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Nasty Smell: It’s Like Something Crawled In & Died

Here are a few different tips I’ve collected over the years to clean really, really foul smells.

Things like your fridge dying while you’re away on a trip and you come back to rancid food that was sealed inside it for a week.

Or if the camper trailer had a long forgotten package of hamburger left in it during the off season and wasn’t discovered until you were packing up for a trip months later.

That rank, that foul.

What To Do First

After you’re finished cleaning, the smell is likely still quite strong. Try one of the following methods. If one doesn’t work, try a different method until the smell has disappeared. This will probably take several days.

Getting Rid Of The Smell

Method #1

Method #2

Method #3 – For the Desperate

The hamburger/camper trailer thing up above? That’s a true story. Eyes watering, gagging, foulness like you wouldn’t believe. Check your campers and the little fridge thoroughly before locking up for any length of time ;).