Pretty Vases & Creative Fillers

Here are several different ideas for making lovely vases using jars, empty cans, inexpensive glass vases and other crafty materials. I also included a few filler ideas (that work with baskets too), they’re a cheap and easy way to add a pop of color to any room. A few of these have already been featured in other lists here on Tipnut but included here for one handy reference sheet, I’ll be adding more goodies to this page as I find them. Enjoy!
Enamel Painted: Made with dishwasher safe PermEnamel paint and inexpensive glass vases from the Dollar Store.

Glitter Striped: A glass vase is transformed with a bit of silver glitter and paint.
Paper Mache Covered: Ceramic vessels are covered with paper mache, painted then decorated with bits of colorful paper, fabric, photos, stamps, etc.

Wrapped with Washi Tape: Wrap a clear glass bottle or vase with strips of colorful washi tape.
Rustic Wood Trimmings: Cover terra cotta pots, old vases or aluminum cans with pieces of thumb-thick branches cut down to size.

DIY Blue Mason Jars: Made with Mod Podge or White Elmers’ Glue, food colouring and a clean jar.
Twig Wrapped Pots: You can make both vases and gift-worthy flower pots with this project using twigs, twine, burlap and a container.

More Washi Tape Ideas: Here are a handful of examples to give you some inspiration, all using washi tape to decorate.
Cork Wrapped Cans: Empty food cans are washed, spray painted then wrapped with cork (glued in place).

DIY Etched Glass: Etching cream and vinyl lettering are used to personalize a plain glass vessel.
Bending Popsicle Sticks/Wooden Helix Vase: Cool project! This is made by bending popsicle sticks which are then stacked inside a clear glass vessel.

Fabric Wraps: Learn how to sew custom-fitting tubes to slide over containers.
Decorative Paper: Simple project lining the inside of a glass vessel with patterned paper.

Beaded & Painted: Puffy paint is used to add beads to old vases then painted with a matte spray paint.
Faux Milkglass: A white glossy spray paint is used to transform vintage glass items.

How To Marbleize: Learn how to marbleize glass jars with 3 or more colors of acrylic craft paint and a gloss or high gloss spray lacquer.
Yarn Wrapped: Recycle an empty bleach container or large plastic bottle by wrapping with colorful yarn (secured with hot glue).

Dipped-Style: No dipping involved, all it takes is a little measuring, taping and paint spraying to achieve this look.
Glass Bottle Covered With Crochet: Worked in cotton or jute kitchen twine (or organic cotton) and is reminiscent of old glass fishing net floats.

Glass-Tinting: Pretty much the same idea as the blue mason jars above but this might spark some new ideas.

Creative Fillers
Thumbtack Balls: Styrofoam balls are covered with thumbtacks then primed and spray painted in the color of choice.

Fabric Covered Balls: Styrofoam balls are covered with squares of folded fabric that are held in place with pins.
Decorative Pine Cone: Also has directions for making balls covered in eucalyptus leaves and balls made with twine.

Fabric Wrapped: Strips of fabric scraps are wrapped around balls and held in place with pins.
Decorative Card Ornaments: Circles are cut from greeting cards then folded and glued together to make ornaments.

DIY Moss Balls: A bag of sheet moss, 4″ foam balls and spray adhesive are used to make these decorative balls.
Pottery Barn Style: Styrofoam balls are wrapped with spray painted twine (secured in place with hot glue).

Decoupaged: Strips of decorative paper napkins and Mod Podge are used to cover styrofoam balls, sealed with varnish.
Lavender Spheres: Styrofoam balls are painted then covered with glue and dried lavender buds.

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