DIY Wrap Up: 90+ Tags, Toppers & Wraps {Freebies}

Everything you need for wrapping and presenting gifts with a little homemade flair is on this list. Enjoy!

Update: All these and more are now listed on Tipnut’s Crafty Christmas in the Free Gift Tags, Wraps & Templates section…


  1. Picture of Wrapped Gifts - Tipnut.comAdorable Penguin Gift Tags: Seriously.Cute.Printables!
  2. Mitten Gift Tags and Background: The scatter of mittens was designed to be a pattern on the reverse of the gift tags, you can use it however you wish. For the tag, after you cut them out, use a hole punch so you can tie the tags to gifts. For an extra cute touch, add those paper circles you use, oh dear I forget what they are called, but you put them on pages where you punch a hole to make it stronger.
  3. Penguin Notes: Use as gift labels or tags, whatever you like.
  4. Mitten Ornaments or Gift Tags: With the help of a hole punch and some ribbon, these cute mittens can be transformed into ornaments or git tags!
  5. Santa Approved Snowman Gift Tag: Full sheet of a cute snowman.
  6. Elf Tags: If you have a thing for Christmas elves, these are for you!
  7. Free Printable Gift Tags: Free country primitive printable hang tags for products, gifts, scrapbooking or crafts. Add your own text for a customized tag!
  8. Gift Tag For The Kids To Write On: As a general rule gift tags are small. Sometimes really tiny. This makes it difficult for children, like ours, who are in their first years of writing to write on tags themselves. I made these holiday tags so that the kids can address the gifts to their teachers and friends this year. They are fairly large (1/4 of a letter size sheet of paper) so that they can fit in everything comfortably.
  9. Blank Printable Simple Stripes Gift Tag Template: These classic printable tags feature a striped effect and are a great way to embellish any present, gift-wrapped or not. This gift tag template showcases a selection of 6 different printable tags (in 6 different colors). The tags are blank, so you can add a message fit for whatever the occasion.
  10. Holiday Gift Tags (pdf): Patterns and artwork to create your own Holiday gift tags from Amy Butler.
  11. Gift Tag Download: Four tags per page, print out on cardstock of your choice, punch a hole in the little flower center at the top of the tag and insert your string.
  12. Make Gift Tags With Fabric Scraps: Cut a small piece of fabric with pinking shears. Hand sew fabric onto tag. Write or stamp a message inside. Done.
  13. Whisker Graphics Gift Tag Download: Ten different designs to make gift tags or cards.
  14. Assorted Gift Tags (pdf): Free printables for handmade gifts.
  15. Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags: To use these gift tags, print them out with your home or office printer, cut them out and (optionally) punch holes to add string or ribbon to tie these festive labels onto your Christmas gifts. Instant and easy, and there’s 10 tags per page!
  16. Gift Tags For Homemade Gifts: Several designs to choose from.
  17. Gift Tag & Topper: When going to a party or holiday event haven’t you ever had a beautiful bow/decoration that just gets crushed under the weight of another gift that someone stacks on top? Argh! This idea is a solution to that and it’s super easy to make.
  18. Freebies! Set of 4 Gift Tags: Pretty and decorative: Monsieur, Mademoiselle and Bebe.
  19. Merry Christmas Cards: Six pretty gift tag designs (round).
  20. Four Seasons Gift Tag Template: A free downloadable gift tag template for you to print, trim, and dress up your parcels.
  21. Free Holiday Gift Tags: Six different designs in two different colors. Simple yet lovely!
  22. Holiday Gift Tags Download (pdf): Lovely circular tags with simple mistletoe design.
  23. Papercrave Gift Tags (pdf): Several different designs to choose from, very nice!
  24. Free Holiday Gift Tags: Adorable gift tags “embroidery” style–very sweet, available via pdf download.
  25. Humorous Gift Tags (pdf): Several different designs with humorous notes.
  26. Marth Stewart’s Clip Art Tags (pdf): 18 different designs on this sheet of colorful (and fun) gift tags.
  27. Fabric Stash Gift Labels: This How-To is an easy, no-sew project. Utilizing your stash fabrics; some scraps of ribbon, cording, or other loop-making material; some Wonder-Under; and your imagination, we’ll make beautiful, custom gift tags which your gift recipients will ooh and ahh over for years.
  28. Sparkling Gift Tags: These sparkling gift tags, with a front flap for holding gift-certificate cards, are as functional as they are pretty. Tie them to presents, or hang them on the tree.
  29. Embossed Gift Tags & Cards: These beautifully embossed cards require equipment you may not have lying around the house, such as a heat tool, embossing powder, and a glycerin stamp pad.
  30. DIY Candy-Colored Gift Tags: {Free Printables}: The gift tags are available via pdf download and feature six different colored tags (one sheet). Print on heavy cardstock, punch a hole through the top and attach with ribbon or twine.
  31. DIY Bright Polka Dots Gift Tags: Six different colored cards per sheet (free pdf).

Bags, Wraps & Boxes

  1. How To Make Decorative Boxes With Take Out Containers: A quick video from DIY Maven with a nifty idea for making pretty, decorative boxes out of take-out containers.
  2. How to Make Organza Envelopes: You don’t need much fabric for these wrappings, so buy the best: silk organza (polyester doesn’t press out as well.) From there, the envelope can be cut, sewn, and embellished in less than an hour.
  3. Gift Bags Made From Envelopes: Print a design on the envelope and then with a few snips of the scissors, some clever folding and pretty ribbon added for handles, voila! nice gift bag.
  4. Quick & Easy Origami Gift Box Tutorial: It’s a very easy origami lidded gift box which you and/or the kids can whip up in less than 10 minutes. This box would be perfect for packaging smaller Christmas presents like jewelery, or you can use these boxes as dividers within a larger box (which is great for keeping our crafting supplies under control).
  5. Magic Boxes: With some fancy folding, a bit of cutting and some dabs of glue, these little boxes turn into something quite impressive. Embellish the finished box with some fancy ribbons or bows and use for gift giving or to hold little keepsakes.
  6. Paper Flower CD Case: How To: Creative way to decoratively wrap CD gifts.
  7. Make Gift-Worthy CD/DVD Pockets: {How-To}: These little pockets are great for packaging for so many things: CDs, DVDs, gift cards, money, whatever you can think of! You’ll need decorative card stock and tape and then make some clever folds and snips to put it all together. Don’t miss the tip at the bottom: keep the extra bits of card stock to make pretty tags and notes.
  8. How To Make A Gift Box From A Cereal Box: Using just scissors, hot glue and an old cereal box, you can whip up a most-excellent gift box.
  9. Tutorial: Handmade Gift Pouch: Use some colored meshy tulle fabric with an interesting texture (plus it’s see-though so you can actually see what’s inside) but you could use just about any kind of fabric as long as it doesn’t fray, like felt for instance!
  10. Drawstring Gift Bag Tutorial: A simple drawstring bag to use for gift giving instead of wrapping paper. Intended to be reused again and again and again.
  11. Tutorial: Origami Box: Video tute.
  12. Christmas Origami Box: A traditional origami box with a new take for Christmas.
  13. Christmas Gift Bag: Need a quick little Christmas gift bag? Check out this cute crocheted gift bag made from recycled plastic grocery bags.
  14. Holiday Gift Bags: These holiday gift bags add a personal touch to every present.
  15. Velvet Gelt Bag: Gift bags of dreidels and chocolate gelt, or coins, are even more of a treat when made from velvet embossed with symbols of Hanukkah. Can use any holiday design you like.
  16. Free Small Lace Pastel Boxes: Results are best when printed on card stock.
  17. Christmas Wreath Box: Template and instructions, pdf download available.
  18. Make an origami gift box: This origami gift box makes perfect reusable packaging for small gifts – and looks smashing under the tree.
  19. Scrapbook Paper Gift Bags: Here’s an idea to turn colorful sheets of scrapbook paper into custom fit gift bags. All you need for supplies is some scrapbook paper, glue (tape will work too) and a bit of ribbon for the handle. Nice and easy project!
  20. Make Gift Bags From Newspaper: {They’re Nice Too!}: This is a great idea for recycling newspaper and the bags are pretty sturdy since they’re made with two sheets. With some clever folding, a bit of glue and cardstock (or chipboard), you can whip up a bunch in no time. Add some string (and eyelets) for the handles. Notice how nice the bag turns out if you’re choosy about what section of the newspaper will show on the outside.
  21. Gift Message Box: What a lovely gift! You’ll find instructions and three different templates to choose from (free pdf downloads). Create the box of your choice, embellish then fill with notes and whatever else you like.

Gift Card & Money Wraps

  1. Gift Card Box Pattern: Add a personal touch to your gift-card presents by making the box yourself. It doesn’t take much to make this darling little box come to life — wrap with a simple ribbon or decorate with an assortment of your favorite paper-craft supplies.
  2. Money Bags: Use them to stuff a stocking or to horde your rainy day change collection.
  3. Reindeer Gift Pouch: Here’s a pattern with instructions for the hand-stitched version.
  4. Jacob’s Ladder Christmas Card & Gift Card Holder: When it is opened like a book, the gift card is on one side, and when it is opened from the back cover, the gift card magically appears on the opposite side.
  5. Gift Card Holders: Two ideas work for gift cards, tickets, cash, and more. Grace oversize gift tags with ribbon pockets or turn wide ribbons into pouches. Either can be attached to a package or presented on its own.
  6. Mini Shopping Bags: Fancy little totes filled with small presents — gift cards, cash, jewelry, and other trinkets — might make Scrooge himself smile. Wrap the gift in tissue paper before tucking it inside, and don’t forget to add a tiny tag.
  7. Money Bags: Fancy little totes filled with cash will bring a big smile to any child.
  8. Rhinestone-Studded Gift Card Holder: This ribbon-wrapped rhinestone-studded holder is pretty as a package. It’s also multifunctioning: Use it to announce the menu of a holiday dinner or to hold a party favor.
  9. Gift Card Holder: Flatten a toilet paper roll, cover it with decorative paper to make this decorative gift pouch.
  10. Rickrack Hanging Gift Card Holder: Rickrack transforms this festive red-and-white card holder into a pocketbook-like tree ornament. Hang it on a bough so it — and its contents — will stay clear of the floor-level frenzy on Christmas Eve.
  11. Gift Wallet: Fresh bills stay crisp in these wallets that double as gift box and card. Use medium card stock for the billfold and wrapping paper for the pockets.
  12. Paper Stockings: Handmade paper stockings are a departure from the envelopes often used for money and gift cards.
  13. Gift Card Holder: Here’s a gift card holder that you can hang on your tree! It’s an under 5 minute project, super easy and gives the recipient a little something to unwrap.
  14. Gift Card Bag Tutorial: Very nice, geared more for scrapbooking tools.
  15. Box Card: Is it a card or is it a box? Well it’s both…..This card looks like a regular card until you open it and then ‘surprise’ there’s a little box attached. You can use them for gift card holders or sending flat type embellishments to fellow carders as a little surprise.
  16. Book of Money: Bibliophiles will love spending these pages on a book of their own choosing, the pages are money.

Toppers & Embellishments

  1. Gift Box Sashes (pdf): Tutorial download from Amy Butler.
  2. Reusable Gift Wrap Tutorial: A super simple tutorial that shows step by step what to do. If you can sew in a fairly straight line and use pinking shears than you can make this!
  3. Paper Bow Tutorial: The perfect Bow to create in minutes to co-ordinate with Wrapping or Gift Bags, you will never want to buy another Bow once you have tried these.
  4. Gift-Topper Berries: Decorate holiday packages with these red-and-green berry clusters, left. Attach them with waxed twine, and then tie gift tags to the stems.
  5. Package Toppers: These creative package toppers will add a quick finishing touch to your holiday gifts.
  6. Make Your Own Buttons and Bows Gift Wrap: Dress a plain white box in perfect party attire by gluing on playful red buttons and topping it off with holiday striped ribbons and a lime-green pinstripe bow.
  7. Gift Wrap Idea – Woodsy How To: There’s no escaping this year’s woodland trend, with oak leaves, acorns, squirrels, deer, tree stumps and of course good old faux bois (fake wood grain) popping up all over the place. You may even be buying some Christmas gifts with a forest-y feel to them, so why not extend this trend to your parcel wrapping?
  8. Gift Wrap Idea – Personalized How To: The idea behind this look is really simple – though it takes a little time to put into practice – and will make your parcels really stand out! This is an ideal way of decorating gifts for men and boys.
  9. Snowflake Gift Topper: Let a simple snowflake crochet pattern dress up your gifts this holiday season.
  10. Chintz Traditional Boxes: Snippets of ribbon and chintz transform boxes into the sweetest containers for your treasures.
  11. Martha’s Favorite Bow: Once you master this classic bow, try some creative variations on your gifts. Tie your ribbon over a wider, contrasting band of ribbon or paper, run parallel ribbons side by side, or make a simple double knot and snip notches into the tails.
  12. Gift Adornments: These smartly wrapped packages have retro charm. Attaching the holiday tags is a cinch — they’re designed with slits that fit around ribbon. And the handles slip right over the tops of plain bags, turning them into cute parcels you can carry.
  13. Ribbon Reinvented: Curling Ribbons: These trimmings are same ol’, same ol’ in the world of gift wrap, but a few twists can turn them into something new. Concentric loops, held together with a staple, impart a modern look. Long teardrop shapes are unabashedly pretty. Accordion folds make a flower or a lone sunburst rendered in ribbon. As for loose spirals, there’s only one rule: The more, the merrier.
  14. Recycle Magazines Into Gift Bows: Tutorial from the Craftster forum.
  15. Jingle Bells: Re-create the sound of Santa’s sleigh with a small bell attached to Christmas parcels.
  16. Woven Ribbon Wrap: Think outside the box: interweave ribbons to dress up a gift.

Food & Beverage Packaging

  1. Wine Wrap and Tags: Tutorial from Better Homes & Gardens.
  2. Holiday Cookie Mailing Tubes: Just the right shape for mailing (or hand-delivering) cookies, bright-colored cardboard tubes look even more festive when outfitted in red and white to mimic the season’s best candy canes.
  3. Swirled Organza Bottle Bag: Dazzling package wraps double the fun of this host-and-hostess gift.
  4. Wine Bottle Gift Bag Tutorial: Sewing tute, bag has a tied closure at top.
  5. Bottle Wraps: While a bottle of wine is an easy gift to give, it’s often troublesome to wrap. The three ideas here begin with soft, flexible materials that conform to a bottle’s contour.

Wrapping Tips & Ideas

Use Pretty Ribbons For Adding Elegance To Any Package. Tip: Save The Ribbons Year After Year To Reuse--Just Snip Off Any Ragged Ends As They Appear
Use Pretty Ribbons For Adding Elegance To Any Package. Tip: Save The Ribbons Year After Year To Reuse--Just Snip Off Any Ragged Ends As They Appear

The knack of doing up attractive Christmas packages always has a simple system back of it. A twist of ribbon here, loops back and forth, and a crisp multiple bow grows in the fingers. Top the bow off with a red rosebud or some silver stars and presto! You’ve got a charming git-wrapped box.

It’s easy. With a little “know-how” anyone can wrap a package so that even the most inexpensive and insignificant gift will take on a glamorous appearance. Why not follow these step-by-step directions and see what you can do?

When you prepare to wrap your gift packages have all your equipment in readiness–plenty of ribbon, scissors, spool wire or needle and thread, paste, Scotch tape, and a flat surface on which to work. Be sure to approach your tie-ribbons with the idea that you want perky, crisp bows. I have found that the best ribbon for bows is a fairly stiff ribbon–and I always favor the versatile satin; for it has more body, more “swish,” and richer colors. But you may like the Cellophane ribbons. If so, here is a hint to prevent this type ribbon cutting in two when tied: Moisten slightly the section of ribbon actually used in make the tie or knot. Another thing, don’t skimp on ribbon; but don’t overdo it either.

Bows do a great deal to add that finished look to a package. Each type bow is different in width, weight, and texture; and the purpose of the bow determines to some extent how the bow is tied.

The first step in make a gift package beautiful is to wrap it neatly and tightly in paper:

  • The way to wrap a square or oblong box is to cut your paper long enough to go around the box and overlap about 1 1/2 inches. Cut the paper as wide as the box is long plus depth of box, and allow 1 inch extra. Wrap paper around box skin tight and secure with tab of Scotch tape. Next, fold end in from sides, creasing edges with fingers. Fold top flap down, bottom flap up. Fasten flaps with Scotch tape.
  • Round boxes are a bit more tedious to wrap. You cut the paper according to size of box just as you did for square box. Wrap paper around box, securing it skin tight with a tab of Scotch tape. Then, crease paper at both ends of box into pleats. Press down firmly with your fingers, facing the pleats in one direction. Hold them in center with paste or Scotch tape.

Ribbons & Bows: How-To

Now for the ribbon trim. Make your bows first. Bows on gift packages are for beauty–not service. So always put your bow where it looks prettiest on the box. There are four basic types of bows–and from these grow ideas unlimited. Here are some easy to follow directions for making:

Rosette Bow

The Rosette Bow: Holding the ribbon in left hand, form a loop between thumb and forefinger, gathering it at center as shown in Fig. 1. Form another loop in opposite direction, gathering it at center, too. Make upward and downward loops until bow reaches desired size (20 loops in all of 5/8-inch ribbon makes a rosette 4 inches across). Next, tie it around center, using a short piece of ribbon, strong thread, or spool wire. Spread out loops.

Tailored Bow

The Tailored Bow: This is very simple to make. Cut a piece of ribbon twice the length planned for bow, as shown in Fig. 2. Scotch tape ends down at center to form loop. Make shorter loops in similar manner. Stack them (usually three to a bow). Wrap a short piece of ribbon around center and fasten it with paste.

The Pinwheel Bow

The Pin Wheel Bow: Using a long length of ribbon, fold a series of loops one on top of the other (see Fig. 3). When you have six or more, wrap a short length of ribbon around center. Overlap and paste down ends. To fasten this bow to box, stand loops on edge and paste down at center. Spread out loops.

Double Loop Bow

The Double Loop Bow: Using a fairly stiff ribbon about 5/8-inch wide, lay your loops on flat surface in folds with right side up as shown in Fig. 4. Cover with open hand and gather folds between first and second fingers. Wrap thread around the ribbon two or three times and draw it tightly, then fasten off.


  • The simplest way to beribbon your box after it is papered and you have made your bows, is to start where you intend to place the bow. Leave a 4-inch end of ribbon at starting place. Wrap ribbon around box. Cut off surplus, leaving a 4-inch end. Tie (but don’t knot ribbon if you can avoid it) or fasten together with a tab of Scotch tape. Place the bow, or bows, on the package, using the 4-inch ends to tie bow firmly in place.
  • Pretty to tie in with bows: either a red rosebud or some silver stars. How do you do this? Lay a rosebud on top of a double loop bow and tie firmly with ribbon ends. As for the stars! Stick two silver stars together over each end of a 4-inch length of spool wire, place wire between two rosette bows and fasten to package, bending wires so stars appear to be shooting up from ribbon loops. A few loops of metallic ribbon added to whatever color bow you make, is another nice “tie-in.” To keep metallic ribbon right side up, turn the ribbon under thumb and fingers as each loop is made.
  • For free gift tags, wrapping ideas and gift boxes, see DIY Wrap Up: 101 Gift Tags, Toppers & Wraps and Tipnut’s Crafty Christmas archives here.

This year the trend is away from the too-commercial Christmas package that has been in vogue. How much more Christmas-like is a gift that has been wrapped by you especially for the recipient; and how much more appreciated it is. Yes, everyone loves gifts that are different and which carry with them a real touch of the donor’s personality.

So with Christmas peeping from around the next corner, affording numerous opportunities for self-expression, get out your thinking cap, put it on and see what beautiful ribbon and bow ideas might develop for your gift packages. Perhaps you may surprise yourself–what’s more you will probably surprise someone else, too.

Source: The Workbasket (1952)

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