Window Treatments: Free Patterns & Tutorials

You can easily update and freshen up a room with new curtains, drapes, fabric shades and valances. Buying window treatments can get pretty expensive but you can easily make them for a custom fit and save money. Here’s a collection of free patterns and tutorials for assorted styles I’ve found around the net.

Bohemian Curtains How-To: Made with middle weight cotton fabric, assorted lace bits (ribbons, collars, doilies, etc.) and basic sewing supplies.

DIY Two-Toned Button Shade: When you want your shade up, simply fold up and button.

DIY Stenciled Shade: Design your own using just a plain white vinyl blind, stencils, spray adhesive and some paint!

How To Fake A Roman Shade: With some measuring and basic sewing skills, you can make these coverings on the cheap.

DIY Roller Blinds: Remove the vinyl from heavy-duty roller blinds and replace with pretty medium-weight fabric to make these decorative blinds.

Tab-Top Panel Curtains: Easy to customize and adjust for nearly any size (both length and width).

Stenciled Drapes: Here’s a neat way to get that exact pattern design you’re looking for! Uses textile medium and acrylic paint.

Fabric Tie-Up Shade: Learn how to make a nice fabric shade that you can leave down or tie up as low/high as you like.

Cafe Curtains: These can be sewn with lightweight quilting fabric, vintage dishtowels or even fabric napkins. Attach cafe hooks or clip-on rings for hanging on curtain rod.

No-Sew Shade: A plain roller shade is covered with patterned fabric (secured in place with fabric glue).

How To Build A Cornice: Learn how to make an upholstered, box-like frame (deep enough to hang a curtain rod underneath).

Ruffled Valance: Top casing to fit over a pocket rod and 4 tiers of frilly ruffles, these can easily be made for any size.

Wallpaper Shades: A favorite wallpaper remnant is mounted on a roller shade using adhesive and a brush, spray with a matte finish to protect delicate papers.

Vinyl Blinds Make-over (slide #6) Transform white vinyl roller shades with latex paint and a roll of painter’s tape.

Daisy Valance: Finished size measures 14″ x 45″ and worked in Size 10 crochet cotton.

No-Sew Drape Shade: Made with faux white linen, no sew seam tape and white grosgrain ribbon.

Super Easy: Panels are sewn in rectangles (with no casing) that hang by rings with clips.

Stencilled: A plain, white fabric blind is personalized with pretty stenciled designs (use acrylic stencil paint).

3 No-Sew Versions: Examples show how to make a double clipped shade, roman shade and single clipped shade using 1 yard of fabric.

Awning: Surprisingly easy to make with two tension rods, a canvas drop cloth and fabric paint.

Roll-up Blind: Two coordinating pieces of material, a couple wooden battens, screw eyes, hooks, cord and cleat.

Overall Buckle Panels: (slide #14) Fabric tubes about 10″ long are sewn, pressed flat then thread through buckles and stitched to the back of a curtain panel.


  • Fully Lined Tab-Top Drapes: (As seen in picture) These instructions are for a fully lined, tab-top style, although you could certainly make them without the lining (only recommended if you want a sheer look, or if the fabric you’re using is extremely dense and won’t let light show through). Sewing your own drapes takes a surprising amount of time (not something to be whipped up in an hour), but it can be significantly cheaper than ordering them, or even less expensive than buying ready-made drapes if the fabric you use is not too expensive. Also see this page: These curtains are easy to sew and a nice clean simple look. They are lined to block a bit more light and keep them looking nice from the outside too.
  • How To Make A Roman Shade: You’re basically wrapping your shades like a gift and hot-gluing the edges, and…Voila! Your very own custom Roman shades! Here’s another tute for making Roman blinds: Roman Blind Tutorial In 20 Pictures Or Less.
  • Simple Fabric Shades: Instructions for a very simple window shade that are endlessly adaptable.
  • How To Make Easy Curtains: Panel curtains are the easiest style of drapes you can possible make, other than taping a stylish sheet to the window trim.
  • Curtains with Shirred Headers: Shirring tape provides an elegant topping for sheer or lightweight fabrics. While the effect may look intimidating to make, it is actually a snap to sew curtains with ease, thanks to shirring tape.
  • Tea Towel Curtains: Couldn’t be easier to make, perfect for non-sewers.
  • Linen With deco ring grommets: Another easy project.
  • Dappled Lace Cafe Curtain: (knitting) This lacy curtain allows you to enjoy the beauty of daylight and still maintain your privacy. A slightly loosened gauge gives the lace an airy quality, while the smooth cotton blend yarn knits into a crisp and attractive fabric.

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