How To Treat, Soothe & Bring Boils To A Head

Boils are skin abscesses that can develop for a number of reasons but common culprits are an ingrown hair and plugged sweat glands (armpits and groin area especially). They start out somewhat sore when touched but if allowed to flourish, they will continue to swell in size and become extremely painful…some can grow to the size of an egg!

ExamplesAt first glance you might mistake it for a pimple but until it comes to a head, you’ll find it very, very painful to touch and no matter how much you squeeze it (if you can tolerate the pain), very little (if any) pus will expel.

The best way to get rid of one is to start treatment as soon as you notice it forming (can feel like a tender, sore lump when first developing). If they become extremely large, soft and ready to expel, they’re better tackled by a doctor who will lance it, drain it, pack it and send you on your way with a prescription for penicillin or antibacterial cream.

Side Note: You might recall scenes in historical based movies of nuns heating small glass globes or jars then applying them to a poor soul’s body. This actually was something done for boils, the heat inside the glass would create a vacuum when openings were stuck on the skin which would then draw out the infection. Imagine how painful that was! The good news is, it’s pretty easy to take care of things yourself with a lot less fuss.

To begin:

Help fight the infection by soaking in a hot bath with Epsom salts (keeping the afflicted part under water). You can also apply warm packs or cloths. The heat increases circulation and encourages your body to focus on that spot and attack the infection. Do this a couple times a day and you should see results quickly. Keep it up until the boil has completely gone. If handled promptly, there will be no pus to drain since your body will take care of it.

If things are too far gone and you want to bring it to a head (ripen it) so it will soften and erupt, here’s what you can do (continue heat treatments as directed above):

  • Saturate a bandaid pad with a few drops of tea tree oil then cover abscess.
  • Regularly soak in lavender water (scroll down page for recipes). Can also use as a compress.
  • Slather honey over the spot.
  • Apply a fresh sliced tomato or tomato paste on top of it. The acid from the fruit will help soothe and ripen quicker.
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice, drizzle over top or soak a cotton ball with it and bandage in place. Same idea as above.
  • Poultice: 1 TBS alum + 2 oz fresh tomato juice. Mix together then apply, covering completely. Wrap with cheesecloth, remove after 15 minutes and wash off.
  • Regularly slather on garlic oil (instructions found on bottom of page) to hasten things along.

Old Wives Remedies:

  • Completely cover it with a piece of fatty bacon (raw), bandage in place and leave on overnight.
  • The crusty heel from a stale loaf of bread is soaked in hot milk then placed on the abscess and bandaged in place. Do several times a day until ripened.

It will be ready to open up with little pressure when the top softens and you see a yellow pus dot in the center (just like with a pimple). Once it opens up to drain, the relief will be instant and almost overwhelming. There will be a lot of fluid draining…you’ll be surprised at the amount! Keep the surrounding skin as clean as possible and disinfect regularly. Cover wound with a sterilized bandage.


  • If you notice reddening or red streaking around the boil or patient is feverish or experiences chills (before or after eruption), seek professional medical care.
  • People with diabetes and weakened immune systems should have a doctor handle this.
  • Remember that you’re dealing with a bacterial infection (staph), wash hands well before and after treatment. Once draining starts, wearing latex gloves while cleaning it up is a good idea.
  • If you have a cluster of them, these are called carbuncles and should be looked at by a doctor.

Please Note: These are simply notes I have collected, they are not professional medical advice.

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What Readers Are Saying: 224 Comments
  1. Mom of 4 says:

    Had a boil that turned into two side by side. tried the warm compress, but it did not help. Went to the doctor who told me that she had to cut it open to get the stuff out. Then proceeded to stick a needle in the center of the boil to numb the area. She did not numb the area with anything before sticking the needle in. Boils are very painful, but a needle stuck in it is HORRIBLE. Not only that but the numbing did not take the first time so she had to stick the needle in each one a second time. I will try some of these other things like the tomato or lemon juice if I ever get another one. (which I hope I never do.)

    • Tipnut says:

      I’m about ready to pass out just reading what you went through!

      • Alyssa says:

        I went through the same exact thing. The pain from that needle was absolutely horrid. I NEVER want to go through that again. Unfortunatly, I have developed another boil. Same exact spot. It was huge before, so some of the infection must’ve still been in there. Thank God its coming to a head this time and will hopefully just drain at home. Just thinking about the pain from that needle makes my skin crawl.

    • Cathy says:

      That is awful. I used to get boils a lot and a lump of bread in very hot water then on to the boil does it for me every time. I keep applying until my little bowl of water is not longer hot. It can take a couple of days treating the boil 3 times a day. I have found if the doctor intervenes the boils come back in the same spot.

      • Abby says:

        Hi ive been getting this boils 5 times now , 2 months ago i drained it at the hospital , i dont have money to pay it again. Please if u maybe have something that can help. I have a boil on my bottocks i cant walk , sleep or sit without hurting myself. Any ideas will help. I tried the onion it doesnt work.

        • Desi says:

          I have had one on my buttocks as well .. I got a piece of bread. I pored some
          Milk on it. Then I placed it on the boil wth a plastic bag covering it . I taped it on.
          I left it on for about an hour or longer till it dries and it came to a head. I also laid in
          A hot bath for as long as I could 30min and they came to a head.

          • sam says:

            I had them any times ingrown hairs are the cause of mine I found my grandmother old wifes tales work fine just painful rember thou when you bust the boil to clean the area and your hands as the pus can make boils in other places and see dr to get tablets to make sure you got the bug out infection good luck the pains less than if leave it I think ouch

        • jojo says:

          Hi abby i know exactly what you’re going through. Get epson salt , grind it in a napkin with a bottle or any object that you can find to grind it. Get Vaseline and mix them both together until it look like a paste.put the paste on a gauze and put it on the boil or abcess. The epson salt will draw the pus to a head and drain it . Ive drained about 3 abscesses this way , hope it works for you

          • Kai Dakota Forsberg says:

            Jojo you literally saved my life I have been dealing with excruciating pain for the past few days to the point I thought I was gonna die the Boil had gotten to the size of a pool table ball and I was just very very much in a bad space listening to other people’s remedies and a just seemed to make it even worse. Yours is by far the best and so much relief thank you so so much I’m crying typing this message to you I am just so grateful thank you so much you are a godsend

        • Linda says:

          An old fashioned remedy is ichthammol ointment, its a drawing salve….doubtful if you will see it on the pharmacy shelf, but some pharmacies will keep a few tubes behind the counter if you ask. You can also order it online.

          • melissa says:

            I swear by Ichthammol, my husband has one it got so big and so painful. Put some “black salve” on a band aid and cover overnight by morning it will have a head on it or have drawn it all out. My son had one on his butt we did that and the morning we took band aid off all that nasty stuff came right with the bandaid. My husband was not so lucky he has a head on his but hasn’t popped and drained yet. Another night of black salve tonight should do the trick though. You can usually find it a place that sells organic or homeopathic medicine.

          • Christopher says:

            Ichthammol or Black salve ointment works great for boils it just takes a few days. Its great stuff and i have found it at my local Walgreens. It doesnt smell very good, its got a very oily, petroleum based smell but it will do the job.

        • Tish says:

          Try Ichthammol Ointment. It will draw out the infection and dry up the boil quick!

        • Christine says:

          You should cut a slice of onion. Put a pad around the area and sleep with the onion on it over night. It will bring it to a head and bust it.

        • Josh says:

          I had one on my tailbone. The doctor called it a pilonidal cyst. It was very painful. I ended up going and having it drained with no numbing medication. I almost punched the doctor in the face because it hurts so bad. About a month later I had to have surgery to have the cyst removed. I had gotten that same abscess about five times. Every time it would drain on its own, the cyst tissue would get bigger. I would keep an eye on that.

          • Lana Ryland says:

            Th pilonidal cyst forms inside a cavity much like a grapeskin. If the grapeskin is not removed, the cyst will return.

      • Antoinette Robinson says:

        What about in your scalp

        • satreda says:

          I get boils all over. Literally. I’ve had 3 in my scalp already. I usually go to the emergency room for those. I have the give me strong pain medication for they do ANYTHING. Their numbing medication never works to me. I can not tolerate pain whatsoever. Then they cut them open and pack them.

          • Shannon says:

            Just to let u know as well as anyone who may read this. I was a nurse for 25 yrs and assisted the Dr many times to excise boils. The areas that has a bill or the bill itself cannot be numbed. That’s because it is infected. Lidocaine cannot numb any area that is infected. So if u r getting it cut open, I would save myself the pain of being stuck with a needle plus the medicine that is infected BURNS LIKE MAD!!

    • chinna says:

      wash hands before and after clean site using iodine or hydrogen peroxide apply ointment cover with clean bandage

      There is an ointment called Ichthammol this Ointment is available at pharmacies, usually behind the counter (but no prescription is required) that will help to bring the boils to a head. Also known as draw out slave ,drawing out slave or iblack slave also sold on amazon or eBay make sure MUST CONTAIN at least 20℅ Ichthammol


      • Maxi Poo Poo says:

        I will try this. I am hearing a lot about it and nothing but good QUICK results. I have a fistula that will need to be surgically taken care of on my butt that keeps them coming back and also currently a carbuncle (I think thats what its called) but that is like 4 or 5 of them that have formed a larger one. It’s miserable to deal with. I use tea tree oil, turmeric shots, onion, Boil Ease, warm compress, hot baths (always softens it), everythingggggg but this one is consistently named as something that even makes the seed come out. Cant wait to try it and keep some around

    • Anonymous says:

      I mixed honey and toothpaste together for my boil. Honey is an antibacterial so this works for me at least. After I mixed it, I put it on my boil and covered with a bandage. A few hours later it was draining. As of right now, I still currently have the boil because it is a big one, but I think it helps!!

    • Mickey says:

      Once you have opened the boil and you want to make sure it doesn’t come back,
      You can get blackmores PCIP tablets they are what naturopaths use as antibiotics
      Crush 1 or 2 tablets and put in the opened boil it will sting as it a salt/ iron but it will
      kill the bacteria that is causing the boil

  2. Cathlin says:

    There is an ointment called Ichthammol Ointment available at pharmacies, usually behind the counter (but no prescription is required) that will bring boils to a head. It is relatively inexpensive (I know I paid less than $10 for a 1 oz tube). It smells like tar but it is effective.

    • Deb says:

      I remember my mom using on me when I was little and had got 2 in different times. We also called Black Salve. I still use it on little infections, etc. I had got a boil a few years back and a friend had some to give me from a pharmacy she worked at. Worked great but the boil came back in the exact same spot. I then took some antibiotics with it this time and never saw another!!

    • gloria says:

      Your right. It does work. Some people call it black salve. I had one and it helped. It draws out the pus and gets the seed out. If you get the seed out it goes away. Might come back later.

      • Maxi Poo Poo says:

        It will not come back if you get the seed out. That’s why it grows back because so many find comfort in the draining process that they forget to get it all out and the seed…which keeps it alive.

        • Cathy D says:

          I’ve had an abscess or something on the top of my arm. I have used prid over a week now and nothing. It’s getting harder and very painful. What do I try next from the sound of it lancing and

          Dr’s are out of the question. And I am type 2.

    • Frances says:

      Hi, I hope you can help meeeee. I have recurring Boil but i don’t think it drains fully everytime it pops. Now I have one again and it already poped. I’m planing to buy Ichthammol. Should I put it directly in the middle of the boil or just around? Also how often I should apply it? I would really appreciate to hear your advice.

  3. Donna says:

    The Ichthammol Ointment has been around for years and in the past was called drawing suave. It is the best and works for many things. If you have a splinter just put a dab on band-aid it up and overnight, wa-la not splinter. Very good stuff!

    • big will says:

      Take a cotton ball soak it with witch hazel and Keep it on all night then it will be head the next day

      • bigwill says:

        Come to a head

      • Lauri Hamilton says:

        First 3 days I did the hot compress, Witch Hazel soaked pad for 3 days did nothing. Went to doctor for antibiotics and now there is an infected painful “tear” but no relief. I can’t find any Ichthammol. I am in such agony. This thing is going to get a name soon. What do you name a one eyed monster?

    • Colette says:

      I was excited about the black ointment too and it did work. But the huge warning is it’s dangerous and destroys healthy tissue and leaves bad scarring. So I threw mine out as per my nuse daughter’s advice. . Read up on it before using anymore… I’ve suffered 15 years and the fastest safest way to deal with these friction area highly painful boils is to soak in hot Epson bath. They come to head fast and drain

    • Colette says:

      I was excited about the black ointment too and it did work. But the huge warning is it’s dangerous and destroys healthy tissue and leaves bad scarring. So I threw mine out as per my nurse daughter’s advice. . Read up on it before using anymore… I’ve suffered 15 years and the fastest safest way to deal with these friction area highly painful boils is to soak in hot Epson bath. They come to head fast and drain

  4. Jeepinls says:

    I have never heard of Ichthammol Ointment. Maybe it is a regional only brand, I will look for it before needing it. The salve I am most familiar is called Prid, it is also behind the counter most of the time.It is rather thick and gooey, dark brown in color, works great. It is not especially expensive, less than $5. I suspect the stores prefer you go to the doctor, so you will have an expensive prescription to fill….=)

    • Gwen says:

      Prid is the same thing as Ichthammol Ointment….I have tired both….I think my boils are resistant to them, lol….I have a prescription I got from the doctor, expensive, but very effective. I get boils at least once a month along with my menstrual cycle 🙁

      • Annie says:


        Would love to know if it worked

        • sheena says:

          I’m about to have mine lanced as well I tried the ichtathammol unfortunately it didn’t work for me but the tea tree oil helped with the pain

      • Kay says:

        I have used Ichthammol for years. (I am 76) The trouble this time it is on my face and I’ve broken the skin trying to get it out. It says not to use on broken skin. This is on my upper lip, Gosh, it looks awful and we havew a special event coming up. I feel like Im walking around with one huge boil on my face and my lips are all swollen.

        • Betty says:

          I had one lanced in emergency room. It never completely went away. I went to my doctor and he had me put a hot compress on it several times a day. It cleared up. He said they had found that those should never be lanced. Have had a couple more and did the hot compress and they dried up on their own.

    • Janie says:

      It is also called black salve. Used on cow teets when sore its mentholated. I’m from the U.S.

    • Carol says:

      I recently had a boil on my waistline & used Prid & warm/hot compresses. After several days it did come to a head & drain. Seemed to work well for me.

  5. Genoveva Barbosa says:

    My husband used to get these quite frequently when we first married (3-4 a year). We were told to apply Aloe Vera. Take the leaf place on a skillet to heat and get the juice flowing(low heat, turning frequently). Apply to boil cover with a bandage. After using this the next two times he had a boil we have never had to use again. And I’m talking about a 20 yr. time period.

    • Genoveva Barbosa says:

      I’m sorry I forgot to say…. After heating cut a slit down the side/length of the leaf, then apply to boil and cover with a bandage.

      • Sonia says:

        The aloe Vera gel works like a charm. I cleaned the small boil and applied the gel 4 times. It ripened and turned into a blister then popped itself. I just
        needed to clean it out and bandage it.

    • Tipnut says:

      Excellent tip Genoveva, thanks for sharing that! I have something about aloe in my notes too by couldn’t find it. That’s why I have this blog, get everything online on one page and have it searchable…I’m too disorganized with my notes offline! lol

  6. Kate says:

    I have been plagued by these my whole life! My Naturopath told me to regularly take a garlic product to keep them at bay; studies show it will kill staph. Just had about five in a row pop up and took more concentrated “AlliUltra” (instead of AlliMax) and they are almost gone, with no drainage after 5 days. Research shows you need 1080 mg of allicin, the active ingredient daily to combat and destroy the staph.

    • Tipnut says:

      I think that’s good advice Kate. One thing I didn’t get into above was why some people are prone to getting them. It seems there’s a deficiency of some sort (nutrients). I’ve read over and over again to eat lots of garlic (the garlic oil I linked to above is also recommended to take daily).

      • Kelly says:

        I actually have a boil now in the crease of my leg. I have been getting these since I was 18. I got pregnant with my son and got one and now I get them every month or every couple of months. I love garlic so I will try this. Hope it works

  7. mylady says:

    I have been there and thought I would never make it. I had to go into emergency room because it was on my breast over a weekend. But I have since found if you get one as I do (dr said hair growing back into itself) like once ever few years place VICKS on it and the heat from it will draw, and make it to a head and then heat up a glass pop bottle and it will pull it right out. Heal up and leave no scar!

  8. chris says:

    Castor oil and a warm compress.

    • carol says:

      Definitley the castor oil and compresses has helped me more than anything, I’m now beginning an antibiotic. I’m 55 and this is my first ever boil!! This is horrible and so painful. cried many tears this miserable.

  9. Adri says:

    I have a boil on my foot and it friggin hurts so badly.. I can’t even walk because I would have to step on it. boils are sooo painful.. I had it for a week now and it is so big (so nasty). I have it under my foot and the skin is thick there so its under my skin and I can’t squeeze it out since its under.. I went to the doctor this thursday and when he pressed it I thought I was going to die.. I bought this cream that he recomended and advil so the pain wouldn’t be that bad. I apply the cream 3 times a day and put my foot in water and salt for 20 minutes 2/3 times a day. Its not going away and I want it to go away. 🙁 IT IS SOOO PAINFUL

    • Angel says:

      sounds more like a wart which are very painful. Apply ACV after a hot foot wash and soak a cotton ball in ACV and apply with a bandaid or duct tape and leave on overnight and clean wll in the am. Now I won’t lie. This will feel like someone is stabbing you in the foot the first night or two but mine were gone in 3 days.

  10. Karen Meates says:

    My doctor was gobsmacked when I told him that I take Silica tablets when I first feel a boil forming. Take one tablet 3 times a day. If you get on top of it early enough you only need to take the tabs for 1-3 days. My Doc reckons if it works, use it. It has always worked for me.

    • Jill says:

      Hi Karen do you mean the homeopathic remedy Silicia or is it the dry herb encapsulated? Just wondering because I know that for a certain stage of a boil the homeopathic remedy is indicated as helpful, but have bot heard of any references to ingesting the the plant itself. Thanks for clarifying.

  11. leandra says:

    Can Boils Be Hereditary?

    • Sugarpie80 says:

      Yes, my mom gets them, my brother gets them and right now I am fighting them! Usually I use a soap called “Yardleys”.. but i only use the almond kind, it helps dry them up and if they are really bad it will bring them to a head so you can drain them.

      • jennifer says:

        helo where can you get this soap at? any store? iget them all the time and in the most painful and embarrassing. i have one under breast again,the first time i got it there it became the size of a golf ball it finally drained on its own. but this just started. the pain is uncomfortable as of nowbut i dont want it to swell. any advice id really appreciate it thanks.

      • Gotti says:

        How did u use the soap

  12. jennifer says:

    I keep getting boils on my scalp. This latest one is pushing on a nerve rather than my dr lancing it to releive the pressure she gave me pain pills which are no help. what is the fastest way to get relief? I have tried almost everything including prid’s and boil ease

    • roselyn says:

      I once had one on the base of my scalp that got so infected that the swelling went into my jaw and neck. After antibiotics got the swelling down a surgeon had to cut and remove the infection. Now if I feel one coming on I rinse my scalp with Brags Apple Cider Vinegar must have ‘the mother . It makes my hair super shiney too 🙂

  13. chris says:

    Tea tree oil works well had to little bumps on thigh that turned to boil applying mediacated body powder they went away but 2 weeks later they were back big and painful now after applied tea tree oil NP pain they r getting smaller already

  14. rob p says:

    The spice Tumeric is incredibly effective on boils and all sorts of skin infections, in addition to a vast array of well documented and researched positive effects on the body. Google “tumeric Health Benefits” and see. I take 800mg twice a day and have been amazed at its impact on my health.

  15. vicki says:

    I’ve just tried the aloe vera treatment mentioned above. Had the plant (gel part) on boil covered with a plaster overnight. Just took it off now, and cleaned off with antiseptic bath, and amazingly it all came out – no pain whatsoever. Thanks for the advice 🙂

  16. Michelle says:

    Can I use regular aloe vera from a bottle? I get these horrible boils all the time and the one I have now is the size of a softball but there are no red streaks so I am trying to avoid that and get this taken care of the easy way. I have had a couple lanced and that hurts so bad I don’t want to do it again! Please help!

  17. Taylor says:

    I am 17 now but have struggled with boils for almost a year and a half, I have atleast 3 a month. Doctors have given me every anti-biotic they can and I’ve been to a herbalist to try the natural route. Its perhaps the most painfull thing I have every experienced… I really hope these tips work, will start trying them imediately (have 3 boils at the moment)….

    • julia says:

      I suffered with boils and it sounds like you may have hydradanitis supparativa. It can be treated with a long term low dose antibiotic like the ones used for acne, also a topical lotion and an antibacterial soap. It can take a while to take effect but it is well worth it when it does. I have my life back. There is not a cure but this helps manage it. It s worth asking your doctor or looking it up on internet. Hope this helps. 🙂

      • Cindy says:

        M my mother has hydrodanitis sup. And she always gets these terrible boils.. antibiotics don’t do much breaks my heart to see her in that amount of pain

    • Kathy says:

      My daughter also tried tumaric, which is a spice you can buy in any supermarket, or you can also buy it in capsules, which is a little pricey. It took them away in a couple days, and she has not had a problem since. Works like a charm!

      • John says:

        What an excellent example of how superstitions get formed! Since boils go away in a couple days on their own, anything your daughter bought would have “workes like a charm”, including nothing at all!

        • Country says:

          Not ALL boils “go away in a couple days on their own.” Some take longer and are sometimes located in a “debilitating” place. These are helpful tips to speed the process along. Don’t bother with them, if you don’t need them. 🙂

  18. Nicole says:

    I get boils on my face monthly. This month I got three. I appreciate the advice and am really excited to try some of the above ideas. Also the daily vitamins to see if they help not get them to begin with. It’s hard to do any treatment on my face numerous times a day, and I have to wear makeup to cover them because I work with the public and they aren’t attractive. I hope that this information is helpful. Will report back. I have also had to have a couple lanced open at a doctors office and it is the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Hoping to never have to do that again.

  19. Rak says:

    When i was in primary school i often get boils one after the other through out the year…i assumed this must be due to my diet. I used to eat alot of meat and drink less water. I became a vegeterian in class 5 and magically got no more boils. I guess change in diet must have made the difference especially with more greens and fruits. Now i have completed university and am working as a biology teacher. I began eating fish. For the past few weeks stress in work has affect my eating pattern… my diet consisted of fried fish (high protein) and less fruits/greens and even less water. No time to prepare a good healthy meal. Guess what? I got another boil 6 days ago since primary school. The boil on my chin was very painful causing fever. I took antibiotics for two days and had to stop because it was healing the boil making it harder instead of become soft so pus can be drawn out quickly for healing to take place. So i quit antibiotics and went to pharmacy and bought Ichthammol Ointment 25%. Applying it on my boil helped draw out part of the pus in the boil where its soft…its now 6th day and yet the other part of the boil is still hard.. though less painful. Need advice to soften the boil to speed up drawing of the pus so i can go back to class. Shall i continue applying the Ointment? I am thinking of using aloe vera as one suggested. Any advice on how to soften the boil so i could apply the Ointment to complete drawing the pus.

    • robin says:

      Take baths as hot as you can stand the water a few times a day. Sometimes if its already hardened into a ball you may have to put an ice cube on it to help numb the area and just squeeze it until it pops through.

    • Ragul says:

      you can apply ichthammol ointment and apply heat compression (you can use boiled hot rice packed up in a cotton cloth). boils will appear again and again if your immune system is weak. drink more water and fresh juices (oranges and watermelon). try to keep your body cool. sleep well and don’t sit in front of computer and TV. take proper antibiotics. keep the affected area and your surroundings clean.

  20. Jennifer Mansoori says:

    I got this one big lump on my inner thigh 3 days ago….. It was terrible as it hurts real bad. Took antibiotics from the doctor and also a craem lobate. It did help a little, since the progress was slow. The lump turned black in two days as well as bigger in size. Was unable to stand, sit or walk
    . My mom did not say a word when left from home on the third day and returned with a few leaves from tue hibiscus plant. She smashed the leaves adding a pinch of rock salt until it was sticky. I applied it myself, covering it with cotton and a tied it with a cloth. Left it on tus whole night. The next morning. ….. surprisingly the abscess was so delicate and soft a ever. It broke out and all the pus began draining. Unfortunately the skin also ruptured. It was bad luck that the seed didn’t come out. So had to apply this miracle paste again. … hut this time it was very sore since the wound was open. Left it for 8 hours now and im about to try pressing it again. Once done im gonna apply some neosporin powder. Take care people.

  21. Weegie says:

    Hi, my name is Weegie. I have dealt with boils for months and months. Trying to figure out the most possible way of getting rid of them and nothing has worked until my doctor suggested that I use B12. I use 1mg once a day and it has gotten rid of the boil and I haven’t gotten it back. It is an easy remedy and it works great. It’s not a cure but it helps.

  22. Sheryl says:

    I just cut a leaf from my aloe vera plant, warmed it and placed it behind my ear (where my boil is) and covered it with a large bandage. I’ll check back in tomorrow morning and let you all know if it worked for me. I’ve had this thing behind my ear for a week. At 1st it was hard and painful. I used boil ease and it is now soft but is not advancing in any way. Hopefully this Aloe will help it along. Thanks for the advise ! FINGERS CROSSED !!

  23. lyn says:

    I had two boils on 1 under arm u can imagine it was a week of hell went to the doctor he gave me an injection and antiniotics after 4 days one popped than the following day the last one popped but than my let side was so sore my breast and arm I was so swollen I also used warm salt water I pray no one goes thru this

    • marie says:

      I know what you went through. Several years ago I had one on my arm pit. Sore, I couldn’t put my arm down all the way. Couldn’t shave for 10 days. It was about the size of a silver dollar and bright red. After about a week, I noticed a large white head on it, and I gave a gentle squeeze and a stream of pus and blood poured out into the sink for about 2 minutes, I thought I was going to faint. Never had another there, just get them on my thighs once in a while now, thank God. Boils are awful.

  24. Jamie says:

    I have suffered with boils my whole life!!! (I’m 30) Above leandra asked if they can be hereditary and I believe the answer is YES…my father has also suffered with them his whole life and a few other family members on his side of the family get them as well. I have scars all over my body from them, mostly on my upper thighs and underwear line…the friction from my underwear caused reoccuring boils in the same spots. It got to the point that I had to stop wearing underwear just so that I wouldn’t get them as often. I once got one on my knee the size of an apple that turned into Staph. I found that hot baths as well as moist very hot compresses brought the most relief. I used to end up in the emergency room in tears they would get so bad and so very very painful…I have kicked many doctors after having a needle stuck into them over and over and over!! The packing always annoyed me to the piont that id have anxiety attacks if i didn’t take it out…I always had at least one but usually 3 or 4 at a time…I recently lost 60 pounds and since then I’ve only had 2 boils and I would love to know if my weight loss has anything to do with it. I can’t say that I am eating healthier, I was actually put on medication that caused me to have no appetite so that’s why I lost the weight….if anyone knows if people that are overweight are more likely to get them than others I’m very curious to know…also does anyone know if theres anything that can be done to prevent them? BOILS are horrible and can I relate to all of your stories:(

    • Sugarpie80 says:

      For the past few years I have been fighting boils left and right IN THE SAME SPOT YOU ARE!! My upper inner legs AND THEY HURT! I have done some research and have found that tea tree oil will help them go away. I have not tried this myself but best believe I’m getting ready to head to the local pharmacy to pick some up! I have boils that will just pop up out of no where if I use a certain kind of soap in that area, but I have found that I can use “Yardleys” soap, but only the Almond kind. I dont know if there is something in the “almond” that helps, but I have found that it will dry the boil up and if it is bad enough it will bring it to a head so you can drain it. I went to the hospital one time and had it lanced, WORST PAIN EVER!!! I am so sick of these little demons popping up on my inner legs. Right now I have one that is swollen and is about the size of an egg and has me walking like a penguin! I wish you and everyone else that has a boil the best of luck,,, these suckers are NO joke!

      • Latrelle says:

        I have had boils several times on upper inner thighs and I would soak in a hot tub with Epsom salts. Twice per day as hot as I could stand it and after a couple of days it would drain.

    • Kay Bee says:

      Being overweight can cause you to get boils more often because often times you are sweating more and your arms and thighs rub together more and then you have sweat mixing with bacteria and that will cause the boils. Also with more weight your clothes fit tighter and that can irritate hair follicles which get inflamed causing boils or abscesses. Wearing cotton underwear (no thongs!) that’s not too tight can help because cotton lets your skin breath. Shower daily, especially when it’s hot or you were sweating and that should help some.

    • warjna says:

      I’ve had boils on my buttocks over and over in exactly the same place every time. My doctor says it’s because I sit all the time. Fine, tell me how I’m supposed to work on a computer without sitting down? I have never had one burst (come to a head) on its own, but I have had to have one lanced, it’s always right where the toilet seat hits it! I do know that I can tell when one is coming on, the spot gets a certain kind of itchy that I can’t explain any other way, sorry. But if I realize that, sometimes I can head it off by applying straight Tea Tree Oil several times a day. I have also tried homeopathic remedies: Belladonna for 24 hours, and if that doesn’t work then try Hepar Sulph. Those two really work. I will try the garlic pills, I’ve taken them before for other reasons.
      Jamie, what medication did your doctor put you on that made you lose weight? I need help badly for that! And yes, I do think that weight has a lot to do with getting boils.

    • cindy says:

      Jamie, I am in the same boat. I’ve had them since I was a kid, I’m 28now. only went to the ER when I couldn’t tolerate it anymore, I get them everywhere, armpit inner thigh bikini line.. also stopped waring under ware started waring boxers helped alot and they didn’t come back so bad cause they wasn’t being irritated. and also have many scars..I recently lost more than 50 lbs but still have a jelly belly but now getting them under my belly where my pants go. I am always looking for new ways to make them pop.Just got the ichthammol ointment put it on the one I have on the side of my stomach I hope it works I can’t take this pain it’s so bad it’s swollen and all redness around it.. Hope they come up with something where they can’t come back.. And I thought I was the only person that gets them. It’s so embarrassing to go to the ER and to painful. Them doctors love to cause more pain.. And it HAS to be hereditary, My mom has gotten them in the past she’s 60 now and hasn’t had one for some time.. and my sister gets them BUT not as bad as I do… I really need help I hate what these things have done to my body!!

  25. J Bolick says:

    I have had a couple of these, and they are horrible…both on my back. I had to have the last one cut open and drained. My nurse said infected tissue can’t be numbed, and she was so right! Even though my doctor stuck a needle into it anyway. I have started scrubbing with a nylon scrubbie on my back with antibacterial body wash at the first sign of a new one, then scrubbed the sore before it comes to a head with blackhead and acne wash that teens use. Finish off with tea tree oil on a bandage square. No cure, but it helps.

  26. Shatara says:

    I have an extremely painful boil on my breast and it keeps coming back sometimes more than once a month. I am a diabetic and I wonder can that be causing it? Are there any fast painless treatments?? Help please

    • Hope says:

      I have read that diabetes can be a cause. I have been getting them under my arm and one turned to staph, so I’m going to be checked for diabetes here soon.

  27. so-very-sore says:

    I have suffered for 15 years with these re-ocurring painful scarring boils. I am 30 and I am so scarred that i refuse to wear a tank top or short skirt. Now they have not only spread from under the arms, between the legs and bum but now i get them on my sides and on my forearms.

    I feel for you all, its the most painful thing ever, i currently have two under my left arm and one under my right arm. I cant even go to the toilet without suffering emense pain and crying because it hurts to wipe.

    There just doesnt seem to be a remedy to cure this horrible horrible infection. I get up to 7 a month and they flare up a few days before my mentrual cycle.

    Somone for heavens sake help me!!!!

    • drose says:

      First wash your hands and prepare a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide. clean the area with the peroxide then keep it in place for about an hour. Then try a teaspoon of tumeric powder mixed with one and a half teaspoon ginger and mix into a paste with a tablespoon of water. Be careful because tumeric stains clothes(it will also stain skin temporarily for a few days to up to two weeks, but it is completely harmless), Use a cotton ball to spread the paste over your boil and then apply gauze or a bandage to keep it in place until it drains or over night. Don’t reuse sheets, towels, etc, if they come in contact with your boil. For pain just use pain meds and between the paste and peroxide treatments use a warm compress to sooth the ache and relax the skin, while simultaneously speeding up its ability to drain.

      The boils you have seem to be, like mine, due to hormonal levels. Dietary changes:
      1) decrease carb intake
      2) increase intake of cranberry juice and anti-oxident laden drinks like green tea
      3)increase water intake
      4) During the periods where you seem to get more boils bathe more regularly.
      5) Add tumeric to your diet. Be careful because many sell false tumeric capsules, so I’d recommend just adding it to cooking. I have heard tumeric within the first 24 hours of a boil occuring can ease symptoms or make it disappear entirely. So for this make a warm glass of water mixed with tumeric or tumeric in milk, or a light anti-oxident tea in those first 24. (you can also apply drops of the tumeric milk to gauze and press it to the boil to help bring it to a head)
      6) Use a clean well kept razor or clean the bled well before reuse and shave in the direction of hair growth not too close to the skin. For me this strategy doesn’t always work due to my having PCOS and thicker hair, so if you can tolerate how strong it is hair removal cream can really save you time and future pain.
      7) Try using a gentle anti-bacterial soap in areas of your body with creases (armpits, love handles, groin, buttock, etc.) particularly after you shave!.

    • Yann says:

      I guess fasting would be a great idea in your case. Exercice and sauna to allow your body to sweat. Detoxification is the way to go in my opinion, juices and smoothies, herbs for the kidneys, bowels, lymph etc. Your body has to expel those toxins by the right ways: the emunctories.

    • Habs says:

      I feel for you I have dealt with boils for 20 years. Take 100mg zinc glucomate and 400mg tumeric daily it will take 3 months to work but it works give it a chance.

  28. Jai says:

    Unfortunately I deal with these all the time. I currently have 4 but the worst one is under my arm. This is the biggest boil I’ve ever had & it hurts like hell! I get them sometimes b4 I start my cycle. I can’t shave bcuz Lord knows if I do I’m in trouble. I’ve been trying ever thing I can think of to bring the one under my arm to a head bcuz it hurts so bad, I can’t put my arm down or lift it over my head. So for the past week I’ve been walking around with a pillow under my arm. My doc says it has a lot to do with my weight, eating habit, & my vitamin intake! I will keep your tips in mind. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody!!

  29. ugh88 says:

    Yes, Jamie, it is a problem with overweight people and can be a sign of type 2 diabetes or even as a warning sign that you are on your way to becoming one. But, even healthy weight people get them, so you should have at least one of your boils tested for MRSA. If it isn’t, then most likely it is just staph and could be an ingrown hair or as I stated, a sign that one should go and get tested for type 2 diabetes. I’d also suggest that if the test come back negative, that lifestyle change should begin in order to halt these changes that the body is trying to warn us about. Losing some weight will most definitely help put these boils at bay as well as controlling the stress in our lives. Boils are sometimes described as looking very ‘angry’ and so controlling our own emotions will help too. How we feel inside most certainly affects our physical lives and boils remind me of one ‘holding’ in anger that will eventually ‘burst’ out in order to relieve itself if we are somehow ‘biting our tongues’ or holding any sort of anger or hurt feelings. Find other ways or working these feelings out. Beginning some form of physical exercise may help and simple walking may be the perfect way to begin that is easiest on the body and joints. Good luck and stay HAPPY!!!

  30. Thomas says:

    I get these boils from time to time usually between my legs up near the top on the inner side near my groin, and in the past I was successful in removing them by just letting them go away and keeping the area clean as possible. I sweat a lot and especially between my legs. I have been thinking of buying boxer shorts to see if that will help me keep them at bay. But this time I have a boil that first started out as usual and then it started to grow and get very very painful. Now it is to the point it has grown bigger and gotten harder and it has been the most painful thing I have ever had experienced. I had developed a fever and I thought I had contracted someone’s virus like the flu or something I ran a temperature and felt miserable. Makes it even worse when I have to sit and go to the bathroom or even dread thinking about going to the bathroom. I am a 53 year old male and gotten them for life and dealt with them and was never this bad before. I had thought about going to the walk in clinic or emergency room but am embarrassed to do so because of the area in question especially if it is a female doctor no offence please intended here just very shy and embarrassed, I don’t care how many times they tell you I have seen it all, not me they haven’t. So anyway I went to my local pharmacy and asked them their advise. She had referred me to buy 3 things to help my pain as well as some over the counter pain meds. First thing she said was to buy some Benzocaine for the pain it is a salve kind of thick and apply it generously to the area. Then she said to buy some Ichthammol Ointment, Then Epson salt. Said for me to take a hot bath as I could stand and soak in it to soften the area…
    Well the over the counter medication didn’t ease the pain nor did the Benzocaine, so I had some pain killers my dentist gave me that helped somewhat, it still hurt but was able to deal with pain as it deadened it somewhat. So now I am going to take a hot bath and hopefully brings this to a head and relieve the pain by hopefully get it open and treat with Ichthammol Ointment afterwards, she had said I must get it opened first for that to work it wouldn’t draw it out by itself unless you had it popped…
    I remembered in the past the puss and blood was very messy but was also very relieving once it had been drained somewhat of the pressure, this time I don’t care how messy it will be just so I can get this darn thing gone once and for all….
    I appreciate all the comments listed in this article and will consider changing my diet as well as making sure I have these other ideas close at hand if I should ever get another boil. I just want the pain to go away and be able to walk and sit again and not be in pain…
    I will keep you all posted as to my condition as I go. Thanks again everyone its nice to see it just isn’t me that gets these darn things in the areas…..

  31. cherie says:

    Two weeks ago I had a knot come up in my armpit. It was painful but I thought it was a swollen lymphnode and it would go away soon. It started to get red and the swelling didn’t go down so I began to think it was an ingrown hair so I messed with it a little with tweezers looking for the hair which I never found but I squeezed it and a little pus came out. It was extremely painful and for the past week I’ve left it alone hoping it would came to a head I showed it to a nurse at my doctors office and she called it a hair bump but didn’t do an up close inspection or feel it. Two days ago(the day after showing the nurse) it doubled in size, became excrutiatingly painful and got more inflamed, since then it is steadily getting bigger and even more painful(from the size of a dime to bigger than a golf ball) and the pain goes up into my shoulderblade and neck! I’m going to the doc. but have no idea how the lancing process works. Do they deaden? Will they give me something stronger than ibuprofen after cutting my arm open? Could someone give me a step by step rundown of their personal experience so I can have some sort of idea what to expect!? Thanks in advance!!!

    • Tracey says:

      I had this exact same thing for 10 days I waited for it to come go head and in the end it was absolutely excruciating. I went straight to the Emergency Room they took one look at it and admitted me for surgery that night. They told me it had turned into an abcess and that it would not heal on its own and surgery was the only option. I had a general anesthetic and and they opened and drained two large abcesses. Dont let your GP lance it as they are unable to clean it out properly and they will come back surgery was a god send.

    • Charise B. says:

      Hello Ms.Cherie,
      I have had a boil lanced before at a hospital and to answer your question, here is the play by play that I remember:
      1.) Vitals are taken
      2.) Nurse/Dr. will explain the process to you before they touch you, you will get a shot to sort of numb you and they will proceed to lance your boil. For me the shot hurt just about as much as the boil. I’m not going to lie, it all hurts like hell but you will feel so much better after it’s done. Pressure will be applied in order to get out ALL the nasty stuff, the affected area will be cleaned, trust me there will be a very foul smell. May prescribe 50mg Tramadol (Ultram) to help with the pain. I recently just got another one and this is what I have tried so far: soak in a tub of HOT water with Epsom salt, Dawn (dish soap(just a little bit).Soaked long enough until water got cold. Then next day used honey, for about 15 minutes then washed the honey off (it’s sticky situation). Then, the next day I used Epsom salt, hot water and a little bit of Ultra Ajax with bleach alternative in bathroom sink (HOT & wet compress applied light pressure on outer skin of the boil squeezing gently until it burst.It still hurts a little bit but not as much as it did the day before.

      I hope this helps, God bless.

      P. S. Home remedies actually do work, also if you go to Family Dollar and purchase a box of Summer’s Eve 5-in-1 Cleaning Cloths come in handy.

  32. Thomas says:

    I just wanted to follow up to my last post and inform of my latest results. I applied the Benzocaine as directed for 4 days and during these 4 days the pain was almost out of this world, but this morning I had woke up early and noticed that there was this strange nasty odor and felt this wetness and happened to check this area and noticed that my boil had finally popped and was draining like a faucet and the pain was diminishing somewhat and started to feel a lot better so I took a hot shower and cleansed the area as much as possible and had packed gauze in the area, and took some extra gauze with me to work so I can change it. The problem I had was that this boil had grown so large I had thought about naming it, but seriously the relief I had was so great and thankful, but it was draining something crazy like and had to leave work early because of this. So I came home and took another hot shower and immediately put all my clothes in the washer because they had the infection all over them. Then I applied Ichthammol Ointment afterwards to draw out the last of the infection, and hopefully be the last I see of this darn thing and would never wish anyone to go through the pain and suffering I had gone through. So I would say this to anyone suffering from these conditions patience is a virtue and the pain can and will be great, but keep in mind when it pops and drains you will feel like a million bucks and ready to tackle the world again. Good luck everyone and thank you all for your support and ideas and help. God Bless

  33. Jay says:

    Hi have had boils come up after i turned 35 n have had many small ops to remove them n also lanced but mine this week i think i have them back cause of stress n my boyfriend put some of the litch cream on last night it stung really bad but thanks for this info everyone just need to know how many times a day as to sore with this one to move to even get it lanced n how long dose it take before it starts to draw to heal

  34. Neicee says:

    So glad to find this page. I have been getting boils in my private area for the last two years, at least one a month, sometimes more. Right now I have 4 in 4 different areas down there. My gyn gave me meds but they didn’t stop. She told me to wash with anti bacterial soap, that hasn’t helped. Really glad to see that if I add Garlic to my daily intake that might help get rid of them. I will definitely be trying some of your suggestions. I have one that is extremely big and painful right now that I am really going to work on. Thanks to all who have shared their your experiences and advise.

    • savannah garl says:

      Do not wash with antibacterial that is the worst thing you could are getting rid of the good bacteria that fights it!!!

  35. Ladetra says:

    I have one and mines was big all I did was. Left a bandage on. It an then it opened up then I started squeezing it and then when it go small starting outing a got rag on it then put neosporin on it and bandage it

  36. Massey says:

    I have a medium sized boil on my forehead, been to the doctors and he says I have to live with it or get it removed, I can be very painful at times but I am so bad with any kind of injections or treatment please help:(

  37. Amelia says:

    Hi, This is the first time i every get a boil. I got it on my nose. 🙁 i started feeling pain and tenderness around nose. Then the next day it appeared and just grew and grew, Horrible and so painful. First Dr (had no idea) thought it was a cold sore and told me to use zovirax, second doctor told me to take antibiotics. oral and intravenously. its been 10 days, the doctor lanced it today and drew some blood and pus out. Really want to know how long till it completely heals and if there is anything to speed up the process.

  38. Shirlene VEMMA Lady 777 says:

    First time I’ve had a boil on my back in years and it is very stubborn. Won’t come to a head and hurts a lot. Doubling up on my liquid nutritional supplement and using it topically to see how it works. Will let you know how it works.

  39. Sim says:

    I can relate to each of your stories. Having recurrent boils is a curse. I have one right now on my left underarm (which is where I have had umpteen number of them)! I am truly fed up of boils and am hoping that this one goes away soon. I will be using PRID for the first time. Just hoping it works for me. Please pray folks! You know what I am talking about! 🙁

  40. stace says:

    I get these constantly, and they are so painful I sometimes feel like I’m going crazy because the pain is so intense. I was prescribed “fucidin ointment” (not cream)… put that on a bandaid or gauze pad 2-3 times a day… and usually within a few days it causes it to open and have all that crap drain out. I’m gonna try some of these tips too. I’d like to know how to completely prevent them! I end up with more than one at a time. It’s so horrible!

  41. May Leichty says:

    I just started getting boils 10 months ago. All have been on my face
    and neck (hell , pure hell) well this current one is huge and behind my knee. At Which point should I go get medical treatment?? Its getting closer to skin..but still way worried
    bc the skin behind knee is so tight its also pressing against something and pain is shooting up my leg..Man..this suckssss :(” i feel all of yr pain..

  42. KC says:

    I have been plagued with boils and have had to have several lanced under my arms before and filled with packing. It was HORRIBLE. I have found that with my most recent and most painful ever one which was right on the crease where my thigh meets my privates, epsom salt and warm damp rags kept it draining and this one is finally almost gone. However, now i have one on my face that is about the size of an egg and I am TERRIFIED to go get it drained at the hospital after reading everyone else’s stories about how badly they hurt. This one is definitely soft, and I am ready to get rid of it. I think I am going to go try some VICKS and if that doesn’t work, I might just have to try something else to soothe and burst it. Thanks for all of the posts!

  43. samantha says:

    I have been getting boils for a few years now, and like u guys i hate it! Im so sick of being told
    by doctors to deal with it because im diabetic! i have a bad one under my arm and the other
    day i had it lanced. id never had one lanced before so i didnt know what to expect….
    Omg i have never felt such pain….not even having kids! I was screaming and crying like a baby
    and must have looked like a right idiot!…its been 2 days and its started to come back and i dont know why… scared to go back to the doctors….its depressing…

    • Angel says:

      Hi, I had my first ever boil June 19, 2010. It started on my inner thigh. I went to use the bathroom that morning and when I sat down I felt a slight sore spot. It started off as a super tiny pimple, and I didn’t think anything of it. By the afternoon, it was the size of a dime. By the evening, it was the size of a quarter and it was killing me! It kept growing rapidly, and it was so painful that I could barely walk. I was embarrassed but wa finally in so much pain that I got up at 430am on June 20, woke up my grandmother and showed her where it was. By then it was bigger than a 50 cent piece. Because she’d seen me limping around she took to me to the ER where I had it lanced, drained, and packed. I had to have the packing replaced once a week. And let me tell you, I gave birth to my daughter on June 4, 2010. I remembered labor very well, and I will take giving birth any day and time over getting these damn things just to have them lanced. As I saw them happen more and more I took my lancets and popped them as they were forming. I’d much rather deal with that than get it lanced. But eventually I knew I’d run out of those. I’d read somewhere to soak a cotton ball in vinegar and leave it overnight. I figured what do I have to lose? Nothing. So, I tried it and by morning it was a quarter of the size it originally was. I repeated the step and it was practically gone. I was so grateful. Now, when I feel it forming, as long as you get to it early and soak a cotton ball with vinegar and bandage it overnight, it’ll take care of itself almost painlessly.

      • SandraP says:

        Just regular white vinegar?

      • Genie says:

        Everyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE THIS ADVICE AND GOD BLESS YOU ANGEL THANK YOU SO VERY VERRRY MUCH ABOUT THE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR TIP!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS YOU ARE A SAVIOR! SENDING MANY MANY MANY THANKS AND BLESSINGS YOUR WAY. I used Bragg’s apple cider vinegar and if you cannot find that look for any brand of raw unfiltered unpasteurized apple cider vinegar it should have some stuff on the bottom of the bottle shake well good luck?

  44. marriage is half of faith says:

    What if the boil is by your ear? Face area…

  45. kim says:

    I also had to go to the hospital to have a boil taken care of. I’d had it under my arm and it hurt so horribly to even breathe. The er Dr. injected the site but did not let it numb enough. He then proceeded to lance it, causing me to scream in pain in the er. I was not happy needless to say. Now I have one I side my ear and it is also unbelievably painful. I love the ideas for relief but they are difficult for the current location.

  46. issabee says:

    I had horrible boils under my arm when I was pregnant so the doctor couldn’t use any kind of anesthetic that actually worked so I had to lay on the table while he lanced it without any pain killers it was terrible

  47. Barb U says:

    I have had this one spot between my breasts for many years…more than I can remember. It would get hard and then I would squeeze it and get this yellowish pus out of it. It also smelled. Recently it came back but much larger. I couldn’t get anything out of it this time. I have done hot compresses the last few days and put a salve on it, but still nothing. Last night after reading these suggestions I tried the honey. First I did the hot compresses then I put honey on a large band-aid and put it on the spot. Last night it hurt so bad that I almost packed it during the night…but I didn’t for fear of waking my husband. This morning when I took the band-aid off the whole rounded top was white with pus underneath the skin. I pushed around the sides and POP…oh what a relief it was. It still is hard, but I have soaked it and put another honey-soaked band-aid on. I hope it draws more pus out. I was truly amazed. I recommend trying this one! Thanks for the suggestion.

  48. Mrs.L says:

    This site is so helpful! I’ve had a boil this past week that was bringing me to tears couldn’t walk nothing! Vicks worked for me and the boil just ‘erupted’ on its own this morning definitely a huge relief. But not all of the puss and stuff is completely out yet? Was thinking of getting in a hot shower or bath and trying to squeeze on it again? Or should will it drain on its own if I put some gauze on it and leave it there? And was wondering about what other care I should take with it now that it’s draining?

    • Charise B. says:

      @Mrs. L.
      First and foremost continue to wash your hands before and after, depending on where it’s located try using a feminine pad (the thin ones) doing so allows for the boil to drain and not mess up your clothes. You may also try putting honey on it as well. You can also Google the health benefits of honey. It works wonders.
      I understand that these tips and tricks may not work for everyone, but it’s at least worth trying verses getting it lanced. God bless & I hope you find something that works for you. ?

  49. JEANETTE says:

    Homeopathic remedy I use is to take turmeric internally and apply it topically. I have experienced the boil opening and draining within a few hours. Make a salve by mixing honey with turmeric and apply it onto the boil. Also, eat 1- 3 Tablespoons of the honey and turmeric mixture. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and is good for arthritis too. But, I don’t take it daily, only when I’m in pain due to severe inflammation. Google turmeric and boils to read more.

  50. Debra says:

    Does anyone know the best way to fade the scars these boils leave?

  51. Jacqui says:

    I’ve seen a lot of people using aloe how long do you heat it up for

  52. Mary says:

    If you bath in a hot tub add baking soda to your hot bath. Like 2-3 cups to a full tub. It helps kill bacteria on your skin and in the water which can cause boils and other eruptions. This can also help women who get bladder infections easily.

  53. Tabitha says:

    I have been getting boils now for a few year’s. My dad an both my brothers have been getting them there whole life..up until 2 years ago I didn’t have one but now I get a boil the size of an egg in between my legs at least once a week!! It’s sooooooo PAINFUL THAT I CAN NOT WALK AN HAVE MISSED TOO DAYS OF WORK!! I Can’t get it to come to a I’ve been in the tub but it’s hard an extremely PAINFUL to move.but my little brother has been chopping onions an using minced garlic an putting it on the boil an he says it helps him. I would like to know if that’s safe to do? BECAUSE I’M WILLING TO TRY ANYTHING I’M IN SO MUCH PAIN THAT I’VE ACTUALLY BEEN THROWING UP FROM THE EXCRUCIATING PAIN…PLEASE HELP

    • Linda says:

      Ok. You might think I’m crazy but. I found something that stops the itch AND relieved the pain. About abolished the damn thing. Ready. Ultrabright $1.00 toothpaste . Try it. I use it when a pimple comes. Yup. I’m upper 40ish . I freak out about those things now. I’mmemenopausal. My body is crazy but I’m not. Let me know if it helps you.

    • Katie says:

      I have been plagued by boils for a while now and sometimes I just can’t get them in time. I have one now on my cheek that throbs and is as big as a golf ball. I can’t even bend over to tie my shoes as the pain sears. I had an accident not too long ago and my doctor had given me lidocaine patches. So I thought what the heck and cut one to fit and it totally numbed the whole area. They are 12 hours on and 12 hours off. Not over the counter of course but if you get them regularly it is worth getting a box. There is also an aloe vera out for sunburns that has lidocaine it. Not as strong but may just be the ticket.

    • Toby says:

      Onion really works, I guarantee you.. but you might need to wait for the boils to come to a head first before putting some on.. I’ve been using the onion treatment 3times in a row now and the pain im feeling is tolerable as it really helps for a faster healing process, however boils kept reoccurring and i have one again now. >.< im trying out some posts here and will wait for the boil to ripen and burst before i will put the onions hoping it will suck out the pus and drain it. We can do this. God bless us!

  54. kenny says:

    I have been a constant victim of boils ever since college. I usually get them in my armpit (mostly the right one), granted I’ve had about 5 boils in both at the same time before (total nightmare). I normally wait till they run their course but once decided to treat myself. So I took ampiclox by beecham (ampicilline+cloxacillin) every 6 hours for five days and that did the trick. Presently I have a boil in my ear and a few under my right armpit which is excruciating. I guess some of us are just more prone to it than others. Remember that apart from ingrowing hair and plugged sweat pores, boils can be caused by staph infection so using antibiotics can treat them. Felt good reading from you all

  55. Mouse says:

    I started getting boils on my inner thighs after I got waxed at a new place never happened before unt then now I get one-three a month they grow to the size of quarters on me but they never come to a head I have had a few lanced before but it’s to expencive. My dermatologist thinks I got the infection from the waxing place. I hope to try these ideas and find one that helps.

  56. Leka says:

    Apple cider vinegar works. A teaspoonful 2-3 times daily mixed in a little water or gatorade. My lumps vanished after a week. Keep taking it even after the boils are gone. *the taste will take some getting used to but is not horrible. Good luck to all.

  57. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for all your suggestions! I have been plagued with boils for as long as I can remember… I had gone to my doctor and the only thing she ever told me was to keep dry and make sure I washed all my clothing, sheets, etc in hot water, but never had any suggestions of actually preventing them! Or what to do when they popped up. Thanks again!

  58. TROUBLED says:

    okay, so the skin around my boil is really hard and looks like a bigger lump; almost as if the cyst itself is on a bigger, harder thing, is it just the swelling because of the cyst or something else?

  59. Alex says:

    Well I have a question for you, how do you take care of one inside the ear? You obviously would have a hard time hot packing it, or keeping it under hot water. I’ve been getting this damn things in my ears for about 2 years now. THEY WONT STOP SHOWING UP! Its very painful, and I’m basically FORCED to wait until they form a head all on their own, which can sometimes take weeks.

  60. Lisa H... says:

    Boils…the same as mrsa? I started with one on my face and FINALLY a Dr. told me it was mrsa. It comes back from time to time I can’t afford to keep going back for meds. So I am foregoing modern medecine with the hope that homeopathic remedies will help.

  61. hadiba anwar says:

    I have had these boils for a really long time it is very painful look like i am going to die with the pain. I went to the doctors had antibiotcs but they went and come back if i go to hospital will they help me.

  62. Onyinye says:

    Thanks for the great advice, the last one and the current one have been inside my nose – sneaky little bastards and l did not know what to do with them except steaming with hot water, l will try the tumeric honey drink

  63. Stacey says:

    Thanks for this! I will start giving these tips a try. I have dealt with these since the time I was about 8 years old, I am now 23 and I have six of them currently all in the thigh area, although my doctor referred to them more as abcesses that’s pretty much the only helpful thing she could share with me. I have taken countless antibiotics and they do keep them away for a few months or at least help make them a little less severe, but I still deal with an unbearable amount of pain most months so hopefully these things will help, because this pain is driving me nuts!

    • Stacey says:

      Sorry I noticed already that you did refer to them as abcesses, apparently I cannot read. Anyways, thanks again!

  64. Peter @Kenya says:

    Thank you soo much for everyone who took time to bring suggestions out of experiences to this traumatic thing called boil.Am right now at the heat of the thing!.right on my upper jaw is where this big boil is kicking me like am a product of hell.It’s making its own beats and the whole of that side is damn sick.Neck glands are now aching….Waaaaahhh!.The boil is still hard,so i can’t damned cornered.But all the same,i must pull through.Thank you for all ur advices.Let me try them.

  65. Meghna says:

    I live in India , and for boils and anything with pus in it under the skin ( but with a head) we use a poultice made of a table spoon of wheat flour , a pinch of turmeric and a little bit of water ( to make it a dough) over a flame ; preferably in an iron vessel- and then place it over the boil – it should be warm to hot on skin ( not burning but definitely warm! ) and bandage it with gauze over night and it will be gone by morning!

  66. Jean says:

    I have boils under each arm pit ..At least 5 under each one .. I have been using the warm compress, and one did drain .. I don’t know what to do after it drains, to make it not come back .. The other boils did not drain .. Sometimes its just to painful to wear a bra..

    I need a remedy that works .. Please ! someone ! anyone ! I want them gone !

  67. Nurse4You says:

    I get them fairly often underneath my arm-specifically my right arm pit-they get very sore, but heap on their own-thank God. I just had a large, almost, golf ball-sized one on my inner thigh for about a week. I was in pure agony and if it wasn’t for my husband and helpful children I wouldn’t have been able to get ANYTHING done. I was tempted to try all of the helpful solutions I’ve read so far but stuck with very very hot, wet compresses almost continually, on the affected area. This helped one time before with a stubborn one that refused to heal on its own. I even spent the night with wet heat on it. I had my family reheating, in a microwave, wash cloths and placing them directly on my boil-non stop. It took 24 hours of straight attention for it to rupture, but thank God it did. I know this may not work for everyone but certainly worked for me. I’d read about warm compresses for brief periods throughout the day, but I recommend as hot as you can safely stand it, without burning yourself, continuously. It’s tough to sit for a while to attend to it, but both times the stubborn ones came, it worked rather quickly. How this helps-as I feel all of your pain

  68. sally says:

    im having a very painful boil,ive actualy had it for a week now n its not becoming soft,i have used antibiotics but they dont seem to work so i have stoped taking them.this boil hurts like hell and i feel like im gonna lose my mind.please help

  69. Gina says:

    I am 16 and I have been having reoccurring boils underneath my armpits since I was 9 and I feel that every time the doctors lance it, it comes back worse in the same spot so I think I’m going to settle for trying home remedies because I have had at least 15 since I was 9 and they don’t seem to stop

  70. Kianni says:

    Hey guys, I have a boil on my knee 🙁 it’s really pain full now an the pain is running up my leg to my groin area :'( wondering, can I use just normal cooking salt to soak?? Will that work?? Also I read someone tried Vicks?? Does anyone know if that works? Or is worth a try?? Please help :'(

  71. nicole says:

    I have been dealing with boils since my teenager years…they usually pop on they on…my two sisters and mom get them bad…I recently had a baby about a month ago…I’ve been getting like six or seven boils at a time…I recently had to go get two cut open by the doctor on, my groin area…that’s was the most painful thing…they have me one of the strongest antibiotic and that was it…a couple days later I had already had one on my right armpit…the doctor didn’t cut it because he said it was to hard…he told me to take medcine and it should get better….well it hasn’t the pain is so unbearable I can’t sleep can’t lay down and can’t even hold my 1 month old baby…thanks for my husband…its has got so big that I got red strips and caught the child…I’m refusing to go back to doctor that’s the worst pain ever…I’m trying the vicks I just put it on it and put it on a rag and put the rag
    On top of boil…I’m hoping it works I feel the heat from the vicks so I go

  72. Rose says:

    I got an abscess on my face yesterday right under my nose. It is the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Went to the ER and they would not lance it. I did get IV Clindamycin and a prescription for oral clindomycin. It hurts so bad and won’t com to a head. I need help. Do I pop it? Will it pop on it’s own? How long will it last? Please help me

  73. Jenn says:

    I don’t know how old this thread is, so not sure who will see this; but I’ve had boils all my life until recently. After I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. It’s very hard to go gluten free cold turkey, but once I became pretty consistent, my boils stopped recurring. Boils are a symptom, so getting tested might be something to look into. As far as getting rid of them, I’ve found that the band aids with the neosporin on the pads draw them to a head relatively quickly.

  74. cindy says:

    i have one on the inside of my right leg it is real close to you know where went to my dr this morning and he said he could not break it and gave me a prescription for anit biotic in pill form i am from canada is it possable to get the cream you where telling the others about where i live

  75. Tino says:

    Been getting boil for last year now… And keept getting them my doctor send me for blood test to see if I’m diabetic or other infection in my body the result was all negative…. By reading this article make me feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one keep getting boil….. Hate it so much… But we all have to dealt with it…. Hope everyone find there on remedy… By the way I have one in my inner tigth right now and so painfull…. Good luck everyone god bless….

  76. Betty says:

    I have had an abscess on my face since June. I went to the emergency room four times two times it had to be cut up and drained, placed on two medications which didn’t work. I have been heating up hot water placing it on a wash cloth and putting it in a zip lock bag on my abscess. I’ve had two appointments with my plastic surgeon and she won’t remove it until all infection is gone and it is the size of a pimple.

    I want to inform everyone who is saying they have had boils and abscess. Be very careful when outside or near any type of bug. I was doing yard work and a bee decided too sting me right in the abscess which I’m finally getting the stinger removed by using a hot cloth on my face and was able to stick a needle in it and a lot of blood came out no puss, but I no longer feel the stinger.

    Bugs are attracted to boils and abscess because if the bacteria and blood inside them.

    I’m using Vicks now and it’s not really doing much I feel no pain.

    Just wish it would get smaller so the doctor would remove it.

  77. VINU says:

    When the boil start to come our and you become aware of it,simply takes vicks or deepheat and rup on the boil

    Rup as hard as you can ad produce extra heat on top of boil.

    This will stop the boil progressing any further
    If the boil has gone big than heat alo vera sap and bandage on the boil
    Leave it for the night and it will soften it and you can than press next morning and take out the eye

  78. Heather says:

    For those people who are suffering from recurrent boils in your groin and/or armpit area, look up hidradenitis suppurativa. I’ve had it for years. Doctors seem to dismiss it without helping.

    I came here because I’ve had a large boil on my neck for about 3 days. The first day I couldn’t sleep because it hurt to turn my head. Now it seems to have gotten smaller but it still hasn’t drained. I’ve been alternating between Ichthammol and hot compresses. I’m going to heat a piece of aloe and try that now.

    Thanks for the info!

  79. Andy says:

    Wow, I’m amazed at how many people suffer from these bastards! I’ve just had an operation on the back of my neck which was about an inch deep/wide to remove what I thought was ingrown hair but heavily infected turns out it was just a boil. I’ve had it drained but not closed over just stuffed and plastered! Now 1 had popped up on my earlobe! I have never felt pain like this behind the ear. First things first! Change diet! Workout! And look after your body! Last year I was in the best shape of my life and after a lot of things going on my life just spiralled down! Stopped training and using saunas/steams/sunbeds, eating takeaways every night and smoking cigs/weed my skin is just breaking out all over the show! Pain is an understatement! Moral of the story, your body is a temple! Look after it and it’ll look after you!

  80. gdiva25 says:

    I just use egg whites and boil ease brings to a head quickly. .

  81. Sheniqua says:

    Maaaan my dad had them all the time as my mom has told me from time to time.. And now I get them once every blue moon and booooy I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy they are the root of all evil and are painful I have one Noe between my butt cheeks which I feel is the wrost place to get one.. I’ve cried my eyes out I’m single and explaining to people that you date or whatever who you want to take you seriouscan be a pain because they don’t understand a they think is disgusting & that you are dirty

  82. freaking about to be in tears says:

    OMG…..MY face hurts so bad I can’t hardly bare it…..I have begged my doc to lance it and he refuses to do so….I have had it 2 days and it is so big that I am embarrassed to go out in public iv tried so many things …….need to just lance it myself lol cause seems like it will be the only thing that may help

  83. Doreen says:

    I have had boils for years, it’s hereditary. I was wondering if anyone has had trouble getting pregnant because I have been trying for 3 years and nothing. I have been wondering if maybe the infection in my body is causing me not to get pregnant.

  84. Doreen says:

    I have had boils for years, it’s hereditary. I was wondering if anyone has had trouble getting pregnant because I have been trying for 3 years and nothing. I have been wondering if maybe the infection in my body is causing me not to get pregnant. Thank you for all the comments, I thought I was all alone.

  85. Sharon says:

    I just must share I read somewhere hard boil egg discard the yolk and hold the boiled whites on the boil. This has been very successful for a boil on my back near my shoulder. I kept the boiled water on the stove and kept putting the boiled white back in the hot water after the egg white Cooled. I probably reapplied the hot white on boil at least 12 times then all of the sudden it broke and drained and drained i just applied light pressure next to assist the drainage relief at last!

  86. Dee says:

    if you apply tea tree oil (can but large bottles cheaply at beauty supply store) to face or really any area where u have discomfort.i found that if i apply this on a regular basis (everyday) none show up at all. i get black heads on my groin area. it even clears the blackheads. i have also used ginger oil. tea tree oil works the best, but the ginger oil has the antibacterial. so i usually alternate now. if u have acne put the thin layer of tea tree oil on your problem greasy areas and ur skin will literally drink shinny face afterwards either. i use it for itching also. ill try cortisone and it wont work. i put tea tree oil and get instant relief. tea tree oil and rinsing with vinegar (any kind ) usually easier if you add it to washing when bathing-this kills odors, remaining bacterial. oh—dont do if you have an open cut…lol burns worse then alcohol. if no cut you only smell it. dont put near eyes…lol burns, but the tea tree oil and daily vinager wash should hook you up on the boils. if you popping a boil- when its ready u have to get the in grown hair or head out of it. if even apiece of it remains, it will heal up and come right back later.hope this helps someone! bye

  87. misty m. says:

    I just got a boil on my outer thigh to finally cone to a head a drain. I made a salt paste and apply to a band aide. Left it on all day. Went to take a shower and it opened and started draining. I know have triple antibiotic cream and a large band aide for it to continue to drain.

  88. Jas says:

    I got boil in my left armpit a year ago. I was unaware of the situation so it increased and finally doctor operated it. It was awful experience with so much pain. 🙁
    Now, I am again feeling that type of irritation in my right armpit(the other one). I think it is just the initial stage. I don’t want to feel that pain again.
    Can anybody suggest anything??? 🙁

  89. Paolo says:

    Had a boil a month ago due to exposure to polluted water (post rain surf)
    Had it lanced now I have another one. Have used heat compresses, and antibiotics, also sage oil which mysteriously numbs the pain. I believe these are caused by staph and will continue to contaminate unless you sanitize everything. Bleach and soap, tea tree oil and hot water

  90. Success says:

    I recently had a blister on my belly line. I believe it’s due to my weight and my belt may have pinched the skin causing the blister. i tried everything hot compresses.. tried lancing it myself (Big failure) after suffering i followed the advise of some that i saw on the internet. CVS sells their brand of ichthammol ointment. I placed this on a large bandaid and then over the blister. changed it every 3 hours then that very night when i took the bandaid of i saw it was at a “Head” took a pin and touched it and POP…. at least 3 tablespoons of goo oozed out and it stinks…. but i’m no longer in pain… just thought i’d share for those wiling to try.

  91. Kayla says:

    I have had a boil on my stomach that has been there for about 3 days.
    I have tried the rice sock it still doesn’t have a head. It hurts soo bad! What can I do??
    I don’t want to go to the doctor. My husband just had a bunch on his armpit. He popped them and put some
    Ointment on them. Can I do that?? Also I have a baby can he get it??

  92. angel says:

    I have a boil in my ear it hurts so bad all the way down to my jaw what can I do to soothe it.

  93. In pain says:

    I have recently started a boil on my buttocks. Lower left. I have NEVER been in so much pain! I can’t sit, stand, walk ,sleep. It is deep within the tissue and no head. What can I do to bring it to a head? This is aweful

  94. Martin says:

    I have suffered with boils for 7 years now. My mother and sister also suffers but not as severe as mine. I got them under both armpits, it was so painful! Doctors stuck needles in side, lanced, but it just use to come back, sometimes brought 3 new friends along!! I had all the skin and sweat glands removed under my arms, they grafted skin from my leg and spend 22 days in hospital! 3 years later and no more boils…..under my arms!! Now they started in my groin and at the moment ive got a golfball on the back of my leg and need to ripen it! Im going to make an epsom salt paste no and see if that wil do the trick! My heart goes out to everybody that suffers from boils, nobody will know what we go through before they experience it for themselves!

  95. Shameeka says:

    I have a boil on the back of my neck that is the size of a egg. I have been applying hot towels and taking extremely hot baths. Still no result at all. I have high blood pressure and I am a diabetic. Its runs my pressure up every time I think about draining it. Can someone please give me some advice as to what I should do

  96. Rosey O says:

    Hello everyone, it is good to know that others suffer as I do. What I have found that helps me is going to the dermatologist when I feel a boil starting (I get them in my underarms a lot). She injects me with a steroid into each boil and they disappear. My primary doctor just wanted to cut the boil. Having the boil disappear is better than having it cut. Good luck to us all. Im 33 and have been getting them since I was in my 20s.

  97. releived says:

    I had a boil start on my upper thighs near my groin..almost the the crease between my leg and trunk. It became very painful due the abrasion from walking. the day after I noticed it I started applying a warm compress for 15-30 minutes with a hot water bottle on top of the compress to keep it warm. After the compress I applied tea trea oil to the spot. I did this 3-4 times/day for the 2nd and 3rd day after I noticed it. no head developed. during the night (the 3rd night I had it) it drained on its own! I woke up stuck to my sheets and the smell was awful, but I had relief! I gently encouraged more draining and soaked in a warm tub with Epsom salt. It appears to be healing nicely!

  98. Jermaine says:

    Will ichthammol ointment help my boil pop ?

  99. Baymax says:

    I had a nasty looking but small boil on my boob, so I put antibiotic ointment containing bacitracin and polymyxin, put on a bandaid over night. Next morning, a white head! Lots and lots of pus came out. Now I’ve added turmeric to the mix and put it on under a bandaid to give a bit of natural help.

  100. anonymous says:

    I used to suffer from painful recurring boils. A friend told my to swab my nose with neosporin every day. It did not get rid of the existing boil that I had but since I started doing this every day, I haven’t had a boil for years. I hope this helps someone. I remember how painful those things are.

  101. Deena says:

    Hi everyone. I’ve been suffering from boils since I was 21. I’m 33 now and I absolutely hate it. It puts my self esteem down and I go through mild depression where at times I don’t wanna be seen in public. I get really embarrassed with all the lumps and scabs and constantly covering them with concealer. I have tried everything and anything. Last week I had a 3 in one boil under my nose. It was huge. Right now I have a lump on my chin that won’t come to a head but is shrinking. I’m taking Stiev from my doctor and start skin rejuvenation next month. I really hope this works and will let you guys know how it works

  102. Deena says:

    Sorry, the cream I’m using is called Stieva and drys the hell out of your skin. I’ve just started using it but will keep you guys posted about it’s going and also the skin rejuvenation

  103. Lydia says:

    Boils are abscesses and must be fully removed or they will return, draining them and allowing them to heal from the inside out works too, but both of these take a visit to your doctor and depending on the location of the boil and how large, possibly minor surgery. People that continue to get recurrent boils are generally staph carriers and can take a trial of rifampin, under a doctor’s care, to clear their status. If it solves the problem of recurrent painful boils, it’d be worth it right?

  104. Mary Kay says:

    The reason boils return is because the pus is in a sac. That sac must be completely removed or the boil will continue to return.

  105. Doc says:

    For those getting repeated boils, went through this for over a year – then on advice of doctor, changed to Dettol soap for daily shower – worked like a charm – still using this soap five years later – and no more boils

  106. alyssa says:

    re: Genoveva Barbosa

    Aloe Vera worked like a charm for me!
    After a couple days of intense pain, little sleep and hot compress after hot compress I tried the aloe vera method.
    I heated the leaf in the skillet, slit the side, scooped out the gel with a spoon, applied it the boil, covered with gauze and went to sleep. By the morning the boil had completely drained!!

  107. re says:

    I frequently get them as well Mainly my armpits and bikini line. I even tested out my theory of it’s bc of shaving. I didn’t shave for a while (eww gross I know) and I still got them. If you get them frequently it could be your prone to them or possibly foliculitis (sp?). I swear by salt compresses,salt baths, and ance creaM something with salicylic acid. I use the compress 3x a day and soak it in the tub. I also put the ance cream on before bed and after showers. It can take a few days but it works and the salt helps with the pain.

  108. Paul says:

    This is my first time to have a boil. I’m using a soap with zinc to wash it and applying benzoyl peroxide twice a day. This is the 4th day since I noticed it. It significantly reduced in size, no longer painful, and is starting to drain on its own. I put a bandage hoping not to spread it. I hope it would completely heal in the following days.

  109. Carol says:

    40 years ago an old doctor told me to buy L-lysine and take one daily. Over the counter medicine. I did and boils and fever blisters gone forever, but continue taking. It won’t hurt you. I’d suffered forever with them.

  110. Cassidy says:

    *it worked!* I tried the Aloe plant. I had a really bad one for 3 days on my lower abdomen. Soooo painful, and to deep to do anything with it. I had my hubby go next door to get a piece of aloe from the neighbor. I cut the pokey edges off and peeled off one side. I cut a ziplock bag in a 4×4 square and put tape on all 4 sides so it would seal. I put the piece of aloe on the boil then stuck the plastic/tape over it so it sealed good. Went to bed, woke up, when I took the plastic off, no real mess, but the boil had drained almost completely. It was a little tender for about an hour or so, but no pain by about noon. Thank you so much for the tip!!!

  111. Jorge says:

    Hey guys:
    I Was wondering if anyone could give me an advice about the boils. Last time I had a boil was last august, They boil got to the point where my whole eye was getting swollen . Anyways, I Ended up going to the hospital and doctor had to drain it out. it was painful but they gave me medicine for the boil to go aways , and it did. It was literally the worst experience ever. Now I’ve noticed that on my left side of my face there was a small pimple going on , I never tried popping it but now I’ts actually growing a little bit . It really is super small but If i touch it I’m Able to feel the small bump . at the moment its not getting any bigger but you’re able to see it . I’m pretty sure that is a boil and that eventually it will grow. If anyone could tell me home made solution for the boil that is barely growing . Please I would love to know if there’s something I could do to get rid of it now instead of waiting till it gets bigger.

  112. melinda davis says:

    hi i have a boil behind my ear and it hurts so so bad ive tried everything i can think of i just need relieve fast . i want to try the glass bottle trick but i keep telling myself no the bottle will brake lol. but it swelling bad and sending pains in my face , neck, jaw … please help i hasnt gotten much sleep in two day and i have two babies to take care of i have no time for this

  113. AMP says:

    All these comments are good. Thanks to all. I have a boil right now and will try the Prid to draw it out since it is deep in the pore and draining. One thing everyone should do is wash their hands really well to stop the spread of infection as the drainage is contagious.

  114. jillian says:

    What about boil ease. Its over the counter.

  115. sue wafu says:

    I’ve had a boil that reoccurs but shows no head. what can I do for the head to show up?

  116. ALLy Moe says:

    I have one inside my nostril. It’s so painful. My whole face is swollen on the left side and the pain is intense from my temple to my teeth. Doctor gave me steroids and antibiotics. I don’t want to have this lanced so is there something else I can do? Help!

  117. Toby says:

    Reading all of these posts made me feel relief a little knowing im not the only one getting these! Dont get me wrong, im not saying im happy you guys have it as well, it’s just that I thought im cursed or something! Lol! Anyways, I’ve stopped going to the doctors as they jus kept giving me antibiotics which will surely treat the current boil, however it gets back after a month or so. I also have this paranoia about the effects of taking too much antibiotics so i tried the home remedies i saw on the Internet. Trust me, putting ONIONS really worked like magic! Whenever I detect early signs of boils, I immediately put a slice on the pimple, cover it with cotton and gauze, left it for a few hours then change. No pain, heals real quick though I noticed since it doesnt really gets popped, it kept coming back 🙁 so im definitely waiting for this one to really ripen and try out these draining tips and possibly use onions again but this time will put it on the boils once it’s popped to maybe help suck out all the pus. Will try and see if i can get more garlic on my diet, currently taking turmeric now. God bless everyone!

  118. Michael says:

    I’ve developed boils for well over a year now, my cousin (who lives with me) got it first and a couple of weeks later me and my brother started developing this. 5-6 months down, my mom and dad developed it (but its gone for months now) I’d say I have developed well over 40+ boils, but mostly on my head (I have 5 right now) is there anyway of stopping its growth the minute you notice it? I’d wake up and feel my head, felt 5 tiny pimple like bumps which then gets bigger by the day until the boil gets to a head. I’ve gotten lanced 3 times, one under my chest area, under armpit and my head its the worse feeling ever, screaming in pain. I’ve seen many doctors who prescribe antibiotics which helps temporary. The boils on my head left me with so many bald spots which takes 3-5 months of growing back, some area on my head has completely no hair at all, and the boils on my body would leave purple scars, is there any way of getting rid of the scars/boils

  119. Graham says:

    I have found that after the boil has come to a head & most of the pus etc. has drained, a cotton tip with a good wetting of Mercurochrome dabbed onto the boil 2-3 times a days will help reduce the time it stays infected for, it may sting a little at first, but the long-term effects are definitely worth it.

  120. Ashley says:

    Oh My!!
    My first boil at panty line inner thigh. Bump started Friday. After lots of epsom baths and using drawing salve I’m on day 3of draining. However, it is excruciatingly painful! It’s been uncomfortable and like a deep tissue pain until last night it became almost like a 3rd degree burn pain that won’t let up. The pain is being felt in a deeper, different area….
    Is it normal for boils to get more painful?

  121. Emilia Rose says:

    I’ve had boils on and off for 60 years. Had a friend that had baseball size boils, she went to numerous doctors in different states, none knew the cause…Our doctor assistant really checked it out, told her he thought it had to do with refined sugar. Cut out the sugar for 2 wks and see if she doesn’t develop any more. She stayed off of refined sugar for 7 months and lost 60 pounds. It ran in her family. I knew sugar was deadly for me. One soda and next day 1# heavier.Chocolate is the very worst. There are 12 people in my family with the problem. My brother had a carbuncle at the age of 9.

  122. Emilia Rose says:

    It can also show up as Eczema or Roseasea. All sugar related. Weight does increase the frequency of boils. Recently heard the honey/turmeric works just like one of the previous writers said. My Down Syndrome daughter has a terrible time with boils, her father also had the sugar problem which I didn’t figure out until recent years. Two words sugar and alcohol are both interchangeable. She inherited the worst from both of us. If I didn’t watch my sugar, I would weigh 300 pounds. Losing weight really helps and if you do have some do some exercise to try to burn it off. Currently my daughter has a large, red boil. I’ve put Vicks on cotton and large bandage. She says it is feeling better. Drawing salve is good. L-Lysine is starting today. Boil in the ear when I had eaten 2 fudge brownies. Trip to dr. office for anti-biotics I had dizziness and my balance was totally affected. Sugar and choclate are my enemies. If you cut out refined sugar you won’t have as many or as frequent boils. I hope this information helps you. Terrible for sure.

  123. kevin says:

    i have a boil on my jaw line for 3 days now i have been applying hot compresss on it 3 times a day but still no head. i put triple antibody ointment on it today will this help?

  124. joel erlandson says:

    My boil was on my thigh. I was pretty sure what it was but did not understand why it had no head. By day 6 I was concerned enough to try the apple cider vinegar pack. First 8 hrs. the acidity worked on the skin so I took another hot bath & applied the cider vinegar a second time & went to bed. By the next morning (yesterday) it had a quarter size black scab & was weeping a bit but clear not like pus. I made the decision to go to urgent care where I found the doctor alarmed I had waited 7 days. Two horrible shots & an incision later the puss pocket was drained & packed with treated gauze My takeaway is this- if your boil is deep go to a doctor early for advice or treatment. I go back tomorrow to have the gauze removed & to see if all the puss is out. I am on 2 prescriptions of antibiotics. Mine started as a lump under the skin & never came to the surface- never “headed up”. I felt like I didn’t have a head to work with so in this case medical assistance was necessary

  125. Janet says:

    I fight boils constantly. Right now I have one on my forehead, one under my arm and one in the crack of my rear end. The last really bad one I had was on my temple just into my hairline. I cant find a cure to keep them from coming back but Im generally able to get them to drain a lot by mixing crushed Epsom salt and turmeric powder with water to make a paste, apply to the boil and cover with a bandage. It seems to work best if i just leave it for a couple of days. Changing it several times a day actually takes longer. After it bursts, i then use a paste made of turmeric powder and water covering it with a bandage. Again, leaving it for a couple of days seems to work better then changing it often. Obviously if the bandage is nasty from drainage, change it. Id love a solution to making these things stay gone. Funny thing is, never got these until I moved to a small town about 20 years ago.

  126. Amoy says:

    I’ve had boils but mostly under my arm pits, I also had one on my face it started as a little pimple but I thought it could burst. My mom tried squeezing it and nth came out it gradually got bigger and I had to go to the doc. He used a cotton with something like alcohol and applied over it then he injected it and pulled out the pus I was able to bare it. He then put a guaze with dressing over it and I changed it everyday until it went down. It was bare able for me. I even squeezed more pus from it afterwards. But this one on my buttocks is really painful without a head idk what to do because I have none of the remedies and I have just bathe it with a cloth with warm water. ???? sigh.

    • Gride420 says:

      Have one right now. Mom had me slice a thin peice ofaaa potato over it. Held in with bandages. Next morning had a huge white pusie looking head. Raised my arm as far as I could “it is under my armpit” it gushed out and looks 10 times better after one night with tater on it. Lol

  127. Anastasia says:

    **soak in hot water (hot as you can stand it) put peroxide , Epsom salt, and rubbing alcohol. Did the trick for me, once ruptures antibiotic ointment (otc) and bandage! Thank God such a relief after 3 days of no sleep. Hope this helps someone

  128. Tina says:

    Bleach baths will keep them from coming back or a bacterial scrub like surgeons use b4 surgery ( they sell it at walmart in a blue bottle) we had mrsa boils on 3 ppl in our house it’s the only way we got rid of them

  129. Donna says:

    You all might want to see if you have hidradenitis suppuritiva. Doctors are terrible about diagnosing it. Google it and see if that matches what you have. It took me 15 years of suffering from boils before I found out that’s what it was.

  130. valois says:

    how long to you keep the tomato on?

  131. Kayle says:

    I’ve been getting boils under my arm and I have two more left. It’s not extremely painful but it hurts when I move my arm too much. I think I might have made it worse because the first time I got one I burst it.?

  132. L Garcia says:

    I tried a pain relief balm, similar to Bengay, containing 11% menthol ( I got at the dollar store by the way) applied it on top and all around my unbroken boil and the next day it was half the size . It works!

  133. Casey says:

    I have had a horrible, under-the-surface cyst that I’ve been fighting with for weeks. I applied dermalmd acne serum overnight and it’s the first time I’ve seen any improvement in weeks. I am so excited about this serum. I also used it on another area, and it was completely better in the morning.

  134. Good says:

    I’ve been drinking turmeric spice tea (@least 2 cups) every morning for months now and haven’t seen the boils return. I’ve also stayed away from diary products as well. This is just my personal observation and it worked for me, maybe might work for others as well. I hope you all feel better.

  135. Sierra says:

    I’ve gotten my fair share of boils lanced, I would say about 5 or 6. I’ve had a few drain on their own. I used boil ease in the past. A warm compress never works for me. Sometimes they get so big that I can barely move my arm. Now I get one atleast once a month, recently I had one on my back, it popped on its in own, then one on my stomach, then a week later one under my arm. I have one right now, the sad part is that I’m used to them.

  136. Terry Thomas / Atlanta, Georgia says:

    Ichthammol Ointment (drawing salve) is still sold in pharmacies, Wal-Mart, etc.

    It looks like black tar. You dab some on the boil and as it dries, it pulls the gunk out. This is exactly what grandma used and it still works!

    Google it to find out who has it in your area.

  137. Marcy says:

    Ichthammol ointment 20% (aka drawing salve) will bring most abcesses to a head. It’s used on livestock, and you can get it very reasonably in 14 oz jars (try eBay or Amazon or a horse supply site). I keep some around because I get occasional abscesses as I have aged! Spread it thinly on a 2″x4″ (or smaller) non-stick pad, and if it’s on a limb, you can use vetrap self-stick tape to wrap around and hold it in place. You don’t need the heavy-duty vetrap like for livestock. There is a lighter weight product that is flesh-colored and works just fine.

    Vetrap on Amazon: Self Adherent Wrap – 6 Pack of Cohesive Bandage Medical Vet Tape in Tan for First Aid, Sports, Wrist, Ankle, 4 Inches x 5 Yards

    Drawing salve (20% ichthammol ointment) on Amazon: Drawing Salve Grooming Aid, 14 oz

  138. Colette says:

    The Ichthammol Ointment{black oinment]. Has proven dangerous for killing healthy tissue and leading to bad scarring. Read up on it. My RN daughter had me throw my jar out.

  139. Daniel says:

    I had oone on my stomach and I used a hard boiled egg and put it in a sock and put that on it and fell asleep and when I woke up it was draining. Works for me.

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