on 4and nights, tried, everything, vinilla extract did the trick right away! Thank you!

  65. Christa says:

    Last week I went in for a standard tooth cleaning. Thanks to my dentist poking and prodding at a tiny hole in my molar (which never bothered me before), I have been in excruciating pain for the past week. Anything I eat or drink bothers it. Orajel works for 30 seconds. Took 2 325mg aspirin and I am about to pull out the vanilla and almond extracts. Praying these work. Can’t afford the root canal or crown, but I will definitely pay to have it pulled out of my face! There’s nothing more unbearable than a toothache. And I’ve been hit by a car, had 2 back labors, fell from a 18ft tree, etc. Nothing compares to this… Hope everyone finds relief.

  66. Kita says:

    VANILLA EXTRACT!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus for this site

  67. Miz says:

    I recently had my tooth filled last Friday and I have just been having really bad tooth ache tonight :'(.
    I have tried putting an ice pack, warm water, panadol and ginger but nothing is working :”'( i have a 9 week old baby and this pain doesn’t help with my early mornings. And. I can’t find any vanilla extract in my pantry.HELP!!!!

  68. Katie says:

    Orajel and vanilla extract worked pretty good. It’s not totally gone but enough where I can sleep and with three babies under 5 I will take it!

  69. Bdoll says:

    This site saved my sanity. I was so desperate (why do tooth aches always spring up in the middle of the night on a holiday?) I was trying everything. Some of the remedies lessened the pain, but the only one that took it away was the clove oil. I was losing my mind.

    • Krystal says:

      where did you find clove oil?? thanks for any help

      • Monica says:

        I realize this is may be late, but if you can find a health food store, they usually have essential oils somewhere in the body/skin care section.

      • Rhonda says:

        I got my clove oil from the pharmacist at local Wal-Mart. I dip a Q-tip into the clove oil and swab my gums and teeth. Do not swallow the clove oil – spit any excess out. Yes, it seems I have more than one tooth that hurts. Gonna have to see a dentist but no insurance so putting it off. Hope you get some relief.

  70. claire says:

    hi i have been up all night in agony with a broken tooth painkillers and anti biotics just wasnt touching the pain so i found this website i had a look in.my kitchen and all i had was garlic paste and salt so i added it together and made a paste rubbed all over and around my tooth left it for aslong as i could washed nmy mouth out and the pain has nearly gone completly definitly reccomend it just hope it lasts long enough to get some sleep

  71. andy says:

    I have had a broken tooth since December 2011. I have made it to August 2012 before having to see a dentist because it got infected. Stopped using flouride toothpaste. Added Crest Pro Health alcohol free mouthwash. Found Newmans Own Limeade to be best pain relief for throbbing. Takes about an hour. Orange juice works too, but rinse acid out with water. I drink a full quart, I sleep fine all night. Tooth didn’t heal on its own.

  72. Lebo says:

    Thank the good Lord for Lemon extract =D! & to everybody that recommended it, feel a whole lot better!

  73. Joann says:

    WOW what a relief as I sit at my desk the pain was throbbing. My co-worker went to lunch and brought me back vanilla extract. I am SO HAPPY it worked. Thank you for sharing this remedy. I would never had thought to use that!!!!! thank you very much!!!

  74. Seth says:

    I have a broken top Rt wisdom tooth killing me I’ve fried everything on here no relief at all I even took a 15mg morphine tab from my cancer treatment still nothing I think the nerves are showing causing the pain even severe headache plz HELP!!!

    • Justin says:

      I too had an exposed nerve that made me almost want to kill myself..went the store and got some clove oil..very gross and doesnt really help something severe…so i got desperate and chewed up some bread and made sure some got in the hole and stayed..after about 5-10 mins nearly no pain at all !

  75. ammaera says:

    That is a very gud blog, these remedies are really very effective, i tried Apple cider vinegar remedy and it made my mom tooth ache disappear in just 3 mins. Thanks

  76. TroubledToad says:

    Home made clove oil works the best for me. Take a handful of whole cloves and put in a jar with an airtight lid. Add olive oil to just cover the cloves. Let sit in dark place for at least two weeks before use. Then just dip a q-tip in and rub on gums or bite down softly on tooth. Works wonders in just minutes.

  77. CiCu says:

    Well like so many on this page I’ve woken up at wee hours of the morning with real regret being such a candy lover. I only have asprin as my tried an true saviour for tooth pain. I realize it’s not the best idea but I dissolve an asprin right on the broken, infected or cavity area and in a few minutes the pain goes away for a couple hours. I will be hitting up my neighbors for extracts though see how that’s working. Thankx for being here in the early A.M.

  78. Nic says:

    Normally I’m a garlic girl. One clove, cut in half, chomp down on it so the affected tooth is hugging the raw end. It stings at first but don’t stop. You may even go through a few cloves depending on the severity. Not only does this erase the pain, the natural antibiotic properties of garlic actually begins healing the cause of the toothache. Unfortunately I woke with an ache this morning and I had used all my garlic in a recipe 2 nights ago. Argh! The vanilla extract tip is currently easing the pain. Garlic is far superior, but this suggestion is doing the trick until garlic comes my way 🙂

  79. Charlotte says:

    Garlic worked for me… i put a thin slice between my cheek & gum and within second the pain was gone. Thanx and good night.

  80. dave says:

    Ice pack work somewhat if can get it stay well laying down

  81. enko says:

    I had the worst pain my filling fell out and know there is a hole and the pain is unbearable.

    I used garlic and it worked!!!

    know I have garlic on my wallpaper on phone and computer thats how much I love garlic.

  82. Cibittler says:

    Although it is slightly crude and not always effective on fully alleviating minor toothache pain levels, I find that a foolproof way to beat _excruciating_ levels of toothache pain is to INHALE COLD AIR directly onto the affected tooth. This might be a better bet for situations when it is not feasible to be using cotton balls in one’s mouth, such as job interviews or movie theaters. Though not a total remedy for all levels of toothache pain, inhaling cold air does seem to be foolproof for agonistic levels.

  83. samantha says:

    Does minced garlic and garlic salt and stuff work the same as garlic cloves

  84. samantha says:

    I was up all night with the worst tooth ache in my life overdosed on aspirin trying to make it go away!!!! Anyways tried everything I could find in the house from salt water, oragel, minced garlic, since I didn’t have cloves, saltt water worked for 1/2 hr but kept waking me up even tea tree oil did not work at all, finally a friend brougnt me some clove oil and that stuff worked like a charm took a min for it to set in but I just woke up and im not feeling any pain at all!!! Thank You So Much!!!!

  85. Katie says:

    ok got my first cavity in years i have a temporary filling in it right now but the pain is still horrible i tried the vannilia and it was temporary same with the salt water and i have a high tolerance for pain and pain meds so codine isnt helping either or oragel and the ice works to a point as long as my face is plastered to it this sucks and i have to be able to take the remedy to school with me since we have a zero tolerance for meds at my school any ideas>?>>??????

  86. Elle says:

    I’ve got to chime in here. The vanilla extract is working like a charm. Thank you for the relief!

  87. cathrine ledoux says:

    My big baby of a boyfriend has had a toothache off and on for months. He just thinks because it doeant hurt him all the time its ok. WRONG! For the last two days he has been suffering with extreme pain. I came across this post and tried salt water…nothing. The peppermint extract is what we’re trying right this moment and it seems to be working. He said it burns like hell, but im assuming its working cause he isnt whining anymore! Thank you sooooo much. Btw, he has an appt with the dentist tomorrow morning.

  88. antoinette says:

    i was up all nite with tooth pain in 2 different teeth…ibuprofen didnt work so i checwed on ginger root(it numbed it some)…then proceded to get dress and drove to the near drug store and picked clove oil and naproxen(aleve)…THIS IS WHAT STOPPED MY PAIN….the clover oil relaxed the swellin in my gums long enough for the 2 aleve to kick in…when the pills began working suddenly i was pain free….i was so happy that i slept all day…

  89. Jesse says:

    CLOVES!!! OMG thank u. works so well

  90. gertrude says:

    i consider my self to be really unlucky when it comes to toothaches after having had five teeth removed i continue to struggle with cavaties…(its quite expensive in my home country zambia to go to the dentist)i can safely say nothing hurts as much as a toothache you literally feel like you are going to go mad last time my tooth was pulled out(wisdom) i had to have 12 dayz off ended up getting stiches n all…anyway been struggling with another tooth ache and i landed up on this site all i can say is thank you the home remedies relly work i tried the salT solution immediately the pain was better then used the vanilla extract amazing thank yu guyz….QUICK QUESTION THOUGH DONT GET HOW THE ICE WORKS ESPECIALLY FOR THE CAVATIES THE WHOLE REASON THE TOOTH ACHES IS COZ THE NERVES ARE BEING EXPOSED TO THE WIND AND COLD RITE KEEPING IT WARM SEEMS TO ME LIKE THE IDEAL SOLUTION …..I THINK

  91. judy says:

    I woke up one morning with the entire right side of my face swollen. I took olive leaf extract (available at GNC or other supplement stores) & within 12 hours all the swelling/pain was gone. The dental school which scheduled an emergency appointment for me was amazed. Olive leaf extract can be used as an antibiotic or taken on a daily basis to promote well being.

  92. Rob says:

    The vanilla extract works, but only for a small amount of time. Seems to work for only about 10/15 minutes or less. Just took me a lortab and am waiting for that to kick in, if not, off to get me some vodka.
    Thanks for the tips, bookmarking right now!

  93. Al says:

    Vanilla extract works amazing, the pain was gone instantly I put a little on a small peice of paper towel and put it in my cheek next to the sore tooth and the pain disipeared and the longer it was there so did the pressure
    thank you so much everyone now I can get some sleep

  94. Nany says:

    Hi everybody and thank you for this page! I want to share my own experience with that kind of pain that always happens at night and/or during weekends or public holidays!!!
    Right now I feel excruciating pain under a crown where I already had a root canal. That’s weird! So I don’t know where the pain comes from exactly. My dentist on the phone told me that it could be from grinding and clenching at night, but I’m skeptical because the pain is really terrible (and I had toothaches very often in my life), there I can feel the throbbing and the pain in my ear, head and in my throat as well. Here are my ways of dealing with this pain.
    First, I have some effervescent Aspirin I brought back from Europe and it works well: when it’s dissolving I use it like a mouthwash, keeping the solution against my sore tooth/crown and it’s really doing the trick. One can do that as well with regular Aspirin dissolved in a small glass of water.
    Another good trick is using Vanilla extract: you put it on a Q-tip and massage delicately around the gum at the place of the tooth/teeth, you can also put the Vanilla extract on half a cotton ball and place it directly against the tooth and keep it a little while.
    I also have another trick that works for me, it’s regular wine vinegar: put it on a large cotton pad, let it stay in the freezer for a few minutes and then put it on your cheek (outside). It is for the swelling (if there’s any) of the cheek (it happens frequently with toothaches), the vinegar is astringent and it helps a lot to reduce the swelling on your face.
    There’s also one thing(for people living in other places than the US) it’s Synthol. That’s a liquid medication used for soreness in general: muscle pain, insect bites, all kind of stuff… For toothache, if you put some pure Synthol on a piece of cotton and apply it directly on your sore tooth/gum it works wonders; don’t swallow it of course. You can also rinse with Synthol (added some warm water) and it’s a good way to get rid of the pain and to disinfect your mouth. The taste of Synthol is strong, but it’s okay.
    Finally, chewing some cloves has an anesthetic effect and it can really bring you relief pretty fast, take care not to swallow them whole (!) since they’re sharp and can cause some scratch in your throat and esophagus.
    There… I’m done, sorry for the lengthy explanations; I wish you find good relief for your pain, I know that toothaches are so unbearable. Thank you for reading me!

  95. Kyndall says:

    I currently have two teeth that are broken, and the one thing that makes them hurt the worst is air getting in them just right. I found a fix… clear finger nail polish (or any color you prefer). It doesn’t really treat the pain but it keeps the air out that causes some of the pain.

  96. Sandra says:

    years ago i had a bad abcessed tooth i tried every otc pain medication i could find.Only one that did work great was Anacin took the pain right out.Got to a dentist and he pulled the tooth after i took antibiotics for a week.With Anacin i could sleep.

  97. Dave says:

    vanilla extract is definitely helping. after a few hours of walking back and forth around the house from the crazy pain, it finally is going down. thanks so much all!

    • Nick says:

      I have tried nearly all of those listed above and after many failures,,
      , I found one that worked. CLOVE OIL. I can attest to its effectiveness.
      If nothing else works for you, but try clove oil. Works nearly instantly. Careful though, clove oil can be toxic in too high of doses.

      • Diana says:

        yes the clove oil has worked for me in the past, however over the years, “used my last drop”~~~~~~~I was freaking out with pain about 30 min ago—went for the ” Vanilla extract” and reading all of these posts has really made me feel better..**) Thank you !!

  98. Jasmin says:

    Was in terrible pain last night & tried all of these ideas, finally a mixture of clove oil, vanilla extract a excedrine migrane & a bag if frozen brocolli plastered on the side of my face gave me enough relief to fall asleep. Thanks

  99. Carol says:

    Desperation brought me here , had an nerve taking out and the pain is worse than the toothache was , just tried your tip for the vanilla and it seems to be helping , this is the first time today the pain has eased .19/10/2012.

  100. nikki says:

    I have a severe broken tooth, the pain is unbareable after taking iburofen and co-codamol the pain was still excruciating. Much to my “luck” I had non of the above at hand and 2 small babies asleep in bed. Unable to get to a shop I tryed salt water. It didn’t work.

  101. anon says:

    Unorthodox, but miracle cure..

    The webbed skin between your thumb and index finger where it forms a V. Take an ice cube and apply and rub the ice cube on this area for about 3-5 minutes, you will gradually notice the pain in your tooth start to subside!

  102. Debbie says:

    Am in extreme pain right now with a toothache on the left upper side. I’ve been putting off going to the dentist. No vanilla extract in the house so I just swished with mouth wash which seems to have helped. The pain has lessened considerabley. I’m also taking acetaminophen. Maximum strength Orajel doesn’t really help. Just anxious to get to the morning to go to the dentist and have this sucker pulled!

  103. Krys says:

    the tea bag method worked! thanks for the tip 🙂

  104. Melissa says:

    My husband woke up in terrible pain from a tooth that has been giving him problems for months. When a grown man crys u know its hurting BAD!! We tried orajel, salt water, etc. Nothing seemed to work!! That’s when I found this web site!! I read all the reviews and we decided to try the vanilla extract and almost instantly the pain was gone!! He is finally sleeping since its 4am and he’s been up all night with this toothache!! Thank The Lord for this website and vanilla extract!!!! Orajel $6.00 a tube, vanilla extract PRICELESS!!

  105. Greg says:

    Came home to visit my 83 year mother, who i found in lots of pain. Gave her a couple q tips and the vanilla extract… five mins later she was 100% better. She does not take any medicines easily, so the fact that the vanilla is a natural product, she was open to apply generously. ha ha 10/29/2012

  106. Teresa says:

    Hello! I was in pain and i took a hydrocodone, but it seem to have made it worse, or either it took too long to kick in, but anyway i hate taking pills, i didnt have any extracts from what i’ve read they are the best, but i did try the apple cider vinegar..it helped a lot and fast too! you are a life saver!!! Thanks you!!!

  107. Tin says:

    THANK YOU! I’ve been up since 11pm (it’s 4am now) and have almost taken the risk of overdosing myself with mefanamic acid (no ibuprofen at this hour) and have tried ice and warm water with salt and even coating the entire teeth and gum area with Pyralvex to no avail. I think I’ve ran out tears and have even whimpered pathetically with hopes of sleep.. Till I read your post. I rushed to the cupboard and found vanilla extract from good ol’ McCormick and it DID WORK! The throbbing and mind blowing pain receded instantly! It’s the holidays and my dentist is off work but I think I can catch a li’l bit of sleep now.. Just a li’l pain in my tummy from the pills I took but it’s a walk in the park compared to the toothache I had awhile ago. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  108. sweets says:

    thank you soo much for the remedies but only clove oil worked and had to keep on applyin every hour or the pain would come back

  109. faith says:

    I tried olive leaf extract before reading this post. It seems to help with some pain and has antioxidants. So you get immune support at the same time. Wouldn’t suggest for long term use.

  110. Kaitlyn says:

    I was crying for about an hour with the worst intense pain ever. Omg the extract worked. Thanks so much

  111. Katie says:

    Had horrendous toothache for 3 days now! been putting off going to the dentist,but had the out of hours number ready tonight just incase….tried the lemon extract and i gotta say, it worked, !! wasnt expecting it too tbh…the pain hasnt fully gone, but its alot less intense than it was!

  112. Kellymarie says:

    After having very bad toothache for 4 days and affraid to go to the dentist , i tryed paracetamol , bonjela but nothing worked . My mother in law then brought me a small bottle of clove oil and within seconds of putting it on my tooth a few seconds later and instant relife 🙂 just to make sure i have a decent night sleep i also peeled a clove of garlic and bit into it and swallowed the oil ( not the best tasting ) but deffo works 🙂

  113. Ashley says:

    Thank you soo much! This was very helpful! I’ve been in excruciating pain all day w/ this tooth. Usually Aleve helps..but not this time :/ I just tried the apple cider vinegar and I thought it helped for a second, but I think I was wrong lol. The pepper and salt seemed to help a bit, and the garlic really really took the edge off! What a life saver :)I also just tumbled on hand reflexology (thank u pinterest) and it says that on the inside of your hand, middle finger, under the knuckle area, left side of the finger…is for upper tooth pain, and right side is for lower…sounds crazy but it worked instantly!! Good luck and thanks again!!

  114. Traci says:

    My daughter was suffering from a toothache tonight. While waiting for Ibuprofin to work, she tried salt water and mouthwash. They helped a little, but she was still at a 9 for pain. I talked her into trying garlic. We were both relieved and surprised that it worked!

  115. Maka says:

    How long do I have to hold the cotton ball of vanilla extract on my tooth ?

  116. Meighan says:

    I’ve been up for the past 2 days with an excruciating tooth ache. every time I tried to sleep I would pass out for about 20-30 mins then wake up to intense throbbing in my tooth. I came upon this website like every other person suffering from a toothache in the wee hours of the morning and I tried the vanilla extract and it worked! it took the pain from 10 to 2-3. thank you soo much. I’m going to go to the store tomorrow and pick up some garlic just incase (:

  117. Jonesy says:

    My tooth was hurting so. so bad that I wanted to chop my head off. My sister told me to rub anything I had for arthritis, on my jaw. I found some liniment
    in my medicine caninet and rubbed it on my jaw and OMG instant relief.

  118. Jonesy says:

    A comment on using liniment or something for arthritis for you bad toothache, please make sure you rub it on the outside of your jaw, definitely not on the inside. I forgot to mention this.

  119. Giselle says:

    Throbbing, deep pain. Applied vanilla took a bit of the pain away. Will try ice shortly. Will keep you posted.

  120. dusty says:

    have tried everything still hurts

    • Advisor-ZIMBABWE says:

      The go for COCONUT OIL – (100% pure coconut if possible) – I was like to buy a bottle from a local Arabic shop but some Pharmacies also keep other brands of coconut oil. try to swoosh half. Teaspoon at time directly onto the affected area !!

  121. Shannon says:

    I have been pacing the floor and screaming into a towel for two hours due to a tooth that very badly needs a root canal (which I can’t get untill my insurance resets in January). I took Ibuprofen and Acetametophin, even used Orajel and still had excruciating, throbbing pain. Tried the mouthwash, got instant relief! Thank you, now I might be able to get to sleep!!!

  122. Antony says:

    Reading this makes me feel better!

  123. Ajay says:

    Thanks Heaps! The Vanilla Extract brought the pain down 🙂

  124. jeffery says:

    wel,l guys have had my teeth pain for about 6 years cant afford the dentist and wanted to let u guys know my trick works well pain gone instantly i should know 3 shattered teeth all the way to the gums 5 other broken teeth well here it is EVOO[extra virgin olive oil] ,ground cinnamon, vinnila extract,vodka,lemon juice, not to bad on taste just mix togther and use it like mouth wash hope this helps

  125. Alicia says:

    I’ve had Pure Vanilla Extract soaked on a cotton ball in my mouth for 10 minutes and the pain is going away! If the pain comes back I will be trying garlic next.

    Thank you so much!

  126. Alyssa says:

    I’ve had some severe tooth pain the past few days- which is a nightmare, because I’m in college, and our finals are next week. In addition, I have a holiday mixer tonight, and definitely wanted to relieve some of the pain so I could focus. Being a college freshman, I don’t have quick dental access and have no money to spend trying various remedies. I’m limited to what’s in my dorm. So I mixed a tiny bit of spearmint rubbing alcohol with warm water, and swished it a few times. Instant relief! I feel better than I have in days, even taking Tylenol etc.

  127. Kelly says:

    I have tried everything possible! Lost filing plus 2 molars broke down to the gum…I made hungarian potato soup tonight and added extra salt. The warm very soft potato pieces relieved some pain shockingly! I bought Sucret cough drops earlier today and sucked on 2 at a time every few hours for a small amount of relief. I’m also taking ACV capsules 2x a day and golden seal with echinacia incase any sinus infection is affecting the teeth. Also pseudophedrine. Thepain in my ear starts hurting then the teeth. So much pain!

  128. Andrea says:

    Thanks so much! I’ve been having a wisdom tooth growing in and lately,it’s decide to wak me up to head pounding pain! Ibprofene doesnt work, Im too used to it. And tylenol is taking quite awhile to kick in and do anything. Oral Jel Liquid (which i found was strongest of them all previously) Didnt do anything, nor the Pm. I tried the vanilla extract,but it didnt work (I have artifical) so in desperation I tried swishing vodka around my mouth and I felt instant relief! There is still pain,but not as severe as before. Also, I’ve heard that Red Cross kills the nerve in the tooth (friend in the states told me that. Im in canada) but defenately will be trying the other remedies!

  129. Donald says:

    Thanks apple cider viniger did the trick

  130. Omar says:

    Tequila worked right now…

  131. heatherfg says:

    My hubby first switched vodka, then applied a paste of pure vanilla extract and ground cloves. He said the relief was soooo quick! Thanks for the ideas:)

  132. tonya says:

    I have a cap on my bottom right back tooth, went to er tonight they did blood test said everything blood whise is ok but it looks like i have a golf ball in my cheek, last week they removed upper right tooth I think infection is running around my mouth I’m on ampicillin 250 mg x 2 a day. I will tell you I wanted and have pulled my own tooth out with wire cutters years ago I understand the pain.when morphine, and opana and tran does not work you just want to die. So i had garlic lots of it I smooshed it on gauze with a cup to get the oil I swear on my sanity it worked also found chewing raw garlic helps to it burns like acid but I will put my life on it garlic works. THANK YOU ALL FOR THIS SITE MERRY CHRISTMAS !

  133. Fiona says:

    Have had pain on and off for 2 weeks, but over Christmas, it started getting constant. I saw a dentist yesterday (27 of Dec) and my wisdom teeth are rotton and need to come out, no abcess luckily. Started on penacillan 500mg tds and suggested to take neurophen plus. (ibrufen and codeine) The pain got sevre in the evening, I tried everything including neurophen plus, panadol, mouthwash, flossing, fluriode. Nothing worked. At bedtime I again dosed up on pain killers, a sleeping tablet, a few swill of whiskey and went to bed, but 1.5 hrs later the pain was still keeping me awake. I swashed some whiskey with little effect.The pain ws sevre enough I was contimplating going to Emergency. I fell alseep on the couch in frount of the TV but the pain woke me up 10mins later. I then found this website, but unfortunatly my mother in law has no essence in her cuboard (just everything else. The apple cider vinger had little effect. Then I saw she had peppermint tea. So i made a cup (I hate the taste), but the warm/hot tea bag on the sore teeth) then once the bag was cold I drank the tea. I then lay down and prayed the pain would subside. Next thing I woke up 1.5 hrs later the pain was now bearable. I then went to bed and slept the rest of the night. Thank goodness I found this website!

  134. Annelise says:

    THANK YOU! It is 2:20 am and I just tried chewing ginger, rinsing with bourbon and almond extract. Gross combination of flavors, but oh the sweet relief. I can go to sleep now.

  135. terri says:

    so here i am on this website, because everyone was in the same position as i was about ten minutes ago. i was running around my house moaning so loud that even my neighbors heard me, i am sure! i hate toothaches. my husband is in the military – and still, no decent dental coverage that’ll allow me to get my back two teeth fixed. i have an exposed tooth, meaning, that the top of the tooth cracked and all of it fell out – except for the bottom half of my tooth which is still in my mouth. what worked for me was INSTANT – i took a piece of bread and chewed on it with that tooth, it shoots a HORRIBLE pain through your entire body [because of the exposed nerve] and as SOON as the pain shoots, you suck the piece of bread out of the hole in your tooth and BAM – relief. works like a charm every single time.

    the nerve in your tooth is to one side and is putting pressure on itself by sitting a certain way – hence why toothaches pop up out of nowhere. when you suck [just the tooth part, hard to explain, sort of suck on your cheek on the side that the tooth is on] it moves the nerve.

    oh, and prayer. definitely prayer. 🙂

    • Marcus says:

      Yes, on both counts, 1. praying to God in the name of Jesus of Nazareth can change any negative into a positive.

      Also, 2. that bread thing has to work for just about any toothache for which the affected tooth is not sunk partly or completely into the gums. Just fold the bread and bite into it with the affected tooth. Most of the time this should bring instant relief. I think it allows you to reset from the continual pain.


      Cayenne powder works for all but the advanced toothaches or the toothaches that are heat sensitive. If your toothache hurts with heat, then forget about this one.

      Almond Extract works great and has to be the best tasting remedy(cherry) of the bunch.

      Equate PM Blue Pill(Extra Strength, I believe) used to use them for incredible toothache pain, but not sure if they still make them.

  136. Stphen says:

    Oh thank you man, you helped me so much! Thanks again

  137. lynne says:

    just had to confirm that vanilla extract is a miraculous fix…..was almost on my way to the hospital the pain was so bad……you definitely have to hold the cotton ball soaked in vanilla for five minutes so it gets into the hurting area….give it a try!!

  138. Rebecca says:

    Tried the salt water it made it worse, orajel isnt working any more, Vanilla extract is doing the trick soooo far, ALSO before i found this site i sprayed my tooth with sore throat spray and it helps also!!! spit it out dont swallow it

  139. george says:

    whoops!! i thought i was dead. my toothache was severely painful,but when i visited ur page,many thanx 2 u!! i have had my relief.the salt mixed with warm water sent me safely & soundly 2 ma bed.

  140. Lindsay says:

    I’ve tried ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, ice, whiskey, warm salt water, oragel, numbing spray and a tea bag. I’m about to try mouthwash. That’s all of the things I have on me. 🙁 This is killer.

  141. solo samba says:

    VODKA…keep it in your mouth and slosh onto the problem area, literally hold in mouth for as long as poss (5-10 mins I managed) numbs and sooths x

  142. Kaitlyn says:

    I have two broken molars with the nerve exposed. Only one of them is bothering, but I makes my hole mouth hurt. I’ve been in agony for days.

    no basic pain reliever helped at all. Not tylenol, advil, aleve.. none of it.
    Vicodin helped a little.

    Oralgel is a joke. And did nothing but make me drool…a lot.
    Ice helped slightly.

    I tried the vanilla extract and was finally able to sleep after two days.

    Now only two more 10 hour work days until I go to the dentist.
    Hopefully it continues to work until then.

  143. Wendylove says:

    about to try sum of the remedies….. I pray it works….cos am really in pain.

  144. Jon A. says:

    Wow! So many with such similar results…how is it possible not to have heard of these before…Vanilla Extract!!!! W/ Vodka W/ Tea Bag !!!! …IT WORKS GREAT!!!! THANK YOU!!! Now everyone go tell a friend!!!!

  145. GogginsOrtega says:

    I can not stand for my love ones to be in pain as my husband flipped and flopped and I began to cry I around the internet on my phone and the Lord put us here! Sprinted to our kitchen for almond extract and thank you Holy trinity at 0731 I can attempt to lay next to my devine Husband as he finally sleeps like a baby!

  146. sasha says:

    Feeling like taking a hammer to my Mouth! I tried all of the above and all i can say is god bless garlic

  147. That Guy says:

    I put a plastic ice pack in my mouth. It is around my tooth. Tastes like crap but non- toxic. Cuttently treating right now. PaiN is gone. I just can’t sleep cause i have a 2 pound cold compress in my mouth.11,59 PM E.T. 01-20-2013 LoL’z

  148. ShelliBelli says:


  149. Cokema M. says:

    I have a broken left molar and I had it temporarily filled because I was pregnant. I planned to have the tooth removed after the baby was born, but due to me breastfeeding and my fear of meds being passed I never went. NOW, here I sit at 6:42 am and I was looking for a remedy to try while I find a doctor (just got married and moved from NY to NC). Looking at what a majority have mentioned (garlic, lemon/vanilla extract) I happened to only see maybe 2 suggestions for salt/pepper. I tried it and almost INSTANTLY the pain went away. All I did was wet my hand a little (I mean really little) and poured tabled salt and pepper on top. I dabbed my finger in the mixture and rubbed it all over the pain site and it WORKED!!! After freezing air, food, and drinks have been keeping me up with a terrible earache I can say this 1 little remedy WORKS.

  150. karmen says:

    Woke up at 3:30 am with a throbbing toothache due to a cavity that’s been giving all kind of pain for days. finally after 3 different pain killers i went online and found this site. thank god and so grateful. i tried rinses and alcohol but didnt do it for me but i tried the extract of lemon and ginger root with warm tea within seconds relief and then after tea was done i chewed ginger pieces with lemon juice on them 2 hrs later an still relaxed and pain free. i can finally go back to sleep and its now 9:27 am. thanks for posting this.

  151. Ray says:

    Tried whiskey but it didn’t help. Later tried the vanilla on a piece of cotton from a vit c bottle.

    Had to leave the cotton by the bad tooth and every few minutes bite down on the cotton to release some vanilla extract. Let the liquid bathe the tooth and gums in the sore area. Did this a few times and pain went down from a 9 to a 2.

    Two hours later I did the same with peppermint extract and now the pain has been completely gone for 5 hours and the swelling in the gums is gone too!

    Thank you for these tips.

    • JenLC says:

      OUUUUCCCHHHH!!!! On Wednesday noticed cap coming loose and food getting down inside capped area. Dentist prescribed 800mg ibuprofen and clindamycin. Taking for 3 days but no help. Read several websites and went to Walmart to get home remedy items (peppermint oil, tea tree oil, vinegar…. Last night (Friday) I flossed, brushed with baking soda, gargled with blue Listerine and then applied the vanilla extract at 8 pm. Instant relief and slept through the night. Small dull pain was creeping back at 8 am. Tried peppermint extract. It burned mouth and lips a little but relieved pain again just like vanilla. (I like the vanilla. It tastes better and is more soothing.) Face still swollen but no pain upon touching cheek. Called dentist (Saturday) no answer. Hope vanilla and peppermint hold me through Monday and I pray dentist is open. Why do things like this happen on the weekend? Thanks for all the wonderful home remedies.

  152. Alex says:

    Omg I was like everyone else in tears,unable to eat and my cheek was.swollen so I knew I had an abcess. I tried Advil liquid gels, ibuprofin,and maximum strengh orajel it was barely helping. In desperation I started Googling other options for pain relieg and the vanilla extract worked instantly!!!!. Thank you so much im still going to the dentist in the morning but it seems im getting some sleep tonight I will always make sure my house is stocked with vanilla extract

    • chelsea smith says:

      I mean I don’t even know where to start …..I have two cavities but only knew about one til one day I ate a piece of candy

  153. Ron says:

    Pretty bad toothache tonight and I haven’t found a permanent solution though I tried baking soda, then salt, then apple vinegar. None of it worked I think because the decay is in between two teeth where it is not easy to get to. So I just mix up a big batch and swirl it around where the pain is. Also have taken 6 Tylenols over the last 12 hours and plenty of whiskey.
    But what is keeping me more or less sane is cold water, take a sip about every minute and half, and swish it around the tooth which feels like it is burning, after awhile the pain from the cold hitting the tooth doesn’t bother you so much and the relief! The tooth stops aching if only for a little while. It’s a bother, and have probably gone through a gallon of water by now (keep it in there for as long as it is effective, then spit it out and take another swig) but it is sure helping me get through the night.

    What is nice though is to find this site and all the helpful people on it = kinda makes things a little easier.

    • Lisa says:

      Ron, I’ve had much the same experience as you’ve had — similar dental situation, and I stumbled into the same temporary solution.

      Whiskey and painkillers help a bit, but the sips of cold water, held in my mouth for a minute or two, are just as you say, “keeping me more or less sane”. One refinement: I keep a good supply of bottled water and a small lined trash can next to my bed, and spit the water out, most of the time. A bit disgusting, but it keeps me from having to run to the bathroom every half hour.

      And like you, I find it heartening that so many people on this site–all of us united in late night misery–have been so helpful in sharing what works for them.

      And to terri: I was frankly skeptical about the value of chewing bread/sucking it out of the affected tooth, and I’m not sure I really followed the bit about nerve position, but as I was having an especially bad moment as I read what you’d posted (even the cold water holding method isn’t foolproof), I spontaneously tried sucking my cheek near the bad teeth, and to my amazement, the level of pain dropped dramatically! What’s more, it hasn’t returned at more than a dull ache for nearly an hour now.

      So, thank you terri and Ron, and thank you all!

  154. Anthony says:

    Vanilla extract swab was not too effective for me. Then cut a fresh garlic clove into half, kept it between tooth and cheeks. That did not help after 5 seconds or so impatiently took the other half and held it between my teeth. Instinctively ended up chewing the whole thing. My whole mouth felt like burning and it was painful. Ended up spitting the whole thing but like magic the pain vanished. Thought it best to write down my experience so would help others too. Thank you to all of you who contributed on this site.

  155. Shannon says:

    2am and I have to work in the morning. OTC pain meds have done NOTHING (and I’ve been mixing and matching). Salt and pepper paste worked for a few minutes, as did cloves, vanilla and mint extract. But nothing lasts more than a minute or two. Wish i had garlic to try, or some vodka…it’s going to be a long night. 🙁

  156. rachel says:

    i have got the most intense pain my wisdom is coming through and my jaw feels like it is breaking !!! tried the teabag and has given some relief, but was quite disgusting, cold and pain killers didnt work at all.
    going to buy some vinalla extract tomorrow !

  157. dolly5^@ says:

    i Tried ginger and it worked but just for a while and then i started reading other people comments and found out that many people had success trying garlic, so i am chewing garlic right now! lets see if it works…i am gonna post tommorow.

  158. Amie says:

    I recently just got a tooth filled, my front tooth to be exact. When they drilled into it, they hit the pulp. They filled the tooth and told me if I had any pain in two weeks, I would need a root canal.
    Now, it has been since Friday that I had this done. The tooth next to the one that was filled had a root canal done but does not yet have a crown on it…
    My gums all around these two teeth are in so much pain I cannot stand it. It brings me to tears. All the remedies take the pain away but only momentarily. There are no lacerations, nor are the gums visibly swollen. I have no idea what to do. Help?

  159. TDABMama0617 says:

    Awful toothache pain going on a month now. Initially 400 mg of ibuprofen kept the pain under control, then I moved up to 800 mg then that dosage only dulled the pain. Came down with a cold and the daytime severe cold/flu (generic) worked really well. Today I went online because nothing is touching the pain; not even three aspirin. I waited the six hours before trying anything else (terrified of overdosing) then took my daytime cold medicine. Still no change in pain level; after another hour I took 400mg ibuprofen. Didn’t feel like I could wait anymore – that losing my mind feeling was creeping up and it was supper time with whining kids – so I went to my medicine cabinet and found some *old* Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste, squeezed some out and rubbed it ALL over the aching side of my mouth. Almost instant relief and it allowed me to think clearly enough to type this. Hopefully this can help someone else who’s desperately searching for help. Hope you find it! (Note: also tried almond extract, salt water, whiskey gargle and baking soda paste – they worked for a short amount of time)

  160. James says:

    I tried salt water, peroxide, mouthwash, oregel, toothpaste…… Still in pain. About to try peppermint tea. I hope it works

  161. Adam says:

    Vanilla extract YOU FLIPPIN BEAUTY !!!!!!!!! Works a treat

  162. mammy says:

    I have been having a lot of mouth pain. My gums are inflamed
    And I have lost a filling in a tooth and there is a hole between tooth
    And gums causing a lot of very irritating and throbbing pain along
    The top of gum line and around the teeth in that area. I don’t have a dentist and around here the local denistry tolls are booked thru 1st.
    Visit as a consult then 2nd. Visit usually a month out. I was told to us pure moonshine swished around tooth and inflamed gums. I do have a bottle of homemade shine(a distant family member In kentucky runs several stills)but no way. So I seen several statements to use cloves. I mixed ground cloves with evoo and worked great. No pain for over 4 hours now. Hope it helps someone else.

  163. Johnnie says:

    I’ve gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep in the last couple days due to my toothache. I don’t have any of the extracts or cloves(the taste and scent of cloves makes me severely nauseous anyway), so I’m gonna try the vodka trick. Tylenol, ibuprofen, even vicodin, has done nothing so far.

  164. Cliff says:

    You’re gonna love this one. It’s 2:30am, I am an expat living in the middle of nowhere, Thailand and I am in so much pain I want to rip my own head off and muddle on with life without it! I found this site in desperation. Something strange is going on under a porcelain crown I had done a few years back in my home country. The pain is unbearable to the point of endless tears and wild declarative statements regarding my former dentist. If I only had access to an armed drone… In any case, I first tried the rum, it helped for about 30 minutes. Then I reverted to chewing the raw garlic cloves and that seemed to do the trick. Thailand is chock full of garlic and people with heavy garlic on their breath. The good news is I now fit right in; I have bad breath and a rotten tooth. I’m afraid my mouth has gone entirely native. Oh well, when in Rome…

  165. Jill says:

    I have had a horrible toothache for 2days no, unable to sleep, talk, eat etc.. I have tried just about everything, with the exception of vanilla extract bc im scared that will make it hurt worse Anyway, I read on another websit that if you crush an ibuprofen add a drop of water so it becomes a paste like substance, take ur finger or a q~tip and rub that on the problem area that it would give you instant relief. Well i was desperate so i tried this and it worked!!!! instant relief, the taste isnt great but the result is well worth the nasty taste… I hope this works for those of you, like me, who have tried EVERYTHING else!!!
    #ibuprofen#instant relief#toothache’s suck#hope this info will help someone! 🙂

  166. Saara says:

    I can attest to the lemon extract. Soaked a cotton swab in it and rubbed on my tooth pain is gone! Now I’m just biting down on it and holding it in my mouth so that all the extract it absorbed.

  167. shirley wilson says:

    I have been suffering with a toothache for 4 days, and have been taking Ibuprofen.Last night, it hit harder than ever. I took way too much Ibuprofen, and it just hurt worse and worse.I finally googled toothache and found this site.I had already tried the salt water swish, tea bag compress, vinegar swish,and brushing my teeth.Nothing helped.Then, after reading the comments from other sufferers, I tried almond extract on a q-tip.Pain stopped instantly and I fell asleep.Slept 4 hours, and I am still pain free. The side of my face looks like I’ve had a stroke, and I have a black eye, so I have to go to the ER for antibiotics this morning.Thank you for this site.I no longer feel like blowing my brains out.

  168. luis says:

    hydrogen peroxide is the man right there

  169. Ahmad Ibn Kalaoun says:

    I totally agree with the herbal remedies.Last night I had the worst toothache that I have experienced in my life when I broke my tooth while eating my steak. My whole head was hurting and felt that I was going to throw up from the pain.
    I tried salt and water then broke a small piece of panadol and place it on the tooth with no success until my son said use CUMIN OIL/BLACK SEED OIL. Within 30 seconds the pain was gone as if there’s nothing wrong with my tooth. God bless the person who said” CUMIN SEED IS A TREATMENT FOR EVERY SICKNESS EXCEPT DEATH”.

  170. Peter says:

    Tried the vinegar.. did it a couple of times and it made the pain worse!

  171. Angie says:

    I think my infection is very severe. Vanilla extract worked for 5 mins now down to 2 min. Tried clove paste, pepper, cayenne, apple cider, garlic, almond extract, salt rinse, mouth wash. They all work but only lasts a few min. Tylenol 3 makes me sick.. Which is why I have some – leftover from a dental procedure. Makes me sick but I had to resort to taking it. Waiting for it to kick in. Hopefully it works

  172. Grin says:

    I’ve had a toothache for a few days now. The pain is unbearable. I’ve been shot twice stabbed, burned in hot frying grease and this pain was ten times worse. I tried pretty much all the remedies from this site that I had on hand. Here is what worked. I boiled a tea bag and put that between the gum and tooth affected for about 30 mins. After that soothed it a little bit, I rinsed with the salt and water, which soothed it a little more. I didn’t have Lemon Juice on hand, but I did have Lime juice. Omg, the lime juice worked amazingly! I squirted some into the affected area and submerged the tooth in the juice. The pain intensified for a few seconds, but then went away completely. After that I took some Allergy Tylonol and now in the morning, the pain is 99% gone!

  173. Khadija says:

    Had imitation vanilla, skeptical about trying the salt water rinse, didn’t have a lot of the things on the list, but when I read to swish vodka or mouthwash with a lot of alcohol, I remembered a small bottle of tequila I received as a gift, I swished and gargled it. Victory! Bye bye dental pain, hello sleep

  174. Ian says:

    Like 1/2 the things on this list are extracts of different kinds, whose main ingredient is alcohol so they could be consolidated with the one suggesting alcohol.

  175. sara says:

    I have had a tooth that has been bothering me off and on for about a week now. I dont have insurance and recently got laid off so I cant afford to go see a dentist. Anyway I came across this page as I was searching for some way to ease the pain. I tried swishing whiskey around and that helped for about a min so I tried the apple cinder vinegar with the same result. Finally I decided to try the garlic since I always have fresh garlic here and a lot of people said it worked and OMG it made the pain WORSE! !!!! Not only did it make the pain worse in the tooth that has been bothering me but it aggravated a tooth that was fine!!! I am now sitting here with a heating pad on my face praying that the pain subsidies soon. I hope that you all find relief soon, a toothache is by far the worst pain ever. And I believe this page is a great thing just try these at your own risk, everyone is different and I inadvertently tried one that did not work for me.

  176. Patrick says:

    Tried the vanilla extract…didn’t work. Just swished vodka around for 30 seconds, the pain has subsided. Hopefully this gets me through the night. Biggest karma is that this is the first night I haven’t fallen asleep after a couple drinks in 4 nights, and of course it ends with swishing my mouth with alcohol.

  177. Misty says:

    I’m in shock. Have been sitting rocking in pain. I took 3 500mg Tylenol and waited for it to kick in. Never did. I tried the vanilla extract it is unbelievable! Worked I can now attempt to sleep. Thank you thank you thank you:)

  178. Meggan says:

    I have had this toothache for days. I even went to the dentist today and found out I need a root canal, They can’t get me in until Monday, Its Wednesday . The pain was so bad. I was crying and trying to think of anything I could do. Found this website and I tried the Vanilla Extract. Didn’t really work for me. 🙁 The next thing I tried was the garlic. It worked so well. I love garlic so it’s always around my house. Going to try and get my appointment pushed up. I know I can’t go the next few days like this. Gonna try the Cloves and ACV next. hopefully something works.

  179. Barbara says:

    I need a root canal on a molar and it has half a fill. The other half came out years ago. Its been ok, but the past few months have been awful with tooth pain (no insurance). I tried all the otc pain relievers and they are no longer working. Tonight was the worst of all! So, I lightly brushed my teeth with warm water and toothpaste to get out anything i couldn’t see. I swished with 2 teaspoons of salt to 1cup warm water. Then finally i soaked a cotton ball in lemon extract and applied it to the gums around the tooth and the tooth itself. It burned like a mother, but numbed better than oragel! Im going to bed with the extract cottonball in my mouth…!

  180. Christine says:

    So, I have to get my wisdom teeth on the left pulled and for now since I have no insurance and am trying to find a cheap dentist I am somewhat dealing with the pain. I found of all otc pain meds that Advil works the best, but since I have definitely taken the limit today and its the middle of the night and im almost in tears from the pain.. I have vicks vapor rub on my cheek, which is making my eye burn from the vapor going up, and I tried crushing Tylenol, mix with water to make a paste and put on my tooth.. that helped for a little while. Plus I have been mouthwashing like every halfhour.. so far everything has helped but not for long.

  181. Ikram says:

    Omg tip number 13 was amazing!! It’s a miracle! After been awake for 8 hours with so much pain, I went online and used tip 13.. I chewed on garlic and salt on the affected side and after few minutes the pain was gone! I’m so grateful guys for this tip. Thank uuuuuuuuu

  182. Geoff Kirby says:

    Awoke in absolute agony an hour ago. Had some sea salt so I made a cup of warm salty water, swilled it around, spit it out, same again, same again, until all gone. Massive relief – it worked. Long live internet help pages!
    PS – I remember many years ago (about 30!) that swilling brandy on a painful tooth brought instant relief. If this toothache comes back, or persists, I’ll be getting a small bottle of this ‘medicine’ for my kitchen cupboard.

  183. diana says:

    Have been suffering with this wisdom tooth pain for weeks. Just have been so scared to get I pulled. Now its getting to the point where I wake up evry morning with my pain. I coulnt help the pain any more since nothing helps and I tried the patato remedy on here. Wow.. I highly recoment it. Thanks for your help!

  184. Jilly b says:

    Thank you so much cider vinegar rubbed onto bad tooth stopped the pain.Also then did not need to keep taking tablets.Wonderful when the pain stops

  185. Kathy says:

    Sitting here at 2:30a.m. in pain. Vanilla extract, a life saver!!!!

    • bev.. says:

      Its 2 am and I’m going in gor the vanilla extract! I’m desperate! Already climbed the walls, told my husband to take the kids and run far far away, screamed , cry, threw myself on the ground. So here goes nothing with the vanilla extract. Might just drink the entire bottle.

  186. Sam says:

    6 am saturday morning. Been up since 1 am with an excruciating toothache, feels like my wisdom tooth is moving around my mouth. I am ready to submit to the whim of Big Brother (Do it to Julia!). Ibuprofen only works if I take a lot of pills at once, like 4-5, and it takes an hour at the least.

    none of these worked. Orajel just makes me salivate which rinses off the stuff. Vanilla extract made it worse, I cant get alcohol at this hour. Salt water rinsing has gave me slight relief. My only option is a trip to the dentist, but he is expensive ($300 for an extraction), and he denied me a payment plan because of my credit. He is the only dentist in 30 miles.

    I am at the end of my ropes

  187. lynne in Aus. says:

    Same excruciating tooth pain, ibubrofen, oil of cloves helps a little for a while, bonjela, curash tooth pain relief, warm salty water, all help a bit but not for long, had vanilla essence only, tried it anyway as is an extract also of vanilla bean, and has a 35% alcohol content, now took an oxycontin, will see if that helps at all. The quickest to work, is holding a mouthful of Brandy on the site for a while tilt head so tooth is immersed in brandy. Same as most, no insurance and we have a government dental unit but such a long wait, because of the pain emergency I can get in in 5 1/2 weeks ?????? They evidently have never experienced this, mine is due to puffers for C.O.A.D (bad asthma airways) and medications which made my gums bleed for weeks on end, so teeth were loosened, started breaking off. Thats what gets me, no fault of my own, had great teeth. Painfree nights to all, good luck, i sympathise with each of you, this pain is worse than childbirth.

  188. GemH says:

    Excellent page, thank you so much!!
    Have had excruciating pain for a while now, it’s not too bad in the day but when trying to get to sleep it’s unbearable 🙁
    Tried Vodka first, it worked for a while but then pain returned. Next up – fresh garlic….bingo!! It tastes awful and burns a little but no more toothache 🙂 off to sleep finally! Thank you

  189. George says:

    Its 3am in the morning and i wole up in agony with wisdom tooth pain! I swilled a shot of whiskey round my mouth for about 30 seconds and it has really helped! Also taking paracetamol and ibriprofen in 2 hour intervals. Good luck!

  190. Cheryl says:

    Rum extract seems to have gotten me down to at least a tolerable level of pain. I didn’t think it would work — it’s imitation — but the ingredients say that it’s 25% alcohol and you can’t argue with results.

  191. sumit says:

    I tried the salt water…. It worked really nice… Thank you !!!

  192. Jean Molls says:

    I have suffered for about 5 hours with my tooth throbbing! I read about applying vanilla extract. I just did that and instant relief! Thank you for the great tips….. I was in for a miserable night. I hope it lasts.

  193. Lisa Gilbert says:

    The best trick I have found is to buy some dissolvable co-codamol (not sure what the American equivalent is) tablets and instead of putting them in water, break them up into tiny pieces and allow them to dissolve directly where the pain is coming from. Doesn’t taste too good but works a treat and also because you are only using a smidgen of the tablet, you are not at risk of poisoning yourself with an accidental overdose.

  194. Coral says:

    My mom found a dental school where the fee for a student to do an extraction was $75 check to see what dental schools there are near you if you have no insurance. Cloves and salt have been working in our house and a daily mouthwash with 1 ml of echinacea goldenseal tincture in half an oz of water after brushing. Cary a toothbrush and brush after every meal if you have a broken tooth or half complete dental work. That is what we have dealt with.

  195. Lisa says:

    My husband tried the smashed garlic and it seemed to help but it also irritated his mouth.

  196. Gemma says:

    After taking a double dose of medicine and still laying in bed for hours in pain, I finally searched on the web for help and found this page

    I have absolutely no idea how or why it worked but the VANILLA EXTRACT almost instantly stopped the pain?!?!? I swirled some around my mouth – tastes disgusting! But who cares I think I may actually get some sleep tonight after all

    Thanks so much!! x

  197. Lmp says:

    Thank you for this post and these comments!!! After advil, ice, gin, warm salt water all failed, Peppermint extract saved my husband at 2am so that we can get to the dentist today.

  198. sheree says:

    Try making a paste of warm water and salt and put it on the infected tooth I did and it took my pain away

  199. Lisa says:

    I was browsing pinterest for toothache remedy’s when i came across something i
    knew i had on hand : cinnamon ! I’ve been in severe pain from a wisdom tooth
    and the cavity in and around it as its too sore to brush or have anything
    to sugery. After rubbing some cinnamon on the throbbing tooth and gum area i was surprised
    i had instant relief. So i wanted to share this with others ! Try it ….it works !

  200. Proudarmysis26 says:

    I have a wisdom tooth that broke away (half) and I have exposed roots/nerves. No insurance and of course money is tight! What I have found to save my sanity is The Red Cross Toothache Kit (Walgreens, CVS, Etc.) It is primarily Clove Oil (Sesame Oil as well). Dab a small cotton swab with the included tweezers and hold on tooth for one minute…it is a pain reliever and an anti-septic, so it relieves pain and heals infection. Only $7…it will save your insanity! Of course, this morning at 3:10 AM I am out of my miracle medicine and am willing to try about anything! I took one of said cotton swabs (left from my previous kit) and dipped it in Ambesol and put that in to said hole…been working for at least 30 mins so far….if that stops, Im trying Extracts!! Thank you, Lord for this website!!!! Good Luck, All!

  201. april says:

    The baking soda only worked for me once but only for a little bit. I just tried swishing vanilla extract and so far it worked just hopes it stays that way.

  202. AmberandCj says:

    My boyfriend was/is suffering from a terrible toothache and was crying because he was in so much pain. He told me to get him bread…and i did (confused), but he swears by it! He is no longer in pain. 🙂

  203. Andrea says:

    Thank you….. Tried the vanilla and the pain is much less…

  204. Darcy says:

    Use mouthwash mixed with salt water & peroxide. It works!

  205. Nicole says:

    Have had a toothache for the last couple days now and tried the vanilla extract on a cotton swab (didn’t have cotton balls) and it really worked! The pain almost brought me to tears and now it’s gone!! Thanks for the tips!

  206. phil herrity says:

    Used the Almond Extract as mentioned above on a tooth which is decayed and waiting to have removed. Pain has been unbearable and upon applying (with a cotton wool bud)a slight throbbing then hey presto, pain gone! Thanks for the advice.

  207. AG says:

    Vanilla worked for a few minutes on my child. A bowl of ice cream (in the middle of the night)really helped numb her sore tooth and she slept the rest of the night & went on to school.

  208. Eric says:

    I’ve had a upper wisdom tooth that has been hurting for 2weeks now and I found a remedy that said to put toothpaste on the affected tooth and let it sit. Takes away all the pain almost instantly. Lasts for awhile to.

  209. my says:

    Vodka was the cure…..it was the best

  210. Rse says:

    Excellent Page, i had hard time with having pain, drinking water or having water around painful tooth used to give some time, just used to keep water in mouth for some time and spit it out. though it avoided pain, could not sleep whole as i was following this for full night.

  211. Jason says:

    Just got desperate and hit the Internet to get through until a root canal tomorrow. Pain finally got unbearable and was having a hard time believing the vanilla extract could work that well. Didn’t care though and had to try. It actually relieved a good bit of the pain, along with swishing with a mouthwash with 10 percent alcohol. Hopefully the combo will get me through the night. Thank you all!

  212. Jayson says:

    Couldn’t sleep for 3 hours…3 motrin, 4 liquid aleves, a warm washcloth, and letting Italian ice sit on my cracked tooth until it melted finally did the trick. Might be able to make it to work at. 6:30am…dentist is still the best way to go. Wish they were open 24 hrs lol

  213. Taylor says:

    One hour till I am supposed to wake up and go to work except that I haven’t actually sleepy all night. Tried salty water, garlic, salt and pepper, ginger, alcohol and clove. Nothing is working so far. I’m going to get the vanilla extract when the shops open. Really hope it works 🙁

  214. Autumn says:

    I am in so much pain, I have tried most of these to no relief, others I dont have in the house to try, are there any other remedies I can try? I really need to sleep…

  215. Alyssa U says:

    Being five months pregnant not really all that much you can take to make pain go away. If it wasn’t for this site I think I would still be in tears. I did the tea one and it surprisingly worked. I will however try the vanilla extract if the pain comes back. Anyways thank you very much for your help, time for this mommy to get some rest.

  216. CiscoKim says:

    Coconut oil…put a spoonful into mouth and let it melt, swishing it through sore area. Spit after 10 minutes. This can also be used preventativly… Before the pain begins… And then you don’t have to experience it. Very effective!

  217. Erin says:

    I wonder why oil pulling has not made the list? I have used coconut oil for this, as it also helps whiten teeth over time… really truly. I have had terrible tooth pain. In fact, I don’t think any pain hurts more than tooth pain! My opinion of course, but it really is bad… So what I do is take a small spoonful of coconut oil and swish it around in my mouth for 20 minutes. Yes, 20 minutes… The swishing doesn’t include the throat, and if you accidentally swallow any, it’s not that bad, but at the end of the time, spit it out in a trash can, not the sink… And it really does help with the pain. I usually have to spit some out before I’m finished (because saliva gathers). I think the vanilla extract would be a great addition to this! I’m going to try it next time I have tooth pain. Google “oil pulling” to find out why it works… It may not do everything it claims, but it’s pretty wonderful at reducing tooth pain, and it makes your teeth white too! 😀

  218. Michelle says:

    If you have swollen gums or also works on abscess. Mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to make a paste. Apply to area with q-tip. Hydrogen peroxide cleanses and baking soda draws out the infection or irritation.

  219. t west says:

    ive always used fresh mint and fresh basil leaves chopped and boiled like a mild tea used as a mouthwash it has pain relieving qualities that are extremely effective for toothache in particular (tastes like crap but ive found it to be more than worth the bad taste for the relief it provides)

  220. Jemzo says:

    Try pickled onions in vinegar. Make sure you have just taken the jar out of the fridge as it works best when really cold. Just bite down on it on the effected tooth and hold it there the pain goes really quick!

  221. Matthew says:

    Awesome information, definitely a life saver.

    Late Saturday night looking up the internet for help and found this page. Already used a salty, warm water wash but that only helped me for 30m-1hr and each time I used it the time was reduced. By 4am tried used a half cut clove of garlic applied to the gum didn’t do that much then. Then tried just chewing it between my teeth. Tough overwhelming taste for about 30 seconds then complete pain relief! Slept till 9:30am. The garlic was a major winner.

  222. Spano says:

    Been having a tooth ache for a couple day new to area so don’t have a regular Dentist . So I tried Anbesol it was ok but still pain well went onto this site found Makers Mark to work by swishing it but didn’t last so long. Then read a little farther and tried some of the Mexican vanilla I have whew what a difference no pain in tooth for about an hour then did it again and finally a relief for the agonizing pain

  223. lucy says:

    The vanilla soaked cotton ball worked great. Why vanilla doesn’t taste as good as it smells and tastes in cooked items is a mystery though. Yuck! I don’t have insurance and certainly don’t have the money for one. I really appreciate this tip. Another tip is for canker sores, you put a handful of raisins against the sore until they really have a gross consistency – you’ll know when – then spit them out. The raisins draw the gook out and the canker sore heals much faster.

  224. Gw says:

    I’ve had the WORST TOOTHACHE in my life for days. So bad, that the prescription meds I already take fof a recent surgery, had no effect on the tooth. I just tried the salt mouthwash and WOW, INSTANT RELIEF!!!! I’m chewing on a clove now and I feel NO PAIN!! THANKS TIPNUT!

  225. Nithyashree says:

    Unbelievable!! I had to go for my Glucose tolerance test tomorrow morning and was not sure if I could eat any pain killer the night before.Crushed garlic on half broken wisdom tooth pain worked instantly. Thanks so much. I woke up in the middle of the night with this pain and now can catch some sleep.

  226. Ms MAni says:

    Attention!! My husband was suffering with severe pain and no pain killer was helping him. I made him gragled his mouth with salt and warm water, in couple of hours I had to rush him to the the Emergeny in the middle of night because pain got worse…Next day when we saw a dentist he was, like NEVER NEVER use warm apllication for any tooth pain. So please remove this remedy immediately. Thank you.

  227. Maddison says:

    I have a chipped tooth and for the longest time I had no pain but suddenly I started feeling pain. I don’t have dental coverage for a root canal and filling and even in Canada you pay a lot of money since basic medical doesn’t cover it. I tried the old salt and lukewarm water trick and after I swished a second time I noticed instant relief. I suggest you try this early and not at 3am when you have to be up at 6.

  228. Rebecca says:

    Have had this torturing tooth ache for…. well it seems like forever. Have enough pain killers in my system to knock out an elephant. Tried the vanilla extract, didn’t work, cough drop didn’t work, warm salt water didn’t work. The only thing that has been working is cold water.

  229. Bebot says:

    If nothing work, some suggested gurgling with oil of oregano for 2 days. After brushing before sleeping and after waking up. If you can drop some on the affected area, better. Do not swallow, spit out! It will act up but the pain will go after 2 days.

    If nothing really, really works, get a cup, go to the sink and fill it it with cold water. Coldness you can bear at first. Gurgle the whole mouth to cool it down.

    Then, leave cold water on the affected area, hold and replace once the coldness subsides. Repeat as many times as you feel the heat from the swelling drop. Get the water colder and colder, it relieves although the pain will come back, but it feels better and less intense.

    While you sustain cold water around your affected tooth, once in a while gurgle around to keep the whole mouth cool and used the cup with cold water,put it close to the part where it swells from outside as you cool down your mouth. As your mouth’s temperature cools down, you will feel relief. I’ve done this since I was young. Better than banging your head with the pain, this helps reduce pain.

    Home remedies as suggested; garlic, cloves,onion, apple cider vinegar, vanilla extracts, goldenseal, echinacea tea bag (and drink too), oil of oregano, salt, peppermint oil, and DRINK LOTS OF COLD WATER to help your body clean up and lower your heat.

  230. Kristie Eskelson'Reid says:

    AMAZING………..Just Used Almond Extract ……..instant relief………. I might make it until payday and dentist…I can’t Thank you enough……….

  231. Ami says:

    I had severe tooth pain due to a loose tooth. I decided to try swirling some Listerine around in my mouth for a couple of seconds and the relief was wonderful. I just swirled it around 3 separate times for 10-30 seconds each time and the pain was gone. This is now my go to method for toothaches. I’m telling you, this technique works wonders.

  232. Paula says:

    I have a cracked tooth and I cant wait till Monday to have it pulled. But till then my tooth is killing me. I have tried ora-jel with no help. My tooth hurts so bad it was making the others hurt. I tried the vanilla extract and it has stopped hurting. I even tried Tylenol with codeine and that did not work. but the vanilla did. Thank you vanilla and everyone for the vanilla advice. Now maybe I can get some sleep.

  233. laura says:

    Ive had a toothache for the last 2 days – but tonight codeine didnt even work so i tried: garlic – ok for about 30secs
    vapour rub on jaw – helped a bit but still some pain
    Salt water – meh
    ground cloves – okish but not great
    i was starting to despair when i spotted a dusty old bottle of rum in the back of the cupboard, swilled my mouth out and instant relief! feel so relaxed now, gunna have a cup of camomile tea and another swill of brandy then back off to bed. Good luck everyone

  234. Cole says:

    Been up all night this is the second time if been in pain for this tooth , it’s a absus went to the dentist in pain 3 months ago have me antibiotic for a week pain went away so I didn’t go back , now I’m regretting it , went through the comments and tips to see what worked the best , swishing with just cold water worked when the pain started but then increased dramatiticaly throughout the night , got up went to the kitchen and whipped up some stuff , used ginger , took iphiprophon ??? (Can’t spell) took aspirin , garlic worked very well , vanilla extract , salt water and ground pepper , swished around for like 30 mins over and over again also said wat the heck and added garlic in the glass now my pain seems to be gone hopefully it will go away till I can get to a dentist , GOOD LUCK !! I feel your pain

  235. Tonya says:

    Tried vanilla and lemon. Quite a bit of relief. THEN I held vodka in my mouth. The vodka took it from 10 to 2. Hope it lasts long enough for me to go to sleep.

  236. Ashley says:

    The vanilla extract worked wonders for me!! My wisdom tooth is coming in and I’ve been in so much pain. I’ve had two kids naturally bit can not take a toothache pain! Anywho, I swished for 30 sec with the vanilla extract and I’ve been pain free for 4hrs now!! I’m finally getting sleep!

  237. nzdo says:

    I had horrible pain last night did not get to bed until 530 am. I tried the salt and water, peroxide, severe orajel and nothing. Finally I looked online and came across this and decided to try the vanilla extract and worked immidiately. At the end I was able to get some rest thank you for posting guys really really helped me

  238. Anita says:

    Clove oil works! Will certainly try the ACV and the garlic!

  239. misty says:

    I have an abcess and don’t have insurance so I’m trying to find a way that I can get rid of it with out paying out the bum for a hospital bill I’m gonna try the proxide and hope it helps clean it out.I used chew a few years ago and it made it worse so keeping my fingers crossed that this will work.

  240. Chad says:

    Iv been awake for almost 48 hours now with no sleep and im in constant pain but now iv tried using a luke warm tea bag applied directly on the source of pain and kept in there for around 15 mins and drank a warm cup of tea and I cant even feel the pain anymore! Lets hope it lasts ….

  241. marc allen says:

    Ok i had a very bad tooth ache went to dental clinic day before repaired one tooth only but had 3 bad ones. The one with a big hole because my filling fell out needs a root canal it was not fixed yesterday. felt great all day till i ate some chicken tacos and bit down on the bad side. Pain pain pain the garlic worked like a charm. I only had Polaner large cut garlic in the jar. rubbed it around the tooth and managed to get a chunk into the hole . Wow it workes no pain now thank the Lord. Be Sure to use this trick i spit out the rest of the garlic as soon as i felt relief but i still have the chunk stuck in the hole which is fine.good luck.

  242. balakrishna prasad says:

    After searching for a while finally i stopped at lavender. tried it. got some relief. but this temparary solutions will not enough. Anybody please tell me how to get out of the this

  243. Austin says:

    I tried the baking soda in water. Tasted like crap and it didnt work fully but dumbed down thbe pain. Thanks

  244. Jessamine says:

    Had bad toothache ’cause of cavities, took a cotton bud, dipped it in whiskey and placed it on top the teeth that was hurting, and felt some relief. If it’s just a slight pain then try rubbing salt on it, or rub some clove powder or oil on the tooth.. works for sometime.

  245. Carrie says:

    My molar broke and the toothache pain was unbearable. I went in search for instant relief and found many methods to get me through the night until I could get in to the dentist. Ibuprofen really did not help. Oraljel Severe PM, no relief. Warm salt water did the job, but needed to be repeated often and didn’t make for a good nights sleep. Vanilla Extract did well for temporally relief too. As well as everclear!!! So, I am persevering through this pain until my dental appointment 🙂

  246. Dee says:

    Just have to throw in my two cents. I’ve had a broken tooth for months now and yes I know I should go see a dentist, but the pain didn’t actually start until about a week ago. It wasn’t constant or all that painful at first, but today it has been horrible. Brushing my teeth did help some, but after the 5th time, it stopped working. I just tried the vanilla and the pain isn’t completely gone, but it is tolerable. I probably didn’t leave it on as long as I should and will try it again later. Hopefully it will help long enough for me to find a good dentist.

  247. Lotaya Krider says:

    I had vanilla extract and that made my day and I have dentist appointment In a few weeeks for my cavitie I had vanilla extract for my pain so its awesome

  248. Ashley says:

    Would imitation vanilla extract work or does it have to be the pure form?

  249. Nasir says:

    I had a severe tooth ache.
    Applied pepper and salt mixed ib equal
    proportion. It worked great.
    Thanks for all above advise.

  250. demola says:

    The hydogen peroxide is the best

  251. wilma says:

    black pepper mix w/ salt works immediately…and even ginger too…both perfectly works very fast relief….

  252. thea says:

    thank you everyone for such fabulous advice. After days of intense pain…taking too many useless tablets …trying benzocaine gel etc I found this site so helpful. I have tried vanilla extract…but found that mine was mixed with water and alcohol and only partially worked, then I tried lemon extract (just lemon extract & oil) and unbelievably the pain has decreased from a mind splitting 9 to a bearable 2 , fingers crossed for some sleep tonight,
    thank you all, xx

  253. Lo says:

    Its 4:30am & this Orajel that I bought & applied about an hr ago isn’t doing me any justice at all. I’ve been up since yesterday morning with possibly the worlds most intense toothache ever. Dead serious. A cavity had came out in my lower back jaw & I have not been able to get to the dentist, & the pain just jumped from 0-98.5 within like 2 days, & was slowly getting worse.

    Taking very small drinks of cold water, swishing it around the infected area as long as you’d like, then either swallowing or spitting the water out helps to push the pain back down every time it starts to throb(if at all). Also/and drinking milk helps to soothe the pain greatly(try to avoid drinks with any amount of sugar or juice whatsoever). I did not have any vanilla extract as I see most commonly referred to, but I was fortunate enough to have the Garlic Powder. Having never had this issue or this amount of oral pain before, thankfully my last creation worked a MIRACLE.

    1) BARELY fill a cup with lukewarm water.
    2) Mix in a LOT of Garlic powder. Enough to make a thick consistency(a paste-like consistency has been recommended, but mine wasn’t quite that).
    3) However much garlic powder you used, mix in a little over 1/2 of that of salt, & about 3/4 of that pepper.
    4) Mix good with a qutip, & swab the gums & directly all over the areas of pain.
    For every time I spit that nasty sh*t out, I re-swabbed the area. Ended up completely swabbing the area a good 4 or 5 times.
    5) Dump the mix, & mix up a 2nd batch of JUST lukewarm Salt & Pepper water. (I didn’t use anything special, just table salt & pepper)
    6) Re-swab the same areas at least 2-3 times.

    On a scale from 1-10, my pain exponentially decreased from 14 to 0 within about 3minutes. Its been about an hour now & I’m still pain free, about to finally get some sleep.

    *Note- I found Alieve (1000mg blue tablets) & Tylenol 3 (in far separated portions) to help tame the pain intensity the best.

  254. Molly says:

    Rubbing ice between the indez finger and thumb ( Fleshy part ) on the same side as the toothache for a few minutes helps greatly . I have done this before and it works . You may need to repeat this a few times but you will definetly get relief

  255. Steph says:

    I’ve taken ibuprofen, kanka by blistex, salt water, and numerous other things that just weren’t working when I turned to google. I checked everything in my pantry and only things I had were whole cloves and ground ginger. I couldn’t use the whole cloves, but did try the ground ginger. It worked, but only for about 15 minutes at a time. It also burns (not in a bad way though). It is/was however enough to get me to sleep finally.

  256. Stephanie says:

    I just tried the almond extract and it worked! I did the mouth rinse with an anti-septic mouthwash, the cloves and olive oil and the almond extract. The almond is about the only thing that worked. Bluh, one side of my head is hurting from migraine/trigeminal neuralgia and the other becuase of the stupid tooth. I’ll thankfully be getting some good painkillers next week, since I’m having brain surgery for the TN. I can’t take any ibuprofen though because of that. I’m miserable!

  257. tara says:

    God bless you all! Jameson whiskey, swished it around for a few minutes and boom, pain free for the first time in 3 days. Maybe I’ll sleep now, thank you so much!

  258. Cod says:

    I am suffering with toothache right now, I took the advice of many of the comments above and used Vannila extract and WOW can’t believe it’s working. I was going insane any if I was not bald already I would have probibally ripped my hair out. Thanks to everyone that commented and hlept me keep my sanity.

  259. Jo says:

    I tried all of the above remedies for what seems to be a loose filling causing excruciating pain. The ONLY thing that worked for me was the clove oil, someone else mentioned it above, I have the Red Cross Toothache Medication Kit. I found it all Walgreens. When all else fails, try this, I found instant relief!

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