Check Your Cupboard! 50+ Options That Help Battle Warts

Warts are pretty common and aren’t indicative of a serious health problem but they are a nuisance, sometimes painful and may cause embarrassment.

They are most common on hands and feet, may also appear across eyelids, the face and elsewhere on the body. They can grow in clusters or singly and have a rough skin surface that looks similar to cauliflower, sometimes a black spot is visible in the middle of it.

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is what causes them and yes, they’re contagious (it’s a viral infection). It can be picked up from someone else or may spread to another part of the body from one you already have.

Their removal is a simple procedure performed by a doctor (either by freezing, burning or laser) but for those who prefer treating themselves or if looking for some home remedy ideas, here is a list of 50+ methods and tips I have collected over time. Most are applied topically (on top of flesh) but I’ve included a handful of immunity system boosters recommended to be consumed (daily if possible) to help the body fight the virus and get rid of them.

When beginning a chosen method, be aware that depending on the size and type, it can take weeks to get rid of–sometimes months. The sooner you start (preferably when first noticing one developing), the quicker you will be free of them. If progress is experienced with a particular solution, keep at it and be patient. Plenty of times it will just disappear on its own (as the body builds up immunity against the virus), but try one of the suggestions below to speed things up.

Before getting started, take some soap and water to wash location, next pat dry using a clean towel. Make sure to wash hands well before handling remedy. Wash hands again after applying to prevent further infection.

Here’s a list of ideas to start, the rest are organized in sections below. Do daily unless otherwise directed.

(Items marked * should be covered w/ a dressing after applying remedy)
(Items marked 2X or 3X means amount of treatments to do daily)

Home Remedies That Help Get Rid Of Warts

  1. *Apple Cider Vinegar: Saturate a cotton ball + apple cider vinegar (ACV) and dab affected area. Do nightly before bed, remove in the morning. Good for all types, recommended especially for Plantar and flat warts.
  2. White Household Vinegar & Baking Soda: Sprinkle a heavy coat of baking soda across the area, drizzle vinegar over it. Do once in the morning and once at night.
  3. Bandaids / Tape: Known as the duct tape treatment, keep the location tightly wrapped (without cutting off circulation) 24/7 until it disappears. Bandaids, duct tape, packing tape and scotch tape will all work with the same results.
  4. *Baking Soda: Slather a thick paste made w/ baking soda and water.
  5. Clear Nail Polish: Paint w/ a coat of clear nail polish, reapply as needed.
  6. Hydrogen Peroxide: Dab using a cotton swab.
  7. *Toothpaste: Smear regular toothpaste generously across top.
  8. *Aspirin: Rub w/ EVOO + place an aspirin tablet on top. Change daily. Alternative: Crush an aspirin tablet fine + add a few drops of water to make a paste. Watch w/ sensitive skin.
  9. *Vitamin C Tablet: Mix a thick paste of finely crushed Vitamin C tablet and water.

Fruit & Vegetables

  1. Potatoes: Halve a potato, slather the potato juice over the area.
  2. Lemons: Rub a slice of lemon over location for 5 minutes 2X. Alternative: Dab lemon juice directly on it.
  3. Limes: Same as lemons.
  4. Bananas: Cut a piece of banana skin just bigger than the size of the wart. Place the peel white side down on top then secure w/ tape to hold. Alternative: Also rub using a chunk of banana.
  5. Eggplant: Thin slice of eggplant just a bit larger than the bump and hold in place w/ a piece of tape. Good for children & those with sensitive skin.
  6. *Onion: Rub a slice of freshly cut onion 2X. Optional: Sprinkle onion slice w/ salt first. Another suggestion is to drizzle lemon juice over location first then a piece of onion.
  7. *Carrots: Grate a carrot + combine w/ olive oil, the result is a thick paste to smear. Do 2X until it disappears.
  8. *Apples: Use a slice of apple and secure in place. Change 2X.
  9. *Garlic: Variations for this approach: Crush garlic + cover area completely w/ the clove. Do every night before bed. Also smear juice of garlic 2X. Each night at bedtime apply a slice of garlic.
  10. *Figs: Combine mashed fig w/ a bit of EVOO.
  11. *Radishes: Cut a slice of radish just the size of the bump.
  12. Pineapple: A cut piece of pineapple morning, noon and night until gone.

Oils & Extracts

  1. Witch Hazel: Rub Witch Hazel into spot 2X.
  2. Clove: Mix a few drops of clove oil + EVOO.
  3. *Vitamin E: Work into spot, do this 3X.
  4. *Vitamin A: Work into spot, do this 3X.
  5. *Garlic Capsule: Work into spot each morning.
  6. *Castor: Rub into location a couple times each day. Optional: Combine baking powder or baking soda and castor oil into a paste.
  7. *Grapefruit Seed Extract: Add 2 or 3 drops to the pad of a bandaid + cover.
  8. *Oil of Oregano: Mix a few drops w/ EVOO then drizzle across the pad of a bandaid–cover spot.
  9. *Lavender EO: Carefully dab w/ a drop of Lavender EO.
  10. *Geranium EO: Mix a few drops w/ EVOO then drizzle across the pad of a bandaid.
  11. *Lemon EO: Mix a few drops w/ EVOO then drizzle across the pad of a bandaid.
  12. *Tea Tree: (known as Melaleuca) Dab 2X w/ tea tree until the bump disappears. Remove dressing at bedtime.
  13. *Frankincense: Apply a drop. Do twice a week.
  14. *Vegetable Oil: Smother w/ a thick coat. Do each night before bed and first thing in the morning.
  15. Wheat Germ: Smear pure, organic wheat germ oil over location twice/day (morning and once at night).

Herbs & Plants

  1. *Dandelions: Use dandelion milk from the stem of a dandelion. Do 2X until removed.
  2. *Aloe Vera: Use the gel from an aloe vera plant then top w/ a cotton ball. Change 2X.
  3. *Basil Leaves: Crush fresh basil leaves and cover the spot.
  4. Marigolds: Break open marigold leaves and use the plant juice.
  5. Milkweed: A Native American solution is to rub the milk from a milkweed plant into the area several times/day until it has been removed.


Daily bath soaks will soften the mass which helps it respond to treatment. May also help fight the virus and prevent infection. This is worthwhile doing before sloughing the bump with an emery board or pumice stone (notes on that below in the “Tips” section).

  1. Soak + warm bath w/ baking soda.
  2. Soak + hot bath w/ Epsom salt.
  3. Soak + very hot bath until it becomes lukewarm (don’t have so hot it burns). Plain hot water is fine, some vinegar can also be added.

Immunity Boosters

Beef up the immunity system so your body can fight the virus internally. Here are several suggestions:

  1. Cabbage: Eat a lot of raw cabbage.
  2. Garlic: Mince/chop a few cloves, add to food whenever possible. Alternative: Take garlic pills or capsules.
  3. Limes: Squeeze lime juice over food or add lime juice to a glass of water and drink this 2X.
  4. Broccoli: Eat raw broccoli.
  5. Oranges: Eat an orange 1X.
  6. Bananas: Good for potassium, eat one a day to fight the virus.
  7. Onions: Top suitable edibles w/ chopped fresh onion, preferably raw but cooked is fine too.
  8. Wheat Germ: Supplement diet w/ either wheat germ or wheat germ oil to boost daily Vitamin E intake.


  • Although it’s not recommended to cut or pick at one since that may cause bleeding, scarring or an infection, using a fresh emery board to gently scrub it before applying a treatment (right after a soak when the rough skin is softer is also fine)–just don’t overdo it. Throw the emery board out after each scraping and use a fresh board each time.
  • Children are more susceptible to them since their immunity systems aren’t as strong as adults, be aware that their skin is more sensitive than ours. Carefully watch reactions so no burns appear (aspirin for example can be harsh on sensitive/young skin).
  • Cover any cuts/scrapes on the body w/ a bandaid while you have a wart–those little openings are a perfect environment for the virus to settle in and encourage new growth.
  • Don’t scratch or pick at it, this will spread the virus.
  • Plantar Warts: These are usually found on the soles of feet, make sure to wear socks at all times or keep covered with a dressing. If walking barefoot around the house, the rest of the family could pick it up as well as encourage more growth on feet. When swimming, make sure to wear pool shoes so virus isn’t spread to the rest of the public.
  • If something is working and it’s getting smaller but the surrounding area is getting irritated, try applying some EVOO or vaseline to the healthy area before applying treatment, may help protect it from irritation.

This information is simply a collection of home remedies – not professional medical advice. Please seek a doctor’s opinion when unsure or to confirm appropriate treatment.

Have I missed your favorite tried & true? Please share with everyone in the section below (lots of suggestions so far, thanks!).

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    • Annie

    I had Plantar’s warts on my feet, when I was around 12 yrs and my brother who was younger, also had them. My mother took my brother to the doctor where he had a painful procedure to remove the warts. They grow inward not outward and are black in the center. My dad suggested to take calcium, so I did that, and my warts went away without the doctor. I had one outbreak later in my twenties and again took calcium supplements and it worked again.

      • Kathryn

      I had worts during my childhood and early 20’s. I tried most remedies available from the drug store and doctor, as well as natural remedies, but nothing worked. Someone in my family suggested calcium supplements. The worts literally disappeared within a month or two. Like Annie, I had an outbreak a few years later and took calcium supplements which worked again. You have to allow a couple of months for the calcium to work, but don’t give up. When it works, the worts get smaller each day and eventually disappear.

    • LaChelle

    My daughter had them. Our PCP froze them, and then suggested the duct tape remedy. He said to use it for 30 days, without fail. They went away!

    • Tiffany

    the doctor will only freeze the wart if its on the foot or for children otherwise you haveto pay big bucks for it (in bc anyway) and i’ve tried many times the duct tape and it works for finger, arms etc. but not on the feet because it starts peeling off. My grandma swears by crushed tylenol applied to the wart and bandaged i think she makes a bit of a paste first though

    • debbie

    my daughter had warts all over her fingers and hands,the dr. froze them off but they came back. i found a remedy that really,really works!!! once a day rub the warts with a garlic clove followed by a few drops of VITAMIN A MADE FROM FISH OIL, JUST PUNCTURE THE GEL CAPSULE. IT MUST BE FISH OIL OR IT WONT WORK.DO THIS EVERYDAY AND WITHIN A WEEK THE WARTS WILL DISAPPEAR!!

      • Rebekah

      were they really gone that fast?

    • Susan

    I had a plantar wart on my foot and after having had surgery on both feet to remove a couple before, I wanted to avoid that again. It HURTS! When I was in the shower each day, I would scrub it a bit with a pumice stone or the board for my heels. It took a while, but it worked beautifully.

    • Mary Jo

    I had plantar warts on my heal for years. (mosaic, which means LOTS of small ones) I had them frozen, chemically treated and laser treated. They always came back. Then my husband told me an old time remedy. PEE in the shower. I thought he was NUTS. But what the heck, I did it and guess what? IT WORKED!! The acid in your urine kills them. It worked for my son too. NO PAIN, no expense, no time lost from work.

      • Jana

      I’ve never heard of this rememdy, but I may get desperate enough to try it. I’ve had a wart on my right thumb for 10 years, actually more than 10 because it was before we had our dd. I’ve heard of peeing on jellyfish stings, so the acid must really be strong. Thanks for sharing this gross remedy. If it works, it works!

        • ashley

        i have a wart on my right thumb too, Jena. It is a mosiac type, i grinded up a vitiman c tablet and mixed it with a tiny drop(just enough to get a paste) of olive oil and them put it on a bandaid, on my thumb. it works but it KILLS. epecially if the skin is open, mine is but thats because i tried to dig them out..i just tried peeing on my thumb. nasty but if it heals i will be smiling.
        good luck!

      • sam

      did you consult it to the doctor that its really ok?

    • Alexandria

    I have had a plantar wart on the ball of my foot for about two years. I read that most eventually go away on their own, but I got tired of waiting. I did some research and found out that the way most warts are cured is the use of salicylic acid to soften and break down hard skin layers and exfoliation. Most sites recommended the use of 40% salicylic acid patches or solutions. I didn’t like that idea so I researched the pH of salicylic acid. It is about 2.3, which is about the pH of lemon juice! So I have been pouring lemon juice on a small piece of folded tissue, wringing it out slightly, and putting a bandaid over it. So far it is working well, plus lemon is detoxifying, so more benefits!

    • David

    About once a year one of my dad’s friends would come over seeking help with a couple of his warts. With 5 siblings, warts were a given at our house anyway. Dad would take a can of freon (any refrigerant used in cars/houses/refrigerators) and invert the can. Inverted the can emits a liquid instead of a gas – and this was collected in a paper cup and applied to the wart with a cotton swap…. everyone’s warts would be gone in a week.
    NOTE: freon can be dangerous and even illegal if used incorrectly – use caution.

    • ME :)

    i have warts on my foot and they hurt when i walk so i put nail polish(clear) on them and then after a couple days or so they went away. but the only thing different i did was i put a band-aid over them to! hope this info helped!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :):) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Jonathan

      do you only apply the finger nail polish once. and then keep the banadaid over them the whole time. dnt touch or replace the bandaid.

    • Manju

    apple cider vinegar is best to remove wart without getting any pain. take a small cotton ball ,dip it in ACP (apple cider vinegar), put it on your wart, cover it with a tape. in a couple of days it will remove. main point is that you should wash your hand before and after this treatment.

      • Arlene

      Apple cider vinegar works, but it is NOT painless! Sure it doesn’t hurt when you put it on, but about 2 hrs. later, it wakes me up throbbing and burning. It even swells and appears blistered and is VERY sore for days. I can only take a few hrs. of the ACV cottonballs/bandaids at a time. I would say it is very very painful and I have a high pain tolerance. I have gotten rid of a few with ACV, but I have a few others that are ACV resistant – still working on them! I’ve tried everything available over-the-counter and have even had some frozen off. Off to get some fish oil….

    • Alycia

    My daughter had a patch of mosaic warts on her knee that was about 2inches in circumference. It had been there for about two years and we had tried numerous over the counter treatments and been to the doctors (who wouldn’t touch it) but nothing ever worked. On the advice of a podiatrist I started dabbing neat Tea Tree oil on it twice a day, nothing fancy just a cotton bud dipped in the oil dabbed all over the area, no plasters or coverings and no painful exfoliation. Within 3 months every wart had gone. This also seems to work on verucaes.

    • shellyinsanantonio

    COD FISH OIL!! I had a wart on my fingertip for weeks on end. I picked at it, tried a few OTC options, and finally asked my stepmother (we don’t get along). Thank God I did, I put the oil on and covered it w/ a band-aid and it was gone w/in a few days. FOR REALS.

    • Jonathan

    Hi my name is Jonathan. right now im trying 3 things. and its all because i have more than one wart on hands. Also i have wart on my face….. This actually works take a thumb tap. the small pointy little things. And stab inside of it. a couple times. and just dont touch it after that. and tell ya what! it was big the inside was so big a red. But with this little thumb tab. it drained it. plus its little now. and still shrinking! Now for my warts on my hands. there is a dandelion wart remedy that goes on the lines of this: rip te head of a dandelion. apply the sap that within it to the wart 2-3 times a day. wrap a bandaid or ducktape over it. and within a wk or 2. The wart should be gone. . . . also there is a strange old days remedy, i thought it was crazy but i gave it a shot…. People often say if there is a bone in a feild take it and rub it on the wart. What this should do is. the wart should go on the bone spread to the bone instead of on you. i found a fox skeleton bone laying on the ground picked it up.. or just rubbed it on my large one. and hopefully. since it will be there. imma keep doing it for 2 wks. Im hopeing for sucess.

      • AmethystJean

      The first sounds like a blister not a wart. The other remedies, I don’t even know. The following post mentions that a heating pad will cause a fever and your body will fight it. This is not true. A heating pad will not change your body’s internal temperature. It causes blood vessels to dialate in a localized area increasing the blood flow.

    • Jonathan

    also, im using a heating pad. since if one part of ur body is hotter than the other. You will get a fever, that will then fight off whatever caused it. So by using the heating pad on warts of my hand or on my hand. It will fight it off. using the heating pad and the dandelion remedy during my sleep. plus for the small planter or small stubborn ones on my left hand. Im now using Hydrogen Peroxide. I might need to start eating whatever vegetables out there help fight it off as well. cause ive heard that sprinkling some lime or lemon juice in h20 and drinking it 2ice a day. will help the cause of this to. πŸ™‚ Hope this works for you as well.

    • Valerie

    My father was a doctor and this is the remedy he gave me for warts on my hands when I was a teenager. It worked perfectly, and is cheap and easy.

    Twice a day, rub the wart with chalkboard chalk, coating it completely. This smothers the wart and kills off the top layer (warts need air). Then, once a day, file off that dead top layer with a wooden emery board. Repeat daily until wart is gone.

    You will see the wart slowly get smaller and smaller until they just go away completely. It is totally painless. I had a whole bunch of little warts all over my hand (why? I don’t know), and it took care of them all in short order.

    • olivetree

    I had lots of warts on my foot and I took extra vitamin C (I think about 2000 to 4000 mg per day, whatever works for you) and they disappeared.

      • Jonathan

      How long did this take before they dissapeared?

    • Jonathan

    What do warts smell like when they are dying. cause i dont know what they smell like. Im using the the dandelion method plus the heating pad over the night when i sleep. And i dont know what its supposed to smell like. it smells pretty bad, its like a light brownish color right now some black to. still the same size tho. Can someone please tell what does it smell like for a stubborn wart on my right middle fnger.

      • AmethystJean

      Please do not use a heating pad over night. You can burn yourself if left on for too long or cause a fire. The smell is likely caused by a hygeine issue. Clean it up, remove the dead tissue and don’t forget to clean the tools that you use (like clippers to cut the dead skin for example) as you can just spread the warts if you don’t clean the tools

    • Jonathan

    and how many days does dandelions need to get rid of warts too. Im wondering this bcuse its been day and a half now. And im going back outside to find some more dandelions for part2 of day 2. and its tearing it away. But little pieces.

    • Jonathan

    that light brownish color was the dead skin i found out. So now i got a it on the skin underneath that dead. Im hopeing it will get rid of the time it hits 2 wks, cause its really getting on my nerves. I dont know why it wants me but i will get rid of it. With every remedie if i have to. and be patient so the time cane do its part.

    • Isabella

    I have a wart on my right hand by my thumb. I am currently using a ointment called ‘SALACTOL’. My dad said if I were to use it for 2-3 weeks nonstop every night it were to go away. I have used it for a week now and after three days it went brown. The layer that went brown died and has now gone! It has gone brown again is getting a bit smaller everyday! So I would reccomend this to everybody who is having troubles with warts!

      • Jonathan

      Alright i will give that a try. Salactol hmmm. . will look that up.

    • Jonathan

    Hi, I think i have been to this lipnut thing before. But im back again. I still have the heating pad in my room. But just lately my mom got me some dr.scholl stuff. Bu it apparently didnt work on it. theres only 2 applicants left. Now i have heard some good reviews from the old fast liquid stuff. Compound W fast acting liquid. It said to be upto 12 wks of use before it actually will start to go away. But some have worked on ppl smaller ones in just like a wk or so. And i have small one on my left hand. So im assuming it will be the same conclusion. But it only cost like $7 and it seems to be really working fast. You use it at the most 3 x per day. and then let it settle its self into the warts roots. Then once another wk has past go ahead and add another drop on it. ONLY to the wart! I went to make myself a sandwhich and one of the liquid had came off. i notice only in 3 hrs. its already into the warts skin. It will look white at first. then it will die off. Warning! be careful, ive always heard or found out the its exposed to air. So the chemicals and the liquid will soon freeze up inside the bottle. So take notice of this, and use while u still have it.

    • Jana

    Now I’m convinced I need to seriously get rid of these warts on my right thumb, hearing about how many some of you have. I’ve been passively waiting for them to go away because it took 10 years for the first one to lead to a second one. Can you believe it? How does a wart live for 10 years?! I did have it freezed in the doctor’s office once, but it shortly came back. Now, I have two stubborn warts. I want an easy remedy because it’s really hard to be consistent, then all the progress is wasted. My immune system cannot kill these warts even though I take vitamin C regularly, supplement with health products, and have a healthy lifestyle. I think all the supplementing helps the wart from multiplying, but the original wart is a SUPERWART. Crazy!

      • Louise

      Mine is the same, its been on my finger for almost 4 years! It spread a year ago and I cannot seem to get rid of them! I take Vitamin C regularly and live a healthy lifestyle, too, though the warts stay consistent. Annoying!

      • mizegirl

      I have had a huge wart on my left thumb for over 11 years. Its gotten bigger over time. Now ive had more popping up. But I’m using the apple cider vinegar. Its def working, but it has been extremely painful at times.

    • Alycia

    The simplist and most effective way to treat warts (or verrucas) is with pure tea tree oil. Use a cotton bud to dab tree tree oil on the wart at least twice a day and in about three months they will have gone!
    My daughter had a mosaic wart that covered her knee and made her terribly self concious. We took her to see a chiropodist about a cluster of verrucas on her foot, he told us to treat the verrucas with tea tree oil and said we should try it on the warts too. Within three months the warts and verrucas had all gone. I have since used the same method successfully on one of my other children after they caught verrucas at the swimming pool.

    • kiyana(15yrsold)

    i have 4 warts! And i don’t know how to get rid of them, they just keep coming back. their all on my hands and being a girl who has boyfriends i usually would hold hands but not lately, and i guess they think i don’t like them because they break up with me. but i need to get rid of these warts, they freak me out and are gross, i’m going to try peroxide or maybe lemon jucie- i just don’t know what to try and what really works.

      • Karli

      You can’t feel the warts when you hold hands. I have a pretty large one on my finger and I’ve never had my boyfriend notice. I even asked him.

    • kiyana(15yrsold)

    does peroxide really work, i heard it was sapposed to burn for 60 seconds, but mine didn’t at all!

    • ashley

    super potent wart wonder by well-in-hand is a MIRACLE. try those for your hand warts. I had 20 on my left knuckles ranging from huge to small. they destroyed my self esteem… dermatologist helped but 4 still remain after years of treatment. super potent wart wonder is awesome but it takes so patience.

    • marta

    i have wart on my right thumb on the inside knuckle for 4-5 yrs now. at first i not know what it is but it got bigger so i used to try pick at it & it got small again but always grew to same size (about 5mm across) it started cracking & bleeding & getting caught so i went to doctors but they said theu couldnt freeze if its on the fingers!!

    so they give me salactol about 6weeks ago & i try use it at least once a day & it is so much smaller now & all the skin dies layer by layer and you can literally just peel the skin off but not i am left with the actual wart (bumpy like cauliflour) it is only 2-3mm across now but its very very painful to put the acid on it now, it stings so much for about 20mins! i am hoping it is killing it off now that it is on the raw wart & not just the skin on top but it hurts like crazy now but i guess nothing that you cant live with and its not for that long.

    how did your guys salactol acid? are the gone?

    • Capricorn

    I have had one wart in my life, on my wrist when I was young. My grandmother said to put the milk of milkweed on it. I did that one time and the wart disappeared and I have never had another one.

    • Dorothy

    Just took my husband to the doctor. Reccomended the duct tape for the plantar’s warts and said to change every three days. Worked like a charm.

      • danielle

      how does that work? i have a planters wart on the bottom of my foot that is killing me. im using compound w bandaids. its only been 48 hours since i first applied it. can i pumice it before applying another bandaid?

    • carey

    i have a wart on my right pointer finger. it has been there for a few months now. i tried putting a band aid on it ut it does not work. i am currently making a paste out of baking soda and water and coating the wart with that. does anybody have any fast working remedies that they could share with me? i have and camp coming up in a few weeks and i play bass drum and it my wart makes me really insecure and i would hate for it to be there when i have to go to camp. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • Walnut

    I started dissolving aspirin tab in a few drops of ACV, soaking the cotton from one end of a q- tip in the solution, and putting. It on the wart covering with a band- aid. I have been doing this before bed and in the morning. On day 20 now and can report marked improvement on two watts on hands. I think they may be history but Only time will tell. The warts on my feet ( 4 of them ) are better but still there. I will continue and am very hopeful based on the results on my hands. Anyone who deals with these knows how horrible they can be. I haven’t been able to get a pedicure or
    manicure in a very long time because I was embarrassed. I would also be so embarrasses handing money to a cashier if I has forgotten to put band-aids on. I have had one on my foot for about a decade. I have tried salacilic ( spelling? ) acid to no avail. I am glad I am giving ACV with aspirin a try. Like I said, my hands seem to be great. I must say, though, that it has been a painful process at times and there were a couple of days I decided to skip the ACV/aspirin and just went with a band-aid. It may have prolonged the treatment but the skin around the warts was very irritated and needed a break. Perhaps putting Vaseline on the surrounding skin to protect it from the corrosive effects of the solution would be a wise precaution. Good luck!

    • Wierdo

    I have my First wart and I am using bakingsoda
    I mix some with water in a price of gladwrap and wrap it around my wart then put a bandaid over the top

    It got much smaller on the first day !!!!!

    • Diana

    I had warts on my knee when I was a kid. They were frozen off by the doctor and grew back twice. Then my aunt suggested this remedy: put your saliva on the wart each morning, before you eat or drink anything. I did this every day and it worked! Can’t remember how long ot took though

    • Maggie

    I had a little wart on my ring finger (Ucky! I had just got my engagement ring too!), After my two showers a day (am&pm) I would use an emery board to get the dead skin off then soak it in peroxide. After soaking it I’d cover with a bandaid. It took about a week before it was gone, but it worked =)

    • Bev


    My dog has a wart on his eyelid, what of the above should I use?


      • Tina

      Consult your vet. It may not be a wart. Surgical removal may be be necessary with light sedation. Very quick procedure.

    • Ana

    Hi. I have warts on my fingers for years already. I used some Chinese medicine, salicylic acid and i even burned it (friend’s advise); but none of these worked. What should i do?

    • Hana

    Ana im the same as you what im doing is picking one thing from the list and keep doing it it seems to be working

    • Sadie D

    I’ve had warts on my fingers for the last probably 5 or so years. I just tried to soak them and use an emery board to remove the dead skin, but they’d get smaller and never completely go away. It’s embarassing on my hands, and I WANT THEM GONE. Which of these methods should work the best? I don’t want to have to wear band aids or tape because i’m a swimmer and don’t want to risk losing a band aid in the pool! Embarassing!

    • Lillian

    I have a wart on my right hand under my middle finger it has been there for months and it will not go away. Using Compound W did not work and I don’t know what to do now…..

    • j. days

    my daughter has had dozens of warts on her hands for about 6-8 years. we have tried everything. recently she has been drinking a 2-3 glasses of v8 juice per day (new house…water tastes awful)….after 3-4 weeks they are rapidly shrinking.

    • Louise

    I have warts on the left side of my hand, on three fingers, each right next to the nail. I’ve had the first (on my middle finger) for more than 3 years. It spread to my ring finger & pinky finger. I am so embarrassed of them, not to mention how weird my middle fingernail looks like now because it grew underneath.

    I’ve tried the apple cider vinegar, which worked a little, but is super painful so I stopped, thinking I could find something less painful, but everything hurts! The other two fingers are fine, no feeling, just the first one. I’m at my wits end. I’m going to try the calcium supplements as well as the fish oil gel.

    I hope it finally goes away!!

    • Louise

    I should also mention that my bf and I have been together for 5 years and I know he plans to propose within the next year, I would be so embarrassed to take pictures of the ring/show the ring off if the warts are still there πŸ™

    • Jill

    Not a natural cure, but after 3 failed and very painful attempts at having my warts frozen, I thought I’d be stuck with them forever. One day (years after the freezing attemts) I noticed the cluster of them on the pad of my thumb was just… gone (and I had had them for about 15 years). I tried to figure out what caused it, and it turns out it was the Noxema pads I had been using on my face. I applied it to the rest of my warts, and they disappeared within a week or two!

      • Lil bird

      Noxema pads work wonders theirs an acid in them that basically eats the extra skin away

    • Stephen

    Fantastic article. I had to have an operation in November for internal warts. Worst experience of my life! Wish I’d looked around for alternatives first.

    • les brookes

    I’m now 77 years old but I remember in grade school in the 1940’s , I had multiple warts on both hands. Not painful but it was embarassing to me. My
    mother asked and elderly drugest about it and he gave her something called
    Blue Jay corn plaster. It looked like modern Freezone when she put it on
    my hands . Clear and then turned white. Within a very short time the warts were gone and never came back. I can’t quite tell if that company, if it was a company, is still in business.

    • Marlene

    how can you get rid of a wart that is partly under your finger nail?

    • Jon

    I know this will sound strange, but I swear this works!!! Ive had warts all my life, mostly on my hands. When I was young, I would have around 5-8. My grandmother told me to go get 7 leaves, each leaf from a different tree. She had me rub the warts with each leaf 7 times, and then I gave the leaves to her. She just told me to forget about them. Well, after a few months I completely forgot about what she did, and all of a sudden she came to me randomly and asked me about my warts. I looked down and THEY WERE ALL GONE!!! I couldnt believe it. I thought my grandmother was a witch! But she has done it for me for my entire life (I tend to get another one every few years) and it has worked every single time.

    The secret is to bury the leaves. Its best if you have someone else bury them so you dont really know where they are at. But take 7 leaves, each from a different tree, and rub it on each wart 7 times. Give the leaves to a family member or friend to bury and forget about it. Its not a “quick fix” because it takes a few months or so, but I guarantee it works!!!!

    • Shruti

    Hi there, I have this wart on the ball of my foot for almost an yr. Initially it used to be small and painless. After I used corn removal strip for almost 2 weeks it came out eventually but I am not sure whether it was only skin or wart. The condition worsen after it, it became very painful. I tried those strips again thinking that the wart has not completely come out. again some skin came off but not the wart. Now i have started using castor oil and bandaging for a week. I soak my feets daily in warm water and use pumice stone as well. Some dead skin comes out. but it is still there. What could possibly be wrong? Can it be something else? Its in pale colour normally and turns white when put in hot water/castor oil for long. I dont want to get any surgery done. 2-3 more corns have come up after that. Can it be a medical condition?

      • Deen

      Same like for me.. If you found any remedies pls post it here ..

    • Ella

    Use VINEGAR!!! Saturate the cotton ball and apply it to the wart and secure with duct tape and keep on over night. Take off during the day and re apply at night. The wart should become black in the center and fall off!

    • Ben

    I have had a wart on my head for two years now. I have to keep my hair short so it is visible and it grew on a bald patch making mattters worse. I tried cutting it(very painful).It only got worse so I checked for home remedies on the internet and I found milkweed, I have plenty of it in my garden. So i scrapped the hard white spiky white top off using sand paper(abrasive paper) two days ago. I started applying milkweed and there is this sharp subtle pain when you put it but it has been getting smaller since then. The pain is caused by the poison in the milkweed attacking the Human Papilloma Virus(HPV) that causes the wart.Be careful when handling the wart because it can spread to other parts of your body always wash your hands after handling the milk and wart.I reckon it will be gone in a week or two.

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