Lovely Crochet Trim & Edging Patterns For Embellishment

Here are a couple dozen free crochet patterns for making decorative trims, they are a lovely addition to pillowcases, baby burp cloths, receiving blankets, afghans, dish towels, kitchen linens…you name it!

These are a perfect way to tidy up the edges, straighten what isn’t “even” and help hide any imperfections. They can be made with both yarn and thread and can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

First A Few Tips:

  • For most projects, crochet edgings will look best if the base row (usually done in sc) is worked in the same color as the body of the piece. This helps hide any unevenness in the foundation of the border.
  • Unless otherwise directed, use the hem or the selvedges of the main project for your first base row.
  • Evenly spaced: Take your time and proceed with a critical eye when beginning the first round, keep things as evenly spaced as possible (tear out to start again if you have to). This will produce a very polished finished trim and the extra effort is worthwhile.

I’ll be adding more goodies to this page as I find them, enjoy!

Pretty Tea Towels: Transform a lightweight tea towel with this elegant trim done in crochet thread. Ideal for gift-giving!

Puffed Border: It’s a very forgiving stitch around the corners, so don’t stress too much. Has a demo available via video.
Flutterby: I really like how this trim looks along the edges of homemade fleece or flannel blankets.

Cherry Blossom: Easy-peasy crochet pattern, but so delicate and precious. Perfect for that added touch on wedding, christening, even for baby clothes to add a bottom edge around the hem.
Wide Scallops: This one adds an extra row of (sc) on top of the foundation before working scallop design.

Princess: (webarchive link) Suitable pattern for baby blankets, satin ribbon can be woven through the eyelets or holes made along the bottom row.
Ric Rac: A simple crochet design done mainly in (ch) and (dc), can be made as thin or wide as you like using various yarns and hook sizes.

Pretty Pillowcase Hem: Includes tutorial for working directly onto pillowcase hems, dainty scallops using (sc), (dc) and (ch).
Daisy Bullion: (webarchive link) This is tatting with a hook (you’ll need a cro-tat hook), includes a step-by-step tutorial with lots of images to help you along.

Simple Design: Suitable edging for embellishing plain, tired clothing, this particular example dresses up a t-shirt. Stitches used: (ch) and (dc).
Scallops: Here’s another one for pillowcases, stitches used are (sc) and (dc).

Easy Zig-Zag: Suitable for dish towels, kitchen linens and even burp cloths. Tutorial shows how to crochet directly onto a tea towel.
Two Designs: Instructions for making both the top and bottom samples shown, simple stitches used (sc), (dc) and (ch).

Lacey: Suitable for handkerchiefs, done in pearl cotton thread (double strand) or cotton lace thread.
Picot: (webarchive link) First row is (sc), second is (dc) and picots made along the third row. Also includes a scallop design.

Waves: A lacey thread design, this example is worked on a burp cloth (check the other ideas on this site too, lots to choose from). See this page for assorted burp cloths.
Pom Pom: Cute little pompoms to adorn along the edge of your blanket.

Ruffled: Pretty, lacey, something not too elaborate or complicated but super feminine looking.
Pretty & Lacy: This design adds a lovely dimension to the throw. Worked in four rounds, but the first is simply a base layer of sc all around the project.

Peek-A-Boo: The result? A darling peek-a-boo trim/border in any color you like!
Ruffly: No matter the stitch count, this pattern works quite well (though it may not be the “right” way to do it, wink).

Straight & Simple: Sometimes all that’s needed is neat straight border (especially for “busy” projects).
Quick & Easy: This trim pattern is worked in four rounds with two basic stitches (DC and TR).

Wavy Shell: Created by making several DC in a ring on top of a solid DC border. These clusters form a 3D wave or ripple effect.

Quick Note: For a tutorial on the basics of adding a border to your project (and some practical tips for best results), please see this tutorial at Heart Hook Home, I found it quite helpful.

This tutorial by Megmade With Love is also a good one to check out, it shows three different ways to finish off a blanket (including a simple blanket-stitch stitched with yarn).

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