20+ Toothache Remedies For Pain Relief

If there’s one list to keep handy–this is the one. It never fails that a major toothache hits when it’s late at night and the dentist’s office is closed. Although only a doctor can definitively determine and cure the source of the problem, the following list of treatments & pain relief remedies should get you through the night until a professional can be visited.

SpoonI have plenty of helpful items listed, most are everyday, commonplace ingredients so there’s sure to be at least one or two in the pantry or spice cabinet available to be utilized immediately.

Important: Whether you are experiencing dull discomfort or a severe ache, there is a reason for it and it’s best to have it taken care of by a dentist as soon as possible. If it’s infected (gum area is swollen and/or face feels hot), don’t delay in getting professional medical care. These tips are merely intended to assist a person trying to get through a short period (day or two) until a professional can check things out.

Directions: Apply selected treatment directly to both the problematic tooth and surrounding sore gums unless otherwise directed.

Items instructed to chew or liquids to be swooshed around inside mouth, do so with the sore tooth and focus on surrounding area.

Take Care: Do not swallow liquids, spit out when done.

Master List of Home Remedies

  1. Salt Solution: Mix a heaping spoonful of salt in a small glass of water, swoosh around for as long as possible, spit out. Repeat at least twice.
  2. Cloves: An old timer’s remedy, rest a clove against the sore tooth until agony dissipates. Alternative: A drop or two of clove oil (careful, too much may be toxic) or make a thick paste of ground cloves and water or ground cloves and olive oil.
  3. Alcohol: Swoosh a bit of whiskey, scotch, brandy or vodka. A strong mouthwash containing alcohol can do the trick too.
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide: Swoosh a bit of hydrogen peroxide. If the taste is too horrid, try diluting by adding a titch of water.
  5. Vanilla Extract: Saturate a cotton ball, hold in place. May also use a cotton swab dipped in extract.
  6. Almond Extract: Same method of treatment as with Vanilla (above).
  7. Peppermint Extract: Same as with Vanilla (above).
  8. Lemon Extract: Same as with Vanilla (above).
  9. Tea Tree Oil: Just a drop or two is all that’s needed. Also add some to a cotton swab and hold in place or add a few drops of tea tree to a small glass of water and swoosh around.
  10. Oil Of Oregano: Combine a few drops with olive oil (or water if preferred) and use to saturate a cotton ball.
  11. Apple Cider Vinegar: Soak a cotton ball and keep in place. Regular household vinegar works too.
  12. Ginger Root: Take a fresh chunk of ginger and carefully chew a bit (remember to focus on the sore tooth).
  13. Garlic: Take a clove of garlic, smash it and apply (settle inside cheek). Alternative: Mix in some salt.
  14. Peppermint Leaves: Chew on fresh peppermint leaves. Also try dried, just keep them in place.
  15. Potato: Cut a raw chunk of potato (skin off) and hold in place. Can also pound a piece of raw potato, mix in a pinch of salt and use the mash.
  16. Lime: Cut a slice or wedge of lime and apply, bite into it if possible to release some of the juice. Sensitive to cold? First bring the lime to room temperature if it was refrigerated.
  17. Onion: Slice a piece of raw onion and tuck inside cheek. The onion needs to be freshly cut (so it provides a bit of onion juice).
  18. Cucumber: Slice a piece of cucumber and hold over the sore area. If refrigerated, bring the cucumber to room temperature first (if sensitive to cold) otherwise a cool piece may be soothing. You may also incorporate a pinch of salt.
  19. Plantain: Chew up a fresh plantain leaf. If too sore to chew, switch to the other side of mouth. Once the leaf is macerated a bit apply to the troubled area and hold in place.
  20. Cayenne Pepper: Make a paste with cayenne pepper and water, use mixture to pack the area (including gum).
  21. Black Pepper: Use full strength or make a mix of pepper and salt.
  22. Baking Soda: Take a cotton swab and moisten with water, dip in baking soda (coat the swab really well with baking soda) then apply. Alternative: Make a rinse/solution by mixing a heaping spoonful of baking soda in a small glass of water, dissolve the soda then swish the mixture.
  23. Tea: Make a fresh cup of tea then take the used tea bag and tuck inside cheek. Careful not to tear the bag. The tannins naturally found in tea leaves can aid in numbing things.
  24. Ice Pack: Cover an ice pack with a face cloth or towel then settle over cheek where the problem is. Will help numb things. If that doesn’t work, do the opposite–a hot compress (not too hot that skin is burned).


  • If the discomfort is unbearable and there’s no dental office open, call the local hospital’s emergency room–chances are they have a dentist on call (for a fee).
  • Try gently brushing teeth and flossing–this might bring some relief.
  • If the side of the face is in anguish and it feels like you’re going to lose your mind (I’ve been there)–it could be a sinus infection or an allergy affecting sinuses rather than a dental issue (even though it definitely feels like it). Try a Herbal Decongestant Steam to break up sinuses, this might relieve things enough until getting to a doctor. Chances are a prescription for penicillin is what’s needed to clear up the infection.

Something I found that worked in the above, very painful, severe situation the last time it happened to me (I’ve had three occurrences so far):

  • Swoosh cool or room temperature water in mouth where the trouble is. Keep the liquid there as long as possible.
  • Once the throbbing starts again, spit out and replenish with a fresh mouthful of fluid.
  • Spit out and repeat as often as necessary.

I had to do this for about 4 hours straight one night until the dental office opened in the morning. The hurt was an unbearable, unspeakable, nerve pain. This was the only thing preserving my sanity, giving immediate and fast relief–unfortunately it lasts for only moments at a time. I ended up having a molar pulled but only after a round of antibiotics and a few days taking prescription pain killers. I’m not actually clear on what the problem was in that particular case, I think it was an abscess…I was in serious distress at the time and couldn’t see my usual dentist but I’m confident in the care I received.

What’s In My Medicine Cabinet: I now stock a box each of Extra Strength Anbesol (topical Anesthetic) and Maximum Strength Orajel in the medicine cabinet at all times. The brands aren’t what matters, both have 20% Benzocaine Gel and I found the ingredient helps dull this type of extreme nerve pain in the beginning stages before it blows up and you have to keep water in your mouth the entire time. It would also help relieve discomfort from an abscess in the advanced stages. If it’s 3 AM and nothing on the home remedies list above will work, running to a 24 HR Pharmacy is *well worth the effort* to go out driving to pick this up. They merely provide temporary relief, but there’s something about dental pain that is so intense and causes such severe distress that anything even minimally removing or easing the ache just a little bit is welcome.

I hope this information is beneficial and a quick cure is discovered that works to bring the discomfort to a halt, but please don’t ignore the issue and get to a dentist as soon as possible. Home remedies can help through the night, but problematic teeth and gums only get worse if ignored. Good luck!

Note: These are simply notes I have collected, they are not professional medical advice.

**Updated: Removed aspirin tips in case the warnings weren’t clear enough for some, better to be safe than sorry!

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    • Ray

    Tried whiskey but it didn’t help. Later tried the vanilla on a piece of cotton from a vit c bottle.

    Had to leave the cotton by the bad tooth and every few minutes bite down on the cotton to release some vanilla extract. Let the liquid bathe the tooth and gums in the sore area. Did this a few times and pain went down from a 9 to a 2.

    Two hours later I did the same with peppermint extract and now the pain has been completely gone for 5 hours and the swelling in the gums is gone too!

    Thank you for these tips.

      • JenLC

      OUUUUCCCHHHH!!!! On Wednesday noticed cap coming loose and food getting down inside capped area. Dentist prescribed 800mg ibuprofen and clindamycin. Taking for 3 days but no help. Read several websites and went to Walmart to get home remedy items (peppermint oil, tea tree oil, vinegar…. Last night (Friday) I flossed, brushed with baking soda, gargled with blue Listerine and then applied the vanilla extract at 8 pm. Instant relief and slept through the night. Small dull pain was creeping back at 8 am. Tried peppermint extract. It burned mouth and lips a little but relieved pain again just like vanilla. (I like the vanilla. It tastes better and is more soothing.) Face still swollen but no pain upon touching cheek. Called dentist (Saturday) no answer. Hope vanilla and peppermint hold me through Monday and I pray dentist is open. Why do things like this happen on the weekend? Thanks for all the wonderful home remedies.

        • JenLC

        By the way I stopped taking the Ibuprofen because it was not working.

    • Alex

    Omg I was like everyone else in tears,unable to eat and my cheek was.swollen so I knew I had an abcess. I tried Advil liquid gels, ibuprofin,and maximum strengh orajel it was barely helping. In desperation I started Googling other options for pain relieg and the vanilla extract worked instantly!!!!. Thank you so much im still going to the dentist in the morning but it seems im getting some sleep tonight I will always make sure my house is stocked with vanilla extract

      • chelsea smith

      I mean I don’t even know where to start …..I have two cavities but only knew about one til one day I ate a piece of candy

    • Ron

    Pretty bad toothache tonight and I haven’t found a permanent solution though I tried baking soda, then salt, then apple vinegar. None of it worked I think because the decay is in between two teeth where it is not easy to get to. So I just mix up a big batch and swirl it around where the pain is. Also have taken 6 Tylenols over the last 12 hours and plenty of whiskey.
    But what is keeping me more or less sane is cold water, take a sip about every minute and half, and swish it around the tooth which feels like it is burning, after awhile the pain from the cold hitting the tooth doesn’t bother you so much and the relief! The tooth stops aching if only for a little while. It’s a bother, and have probably gone through a gallon of water by now (keep it in there for as long as it is effective, then spit it out and take another swig) but it is sure helping me get through the night.

    What is nice though is to find this site and all the helpful people on it = kinda makes things a little easier.

      • Lisa

      Ron, I’ve had much the same experience as you’ve had — similar dental situation, and I stumbled into the same temporary solution.

      Whiskey and painkillers help a bit, but the sips of cold water, held in my mouth for a minute or two, are just as you say, “keeping me more or less sane”. One refinement: I keep a good supply of bottled water and a small lined trash can next to my bed, and spit the water out, most of the time. A bit disgusting, but it keeps me from having to run to the bathroom every half hour.

      And like you, I find it heartening that so many people on this site–all of us united in late night misery–have been so helpful in sharing what works for them.

      And to terri: I was frankly skeptical about the value of chewing bread/sucking it out of the affected tooth, and I’m not sure I really followed the bit about nerve position, but as I was having an especially bad moment as I read what you’d posted (even the cold water holding method isn’t foolproof), I spontaneously tried sucking my cheek near the bad teeth, and to my amazement, the level of pain dropped dramatically! What’s more, it hasn’t returned at more than a dull ache for nearly an hour now.

      So, thank you terri and Ron, and thank you all!

    • Anthony

    Vanilla extract swab was not too effective for me. Then cut a fresh garlic clove into half, kept it between tooth and cheeks. That did not help after 5 seconds or so impatiently took the other half and held it between my teeth. Instinctively ended up chewing the whole thing. My whole mouth felt like burning and it was painful. Ended up spitting the whole thing but like magic the pain vanished. Thought it best to write down my experience so would help others too. Thank you to all of you who contributed on this site.

    • Shannon

    2am and I have to work in the morning. OTC pain meds have done NOTHING (and I’ve been mixing and matching). Salt and pepper paste worked for a few minutes, as did cloves, vanilla and mint extract. But nothing lasts more than a minute or two. Wish i had garlic to try, or some vodka…it’s going to be a long night. 🙁

    • rachel

    i have got the most intense pain my wisdom is coming through and my jaw feels like it is breaking !!! tried the teabag and has given some relief, but was quite disgusting, cold and pain killers didnt work at all.
    going to buy some vinalla extract tomorrow !

    • dolly5^@

    i Tried ginger and it worked but just for a while and then i started reading other people comments and found out that many people had success trying garlic, so i am chewing garlic right now! lets see if it works…i am gonna post tommorow.

    • Amie

    I recently just got a tooth filled, my front tooth to be exact. When they drilled into it, they hit the pulp. They filled the tooth and told me if I had any pain in two weeks, I would need a root canal.
    Now, it has been since Friday that I had this done. The tooth next to the one that was filled had a root canal done but does not yet have a crown on it…
    My gums all around these two teeth are in so much pain I cannot stand it. It brings me to tears. All the remedies take the pain away but only momentarily. There are no lacerations, nor are the gums visibly swollen. I have no idea what to do. Help?

    • TDABMama0617

    Awful toothache pain going on a month now. Initially 400 mg of ibuprofen kept the pain under control, then I moved up to 800 mg then that dosage only dulled the pain. Came down with a cold and the daytime severe cold/flu (generic) worked really well. Today I went online because nothing is touching the pain; not even three aspirin. I waited the six hours before trying anything else (terrified of overdosing) then took my daytime cold medicine. Still no change in pain level; after another hour I took 400mg ibuprofen. Didn’t feel like I could wait anymore – that losing my mind feeling was creeping up and it was supper time with whining kids – so I went to my medicine cabinet and found some *old* Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste, squeezed some out and rubbed it ALL over the aching side of my mouth. Almost instant relief and it allowed me to think clearly enough to type this. Hopefully this can help someone else who’s desperately searching for help. Hope you find it! (Note: also tried almond extract, salt water, whiskey gargle and baking soda paste – they worked for a short amount of time)

    • James

    I tried salt water, peroxide, mouthwash, oregel, toothpaste…… Still in pain. About to try peppermint tea. I hope it works

    • Adam

    Vanilla extract YOU FLIPPIN BEAUTY !!!!!!!!! Works a treat

    • mammy

    I have been having a lot of mouth pain. My gums are inflamed
    And I have lost a filling in a tooth and there is a hole between tooth
    And gums causing a lot of very irritating and throbbing pain along
    The top of gum line and around the teeth in that area. I don’t have a dentist and around here the local denistry tolls are booked thru 1st.
    Visit as a consult then 2nd. Visit usually a month out. I was told to us pure moonshine swished around tooth and inflamed gums. I do have a bottle of homemade shine(a distant family member In kentucky runs several stills)but no way. So I seen several statements to use cloves. I mixed ground cloves with evoo and worked great. No pain for over 4 hours now. Hope it helps someone else.

    • Johnnie

    I’ve gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep in the last couple days due to my toothache. I don’t have any of the extracts or cloves(the taste and scent of cloves makes me severely nauseous anyway), so I’m gonna try the vodka trick. Tylenol, ibuprofen, even vicodin, has done nothing so far.

    • Cliff

    You’re gonna love this one. It’s 2:30am, I am an expat living in the middle of nowhere, Thailand and I am in so much pain I want to rip my own head off and muddle on with life without it! I found this site in desperation. Something strange is going on under a porcelain crown I had done a few years back in my home country. The pain is unbearable to the point of endless tears and wild declarative statements regarding my former dentist. If I only had access to an armed drone… In any case, I first tried the rum, it helped for about 30 minutes. Then I reverted to chewing the raw garlic cloves and that seemed to do the trick. Thailand is chock full of garlic and people with heavy garlic on their breath. The good news is I now fit right in; I have bad breath and a rotten tooth. I’m afraid my mouth has gone entirely native. Oh well, when in Rome…

    • Jill

    I have had a horrible toothache for 2days no, unable to sleep, talk, eat etc.. I have tried just about everything, with the exception of vanilla extract bc im scared that will make it hurt worse Anyway, I read on another websit that if you crush an ibuprofen add a drop of water so it becomes a paste like substance, take ur finger or a q~tip and rub that on the problem area that it would give you instant relief. Well i was desperate so i tried this and it worked!!!! instant relief, the taste isnt great but the result is well worth the nasty taste… I hope this works for those of you, like me, who have tried EVERYTHING else!!!
    #ibuprofen#instant relief#toothache’s suck#hope this info will help someone! 🙂

    • Saara

    I can attest to the lemon extract. Soaked a cotton swab in it and rubbed on my tooth pain is gone! Now I’m just biting down on it and holding it in my mouth so that all the extract it absorbed.

    • shirley wilson

    I have been suffering with a toothache for 4 days, and have been taking Ibuprofen.Last night, it hit harder than ever. I took way too much Ibuprofen, and it just hurt worse and worse.I finally googled toothache and found this site.I had already tried the salt water swish, tea bag compress, vinegar swish,and brushing my teeth.Nothing helped.Then, after reading the comments from other sufferers, I tried almond extract on a q-tip.Pain stopped instantly and I fell asleep.Slept 4 hours, and I am still pain free. The side of my face looks like I’ve had a stroke, and I have a black eye, so I have to go to the ER for antibiotics this morning.Thank you for this site.I no longer feel like blowing my brains out.

    • luis

    hydrogen peroxide is the man right there

    • Ahmad Ibn Kalaoun

    I totally agree with the herbal remedies.Last night I had the worst toothache that I have experienced in my life when I broke my tooth while eating my steak. My whole head was hurting and felt that I was going to throw up from the pain.
    I tried salt and water then broke a small piece of panadol and place it on the tooth with no success until my son said use CUMIN OIL/BLACK SEED OIL. Within 30 seconds the pain was gone as if there’s nothing wrong with my tooth. God bless the person who said” CUMIN SEED IS A TREATMENT FOR EVERY SICKNESS EXCEPT DEATH”.

    • Peter

    Tried the vinegar.. did it a couple of times and it made the pain worse!

    • Angie

    I think my infection is very severe. Vanilla extract worked for 5 mins now down to 2 min. Tried clove paste, pepper, cayenne, apple cider, garlic, almond extract, salt rinse, mouth wash. They all work but only lasts a few min. Tylenol 3 makes me sick.. Which is why I have some – leftover from a dental procedure. Makes me sick but I had to resort to taking it. Waiting for it to kick in. Hopefully it works

    • Grin

    I’ve had a toothache for a few days now. The pain is unbearable. I’ve been shot twice stabbed, burned in hot frying grease and this pain was ten times worse. I tried pretty much all the remedies from this site that I had on hand. Here is what worked. I boiled a tea bag and put that between the gum and tooth affected for about 30 mins. After that soothed it a little bit, I rinsed with the salt and water, which soothed it a little more. I didn’t have Lemon Juice on hand, but I did have Lime juice. Omg, the lime juice worked amazingly! I squirted some into the affected area and submerged the tooth in the juice. The pain intensified for a few seconds, but then went away completely. After that I took some Allergy Tylonol and now in the morning, the pain is 99% gone!

    • Khadija

    Had imitation vanilla, skeptical about trying the salt water rinse, didn’t have a lot of the things on the list, but when I read to swish vodka or mouthwash with a lot of alcohol, I remembered a small bottle of tequila I received as a gift, I swished and gargled it. Victory! Bye bye dental pain, hello sleep

    • Ian

    Like 1/2 the things on this list are extracts of different kinds, whose main ingredient is alcohol so they could be consolidated with the one suggesting alcohol.

    • sara

    I have had a tooth that has been bothering me off and on for about a week now. I dont have insurance and recently got laid off so I cant afford to go see a dentist. Anyway I came across this page as I was searching for some way to ease the pain. I tried swishing whiskey around and that helped for about a min so I tried the apple cinder vinegar with the same result. Finally I decided to try the garlic since I always have fresh garlic here and a lot of people said it worked and OMG it made the pain WORSE! !!!! Not only did it make the pain worse in the tooth that has been bothering me but it aggravated a tooth that was fine!!! I am now sitting here with a heating pad on my face praying that the pain subsidies soon. I hope that you all find relief soon, a toothache is by far the worst pain ever. And I believe this page is a great thing just try these at your own risk, everyone is different and I inadvertently tried one that did not work for me.

    • Patrick

    Tried the vanilla extract…didn’t work. Just swished vodka around for 30 seconds, the pain has subsided. Hopefully this gets me through the night. Biggest karma is that this is the first night I haven’t fallen asleep after a couple drinks in 4 nights, and of course it ends with swishing my mouth with alcohol.

    • Misty

    I’m in shock. Have been sitting rocking in pain. I took 3 500mg Tylenol and waited for it to kick in. Never did. I tried the vanilla extract it is unbelievable! Worked I can now attempt to sleep. Thank you thank you thank you:)

    • Meggan

    I have had this toothache for days. I even went to the dentist today and found out I need a root canal, They can’t get me in until Monday, Its Wednesday . The pain was so bad. I was crying and trying to think of anything I could do. Found this website and I tried the Vanilla Extract. Didn’t really work for me. 🙁 The next thing I tried was the garlic. It worked so well. I love garlic so it’s always around my house. Going to try and get my appointment pushed up. I know I can’t go the next few days like this. Gonna try the Cloves and ACV next. hopefully something works.

    • Barbara

    I need a root canal on a molar and it has half a fill. The other half came out years ago. Its been ok, but the past few months have been awful with tooth pain (no insurance). I tried all the otc pain relievers and they are no longer working. Tonight was the worst of all! So, I lightly brushed my teeth with warm water and toothpaste to get out anything i couldn’t see. I swished with 2 teaspoons of salt to 1cup warm water. Then finally i soaked a cotton ball in lemon extract and applied it to the gums around the tooth and the tooth itself. It burned like a mother, but numbed better than oragel! Im going to bed with the extract cottonball in my mouth…!

      • Elly

      Very strong mouth wash given by the dentist is helping me a little to at least relax for a bit

    • Christine

    So, I have to get my wisdom teeth on the left pulled and for now since I have no insurance and am trying to find a cheap dentist I am somewhat dealing with the pain. I found of all otc pain meds that Advil works the best, but since I have definitely taken the limit today and its the middle of the night and im almost in tears from the pain.. I have vicks vapor rub on my cheek, which is making my eye burn from the vapor going up, and I tried crushing Tylenol, mix with water to make a paste and put on my tooth.. that helped for a little while. Plus I have been mouthwashing like every halfhour.. so far everything has helped but not for long.

    • Ikram

    Omg tip number 13 was amazing!! It’s a miracle! After been awake for 8 hours with so much pain, I went online and used tip 13.. I chewed on garlic and salt on the affected side and after few minutes the pain was gone! I’m so grateful guys for this tip. Thank uuuuuuuuu

    • Geoff Kirby

    Awoke in absolute agony an hour ago. Had some sea salt so I made a cup of warm salty water, swilled it around, spit it out, same again, same again, until all gone. Massive relief – it worked. Long live internet help pages!
    PS – I remember many years ago (about 30!) that swilling brandy on a painful tooth brought instant relief. If this toothache comes back, or persists, I’ll be getting a small bottle of this ‘medicine’ for my kitchen cupboard.

    • diana

    Have been suffering with this wisdom tooth pain for weeks. Just have been so scared to get I pulled. Now its getting to the point where I wake up evry morning with my pain. I coulnt help the pain any more since nothing helps and I tried the patato remedy on here. Wow.. I highly recoment it. Thanks for your help!

    • Jilly b

    Thank you so much cider vinegar rubbed onto bad tooth stopped the pain.Also then did not need to keep taking tablets.Wonderful when the pain stops

    • Kathy

    Sitting here at 2:30a.m. in pain. Vanilla extract, a life saver!!!!

      • bev..

      Its 2 am and I’m going in gor the vanilla extract! I’m desperate! Already climbed the walls, told my husband to take the kids and run far far away, screamed , cry, threw myself on the ground. So here goes nothing with the vanilla extract. Might just drink the entire bottle.

    • Sam

    6 am saturday morning. Been up since 1 am with an excruciating toothache, feels like my wisdom tooth is moving around my mouth. I am ready to submit to the whim of Big Brother (Do it to Julia!). Ibuprofen only works if I take a lot of pills at once, like 4-5, and it takes an hour at the least.

    none of these worked. Orajel just makes me salivate which rinses off the stuff. Vanilla extract made it worse, I cant get alcohol at this hour. Salt water rinsing has gave me slight relief. My only option is a trip to the dentist, but he is expensive ($300 for an extraction), and he denied me a payment plan because of my credit. He is the only dentist in 30 miles.

    I am at the end of my ropes

    • lynne in Aus.

    Same excruciating tooth pain, ibubrofen, oil of cloves helps a little for a while, bonjela, curash tooth pain relief, warm salty water, all help a bit but not for long, had vanilla essence only, tried it anyway as is an extract also of vanilla bean, and has a 35% alcohol content, now took an oxycontin, will see if that helps at all. The quickest to work, is holding a mouthful of Brandy on the site for a while tilt head so tooth is immersed in brandy. Same as most, no insurance and we have a government dental unit but such a long wait, because of the pain emergency I can get in in 5 1/2 weeks ?????? They evidently have never experienced this, mine is due to puffers for C.O.A.D (bad asthma airways) and medications which made my gums bleed for weeks on end, so teeth were loosened, started breaking off. Thats what gets me, no fault of my own, had great teeth. Painfree nights to all, good luck, i sympathise with each of you, this pain is worse than childbirth.

    • GemH

    Excellent page, thank you so much!!
    Have had excruciating pain for a while now, it’s not too bad in the day but when trying to get to sleep it’s unbearable 🙁
    Tried Vodka first, it worked for a while but then pain returned. Next up – fresh garlic….bingo!! It tastes awful and burns a little but no more toothache 🙂 off to sleep finally! Thank you

    • George

    Its 3am in the morning and i wole up in agony with wisdom tooth pain! I swilled a shot of whiskey round my mouth for about 30 seconds and it has really helped! Also taking paracetamol and ibriprofen in 2 hour intervals. Good luck!

    • Cheryl

    Rum extract seems to have gotten me down to at least a tolerable level of pain. I didn’t think it would work — it’s imitation — but the ingredients say that it’s 25% alcohol and you can’t argue with results.

    • sumit

    I tried the salt water…. It worked really nice… Thank you !!!

    • Jean Molls

    I have suffered for about 5 hours with my tooth throbbing! I read about applying vanilla extract. I just did that and instant relief! Thank you for the great tips….. I was in for a miserable night. I hope it lasts.

    • Lisa Gilbert

    The best trick I have found is to buy some dissolvable co-codamol (not sure what the American equivalent is) tablets and instead of putting them in water, break them up into tiny pieces and allow them to dissolve directly where the pain is coming from. Doesn’t taste too good but works a treat and also because you are only using a smidgen of the tablet, you are not at risk of poisoning yourself with an accidental overdose.

    • Coral

    My mom found a dental school where the fee for a student to do an extraction was $75 check to see what dental schools there are near you if you have no insurance. Cloves and salt have been working in our house and a daily mouthwash with 1 ml of echinacea goldenseal tincture in half an oz of water after brushing. Cary a toothbrush and brush after every meal if you have a broken tooth or half complete dental work. That is what we have dealt with.

    • Lisa

    My husband tried the smashed garlic and it seemed to help but it also irritated his mouth.

    • Gemma

    After taking a double dose of medicine and still laying in bed for hours in pain, I finally searched on the web for help and found this page

    I have absolutely no idea how or why it worked but the VANILLA EXTRACT almost instantly stopped the pain?!?!? I swirled some around my mouth – tastes disgusting! But who cares I think I may actually get some sleep tonight after all

    Thanks so much!! x

    • Lmp

    Thank you for this post and these comments!!! After advil, ice, gin, warm salt water all failed, Peppermint extract saved my husband at 2am so that we can get to the dentist today.

    • sheree

    Try making a paste of warm water and salt and put it on the infected tooth I did and it took my pain away

    • Lisa

    I was browsing pinterest for toothache remedy’s when i came across something i
    knew i had on hand : cinnamon ! I’ve been in severe pain from a wisdom tooth
    and the cavity in and around it as its too sore to brush or have anything
    to sugery. After rubbing some cinnamon on the throbbing tooth and gum area i was surprised
    i had instant relief. So i wanted to share this with others ! Try it ….it works !

    • Proudarmysis26

    I have a wisdom tooth that broke away (half) and I have exposed roots/nerves. No insurance and of course money is tight! What I have found to save my sanity is The Red Cross Toothache Kit (Walgreens, CVS, Etc.) It is primarily Clove Oil (Sesame Oil as well). Dab a small cotton swab with the included tweezers and hold on tooth for one minute…it is a pain reliever and an anti-septic, so it relieves pain and heals infection. Only $7…it will save your insanity! Of course, this morning at 3:10 AM I am out of my miracle medicine and am willing to try about anything! I took one of said cotton swabs (left from my previous kit) and dipped it in Ambesol and put that in to said hole…been working for at least 30 mins so far….if that stops, Im trying Extracts!! Thank you, Lord for this website!!!! Good Luck, All!

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